Friday, February 27, 2015


Drawing the Line - We Need Lines!

Have you ever noticed how many lines are in our worlds? There are lines on the road, lines in the parking lot, lines in fast food restaurants, lines on athletic fields, lines on an airport runway and in fact just about anywhere we go we see lines. Why are the lines there? They are legalistic ways of telling us that we are not free to choose to do things the way the Lord leads us. Now that is silly. 

Those lines are there as guides to keep us safe and to maintain order. We would be a bit unnerved if we entered a major highway and the lines were all gone. A parking lot with no lines would be a mess. A football game with no goal line would be pretty ridiculous. Lines are a necessary part of our lives.

Yet have you ever noticed how many Christians like to speak of a Christianity as a life without lines. If someone creates lines they risk being called a legalist. Why? Lines are necessary to protect us and to guide us. We all have them, but we just have them marked a bit differently. 

How dare someone draw a line and caution others about books that lead to heresy? After all, don’t we learn from everyone? They put “disclaimers” in the front of their books while banning books from men like J. Frank Norris, Jack Hyles, Tom Malone, Curtis Hutson, Shelton Smith, etc. They compare our drawn lines to Communism’s burning of books. I have yet to see a book burning of their authors in front of an Independent Baptist Church, yet they refuse to let their members or students see a copy of men’s writings who are on their enemies’ list.

A line is drawn with a ten yard chain in a football game and an inch can make the difference between a fourth down and a first down. A line is drawn in a baseball strike zone and an inch can make the difference between a strike and a ball. An inch can make a difference, but of course it all depends on which team you are on as to whether you complain or not.  

1. Lines usually have a reason, even if we do not understand it.
2. Lines do not make someone a legalist. That said...
3. Lines do not necessarily make someone a better Christian.
4. Lines help protect our testimony.
5. Lines give us a guide for protection.
6. Lines should be well marked. Unclear lines create confusion.
7. Lines make organizations operate more smoothly. That said...
8. We should honor the lines established in the places where God has put us.
9. Lines may vary slightly or even extensively. 
10. Lines should not be used to judge others. 
11. We should be thankful not resentful for lines.
12. Some lines are non negotiable. That said...
13. Some lines are more preference that conviction. That is not wrong either. 
14. Lines mark a distinction. Without lines we would have no inbounds or out of bounds.

So, you see, lines are a good thing and it is foolish to be critical for maintaining lines in our personal lives, our homes, and our ministries. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015



Donna Winters
August 1944-February 2015

Mrs. G and I met Donna and her husband Gary Winters in the summer of 1975.  The Winters family had come to enroll at Hyles-Anderson College. He was from Arkansas and so was I, which gave us a common background. Our families quickly became friends. 

Music teacher Jim Salee was killed in an automobile accident in October, 1975, on his way to teach at Hyles-Anderson College. Gary was asked by Dr. Jack Hyles to assume the duties once held by Jim Salee as head of the Music Department.  

Upon graduation Gary, Donna, and family pastored our home church in Kalamazoo, MI, for little over two years.  

In August of 1980 we came together to Longview, TX,. He was the Associate Pastor of Longview Baptist Temple.  They served for 7 years faithfully and added much to the ministry.

Donna was a faithful Sunday school teacher, soul winner, children's worker, church member, mother, and wife. She was friendly to all and made time for everyone. She was a wonderful servant of the Lord. She will be sadly missed. God bless her memory.  It is Heaven's gain, but our loss! We love you Donna!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015



240 Page book
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227 Page book
$10.00 pre-sale
$8/book for a case of 30

These books will be going to press this next week. If you would like to order, soon you will be able to go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM and visit our STORE to order.  Keep checking until they are in the STORE.

The pre-sale price is $10 per book. This price will only be available through April. The retail price will be $14.95 per book after April.  If you would like to be put on a list for pre-sale just email or  You may also call 903-237-9019.

A church or bookstore will be able to purchase a case of 30 for $8/book plus S/H. These cases will be drop shipped from our printers in MN to your door. They should arrive in 3 to 4 days after purchase. 

You will want to get these into the hands of your people. This is who Jack Hyles, Curtis Hutson, Lee Roberson, Tom Malone, etc. were.   The details in these books will provide a Biblical fabric for reaching and keeping people.

These books will help to push the reset button for the factors of the great outreach ministries of our mentors. They will certainly not only make you think, but provide the basics to successfully reach the unsaved and keep the saved.



"And Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spake unto the men; and Eliab's anger was kindled against David, and he said, Why camest thou down hither? and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know thy pride, and the naughtiness of thine heart; for thou art come down that thou mightest see the battle.

And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?"

Matthew 7:1-6 is a much misunderstood group of verses. Verses 1-5 expose the one who makes a mountain out of a mole hill. It is one who uses judgment to vilify and verify minuscule matters.  

Then, enter verse 6 where judgment has to be made about major Biblical matters. A judgment must be made as to “dogs” and “swine.” The difference between a “mote” and a “pearl” is significant and must be judged. It is of necessity that judgment be in play when it comes to the “mote” the “pearl” the “dogs" and the “swine.” 

The mocking and attacking of standards, holy living, naming sin, aggressive soul winning, pastor led churches, being independent Baptist, ecclesiastical separation, topical preaching, lack of verses used, King James Bible, our forefathers, etc., is not a trivial matter. These pearls of great price are to be protected.

Our heritage cannot be for sale or watered down by worldly compromisers like Rick Warren and his prodigies. They belittle our heroes and uplift a new way, which is nothing but church wrapped in worldly apparel. 

They are the "anon" tweeter crowd  who cowardly hide behind their anonymity in order to bravely tweet their critiques to push their hidden agendas. 

Thus, be careful when you use verses to silence the ones who refuse to give the precious pearls of truth to those who will not only devour, but “…turn again and rend you.”  

This homogenized fundamentalism which justifies opening the door for neo-fundamentalist authors from the camp of Rick Warren, who mock our fundamentalism, to be hailed as the ones with the truth is ridiculous. 

If we had felt this way about the Nazis of WWII, as our government does about ISIS, we would all be speaking German today. It is naive and naivety at its worst when good men who know better allow the infiltration of the Emerging church moment into independent Baptist churches. 

This spiritual unscriptural immigration brings with it colored lights for mood, worship teams, an invitation that ends up in room 120, Evangelical authors, Rick Warren authors, anti-Hyles, anti-Malone, anti-Roloff, anti-Hutson, etc., all from the Emerging church mode, model, and portfolio. 

The local church is not a Broadway Play or platform to display the local church's American Idol contestants. This house of God is for teaching, preaching, altar calls, baptizing converts, and fellowshipping around the Word of God.

These pseudos cry “grace” and yet give no grace to the fallen. Jesus was more upset with doctrinal failure than moral failure, but not so today. Their antiseptic white gloved fundamentalism is not the fundamentalism of your fathers. Your fathers fought for what God blessed. Those blessings did not come without losses.  

I fear that some of you who have been handed ministries purchased with the blood of your parents and are squandering it all for the cry of “unity.” I hurt when I think of my ten grandchildren and my three great grandsons as to what type of fundamentalism they will wake up to find in their adult life in America.

There is nothing personal at play here. This is pure principle! "Is there not a cause?" If there is, then someone must stick their neck out and say so! If Jack Hyles, John Rice, Lee Roberson, or Curtis Hutson had pushed the envelope with this mixed doctrinal multitude of today I would still pen this article.

Why is it when it is one of our own we are like the Antarctic - frozen at the mouth. Yet, if it is someone outside of our so-called camp we scream it from the house tops? Strange bedfellows we have today?

There are those who will use success as a defense. Let me break success down into two categories. First, there is success in getting people saved. Secondly, there is success in preserving the right positions and the orchard. Billy Graham was successful in the first, but not in the second. He destroyed the orchard.

I rejoice in every soul saved under the ministry of Billy Graham. I grieve over the damage done by his ecumenical position. You who read these promoted books, with a disclaimer on the inside, are only two steps away from the ecumenicalism of Billy Graham when you follow those who follow Rick Warren. 

Can we not decipher between the two and understand the importance of both collectively? I know men who hold to a great position, but who never see a soul saved. These are they who feel they are called to expose error more aggressively than to spread the Gospel. 

If there is one thing I admire most about John R Rice it is that he was relentless in exposing error and relentless about winning the lost. I thank God for the souls saved directly or indirectly due to the influence of Billy Graham, or the Billy Graham wannabes of our day, BUT I refuse to let the compromise go unchallenged.

Now let me make it clear. When an independent Baptist preacher begins to promote the books of those who are a part of Rick Warren's ministry, I, along with you, MUST sound the alarm. 

This is the Rick Warren who recently praised the Pope and defended the Catholic faith. This is the Rick Warren who has compromised Biblical truth for the acceptance of Oprah. This is a man who has continued his movement from fundamental truth to ecumenical compromise. This is the one who has begun to endorse Islamic teachings.

I have disdain for this heretical association? There ought to be an outcry from all over this nation about anyone who claims to be an independent fundamental Baptist who is promoting books by men who are not the right influences and leading young ones to the ecumenical altar for the sake of growth. 

Brethren, where are we headed? Just connect the dots and it will not take a spiritual giant to see the end of "their conversation." (Hebrews 13:7) If this is my swan song then so be it!

Saturday, February 14, 2015



232 pages of Jack Hyles' love and investment in the Sunday school ministry

Yesterday we received the final and approved book cover for "JACK HYLES' PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL." This book will provide insightful and powerful Biblical thoughts on what Jack Hyles used throughout his 5 decades of ministry. He was successful as well as being in the forefront of the Sunday school movement.

The unique perspective of this book is its focus on the pre-era of Hyles-Anderson College's influence on the Sunday school of First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.  The "World's Largest Sunday School" award was given before HAC.  The post HAC influence in some ways overshadowed the real Sunday school of FBC. 

Most local churches will never have a college base of workers. The search into the Sunday school of pre-HAC days is vital to understanding how this ministry can aid local churches in reaching their Jerusalem. This can be accomplished in our day for Christ without the  benefit of a Bible college. 

I remember Brother Hyles limiting the HAC workers for work in the "A" Sunday school by setting a limit of 10%college involvement. I am convinced this book will help the cause of Christ in your town.

Once the books come off of the presses in MN they can be drop shipped to you within 3 to 4 days once coming off of the presses.  Pricing will be finalized next week. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 13, 2015



INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM publishers are finalizing and proofing the book covers today for "PASSION FOR SOULS" and "JACK HYLES' PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL." They will soon be able to start on the printing! I am excited about these two companion books. They will go hand in hand for pushing the reset button for local churches. 
As soon as the details are finalized I will let you know pricing and delivery. Our printers in MN will be able to drop ship them to you within 3 days after they are printed and boxed. "PASSION FOR SOULS" is a 270 page paperback while "JACK HYLES' PASSION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL" is a 232 page paperback book. 
The manuscripts were given to several knowledgable people who said they believe these books will help rediscover the practical Biblical principles which gave us the explosive growth of the 60's,70's, and early 80's. That growth did not need worldly music or compromising doctrine to attract people for it was God who was attracted to the truth being spread by solid local churches. God was not made in our image for we were made in His image. Thus instead of bringing God down to man we ought to bring man up to God. No need for the Emerging church in God's economy.
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