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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missionary Richard Weaver and Family

I preached tonight at the Texas Baptist Church of San Antonio, Texas. This great church was started by one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Keith Bell 9 years ago. We had a great day! He is averaging over 300 each Sunday and on a normal Sunday will baptize 10 to 15. God gave us 50 saved, 40 professions, and 29 baptized today. His church has certainly grown since I was with them last December. Tonight as I walked to the platform with the Pastor I noticed in the congregation Missionary Richard Weaver and his dear family. They are missionaries to the country of Scotland. I feel led of the God to visit them and their country's golf courses. Ha! Richard and his dear wife Brenda are graduates to TEXAS BATIST COLLEGE. Their children are Brianna, Brittany, and son Caleb. These are great soul winners and are veteran missionaries. I hope you will consider supporting their efforts to reach Scotland with the Gospel.

Preacher Boys from Texas Baptist Church

I preached today for my good friend Pastor Keith Bell of the Texas Baptist Church of San Antonio, Texas. We had a blessed day! 50 saved, 40 professions, and 29 baptized. I preached tonight on "Will A Man Rob God?" The spirit was great, the response great, and the altars were full! After the service the preacher boys from the church asked to have their picture taken with me. To the right is a picture of those young men! From right to left you will see Matthew Jimenez, Josh Villegas, Vincent Villegas, myself, Manuel Dixon, Frddie Dixon, and Johnny Gonzales. These young men are all going to attend TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE for their training for the ministry. Great decision!WOW! Gotta love soul winning churches who believe in the preserved inspiration of the KJB! You do not have to worry about the KJB being criticized at TBC! AMEN!

Texas Baptist College Grad Pastor Keith Bell

I had the privilege of preaching for one of our TBC graduates this morning. Pastor Keith Bell started the Texas Baptist Church 9 years ago! It is amazing what God has done for this man of God. He started this church in a warehouse next top a bar, in fact I think he still drinks a little still! Ha! His church is averaging 300 in attendance on Sundays and is out of room. God gave them a church facility a few years ago and he has renovated it into a beautiful auditorium along with Sunday school space. I was not told the final total for Sunday school this morning but I would suspect it was far greater in number than the normal 300. I taught in Sunday school the lesson on "The Lines of Defense." I preached this morning "Ye Must Be Born Again." There were 55 saved, 40 professions, and 29 baptized. Pastor and Mrs. Bell are a great testimony not only of the grace of God but they are great representatives of TBC! Gotta love soul winning churches! By the way he believes the KJB is preserved inspiration for the English speaking people. You can trust that TBC will not be critical of the preserved inspiration of the KJB at TBC! AMEN!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pa, Son, and Grandson

My son, Bob II, and grandson, (R. G.) Bob III took me out to Starbucks for my birthday, which happens to be 12-18 in case you forgot! Anyway, we were joined by Bob's wife Kelly and Bob's sister Karen for a delightful time. Gotta love family. Kim was busy and that will cost her dearly. Scott and his family will be coming in Tuesday for Christmas. Batten down the hatches the Grays will all be in one town and it will never be the same after this! Ha!

Monday, December 14, 2009

78 Year Old Pete Terhune

This morning I was up at 6 am! Had my quiet time and went downstairs to get a bite to eat before getting on the treadmill for my 4 miles. While I was eating I noticed a man who was what we called a little person, or a dwarf. He was eating a few tables away from me. When I finished eating I walked over and gave him a Gospel tract. I then went to the exercise room and walked my four miles, slower than usual because of recovering from my surgery. I then went back and saw Pete sitting alone in the lobby. I walked up to him and asked if he read the Gospel tract and he said, "Yes!" I talked to him for a while and found out that he has no family and resides in Florida and is here for a few months just visiting. I carefully went over the Gospel and in a few minutes he bowed his head, took me by the hand, and prayed for Christ to save him. WOW! Gotta love that incorruptible seed of the ole KJB! Don't attempt to tell me the KJB is not preserved inspiration!

Evangelist Allen Domelee

Last night Evangelist Allen Domelee joined me in a Sunday night revival meeting at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, NM, pastored by Brent Lenetine. Pastor Lenetine started this church 21 years ago and is doing a great job of reaching his city with the Gospel. Brother Domelee preached a great message on "Getting Back Up!" It was very encouraging! I preached the sermon "How to Behave in the House of God." The altars were full even before the invitation was given. It was amazing! This is a great church and is doing a wonderful job in following their preacher. I am looking forward to preaching with Brother Domelee tonight also. Gotta love that incorruptible seed of the KJB!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pastor Brent Lenetine

I have had the privilege of preaching for Pastor Brent Lenetine of the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Rio Rancho, NM, for the past decade. This dear man of God started this church 21 years ago and God has blessed his efforts to reach his city with the Gospel. I was very pleased with the music and the receptiveness of the people to the preaching. They love old fashioned preaching. Tonight I will be joined by Evangelist Allen Domelee for the Sunday night service and we will preach again together on Monday night. We had ten saved and 6 baptized this morning. They are running out of room and had to go to two services on Sunday morning and that is good problem to have for any church. I looked at the drawings for their new auditorium and it looks terrific and certainly needed.

Pete Alvarado Being Baptized

This morning I preached two services for Pastor Brent Lenetine of the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, NM. I preached a sermon entitled "Forgiveness" in the first service and "Who Shall Be Damned?" in the second service. There were ten saved and 6 baptized altogether. Seven saved in the first service with 3 baptized and 3 saved in the second service with 3 baptized. Pastor Lenetine started the Gospel Light Baptist Church 21 years ago and is doing an excellent job of reaching his city with the Gospel. I was especially blessed by the music. Thank God for men of God who stay true to the Word of God and do not attempt to bring God down to man but rather bring man up to God! This man of God has a great congregation and obviously they love him very much!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

80 year old Bill McDermit

I have been recovering from neck surgery over the last 3 1/2 weeks! The doctor said I would have to be sedentary for a few weeks. When I told my wife that she said, "Honey, that is just another word for being lazy!" I told her I thought I could handle that. I had to cancel last week end and was unable to be with my good friend Pastor Kirby Campbell in the state of Washington. This morning I arose at 4 and had my quiet time but no treadmill. Flew to Albuquerque, NM, and was picked up by Pastor Brent Lenetine who pastors the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, NM. I will be joined by Evangelist Allen Domelee Sunday night and Monday. This is a great soul winning church! After resting for a while I went next door to the Motel to get a bite to eat at the Subway Restaurant. I sat at a table next to a man named Bill McDermit. We joked a little bit together and after a while I went over to his table and continued our conversation. He lives alone in a house trailer and was a devout Catholic. After a few moments I presented the Gospel to him and he took me by the hand and prayed to receive Christ as his personal Saviour. WOW! That old KJB is still preserved inspiration and is THE incorruptible seed that brings life to a dead soul! Don't treat this issue of preserved inspiration lightly. He who sticks his head in the sand gets his behind kicked! Either the KJB is inspired or it is not! Which side of this issue are you on?