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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pastor Terrell Hopkins-Hertiage Baptist Church

Tonight I preached on "Let's Go Soul Warning!" at the Heritage Baptist Church of Locust Grove, Ga., pastored by my good friend Pastor Terrell Hopkins. We had 8 saved and 4 baptized! He is doing a wonderful job of reaching the Atlanta, Ga., area with the Gospel. He reminds me a lot of Dr. Curtis Hutson. He is really smitten with this matter of soul winning. He is an aggressive soul winner and a great pulpiteer. I predict this church will have an impact on the Atlanta area in the years to come. They have built a beautiful church complex. The auditorium seats 1,000 and the building was comfortably full this morning. The altars were full with many saying they were going to be "Soul Warners" and help their pastor reach others with the Gospel.

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