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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pastor Tracy Curington

I had the honor of preaching at the Bible Baptist Church of Ardmore, OK. Pastor Tracy Curington is the pastor and started the church from scratch just a few years ago. We had a great day with 3 saved tonight and a total of 10 today. Pastor Curington is doing a great job of leading his young church to reach his city with the Gospel. He has a great family. His children sang tonight before the preaching and they did a marvelous job. Please pray for this young man of God! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Clarence Pollard

This morning I had the pleasure of preaching for my friend Pastor Tracy Currington. He pastors the Bible Baptist Church of Ardmore, Oklahoma. This is a young church of only 2 years but they are doing a great job of getting the Gospel to the city of Ardmore. God gave us 7 professions of faith and one for baptism! To my right is a teenager named Clarence Pollard. I had the honor of leading Clarence to Christ and he made a profession of faith this morning. What a blessing it was as he listened carefully to the Gospel message. Please pray for this young man! Gotta love serving the Lord! Somebody say AMEN!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tony Martin

I traveled from Longview, Texas, by car for this week end. Normally I fly to somewhere on Saturday. By the way American Airlines just sent me my 5 million mile Executive Platinum Card. I am a lifetime member of the Executive Platinum club. Regardless of how little or how much I travel I will never lose my status. I also have 1 million miles total on three other airlines. WOW! I feel tired all of a sudden.
I arrived in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and checked into the Comfort Inn & Suites where desk clerk Tony Martin checked me in. I then drove to the Bible Baptist Church to set up my book table and there I met Pastor Tracy Currington, his wife, and several church members. Pastor started this church just a couple of years ago. While I was there I mentioned Tony and the pastor told me that his wife had led Terri, Tony's wife, to Christ. WOW! So, when I returned to the motel I took the time to visit and then present the Gospel to Tony. He listened and in a few moments, with a lady standing at the desk encouraging Tony to listen, he bowed his head and took me by the hand and received Christ as his personal Saviour. Gotta love soul wining! Somebody say AMEN!
The lady, Lynda Martinez, said to Tony after he prayed, "Welcome to the family of God!" I then asked Lynda to take our picture with my new iphone. Love that iphone! Lynda said she wanted to come hear me preach so she will be coming Sunday also. AMEN!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

John and Peggy Redinour and Jan Rachor

At the Sunday morning service of the Prairie Baptist Church, Scotts, Michigan, I was thrilled to see two of my class mates come to hear me preach. Peggy and Jan graduated with Lee Ann and myself in 1963. Peggy lived across the street from Lee Ann in Augusta, Michigan. Jan lived up the hill from Lee Ann. They attended Kindergarden and grade school through high-school together. There are only a handful of girls who attended Kindergarden through high-school from Augusta. John is a graduated of a neighbor school in Schoolcraft. John and Peggy met at 4H meetings, dated and ended up getting married. They still live in Augusta while Jan is married and lives in Otsego, Michigan. I was so glad to see them on Sunday. At the invitation time they prayed and said they were trusting Christ as their personal Saviour. WOW! Gotta love it!

Don and Linda Elder

Don and Linda Elder live in the house that I grew up in at Galesburg, Michigan. They have been friends for over 30 years to Lee Ann and myself. They are members of the Prairie Baptist Church of Scotts, Michigan where I preached this week end. I had a wonderful time being with them. Don attended the Friday night introductions to the G-A Hall of Fame. He also attended with me the Induction Service at the Saturday afternoon banquet.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Galesburg-Augusta Hall of Fame Banquet

The Galesburg-Augusta gymnasium was the place for the Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet. We met at 2 pm and had a wonderful time of fellowship. The 1962-3 State Championship team of Michigan was a special and unique team. There were no ego's involved with that team. We played like a team and were taught to "think." Coach Bill Maskill Sr. was the greatest motivator I have ever met in my life. He and his coaches were an unbeatable team. They knew how to help us reach our potential and work together as a team. 8-0 with only one touchdown scored on us all season. Will there be a Super Bowl in Heaven? Ha!

Ray Adams

Ray and myself were inseparable through out grade school, junior high, and high-school. We were team mates on the 1962-3 Galesburg-Augusta football team. We were undefeated and had only one touchdown scored on us all season. We were inducted together with the other team mates into the 2010 Athletic Hall of Fame for Galesburg-Augusta High-School. Our football team was number one in the state of Michigan for Class C schools. We played baseball, tennis, and football together. I was always at his house and likewise he was at mine all the time. I remember in the summertime getting up early in the morning and riding my bike to his house and we would play all day. However, when night time came we both had better be at home. It was a different world. It was like living in Mayberry, USA. Yes, we also had a Barney Fife! Ha!

132 E. Michigan Ave., Galesburg, Michigan

This is the bedroom at the upstairs of 132 E. Michigan Galesburg, Michigan, where I knelt and trusted Christ as payment for all my sins! Best decision I ever made in my life! I was eleven years of age! It was not however until 15 years later that I escaped the denominational shackles and discovered Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. John R. Rice, Lester Roloff, and Dr Lee Roberson who were leaders of an independent Baptist movement that helped me to grow spiritually. I am indebted to those and many others who pioneered aggressive personal soul winning, separation, spirit fulness, King James Bible, and local church interests. I hope to be able to leave to my children, grandchildren, and the next generation the same truths that I received from giant men of the faith.

132 E. Michigan Ave., Galesburg, Michigan

This is the house where I grew up in Michigan. Our dear friends Don and Linda Elder live there now. It was at this house where after a Sunday night church service, when Pastor Marvin Owen preached a red hot sermon on Hell, that I went home and went upstairs, at eleven years of age, and asked Jesus Christ to be my personal Saviour. I trusted Him that night to pay for all of my sins! The greatest decision of my life!

2010 Galesburg-Augusta Hall of Fame Banquet

One of the coaches who spent 34 years working side by side with Coach Bill Maskill Sr. was Coach Ken Buelow. He was the best half-time motivator a team could ask for in football. Ken was always seen pacing up and down the side lines teaching, motivating, encouraging, and guiding us to give it our all. There was something special and unique about this combination of Coach Maskill and Coach Buelow. Coach Buelow retired in 1990 after the G-A football team finished runner-ups for state championship in the Silverdome.

2010 Athletic Hall of Fame Introductions

I flew to Kalamazoo, Michigan, on Thursday and registered at the Best Western Motel on Stadium Drive. I did my final four miles on the treadmill that night and worked on some new chapters for some of my new books. I then rose early the next morning and had my quiet time and walked 12 miles on the treadmill. I worked some more on my books and at 2 in the afternoon I went to Coach Bill Maskill Sr.'s home for a reunion with the 1962-3 Galesburg-Augusta high-school football team. We had a great time recalling the "glory" days. Our team was number on in the state of Michigan. Undefeated and allowing only one touchdown all season! That night we attended the G-A basketball game and in between games we were introduced to the crowd. To my left in the picture is Coach Bill Maskill Sr. He was a great motivator then and at 86 he still is a motivator. Great coach!

Coach Bill Maskill Sr.

I attended Galesburg-Augusta school system in Galesburg, Michigan, from grade school all the way through high-school. While in Junior High School I met the new coach for the G-A High-School by the name of Bill Maskill Sr. He would walk the halls looking for any one he could talk into playing football. I decided to be a part of the junior high football team and rest is history as they say! Our school system had a terrible football program before Coach Maskill took over the program. He was a grad of Michigan State University and had previously coached in Sheritan, Michigan. He was a special man then and is special now. He is 86 years of age. In my senior year our 1962-3 football team ended up being number one in the state of Michigan. We went 8-0 with only one touchdown scored on us! Great team because of a great coach. He is in the Hall of Fame in the state of Michigan for coaches. Our team had a reunion at Coach's house. We had a great time! Later that night our team was introduced for induction in the Hall of Fame in between basketball games in the new G-A gymnasium. After the introductions several of us went to a local restaurant for a meal and again it was great to see team mates and wives of team mates! Yes, I led in prayer before we ate!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bianca Graves

When I returned to the Holiday Express Motel after preaching for Pastor Dexter Landers of the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Whitesburg, Ga., I had the privilege of leading the manager of the motel Angela Martinez to the Lord. While Angela was praying to trust Jesus Christ to pay for her sins Bianca Graves, who was standing to Angela's left, also prayed and trusted Christ as her personal Saviour. Ephesians 2:10 speaks of "ordained works" that are prepared by God for each of His children. I believe God "ordained" that this preacher pause and give the Gospel to these two dear ladies. This is exciting! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Angela Martinez

I preached for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates this week end and tonight. Pastor Dexter Landers is pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Whitesburg, Ga., a city just outside of Atlanta. Tonight I preached "The Path To Successful Personal Soul Winning." There was a great spirit and the altars were full at the invitation time with many dedicating themselves to keep on the path. After the service I went back to the Holiday Inn Express where I was staying. When I walked in with my Bible under my arm I was stopped and asked if I had come from a Bible study. I told the gentleman that I had just come from preaching. I was asked what the title of my sermon was and I told him. The manager of the motel behind the desk began to ask me questions about the Bible. After a while I took the opportunity to present the Gospel to her. She listened intently and in a few moments she placed her hand on the Bible and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of her sins. I recorded on the church tract her physical birthday and her spiritual birthday and explained that she was in the family of God because of her new birth. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING! The lady to my right is Angela!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Raven Thornton

I had the privilege of preaching for TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduate Pastor Dexter Landers Jr. He pastors the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Whiteburg, Ga. Dozens of area churches were closed for Sunday services because of snow and ice. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for the morning services and the building was full. Amazing! To my right is Raven Thornton who trusted Christ for payment of her sins. She made a profession of faith Sunday morning and will be baptized next Sunday. There were two professions of faith and one baptized. Pastor Landers told me that the heater for the baptistery was broken and the water was freezing. A dad who was saved last week brought his son to church and he made a profession of faith and manned up and was baptized! He said he didn't care whether it was heated or not, he wanted to be baptized. I wondered if he had second thoughts when he came up out of the water. Ha! This is a great soul winning church! Gotta love soul winning!

Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC

Tonight I received a phone call from Pastor Charles Hamilton who pastors the Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC. I had the honor of preaching for him last week end and on Monday night. I challenged them about going soul winning and supporting the church wide soul winning program. They normally run between 15 to 20 for Saturday soul winning. This week Pastor said they had 33 out soul winning with many saved. He was very excited! This church has grown in just a few years from averaging 16 in attendance to averaging in the 80's. He and his dear wife, Annette, are doing a great job. By the way, I mixed up Leslie with Emily in my post last week. HUSH! You'll get old some day! Ha! Thank God for TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE where students are taught to be aggressive soul winners!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kevin and Danielle Craig

I am preaching at the Mount Zion Baptist Church just outside of Atlanta, Ga. this week end and on Monday. Mount Zion is pastored by one of our Texas Baptist College graduates, Pastor Dexter Landers Jr. I was meet at the airport by a dear couple who also graduated from TBC in 2002, Kevin and Danielle Craig. Kevin is an Assistant Pastor at Mount Zion. This church is a soul winning church. Pastor Landers headed one of our bus divisions at Longview Baptist Temple when he was a student at TBC. He grew his division to 14 routes and is a very aggressive Christian. Gotta love sou winning churches!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pastor Charles Hamilton and Family

I had the honor of preaching for one of our Texas Baptist College preachers this past week end. Pastor Charles Hamilton is pastor of the Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC. We had great services and the altars were full. I have known this dear family for over 20 years and it was good to be able to fellowship with them once again. Pastor Hamilton started with 16 just a few years ago and now they are running in the 80's on Sundays. Only God knows where their church is located but that is all that is necessary. They are reaching folks in the country that would never be reached with the Gospel if it were not for this fine man of God. To my far right are Leslie, Annette, Pastor, and Chase. Leslie was 2 when I first met the Hamiltons. Chase was born in Texas. He is a real Texan and he is going to graduate next year and he is going to enroll in Texas Baptist College like his father did! Where else would he go? Ha! Leslie is graduating from brand X Bible College (ha) this January and is a fine young lady. They have one other daughter, Emily, who is married to a young man who is planning on being a missionary. Gotta love serving the Lord! Somebody say amen!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lauren Wagner and Mother Angie Gentry

To my right are two of the three that made professions of faith today. This is a mother and daughter. Lauren Wagner and her mother Angie Gentry. The tears were flowing and I was especially touched by these two dear ladies. Gotta love soul winning! Thank God for local churches like the Grace Baptist Church, Cedar Grove, NC, which are out in the country. They reach folks who would never be reached with the Gospel if it were not for these country churches. Pastor Charles Hamilton has led this church to go soul winning and to run buses to reach the lost with the Gospel. Gotta love it! Pastor Hamilton started with 16 in attendance and now is running in the 80's in just a few years. WOW! Can't wait to see what the future holds!

Mike and Heather Hill Family

I preached at the Grace Baptist Church for one of our Texas Baptist College preachers Pastor Charles Hamilton. We had two great services. Last year when I preached for Pastor Hamilton there was a young lady saved by the name of Heather Hill. She was baptized and since then her husband Mike made a profession of faith and was baptized. Now, they both sing in the adult choir and their entire family are faithful members of the Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC. Gotta love soul winning! Mike was a biker and has turned out to be a faithful soul winner! WOW! Some body say AMEN! Pastor Hamilton started with 16 in attendance just a few years ago and now they are running in the 80's. I am very proud of the work God is doing through this man of God!

Pastor Charles Hamilton

I had the honor of filling the pulpit for Pastor Charles Hamilton of the Grace Baptist Church of Cedar Grove, NC., Sunday morning and Sunday evening. We had great services with 3 saved and 3 baptized. the altars were full and the congregation was extremely attentive. I taught a Sunday school lesson entitled "The Lines of Defense." I preached Sunday morning on "Who Shall Be Damned?" Sunday Night I preached on the "The Key To The Holy Spirit is Man's spirit." There were several visitors visiting Sunday night and the response was very good. I have known the Hamilton family for over 20 years and I am very proud of them.