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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr. Mike Norris

Today I was able to spend time with my 97 year old mother in Murfreesboro, Tn. She is doing well considering her age. Her eyes are starting to dim and she is anxious to go home to Heaven. I told her that was out of her hands. She is one of the hardest working ladies I have ever known in my life. She is the finest Christian I have ever known and I love her! Wednesday night I preached for Dr. Mike Norris pastor of the Franklin Road Baptist Church of Murfreesboro. He became pastor there in 1999 and has done an excellent job of reaching his area with the Gospel. They have been in a building program for a while and the facilities are absolutely first class. The people were very responsive. I preached "Let's Go Soul Warning!" I believe it was a help! I was able to see many old friends. Dr. Tom Wallace and several SWORD workers were in attendance.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dr. Dave Baker, pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church

I spent the week end preaching for my good friend Dr. Dave Baker, pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Columbia, Tn. Dr. Baker started this church and God has certainly blessed them through out the years. They have an annual old fashioned service and today was the day. The buildings were full and the invitation very fruitful. There were 12 professions of faith and 5 baptisms by the end of the day and several joined the church. Dr. Baker has done an excellent job of reaching his community with the Gospel. Yes! He normally dresses this way! Hard to believe isn't it! Ha!

David, Katy, and Taylor Corbin

Tonight I preached at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Columbia, Tn. It was an old fashioned service with a battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys. The church was divided up between those two notorious families and their feud was carried on as apart of this Sunday school campaign. At the end of the day the Hatfield's won the campaign and the Corbins were apart of the winning Hatfield's. David and Katy are graduates of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE!

Teen Sunday School Classes

I spoke in Sunday school this morning to the combined teenagers of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Columbia, Tn. We had a great time teaching on "Forgiveness." They listened very well and responded very well. Three teens received Christ as their Saviour. Brother David Corbin and Katy Corbin are doing an excellent job working with the teens! David and Katy are graduates of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE of Longview, Texas. Katy's dad served as Chairman of the Longview Baptist Temple Deacon Board for many years and is still Chairman. I am glad to call them my friends! It is great to be able to travel the country clipping coupons from 33 years of pastoring! Gotta love serving the Lord! Dr. Dave Baker is doing an excellent job of winning the lost in Columbia, Tn.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Man shot in the face with a shot gun receives Christ!

One of our soul winning stops was to visit a man who was shot in the face with a shot gun. He is at home from the hospital. He was given a 50 50 chance of surviving. He did survive! He has some more surgeries facing him. He is blind and they are hoping for success with future surgeries to at least give a little sight in the one eye that is left. He listen intently to the Gospel and after a little while bowed his head and asked Christ to save him from an eternal death in Hell. He, his wife and children are coming in the morning to church along with a dear lady who was visiting and doing his wife's hair. Please pray for Thomas Jones and his up coming surgeries.

Dad and Son Trust Christ!

I arrived in Nashville, Tn., around 11 am and Dr. Dave Baker meet me at the airport and we traveled about 45 miles to Columbia, Tn. He took me to the motel and I unpacked and then we went soul winning and God allowed us to lead 8 precious souls to Christ. To my left are a dad and son that received Christ as payment for their sins. Kenneth and Kervante Hughes were very attentive to the Gospel presentation and they both prayed to trust Christ. They are supposed to be ready in the morning to come to church. Please pray for them, when you think about it, for them to come. Gotta love soul winning. Still praying for a miracle for Mrs. Connie Engleman wife of Pastor Bruce Engleman. She has terminal cancer. They will be going to M.D. Anderson of Houston on Monday! They are dear people!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Josh Doyle, DeAnna Gray, and Pa Gray

Last night after the soul winning meeting at 7 I had the honor of going soul winning with my granddaughter, DeAnna Gray, and a fella who has been hanging around her a lot lately Josh Doyle. I am not sure what is going on here but he seems like a nice guy! My wife calls him "the boy." We were able to lead three folks to Christ last night! Josh led Marcos Vizueth to Christ. I led his son to Christ and DeAnna led another teenager to Christ who was walking down Green Street. We had a great time and I am so proud of all of my grandchildren. They all care about souls and almost every week have some one saved because of their efforts. Gotta love it!!!!! By the way don't tell Josh but I like him!!!!

Marcos, Fernando, and Augustina Vizueth

Last night at our weekly soul winning I had the honor of going with my granddaughter, DeAnna Gray, and her friend Josh Doyle. We had the privilege of leading three folks to Christ. To my left is the Vizueth family. Augustina is the wife and mother and a very sweet lady. Marcos, the husband and dad, is a contractor and remodels homes. He is an excellent worker! Last night Marcos and his son Fernando bowed their heads and prayed to trust Jesus Christ for payment of their sins. Augustina was saved and baptized a few years back and was excited to watch her son and husband come to Christ. They are supposed to come this Sunday with other family members also. Please pray for them!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Meagan Martin

I had the wonderful privilege of leading Pastor Carroll Martins' niece to the Lord. She made a profession of faith Sunday night and followed the Lord in baptism. She is a sweet 15 year old young lady! The family was very excited about her decision to receive Christ as payment for her sins. Pastor Martin wept while presenting his niece to the church for baptism. Gotta love soul winning!

Kingswood Baptist Church

Sunday I spent the day preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Carroll Martin. The building was packed out! The people had a great spirit and they worked very hard to get folks to church. Pastor Martin started with 16 folks 7 years ago and he has done an excellent job of loving these folks in this rural area of Virginia. Arrington, Virginia, is about 30 minutes from Lynchburg, Virginia. I will be preaching there Monday night at 7 pm. I am looking forward to seeing many dear preacher friends Monday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pastor Carroll Martin Jr.

I was pleased to be able to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Carroll Martin. He started with 16 people 7 years ago and Sunday had over 200 in attendance with 8 professions of faith and 7 baptisms. The building was packed out and the spirit was great! This dear man of God is a great soul winner and an excellent pastor! Thank you pastor for being such a great representative of our Lord!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jun De Guzman

The dear man in this picture is a member of Arlington Baptist Church of Richmond, California, just next to Oakland, California. He has been my host each year for almost a decade. I have the utmost admiration for this dear man and his family. He is a soul winner and a valuable asset to Dr. Michael Callaghan who is his pastor. It is dear folks like this that make a great church like Arlington Baptist Church. Thank you Brother Guzman for your friendship and being just a fine host for this preacher!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Golfing with Dr. Callaghan, his son David, and Philip

This has been a great week end and I am looking forward to tonight's service. Alvin Martinez will be coming in to provide the special music. What a great Christian and what a a wonderful singer of Gospel songs. He is a staff member for Dr. Jack Treiber of North Valley Baptist Church. He has been used of God to build a great Sunday school class running over 200 and he started from scratch. However, the most important event of the day was the competition for the Callaghan Cup! I am sorry to report that I lost the Callaghan Cup to Dr. Callaghan! His son, David, kept the score because he said he did not trust either one of us to do so. I shot an 86 and Dr. Callaghan shot an 82. I won the cup last year and was supposed to bring it back with me but I can't find it! I will keep looking however! Ha! Could it be David used partiality? JUST A THOUGHT!

The Best of the Callaghan Clan!

I saved the best for this picture. Karen is the baby of the family and is the best of the best! I remember when she was born and I have watched her grow into a fine young Christian lady. She is currently a freshman at Golden State Baptist College. She travels home on the week ends to participate in the soul winning ministries of her church. She is a personal soul winner and I am very proud of this young lady!

Callaghan Clan!

This is a picture taken after the Sunday night service of the Callaghans. Dr. Callaghan and his wife Joyce have two great sons married to two wonderful young ladies, a fine daughter, and of course the grandchildren are the BEST of ALL! Gotta love family!

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Callaghan

Sunday I spend the day preaching for Dr. Michael Callaghan at the Arlington Baptist Church of Richmond, California, just outside of Oakland, California. Pastor Callaghan and his dear wife Joyce have faithfully served in this church for nearly 20 years. Sunday was a great day with 22 saved and 7 baptized by the end of the day. The building was full Sunday morning with services being held in other places on the property. What a blessing it was to be able to fill this man of God's pulpit.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Julian Alanis

This morning I had the privilege of preaching at the Arlington Baptist Church of Richmond, California, just outside of Oakland, California, for my good friend Dr. Michael Callaghan. God gave us 12 souls saved in the main auditorium and many others in the other services being conducted on property. One of those that trusted Christ was a young man named Julian Alanis. Standing beside him is his cousin Marissa Mendoza and his sister Jeanette Alanis. They were so excited to see Julian come to Christ and to follow the Lord in baptism. We had a great spirit this morning and I am looking forward to tonight's service. Gotta love church!

Dr. Michael Callaghan

This week end I had the privilege of preaching for my good friend Dr. Michael Callaghan. He pastors the Arlington Baptist Church of Richmond, California and has successfully done so for nearly 20 years. Mrs. Gray and I have known the Callaghans for nearly 3 decades. What great servants of our Lord they have been for these many years. The family took me out to lunch at a Chinese restaurant and it was a great time of fellowship. Their two sons Dave and Dan are working for and with their dad and doing a wonderful job. Also, they attended the President's Cup on Friday and shook Tiger Woods' hand and former President Bill Clinton's hand. The boys said they would never wash their hands again after shaking hands with Tiger but both immediately washed their hands after shaking President Clinton's hand. Ha!

Monday, October 5, 2009

1998 TBC grads Kevin and Lois Keever

I preached at the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Utica, New York, tonight. Pastor Jody Martin is doing a great job. He has a dear wife and wonderful children. At the meeting tonight I was able to fellowship a little with Pastor Kevin Keever and his precious wife Lois. Kevin is a 1998 graduate of Texas Baptist College and is currently serving at the Fords Bush Bible Baptist Church in New York. We had a great meeting tonight with the altars packed and the resolve to have a great soul winning crowd on this coming Saturday. What a needy area this is for the Gospel. Please pray for this church as they attempt to reach Utica with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This church purchased a Catholic church building and have renovated it into an independent Baptist church facility. What a miracle this church is!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Neighborhood Children Who Were Saved

I love kids! The are so unpretentious and honest! (Most of the time) Here are six neighborhood children who trusted Christ and made a public profession of their faith. Islaam Aimateen, Greg Aranda, Sincere Washington, Derick Craft, and Don Mclean. If you stop to think about all of the great preachers of the past generation, they were all saved at the ages of these young people. Never discount the new birth of a youngster. I have heard some say that they would like for the children to have an adult-like experience, but according to Matthew chapter 18 Jesus said that he wanted those adults to have a child-like experience!

Pastor Jody Martin and Family

I had the wonderful privilege of preaching for Pastor Jody Martin of the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Utica, New York today. To my right you will see from left to right on the back row, Deena, Jan, Sarah, and Pastor Martin. The front row you have Rachel, Connie, Laura, Curtis, and Wyett. I was up at 4 on Saturday morning and did not arrive at the Hampton Inn in Utica until 8:45 Saturday night. My luggage did not make it to Syracuse, New York. The dear pastor drove back to meet the 11 pm flight to retrieve my bags. God bless him! He delivered the bags at 1 in the morning. Neither one of us got much sleep Saturday night. Please pray for this dear family and this precious church!