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Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Brother Brings A Brother

This week end I am preaching at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis, Florida. Dr. Michael Watkins is the pastor and is doing a great job. This was their first Sunday of a six week Sunday school program. The buses rolled in full and the Sunday schools were packed. To my right is Curtis Johnson and his brother Erick. Curtis brought his mother, neices, nephews, and his brother Erick to church this morning. At the invitation time Erick stepped out walked the aisle and trusted Christ as payment for his sins. Curtis was thrilled. Please pray for Erick and his family. I will be joined by Dr. Monte Watts Monday and Tuesday as this church hosts a FOUNDATION CONFERENCE. I am looking forward to being with Brother Watts. What a great preacher and teacher of the Words of God.

Mother And Daughter

I am preaching this week end at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis, Florida. Dr. Michael Watkins is the pastor and is doing a great job of raising up a soul winning church. It was a thrill to see the buses roll in full. The Sunday school was packed and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the Auditorium Sunday school class. I taught a lesson on "Forgiveness" and several said they were helped! God gave us 12 professions of faith and 6 baptisms this morning after the preaching service. Christine Stinson and her daughter Skyler both made professions of faith this morning and followed the Lord in baptism. This dear mother and daughter were sitting in different places in the auditorium and at the the invitation time met each other as they stepped out to come to the altar. Wow! It was a great sight to behold! Gotta love soul winning!

Dr. Michael Watkins

I flew into Orlando, Florida, Saturday and was met at the airport by Dr. Michael Watkins. He is the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis. We drove about an hour to Eustis where I am preaching this week end and then I will be joined by Evangelist Monte Watts for a FOUNDATION CONFERENCE to be held on Monday and Tuesday. I always enjoy preaching with Dr. Watts and especially at this church. The Lighthouse Baptist Church is a great church and has grown tremendously under Dr. Watkin's leadership. We had 12 professions and 6 baptisms this morning. The music was great and the spirit of the people was wonderful. The altars were full and I am looking forward to preaching tonight. The service starts at 7 pm! If you are in the area please make an effort to be here, if not tonight, then Monday night, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday night. I promise you will have a blessed time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dr. Darrell Cox

Dr. Darrell Cox pastors the Trinity Baptist Church of Mocksville, NC. He is one of the most amazing men of God that I know. His preaching is down to earth and very motivating. He is as country as they come! Every time I am around him I leave finding myself saying the words "mess" and "crowd." I love this man and he is one of the great soul winners in our nation. His home town has a population of 800 and his church runs a 1,000 in attendance. Folks, that is just about everyone! Ha! I have the honor of preaching for him each year with my son Scott. Gotta love serving the Lord!d We shared the pulpit for two days at Dr. Rameriz's ANNUAL SOUL WINNING CONFERENCE in Los Angeles, Ca. Dr. Cox did an excellent job of preaching the Word of God. By the way, he made it abundantly clear that he didn't mind being called "foolish" for saying the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible is true! He certainly drove that home to the congregation.

Dr. Ray Rameriz

This is my 15th year of preaching for my good friend Dr. Ray Rameriz. He and his dear church host an ANNUAL SOUL WINNING CONFERENCE. The Hillside Baptist Church baptized 3,133 converts last year and have for years been one of the great soul winning churches in America. This is an amazing story! He originally came out of the John McCarthur school and heard me preach in a SWORD OF THE LORD CONFERENCE ON SOUL WINNING AND REVIVAL in Tyler, Texas, and was intrigued with this push to be an aggressive personal soul winner. He came home and took down the Bible Church sign and replace it with the name Baptist and now this church has become a leader in our nation for this matter of soul winning. Gotta love soul winning!

Mrs. Hilda Ortega

I had the honor of preaching at the ANNUAL SOUL WINNING CONFERENCE at Hillside Baptist Church pastored by my good friend Dr. Ray Rameriz. This is my 15th year of preaching at this conference. Dr. Rameriz is the founder of this great church and a great personal soul winner. I was at my book table signing Bibles and autographing books when a lady walked up and with an interpreter began to thank me for the messages. The lady who was the interpreter then began to tell me about this lady whose name is Hilda Ortega. Her and Hilda are soul winning partners. They go soul winning faithfully each week of the world. Today the conference delegates went soul winning during the afternoon with 650 dear souls coming to Christ for salvation. The interpreter told me how that Hilda had been used of God to lead 46 souls to Christ this afternoon. WOW! The first two souls she led to Christ this afternoon were LA policemen! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Mrs Ortiz Mother of Gabriel Ortiz

After preaching tonight at the ANNUAL SOUL WINING CONFERENCE hosted by Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Ca., a lady walked up and asked me if I knew a TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE student named Gabriel Ortiz. I replied, "Yes, he is in one of my classes that I teach at TBC." She then proceeded to tell me that she was Gabriel's mother. She asked me to please tell Gabriel that she is very proud of him and that she loves her son. She asked me to give him a hug from me, but the truth is he is just not my type! Ha! I am so glad to be able to assure parents around the country that they have no fear and can certainly trust their children at TBC. You never have to worry about the King James Bible being corrected, criticized, or having someone say there are 22,000 mistakes in the KJB at TBC!

Tuesday Night Service

I have for fifteen years preached for my good friend Dr. Ray Rameriz. He founded and is pastor of the Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Ca. The church last year baptized 3,133 of their converts. That is amazing! He and his church host an Annual Soul Winning Conference. Dr. Darrell Cox joined me on Monday night and we enjoyed two days of preaching together. He is a great man of God! I know what it takes to put together a conference like this and Hillside Baptist Church certainly did an excellent job of preparing for this great conference. The lower floor and the balcony were packed each night with chairs up and down the aisles. If you ever are in Los Angeles please do yourself a favor and visit one of the church services of this great soul winning church. Gotta love soul winning. By the way, this afternoon those at the conference went soul winning and we had 650 people trust Christ as Saviour. Well somebody say amen!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dr. Darrell Cox

Tonight Dr. Ray Rameriz pastor of the Hillside Baptist Church hosted their Annual Soul Winning Conference. Several pastors and their people attended the conference. The building was packed with chairs having to be set up. Dr. Darrell Cox was the first speaker for the first night. He pastors the Trinity Baptist Church of Mocksville, NC. The unusual and miraculous thing about the church he pastors is that he is in a town of 800 and runs 1,000 in attendance. His church baptizes over a 1,000 a year. Their outreach is amazing. I have preached for him and with him for many years. I love him dearly. He is a great man of God. By the way, he still is a bus captain himself and has been so for over 20 some years. AMAZING! Gotta love soul winning!

Soul Winning Conference

I drove down from preaching for Pastor Jerry Cook of Santa Clarita, Ca., this past week end to preach for my good friend Dr. Ray Rameriz. He has a great soul winning church in Los Angeles. He has for years pastored a church that is one of the top five churches in America in soul winning and baptizing converts. Tonight Dr. Darrell Cox preached first on "Compassion." It was a great truth. I preached on "Why You Should Be A Personal Soul Winner." The altars were full and I believe a fresh dedication was made by many of God's people. Dr. and Mrs. Mike Callaghan flew down for the conference from Oakland, Ca., and were kind enough to take me to eat before the service and then transported me to the church for the service. Gotta love serving the Lord and being able to win souls! AMEN! Somebody say amen!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bri Doster

I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Jerry Cook of Freedom's Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca., this past week end. We had some great services with the altars filled. The Pastor met me at the LAX airport on Saturday and we drove about 44 miles north to Santa Clarita-Valencia area. I registered at the Best Western Motel in Valencia on Saturday and was met by the clerk whose name is Bri Doster. She was very nice and accommodating. I handed her one of the church Gospel tracts and joked with her. I told her she had to study that tract and that I would be back to give her an exam on the material in that Gospel tract. She laughed and said, "Yes" she would study the tract. I went by the office at 11 today to check out. She was there and after taking care of business I asked her if she was ready for the exam. She laughed and said, "Yes." I carefully went over the Gospel and in a few moments she bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ by faith to become the payment for all of her sins. WOW! Gotta love soul winning! Looks like the old King James Bible is still inspired. Oh, by the way a leader in fundamentalism said he was, "tired of hearing about the KJB being inspired!" He said, "The word 'inspired' is not even found in the Scriptures." Well my friend neither is the word "rapture" but Jesus is still coming back for His own! Why would a leader of fundamentalism want or desire to cast DOUBT on the Word of God having preserved inspiration. That my friend is not from God. Our God is not the author of confusion. Reminds me of someone else who said, "Yea, hath God said." JUST A THOUGHT! Someone ought to write a book on JUST A THOUGHT! Ha!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Was On The Platform

Pastor Jerry Cook who pastors the Freedom's Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca., rents a building from another church that conducts their service at 11 am. Pastor Cook started the Freedom's Way Baptist Church seven years ago and it doing a great job with some wonderful people but is forced to rent as of now! The pastor told me not to panic when I walked into the auditorium and saw the drum set. He said it was used by the church they rent from. I couldn't resist sitting behind the drum set. The pastor took my picture and said he was going to black mail me. The only thing I know to do is to go a head and publish the picture and confess that it is true. "Please forgive me for I have sinned!" Ha! I have never quit understood why it is that God's people are so intrigued with bringing the world's music into God's house. First of all it is nothing more than amateur hour. It might as well be an American Idol contest. I'd rather hear the real thing! Oops! Have I gone to meddling? Back to this King James Bible Issue! Ha!

Pastor Jerry Cook

I am in Santa Clarita, Ca., preaching this week end. I am preaching for Pastor Jerry Cook of the Freedom's Way Baptist Church. Pastor Cook started this church seven years ago and is doing a wonderful work for our Lord. He did something a little unusual for Sunday school. Of course this is California, right? Ha! He asked me to give a little bio of myself and then open the floor for the adults to ask questions. We had a great time and I believe God used it to be of help. His people have a great spirit and a great sense of humor. You have to have the great sense of humor in order to have me in to preach! Ha! I then preached the sermon, "Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?" Many of his folks mentioned afterwards that the truth was a big help. Church services will be held at 5 tonight and I am looking forward to preaching again tonight. I called Mrs. Gray and she is doing good! She said the weather man said there was going to be another snow coming in on Wednesday. WOW! I hope not! That is when I am flying home. I will be preaching for Dr. Ray Rameriz of the Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles this Monday and Tuesday and then flying home on Wednesday. By the way, Dr. Darrell Cox of Mocksville, NC, will be joining me for this meeting. I love Dr. Cox! He is a mess! He reminds me of a combination of Lester Roloff and John Rawlings backslid!

Manuel Mirda and Hilario Ecohva

I flew into Los Angeles, Ca., Saturday and was met by Pastor Jerry Cook. He pastors the Freedom's Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca. He started this church 7 years ago and is doing a fabulous work for the Lord. I met Pastor Cook last year when I preached for Pastor Nathan Cook of Riverside, Ca. They are of no relation other than through Christ. God allowed me to lead 3 souls to Christ this week end. Manuel and Hilario came to church with me. There are people every where! This is a solid fundamental independent Baptist Church. By the way, they also believe in the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible. Some may call it "foolish" but they will not when they face Jesus! Don't meddle with the Bible. One so-called leader in fundamentalism stated in New York that there were 22,000 errors in the King James Bible. If he is a leader I wonder where he is leading too?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Steve And Jean Dickerson

Last night as I was pulling up to go soul winning with our church I met Steve and Jean Dickerson as they were leaving their car. I asked if I could take a picture with them. Steve is the chairman of the Deacon Board at LBT. Jean taught for years in our Longview Christian Academy and served in Texas Baptist College Both are great soul winners. Steve was the one deacon that stood by my side when 29 years ago our church split. Their children are graduates of the LBT school system and TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. God bless these faithful people who continue to win souls and serve the Lord through LBT! I have pictures of their children shaking my hand when they graduated from Kindergarden, High-School, and College. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Granddaughter Aly

Last night was the weekly Soul Winning night at Longview Baptist Temple. My soul winning partner was my granddaughter Aly. She is the daughter of my daughter Karen Forgy. She is married to what's his name?????? Oh! Tim! Ha! Last night Aly and I led Norma Rodriquez to Christ. She said she would come Sunday and I contacted Assistant Pastor Dexter Landers Sr. and asked if he would pick her up for me. I will be flying to California on Saturday to preach for Pastor Jerry Cook on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I will be preaching with my good friend Dr. Darrel Cox at Dr. Ray Rameriz's church in Los Angeles. The Hillside Baptist Church of L. A. is one of the great soul winning churches in America. Gotta love serving the Lord and soul winning! Somebody say AMEN!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mrs. Gray's Poodle Peaches

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Callaghan sent Mrs. Gray's poodle peaches a gift of a rain coat. Earlier they had sent a winter coat for Peaches. I thought Mrs. Gray should have gotten two poodles and named them Peaches and Cream! Ha! The poor dog didn't seem very happy when we put it on her to go outside! In fact she has been pouty all day today! She gets into one of those snotty moods and she's hard to get along with! By the way, I need to correct a stat from Pastor Chad Owens of Unity Baptist Church in Corsicana, Texas. His church has started 27 local independent Baptist Churches in Ghana, Africa. Those churches baptized 13,000 converts last year. He takes a trip to Ghana every year and has done so for years. Amazing what one local church can do. Just them and the Lord! WOW! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow In Texas?

I preached in Corsicana, Texas, this past week end. The Dallas area had 12 inches of snow on Friday. Longview, Texas, had 5 inches on Friday. By the time I arrived home the poor snow men were just about gone. Snow doesn't last very long in Texas. It's pretty while it is here! God blessed with 10 trusting Christ last week with 5 over the week end. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jimmy and Iris Mesker

Yesterday I drove to Corsicana, Texas, to preach for my friend Pastor Chad Owens. He is doing a great job of not only spreading the Gospel to Corsicana but also in Africa. This is an unusual church. They have started almost a dozen churches in Africa without being apart of a "denomination" or "team." These churches baptized 13,000 converts last year! Pastor Owens travels to Africa once a year to preach in those churches and hold campaigns. Gotta love soul winning! When I arrived this morning for Sunday school I was greeted at the door by Iris Mesker. Iris is the daughter of Shorty Aiken who I was privileged to lead to Christ. Shorty worked as our bus mechanic for years. He and his precious wife are in Heaven. There were some 18 family members that trusted Christ as a result. Jimmy is the son of Iris and the grandson of Shorty. Jimmy was a teenager when he was saved and baptized at Longview Baptist Temple. Gotta love soul winning.

Pastor Chad Owens

I drove to Corsicana, Texas, yesterday in order to preach for my friend Pastor Chad Owens of Unity Baptist Church. This man of God is doing a great job of not only reaching his area with the Gospel but he is doing an amazing job in Africa. He and his church have started almost a dozen churches. Those churches last year baptized 13,000 souls. This is a wonderful testimony as to what one church can do to obey the Great Commission to spread the Gospel to the entire world. God did not make a mistake when He gave that commission to local churches and not denominations. The denominational pattern does not and will not work. Denominational efforts are nothing more than stealing what local churches have bleed and died to start and perpetuate on foreign lands. Thank God for what can be done through a local church! Gotta love missions!

Ian Cunningham

Yesterday I drove to Corsicana, Texas, to preach for my friend Pastor Chad Owens, who pastors the Unity Baptist Church. The Lord has been so good! God gave 5 souls this week end with a total of 10 for the entire week. Ian made a profession of faith this morning and is going to be baptized tonight! Pastor Owens is a great soul winner and a big promoter of Missions. He and his church have started almost a dozen churches in Africa. Last year those churches baptized 13,000 converts. He goes to Africa once a year to visit those churches and hold campaigns. I am thrilled to be a friend to this man of God. Gotta love serving the Lord and soul winning!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Jacob and David Dean

Jacob and David Dean came by the house today and before we knew it we were in a snowball fight! It was obvious these boys knew nothing about snowball fighting strategy! I smeared them! I was hit one time in the rear by David but it was a lucky throw. Poor Jacob didn't stand a chance. He got one lucky opportunity to shove some snow down my neck but he had to sneak up on me to do that! These are fine boys and I was honored to be their pastor for their whole lives. Their mother, Denise, is a single mother doing a great job of training these boys to be men. It isn't easy but she is a faithful lady. Gotta love serving the Lord by serving His people!

Jacob Dean

Today Jacob and his brother David Dean stopped by the house and before we knew it we were in a snowball fight! They were pathetic! Other than having a sneak attack and getting hit in the rear one time I taught them a few things about snow ball fights! Ha! Oh yes, Jacob did sneak up on me and put some snow down my neck but I got him back. I have been these boys pastor all of their lives and I am very proud of them! They have a wonderful mother, Denise, who is a single parent and doing a great job. She is one of the hardest working ladies I have ever known! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Blazing Fire In The Fireplace

Today we ended up with 5 inches in total. 49 of the 50 states had snow today. Amazing! Dallas had 12 inches and a lot of folks are without power and it will stay that way for a few days. We lost our electricity twice during the night but it was on all day today. I stayed inside except when Jacob and David Dean came by and we had a snowball fight. Poor young things! They have no idea how to fight with snowballs. It is bad to be so young and so inexperienced in snowball fights! Ha! I did 12 miles on my treadmill all together! Typed up some more chapters and avoided all the sweets that were brought over for Mrs. Grays' birthday from yesterday. She is 65! OOPS! I mean 39! This cold weather has taken its toll on her last night and today! The kids made a cake and gave her some gift certificates to JUICY'S! She has been hooked on JUICY'S hamburgers lately. Scott and his family sent a birthday gift and Mrs. Gray loved it. I gave her money for her birthday! I also bought a large heart shaped box of candy for Valentine's Day! What a good husband I am! Ha!

Snow In Texas

I awoke at 6 am! I had my quiet time and 4 miles on the treadmill. When I stepped outside I was met with 1 to 2 inches of snow. We only have snow once every 5 to 7 years. It really was beautiful! Of course a lot of these folks down here don't know how to drive in snow. I am so glad that this week end I will be driving to preach in Corsicana, Texas. Praise the Lord I won't have to fight the cancellations at the airport. Pastor Chad Owens pastors the Unity Baptist Church of Corsicana. He is doing a wonderful job of reaching his area with the Gospel. AMEN! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowball fight!

It snowed in Longview, Texas, today. The weather man predicted 1 to 2 inches. Also, Dallas is supposed to receive 6 to 10 inches today. I teach the course LIFE SKILLS at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and after class we had a little fun in front of the TBC Administrative building. The snow was perfect packing snow and Josh Doyle got his! He is the one who is dating my granddaughter, the bum! By the way someone knocked me down and I am still looking for that guy! Ha! Great college! Great students!

Snow In Longview, Texas

Every week I teach a course entitled LIFE SKILLS at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. This morning on my way to teach it started snowing and it looks like we will get 1 to 2 inches. Dallas is going to get 6 to 12 the weather man reported. Of course, they are never wrong! Ha! After class we had a little snowball fight in front of the TBC Administration building! I just hope the pastor didn't see this rebellious activity! We had a great time! By the way you can trust that the King James Bible will not be corrected or criticized at TBC! Just thought I would let you know in case you have not heard by now!

Adrianna Leyvonia and Daughter

Tonight was Longview Baptist Temple's regular Wednesday night soul winning night. We met at 6 pm and with a great host of people we went out into the streets and highways of Longview, Texas, to spread the Gospel. 12 year old Michael Webb was my soul winning partner. I have had the honor of pastoring Todd and Debbie Webb and family for almost 30 years. They are a blessing! Michael was eager and every where we went he would say to me, "There is someone!" It was exciting. God gave us a total of 5 saved! WOW! Gotta love soul winning!

Michael Webb

Tonight Longview Baptist Temple had their regular weekly Wednesday night soul winning meeting at 6 pm. The room was full and I had the honor of going soul winning with my buddy Michael Webb. I had the privilege of being the pastor to his family for almost 30 years. Michael is 12 years old and a great soul winner. Tonight he helped me! He kept pointing out people and saying to me,"There's someone!" There was a total of 5 saved tonight. What a thrill to be in the ministry and to watch families like this produce soul winners for the next generation. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Wednesday Night Soul Winning

At 6 pm each Wednesday Night the Longview Baptist Temple meets for church wide soul winning. This is part of the soul winning crowd. There are many other clubs that meet at the same time. It is always exciting to go soul winning but especially so with so many others who are aggressive soul winners. 12 year old Michael Webb and myself went soul winning tonight and in total we had 5 saved. WOW! Gotta love soul winning!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pastor Kevin Keever

This morning Pastor Kevin Keever, who pastors Fords Bush Bible Baptist Church in New York, picked me up at my motel for church. It was about a half hour to the church. There was a good crowd and a very responsive congregation. The spirit was great even though the temperature was 18 degrees. The snow hit southwest of us and I am very grateful. I preached "Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?" The folks listened and took notes! Great altar call! Gotta love serving the Lord. Church tonight at 5 pm and hopefully some of our converts will come tonight.

Anisha Noll

This morning I had the privilege of preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Kevin Keever. He pastors the Fords Bush Bible Baptist Church in New York. He has been the pastor for a just a few months and is getting off to a good start. Kevin and his dear wife Lois are excited about the opportunity God has given them. This morning Anisha Noll made a profession of faith. Unfortunately the baptistry is broken and she will be baptized next week. I preached this morning on "Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?" The church service tonight is at 5 pm and hopefully God will met with us again tonight. God has given me a great week of soul winning with 9 trusting Christ this week. Gotta love soul winning!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lynn Rogers

I was up at 3 this morning to get ready to leave the house at 5:20 am to travel to Tyler to catch a flight to DFW and then to Chicago and then on to Syracuse, NY. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen has been such a blessing to me in taking me to and from the airport each week. I arrived in Syracuse at 6 pm and was met by Pastor Kevin Keever of the Fords Bush Bible Baptist Church of Fort Plains, NY. Pastor Keever is a TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grad and has recently been voted in as pastor. He had a million questions on our one hour ride to the motel. I arrived at the room and called my dear wife and said hello to her poodle. I told her one time that I wished she loved me half as much as she does her poodle named Peaches? She replied, "I do!" Ha! I unpacked and then went to do my 4 miles on the treadmill. Pastor Keever had told me about Lynn who is the clerk at the motel and how she lived right down the road from the church. After my four miles I stopped and chatted with her about her brother and his family that live in Texas. Then, I presented the Gospel to her and a customer walked in and I asked him if he minded if I visited giving the Gospel. He agreed and both of them heard the Gospel presentation. Brian said no to Christ but said he would consider it later on. However, praise God Lynn listened intently and prayed to receive Christ as payment for her sins. WOW! Gotta love soul winning! Somebody say amen!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clint Richardson

Last night I went soul winning with one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE students. Freshman David Baker and I went together and David led three folks to Christ and these folks are planning on coming to church at LBT on Sunday. I had the honor of leading four to Christ with one of those being Clint Richardson who is pictured to the right of me. Clint told me that he has attended church only 3 or 4 times. He told me how recently he had started reading his Bible. I then spent some time talking to Clint and in a few moments he bowed his head and took me by the hand and we prayed. He invited Christ into his heart as payment for all of his sins. He thanked me and said he would come this Sunday to church. WOW! Somebody say amen! Gotta love soul winning!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gabucci and sons

I preached this past Sunday for my friend of 20 years Pastor R. K. Young who pastors the Indian Hills Baptist Church of Shreveport. La. After the morning service the pastor and I met Dan and Charity Gabucci at the Cracker Barrel off of I-20 in Shreveport for lunch. I had the wonderful privilege of pastoring Dan and Charity from their youth at the Longview Baptist Temple. They are currently members of Shreveport Baptist Temple pastored by my dear friend Dr. Howard Hall. They are faithful soul winners and great servants. Dan was one of the best Sunday school teachers that I have had the honor of pastoring. I married Dan and Charity at LBT. I am very proud of them. Dan is store manager for Super One. By the way Dan cheats at golf!

Pastor R. K. Young

I had the honor of preaching for my dear friend Pastor R. K. Young. He pastors the Indian Hills Baptist Church of Shreveport, La. He has been their pastor for 13 years. Pastor Young and I have known each other for over 20 years. I knew him when he pastored in Kentucky. We had three saved and a wonderful response at the altar call. I taught in Sunday school on "Forgiveness" preached Sunday morning on "Who Shall Be Damned?" and Sunday night on "The Key To The Holy Spirit Is Man's spirit." There was a great spirit among his people.