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Monday, September 21, 2009

Kevin Hornsby makes a public profession

I had the privilege of preaching for Pastor Chris Fowler at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Simms, Texas. This man of God started this local church from scratch just a year ago. God has given him the money to build a church building out of log cabin material. He is doing a wonderful job of reaching those folks in his Jerusalem. I preached Sunday morning the sermon "Who Shall Be Damned?" and God meet with us. Kevin was saved and made a public profession of his faith in Christ and is planning on being baptized next Sunday. 6 adults trusted Christ all together and one dear 76 year old lady followed the Lord in baptism at 2 pm in a local Holiday Inn pool. The church does not have a baptistry yet. Please pray for this dear brother and his family as they win souls to Christ!

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