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Monday, November 16, 2009

Assistant Pastor Kevin Craig

Before preaching tonight at the Heritage Baptist Church of Locust Grove, Ga. I visited with a couple of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads. Pastor Dexter Landers and his assistant Kevin Craig. They and their wives traveled for over an hour to attend the meeting tonight along with 30 of their members. They pastor the Mt. Zion Baptist Church and are doing a great job of reaching their area with the Gospel. We have over 400 grads from TBC and we are proud of all of them. These men and women are leaders in this matter of personal soul winning. Gotta love soul winning!

Pastor Dexter Landers

I preached tonight for Pastor Terrell Hopkins of the Heritage Baptist Church located just outside of the great city of Atlanta, Ga. I preached on "How to Behave in the House of God." The altars were full and the response was great. What a wonderful spirit this church possesses. At the meeting tonight was one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Dexter Landers. He pastors the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. He and his dear wife, children, and people traveled a little over an hour to attend the meeting tonight. Kevin Craig, another TBC grad, is his assistant pastor. He and his wife were also at the meeting tonight. They have a thriving soul winning church and many of the folks they brought tonight are converts. We have over 400 TBC grads around the country and we are proud of all of them. You don't have to wonder about the KJB at TBC! Gotta love serving God!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pastor Terrell Hopkins-Hertiage Baptist Church

Tonight I preached on "Let's Go Soul Warning!" at the Heritage Baptist Church of Locust Grove, Ga., pastored by my good friend Pastor Terrell Hopkins. We had 8 saved and 4 baptized! He is doing a wonderful job of reaching the Atlanta, Ga., area with the Gospel. He reminds me a lot of Dr. Curtis Hutson. He is really smitten with this matter of soul winning. He is an aggressive soul winner and a great pulpiteer. I predict this church will have an impact on the Atlanta area in the years to come. They have built a beautiful church complex. The auditorium seats 1,000 and the building was comfortably full this morning. The altars were full with many saying they were going to be "Soul Warners" and help their pastor reach others with the Gospel.

Pastor Terrell Hopkins-Hertiage Baptist Church

To the left is a picture of Pastor Terrell Hopkins encouraging his congregation to sing. He is a great preacher and a solid fundamentalist. God has allowed me to be in three of their church facilities. This new building is absolutely beautiful. It will seat 1,000 and the building was comfortably full. Pastor Hopkins is a great soul winner and I would not be surprised if God doesn't allow him and his people to reach this great Atlanta area with the Gospel. Gotta love serving God! AMEN!

Kevin and Jerri Seymour

This morning I preached for my dear friend Pastor Terrell Hopkins of the Heritage Baptist Church in Locust Grove, Ga., just outside of Atlanta, Ga. I have been privileged to preach in three of their church buildings. They have built one of the most beautiful buildings in America. The auditorium seats 1,000 and it was comfortably full this morning. To the right is Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Seymour. They made a profession of faith this morning and will be baptized tonight! Gotta love soul winning! God gave me 7 souls this week! AMEN!

Randy Walgreen-McDonald's Employee

This morning at the McDonald's Restuarant in Locust Grove, Ga., after leading Shantelle Green to Christ I asked Randy to take Shantelle's picture with me. Then I asked him if he was saved and he said, "No!" After a few moments he bowed his head and prayed for Christ to be his personal Saviour. Then Shantelle took our picture! AMEN! I preached at the Heritage Baptist Church of Locust Grove, Ga. this morning to a full house. We had two professions and several for baptisms tonight. Gotta love soul winning!

Shantelle Green-McDonald's Employee

I am just outside of Atlanta, Ga, in Locust Grove, Ga., preaching for my good friend Pastor Terrell Hopkins. I have been with him through three buildings and currently he and his dear church have built one of the most beautiful buildings in America. His church auditorium seats 1,000 and the building was comfortably full. I was up early and after my quiet time I went to the McDonad's just behind the motel. I met Shantelle Green there. She waited on my and I gave her a Gospel tract to read. When I went back for some cream I spotted her reading the tract. I stopped and explained the Gospel to her and she sweetly bowed her head and asked Christ to pay for her sins. I asked a co-worker Randy Walgreen to take our picture with my i-phone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Evans

My son Bob II, Dr. Wendell Evans, and myself shared the pulpit at Lighthouse Baptist Church of Lancaster, Ohio. In the picture to the right is Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Evans along with my son Dr. Bob II. We have had such great fellowship with Dr. and Mrs. Evans over the years at this conference. Mrs. Evans reminds me of my wife so much! She is a great lady! I will fly out in the morning with my son. Dr. Evans will close out the meeting tomorrow! Mrs. Gray was Dr. Evan's secretary at Hyles-Anderson College. We love these dear servants of God!

Stacy Whithers

Tonight I preached for my good friend Pastor Phil Manning at his annual conference. He has a wonderful church and the spirit is always exciting. One of the great things about this conference is to have one of our Texas Baptist College girls and home grown young lady named Stacy Whithers play the piano for the conference. Her mom and dad are faithful members at Longview Baptist Temple in Longview, Texas. Stacy is the music coordinator for Dr. Tracy Fowler of Canal Winchester, Ohio. I am very proud of this young lady and her family.

Jerry Simonton

I flew into Columbus, Ohio, today and my friend Jerry Simonton picked me up at the airport. Jerry has been my host for many years as I have had the honor of preaching at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Lancaster, Ohio, for many years. Pastor Phil Manning has been the pastor here for 17 years. That is amazing! He has done an excellent job of reaching his area with the Gospel. Jerry each year makes sure that I have some Tim Horton coffee to not only drink but to take home with me to Texas. We don't have Tim Horton coffee in the south. I believe it is a Canadian chain of coffee places started by a Canadian hockey player. Anyway, it is very good coffee and Jerry keeps me supplied! The building was full! My son Bob II preached first and I preached second!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Assistant Pastor Josh Owens

I had the honor of preaching at the opening night of the OLD PATHS CONFERENCE in Martinsburg, West Va. Dr. Jeff Owens is the pastor of the host church, the Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church, and has been such for seven years. The building was packed and the spirit was great. Evangelist Allen Domalee opened up the conference by preaching "The Eighth Day." It was a great message and a very encouraging message. I preached "Why We Should Be A Personal Soul Winner?" Dr. Owen's son Josh was my host and he did a wonderful job of taking care of me tonight. I will have to get up at 2 am in order to leave the motel at 3 to get to the Baltimore, Md., airport. I will be flying to Chicago in order to fly back to Columbus, Ohio. Figure that one out? I just thought about something that is 1 am Texas time. Ouch! I really feel tired now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pastor Claude Slate

I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Claude Slate today. He pastors the Colonial Baptist Church of Rogers, Arkansas. The building was full tonight. I preached "Let's Go Soul Warning" and the altar was full. Melinda Smith's daughter, Gabby, and son, Charlie walked the aisles tonight professing faith in Jesus Christ for payment of their sins. They were both baptized tonight. Their grandmother, Cheryl Swegies, made a profession of faith this morning and was baptized. Rogers, Arkansas, is next door to Fayetteville, Arkansas. This is one of the fastest growing parts of the country in the Southwest part of our nation. They are building everywhere! This is also the home of Wal Mart!

Mother and Daughter

I preached at the Colonial Baptist Church of Rogers, Arkansas this morning and I will be preaching there tonight. Pastor Claude Slate is a dear friend of 23 years and he is doing a great job of getting the Gospel to his city. To my right is Melinda Smith and her mother Cheryl Swegies. Melinda rededicated her life to Christ this morning and her mother made a profession of faith and followed the Lord in baptism. They had just moved to Rogers from Michigan recently. My wife was born at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, so we had somethings in common! My children were born in Michigan also. Yes, they are yankees! I went behind enemy lines to rescue my wife and children from yankee land. I was born in Roe, Arkansas. Write this date down! December 18, 1945! I expect a card with money in it!

Marty Hobbs

I have the wonderful honor of preaching for my dear friend Pastor Claude Slate of the Colonial Baptist Church of Rogers, Arkansas. A member of that church is a long time brother named Marty Hobbs. This is the dear brother who lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, some 25 plus years ago whose wife got his attention with a skillet. Dr. Howard Hall and I were preaching together when we meet Marty the first time in Pine Bluff. His testimony was in one of THE BAPTIST MAGAZINE issues several years ago. What a dear soul winner he is! It was good to see him again!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pastor Eleno Orozco

From left to right in the picture you have Pastors Eleno Orozco, Danny Ortiz, and Jaime Aquilar. Pastor Aquilar is a graduate of Texas Baptist College and has started a church in Mexico City. He held a revival meeting and invited Pastors Eleno Orozco and Danny Ortiz to preach the meeting. They averaged 150 each night and many trusted Christ as Saviour. The interesting thing is that Pastor Orozco was saved at Longview Baptist Temple in 1983. He was the spanish man that came to church but did not know English and in broken spanish a man named Dwayne Nishiemoto (spelling ?) spoke a little spanish and led this man to Christ. He was baptized and later on went to Brother Ashcrafts' Bible College, after surrendering to the ministry for training. He is now a successful pastor in San Luis Potosi, which is a very poor city in Mexico. WOW! Gotta love soul winning!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bill May

Tonight at the Hyles Baptist Church the building was full and the joy of the Lord was present. The music was wonderful and the response was great. I preached "Let's Go Soul Warning." Dr. Ron Talley is one of the great preachers of our day. He has done an excellent job of leading his people to reach his city with the Gospel. To the left of me is Brother Bill May who was instrumental in the calling of Dr. Talley to be the pastor of the Hyles Baptist Church. Dr. Talley is approaching his 25th year as pastor of this great church. Thank God for good godly layman like Brother May. Doesn't he look a lot like Dr. Evans? If you are ever in the Richmond, Va., area please do your self a favor and stop in and visit with this dear man of God. Gotta love Soul Winning and Soul Winning churches!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael and Victoria Powers

Dr. Talley gave a King James Bible away to the one who brought the most visitors tonight to hear me preach. One man brought ten people for the service. Two of those were his son and daughter in law, Michael and Victoria Powers. Both had been witnessed to many times and have always been very courteous and kind but did not get saved. Tonight they trusted Christ as payment for their sins! AMEN! Their twelve year old son had gotten saved and pleaded with his parents to trust Christ many times before! Tonight he, his grand parents, and church were very happy because Michael and Victoria had gotten saved. Dr. Talley wept as he took me back to the motel telling the story of the family and how God had done such a miraculous work in that family. He told me that this was a miracle tonight! Gotta love soul winning!

Dr. Ron Talley

I was up at 3:30 and traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to catch a flight to Chicago, Illinois, and then caught another flight to Richmond, Va. I preached tonight for my good friend Dr. Ron Talley, pastor of the Hyles Baptist Church. He has been their pastor for 24 going on 25 years. He is one of the finest preachers I have every heard in my life! He makes the Scriptures live when he preaches! Dr. Talley and I graduated from Hyles-Anderson College together. He has one of the most exciting churches in America. I always look forward to preaching here and fellowshipping with my good friends of the Hyles Baptist Church! Thank you church for loving my friend and your pastor!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pastor and Mrs. Jay Weaver

I had the wonderful privilege to preach for Pastor Jay Weaver who pastors the Cardington Baptist Temple in Cardington, Ohio. He has been the pastor since 1999 and is doing a good job of reaching his community with the Gospel. He was born in Columbia to missionaries. His dear mother was at the service this morning. I taught on Forgiveness in Sunday school and preached Who Shall Be Damned? in the morning service. As of now I plan to preach tonight on Everything Rises Or Falls on Followship. We had a nice lunch today with the pastor, his wife, and their 17 year old son. God gave me 9 souls this week and God gave me two baptisms in two different churches today. It is a thrill to receive calls from churches where I have preached and hear of converts walking the aisles after I have left town. I will be getting up at 3:30 ET to catch a flight to Chicago and then on to Richmond, Va, for a Monday and Tuesday meeting with Dr. Ron Tally. What a great preacher he is! I love the name of his church-HYLES BAPTIST CHURCH!