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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nicolle Droullard's Parents

I was privileged to be able to preach at the Victory Baptist Church pastored by my good friend Rick Walter in Winthrop, Maine. This is the church where Nicolle Droullard's parents are members. Brother and Mrs. Droullard are fine Christians running a bus route for their church. They are soul winners and a blessing to their pastor. Nicolle was my secretary at LBT before I retired and now she is my son's secretary. She is a fine young lady looking for a husband! Ha!

Carla Wells asks Christ to take her to Heaven!

Just before going to the Victory Baptist Church, pastored by Rick Walter, to preach I had the honor of talking to Carla Wells. She is the dear lady who cleaned my room at the Holiday Inn I was staying at in Augusta, Maine. She was so gracious to listen to me as she allowed me to give her the Gospel. She listened and then bowed her head and prayed for Christ to be her personal Saviour. AMEN! Gotta love soul winning! That incorruptible seed is an eternal seed that births souls into the family of God.


On the left is David Norris who trusted Jesus Christ as payment for His sins! His brother in the middle has prayed for him for years. They hugged each other and were thrilled. David was baptized Sunday along with seven other dear souls. There were nine saved altogether over the week end with seven professions and seven baptisms at the Victory Baptist Church of Winthrop, Maine. The building was full as well as the altars!

Friday, August 28, 2009


My son Bob II sent this picture to me from the March installation Sunday when Bob II was installed as the new pastor for Longview Baptist Temple. I am very proud of my family! Bob is doing an excellent job!

March 2009 Installation Sunday Picture

My son, Bob, this week sent me this picture of our family of the Installation Sunday where our son Bob II was installed as Pastor of the great Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. The church voted 96 % for Dr. Bob Gray II to be their new pastor. I voted against him! Ha!

Soul Winning

Last night my granddaughter Aly and Bro. Holloway went soul wining together. We had the honor of leading 7 folks to Christ and then driving down HWY 80 we spotted Bro. Jackson, a long time member of LBT, walking. We picked him up and he told us he was on his way to visit his mom in the hospital. He asked if we would talk to his mom. We went to see Mrs. Pearly Jackson and visited for a little bit. Then, we presented the Gospel to her and she prayed and invited Christ into her heart. She is 84 and rejoiced over her salvation! Brother Jackson was so happy! Gotta love it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Golfing with my son

Today I had the honor of playing golf with my son and pastor, Bob II. By the way I beat him. Dr. Callaghan claims he won, but he cheats!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Itinerary

Hopefully I will see you at one of these meetings! I will be in 50 churches between May and the end of the year. I fly in on Saturdays, teach and preach on Sundays with a service on Monday night. Last month I was able to lead 61 folks to Christ with 27 of those following the Lord in baptism! Gotta love soul winning!

To see if I am going to be in your area simply click the link below and go to Dr. Gray's Itinerary. Solve Church Problems

Reno With Bob

Tuesday morning breakfast with my son and pastor Dr. Bob Gray II! I used to change his diaper and now he is my pastor. We are at Denny's having a great time fellow-shipping. He preached a great message last night on "Honesty." To be honest with you it was great! Ha! We will be preaching together tonight at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Reno, NV.