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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pastor and Mrs. Alton Byrd of Liberty Baptist Church

I had the wonderful privilege of filling the pulpit for my dear friend Pastor Alton Byrd who pastors the Liberty Baptist Church of Frisco, Texas. Pastor Byrd started this church as a mission out of the Liberty Baptist Church of Lewisville, Texas. He has a great location right on Main Street of one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. People everywhere! By the way the people are very receptive to the Gospel. We had 5 raise their hands receiving Christ as their Saviour this morning. I am excited about the fantastic opportunity Pastor Byrd has been given by God in this explosive growth area. God allowed me to lead 12 to Christ this week with two of those following the Lord in baptism. I have two families lined up for tonight's service! Gotta love soul winning!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grandson R. G. with Bobby Summerford

I had the opportunity to attend friday the Temple Baptist Schools' flag football game against Boulevard Christian from Dallas, Texas. TBS defeated Boulevard 38 to 6 with both teams playing a hard fought game! Of course my grandkids were the best in both the football and the volleyball games that followed! R. G. was at the football game and sat with his buddy Bobby Summerford. They have always been very close buddies throughout R. G.'s life. R. G. is Bob and Kelly's son! Please his heart, he has had so many surgeries and is scheduled for another one in the near future. Pray for him!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dedication of JUST A THOUGHT! Volume IV

On Monday night of the 29th NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC I presented to my son one of my new books JUST A THOUGHT! Volume IV. I dedicated that book to my son! Dr. Bob Gray II has been all that a parent would ever dream of in a child and now as a man. He is a man of God in his own right and is doing a phenomenal job of pastoring the great Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. The previous month they had 252 baptisms under his leadership and I am very confident that the future will produce even greater works for our LORD under his leadership. Thank you son for being faithful to the things of God. Your mother and I are very proud of you!

Writt Family trusted Christ

I had the wonderful privilege of going soul winning last night with one of our Texas Baptist College graduates Kevin Keever who is serving in the great state of New York. We were able to lead the Writt family to Christ. What a sweet family they are and they were extremely receptive to the Gospel. Steven is the husband. Utisa is the wife. They have two beautiful and well behaved daughters Genesis and Camron. They signed up to attend the big day at LBT! Gotta love soul winning! Kevin also lead a dear man to Christ who is also coming for the big day! Thank you Kevin for staying by the stuff all of these years!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Singer Alvin Martinez

Alvin Martinez from Dr. Jack Trieber's church in San Jose, California, is one of the most exciting Christians I have ever meet in my life. His singing is spirit filled and his walk is spirit filled. He started as a janitor for Dr. Trieber and now is on the pastoral staff. He started a Sunday school class from zero is running over 200 and has recently moved into the old auditorium at the North Valley Baptist Church. It was a thrill to hear him sing at the 29th NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC.

Founding Pastor of Longview Baptist Temple

Dr. Bob Gray II, Dr. Nihl Bulkley, and myself are pictured here at the 2009 NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC in Longview, Texas. Dr. Bulkley, his dear wife, and Mrs. Peterson started meeting in Mrs. Peterson's house on Jenny Street in Longview, Texas, in October of 1960. Thank you Dr. Bulkley for all that you have done to provide the possibility of LBT.

Granddaughters help with book table

Mrs. Gray and I have four wonderful children and ten wonderful grandchildren. Three of them helped me with my book table at the 2009 NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC. Aly is the short one. Meagan is the tall one and the one in between is DeAnna. Aly is the daughter of Tim and Karen Forgy. Tim is the Youth Director at LBT. Meagan is the daughter of Mark and Kim Simmons. Mark is a faithful deacon, Sunday school teacher, and usher at LBT. DeAnna is the daughter of Dr. Bob II and his dear wife Kelly. Dr. Bob II is the pastor of LBT and is doing a great job for the Lord. I am very excited about the future of LBT under his leadership.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Time of Fellowship

Sunday night after the service at LBT I was able to spend some time of fellowship with Pastor John and Ann Operfman from California (left) who are graduates of Texas Baptist College and dear friends. Next to the Operfmans is Pastor Bill Davis of North Carolina. Brother Davis surrendered to the ministry under my preaching in a tent meeting years ago. Next to me are Dr. Michael and Joyce Callaghan of Richmond, California across the bay from the Operfmans. The Callaghans have been wonderful friends to Mrs. Gray and myself for over 30 years. The last time Mrs. Gray was able to take a vacation was when the Callaghans invited us to go to San Francisco 6 years ago and we had a wonderful time. Mrs. Gray still talks about that trip and often wishes she could go one more time. Gotta love friends! They are a gift from God!

Home for Sunday Night Service

I will be in 50 churches between May and the end of the year according to my secretary. I have flown over 5.5 million air miles in the past 30 years of preaching and have thoroughly enjoyed being able recently to be in these churches on a Sunday. This week LBT will be hosting the 29th National Soul Winning Clinic. This will be the last National Clinic and I am excited about this week. It will be great. Sunday night I was able for only the second time to be in my home church. Earlier I was there after my cancer surgery for a Sunday. I sat with my daughter Kimberly, her husband Mark, and daughter Meagan. Pastor Bob Gray II did a great job of preaching on "Going Beyond the Call of Duty." 129 professions of faith and 85 baptized for the week end.

Kevin Hornsby makes a public profession

I had the privilege of preaching for Pastor Chris Fowler at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Simms, Texas. This man of God started this local church from scratch just a year ago. God has given him the money to build a church building out of log cabin material. He is doing a wonderful job of reaching those folks in his Jerusalem. I preached Sunday morning the sermon "Who Shall Be Damned?" and God meet with us. Kevin was saved and made a public profession of his faith in Christ and is planning on being baptized next Sunday. 6 adults trusted Christ all together and one dear 76 year old lady followed the Lord in baptism at 2 pm in a local Holiday Inn pool. The church does not have a baptistry yet. Please pray for this dear brother and his family as they win souls to Christ!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jerry, Ronnie, Emillee, and Kevin

This is a picture of my younger brother Jerry, his wife Ronnie, and Kevin's fiance Emillee, (Kevin is to the right) Kevin is my nephew and recently received his masters from Middle Tennessee State University. They have an October wedding planned. Please send money! Ha! We had a great visit! The family is doing well and doing a great job of caring for Mama. Gotta love family!

Jerry, Ronnie, and Mama

My younger brother Jerry, who works for UPS, arrived from work and I was able to talk my nephew Kevin into taking this picture with my new toy the iphone. Jerry and Ronnie certainly are great care takers of Mama. It was a busy day but a fruitful day getting a lot accomplished. Mama is doing very well for someone who is 97! We had a wonderful visit and I am looking forward to seeing my sister Faye Laverne and sister-in-law Nellie Rose tomorrow as I travel home. Nellie Rose had back surgery and an infection occurred which caused her to have to stay in the hospital a littler longer than expected but she is home now! Faye's husband Bobby fell last week and had to go to the hospital for x-rays but he did not break any bones. He has had some real health issues. Faye will be home tomorrow to be with Bobby so I will be able to see her. Gotta love an older sister!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pastor Dusty Ray of Heartland Baptist Church

I had the opportunity to travel to Murfreesboro, TN, to spend a few days with my 97 year old mother, Mrs. Mary Gray. She lives with my younger brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie. While I was in Murfreesboro I had the honor of preaching at the Heartland Baptist Church. Pastor Dusty Ray has been their pastor for the last 5 years. I preached Wednesday night on "The Key To The Holy Spirit is Man's spirit!" We had a great time in the Lord! The people have a wonderful spirit!

Sister-in-Law Ronnie Gray With Mama!

I have two younger brothers and one older sister. Jerry is the next in line as far as brothers go. He is married to Ronnie, a retired school teacher. Jerry and Ronnie have gone out of their way through the years to watch and care for Mama who is 97 and will be 98 on May 13, 2010. Be sure and write that date down! She will be expecting a card with money in it next May. Ronnie is a great wife, homemaker, and caretaker. Lee Ann and I are extremely grateful for her loving care of Mama. It is not an easy thing but a necessary thing! They have been the best! I will be preaching tonight at the Heartland Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, TN., for Pastor Dusty Ray. The service starts at 7 pm. If you are in the area I would love to see you there!

My Mama Who is 97!

I was able to take some time this week to make a 10 hour drive to Murfreesboro, TN., to visit my 97 year old Mama. She lives with my younger brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie. They are doing a spectacular job of caring for Mama. It is not easy but they make it look easy. My older sister's husband, Bobby, has has several strokes and Faye Laverne works all the time to take care of the family. My dear wife, Lee Ann, is home-bound and we are unable to care for Mama but Jerry and Ronnie love Mama and take very special care of her. Mama has a problem with short term memory, but unfortunately her long term memory is TOO good. Of course, I was the perfect child in the family! It was my older sister and brothers who were in trouble all of the time. Love my Mama!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pastor Dominic Pennachietti and Family

I taught Sunday school at the Jersey City Baptist Church of Atlantic City, NJ, on Sunday morning and then preached the am service. I hustled back to the motel got on the treadmill for 5 miles. Showered, called the Mrs., and then was driven to Philadelphia by Larry Hamilton so that I could preach Sunday night for Pastor Pennachietti of the Bethel Baptist Church. This is an inner city church and the auditorium was packed Sunday night. This dear brother has 8 children. He must have 50 grandchildren! Ha! pictured are his family with the pastor to my right. What a great church this church is in the inner city of Philadelphia! I had a blessed time with him and his dear people. What a great spirit they have!

Sunday Morning Service at Jersey City Baptist

To my left is a picture of part of the Sunday morning congregation at the Jersey City Baptist Church of Atlantic City, NJ. Pastor Phil Erickson is the pastor here as well as a mission they have 45 minutes from this church location. This building has been doubled since the last time I preached here. We had 12 saved and 5 baptized on this Open House Sunday. The choir was fantastic! The people very friendly! I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay. Thank you Pastor Erickson and family for staying with it over the years. This man of God is the genuine thing! No wavering on the KJB here!

Pastor Phil Erickson and Family

I had the wonderful privilege of filling the pulpit of one of our over 400 Texas Baptist College graduates this past Sunday. In the picture you will see from left to right Phil Jr., Melissa, Sami, Pastor and Mr Erickson, an Hannah in the front. This was their open house for the new addition to the auditorium. The building was packed! 12 received Christ as payment for their sins and 5 followed the Lord in baptism. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief time in Atlantic City, NJ. No I did not gamble while I was there. Ha! I attempted to help those who were gambling with their souls' eternity. Thank God for TBC. You do not have to wonder about the KJB at TBC!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Meeting at Gospel Baptist Church

WOW! What a great crowd for a holiday meeting. Pastor Dave Carlson is doing a marvelous job of winning souls in Manchester, NH. He started the church and has been their pastor for over 17 years. He is a solid man of God and has a wonderful family standing with him. His mother-in-law even likes him! HA! We had 10 saved with 5 baptisms and the spirit was electric! The dear ladies of the church fixed a tremendous labor day feast for all of the guests. If you are ever in New Hampshire please visit this church.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Morning Preaching Service @ Gospel Baptist Church

I had the wonderful privilege to teach Sunday school and preach for my good friend Pastor Dave Carlson. He is the pastor of the Gospel Baptist Church of Manchester, NH. The buildings were full with 9 professions and 4 baptisms at the end of the service. Great music and a great spirit! Looking forward to the service tonight at 6 pm! A little foretaste of Heaven!

Mother and son trust Christ for salvation

The dear lady to my left is Lillian Roman and to her left is her precious son Omar. They both prayed and received Christ as their Saviour and made a profession of faith this morning. They did not get baptized but are planning on doing it later on! Thank God for His Son who has paid for all of our sins. Jesus is a free gift to those who would ask Him to save from death in Hell. AMEN! Gotta love soul winning!

Lady from Naples trusts Christ!

I am staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Manchester, NH. The dear lady to my right is the maid for the second floor. She has been in America for just 6 months. I struck up a conversation with her and she told me her story about coming to America. Very touching! After a few moments I was able to present the Gospel to her and she very graciously listened and then bowed her head and asked Christ to be her personal Saviour as payment for all of her sins! WOW! That inerrant, incorruptible, and inspired seed of the Word of God is still working! Somebody say Amen!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Last night my grandson Nick, Bro. Holloway, and myself went soul winning together. We had the privilege of presenting the Gospel to some ladies sitting around drinking coffee. 6 of these ladies listened and then bowed their heads and prayed to trust Jesus Christ for payment of all their sins. It was exciting! The incorruptible inerrant seed of the KJB at work in the souls of man kind! Left to right Doris Johnson, Nancy Moore, Lydia Bowers, Norma Rodriquez, Ashley Brown, and Robbie Foster.