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Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Corley and his daughters Ashley and Bella

I was up at 6 am this morning and ate a light breakfast and went 4 miles on the treadmill. I reviewed the Sunday school lesson and the sermons for the day and then left the motel at 9:30 in order to arrive in time for Sunday school. The church had dinner on the grounds today and the folks had a great time. I went back to the motel and then got on the treadmill for another 4 miles while watching Michigan State University play in the elite 8 against Tennessee. I finished my four miles and then went back up to the room to watch and pray for MSU. Hey, it worked! They won! I then left at 4:30 to go teach the TNT teen meeting at the church and then to preach at the 6 pm service. It went great! The altars were full and I believe that God met with us tonight! I preached the sermon "The Key To The Holy Spirit Is Man's spirit."

We had a great week end with 50 saved and 17 baptized! Associate John Corley is in charge of the music and youth. I always enjoy being with him and his family. His two daughters Ashley and Bella are nuts! We had a great time together and I know that this church is going to go on to do great things for the Lord. Gotta love serving the Lord! They asked me to make a wierd face and I did! Ha!

Randal Bennett Jr. and his niece Christian Whitehead

I drove 6 1/2 hours Saturday to Hattiesburg, Ms., where I will be staying at the Quality Inn Motel for the week end. I am preaching this week end for my good friend Pastor Daniel Purvis who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Sumrall, Ms. He has been the pastor of this church for 9 years. He was a regular attender to the NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC hosted by the Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. This was a great week end for this dear church. They are loaded with personal soul winners. Going into tonight's service there have been 50 professions and 17 baptisms this week end. One of those making a profession of faith is Randal Bennett Jr.'s niece Christian Whitehead. This 12 year old young lady was sweetly saved this morning. Randal was thrilled and it was good to see them hugging and weeping at the altar and rejoicing about Christian becoming a Christian. Gotta love serving the Lord!!!!

Pastor Daniel Purvis

Saturday I was up at 6 am and had my quiet time and 4 miles on the treadmill. Ate a light breakfast and typed up several chapters for new books. I fixed breakfast for the Mrs., did the dishes, and put them away. I cleaned up the house and put my bags in the car. I had prayer with Mrs. Gray and especially for two pastor's wives who are dying from cancer! I then drove about 6 1/2 hours to get to Sumrall, Ms., where I am preaching this week end for Pastor Daniel Purvis who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church. He has been the pastor for 9 years and is doing an excellent job of leading his church to be a strong soul winning church. This week end they had 50 professions and 17 baptized. It is men of God like this that make America a strong nation.

He is strong King James man in this day and time when so many are putting a question mark on the inspiration of the King James Bible. I would rather stand before God saying, "I preached and taught that your Scriptures for the English speaking peoples was given of inspiration and retained its inspiration" than saying, "I corrected it trusting some academic person who said he had the originals."

Some one said that one of the leaders of fundamentalism "apologized" for causing a controversy and that ought to be enough to settle the issue. Are you joking? Are you for real? Are you serious? To apologize for causing a controversy is a long way from admitting that you were wrong and reversing a position of saying that the KJB does not contain preserved inspiration! This arrogance says, "I don't mind you saying the KJB is inspired!" What? Who are you the pope of God's people like you can give us a license or permission to say the KJB is inspired while you look down on us COMMON people as being ignorant and foolish. You may not mind letting us say the KJB is inspired, but we do mind you saying that it is NOT preserved inspiration!!!!!!!!

We had better be careful of this inclusive bridge building that is nothing more than ecumenicalism. When you begin to question the KJB then next you will begin to brag on Billy Graham, Rick Warren, sister Joel, and then yoke up with SBC churches with their colleges like Thomas Road Baptist Church and its worldly Liberty University, while criticizing the old time fundamentalism that fought to stay straight. This seems to be a Rodney King fundamentalism emerging of, "WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?" Gotta love the old time fundamentalism. This generation of young leaders are about to ruin what was given to us to not only preserve but propagate! He who sticks his head in the sand gets his behind kicked!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jose, Louis, and Juan

Tonight is our weekly soul winning night at Longview Baptist Temple. Mike Rios asked if I could pick him up for soul winning tonight and so I went by at 5:50 tonight to pick him up. While I was waiting for him to come out of the house these three men walked by and so I jumped out of the car and introduced myself. I gave each one a Gospel tract from our church and attempted to talk to them. However they only understood a little English. I joked with them a little bit as I attempted to speak Spanish. Taco and Mucho Groceries is all that I know. At that moment Mike walked out of the house and he speaks Spanish. So, he translated for me and I was able to give the Gospel to these dear men. When it came time to pray they took their caps off of their heads and prayed to trust Christ to pay for their sins. They were so appreciative and promised to come to church this Sunday to be in our Spanish Sunday school department. WOW! Ephesians 2:10 at work. Ordained works! God planned this tonight. God has given me 8 souls so far this week! Gotta love soul winning! God gave me 153 baptisms last year and 506 souls saved through personal soul winning.

2010 Louisiana Tech Basketball Team

I was up at 1:30, Texas time, Tuesday morning. I left the motel at 3:30 with Pastor Mark Foster of the Liberty Baptist Church to go to the Wilmington, NC., airport for a 5:30 flight to Charlotte, NC. I had a 7:30 US Airways flight to DFW to catch. I flew then to DFW and went to Terminal B to catch the America Eagle flight to Shreveport. The 11:15 flight was full and when I found my 15A seat and sat down I notice some very tall men coming on the plane all dressed in Louisiana Tech warm ups. In 15 D and 15 E sat Coach Kerry Rupp and his dear wife. I introduced myself and gave them our churches Gospel tract. After about 10 minutes of talking basketball, which included Bobby Knight of whom Coach Rupp was associated with at Indiana along with several of his own coaches, and Tom Izzo of Michigan State, I went over some Scriptures with them and presented the Gospel. They listened and were very kind in allowing me to present the Gospel. When I finished I asked them if I could pray with them and they said "Yes." In just a few moments they prayed and invited Christ into their hearts. I was thrilled and hopefully will be able to stay in contact with this great Coach. By the way, Louisiana Tech had a 24-11 record this year. They just came back from the CIT tournament where they lost to Missouri State. They had lost their three top players to injuries and were not at their best for the tournament. Gotta love soul winning!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dry Bones

I am preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Mark Foster of the Liberty Baptist Church of Holly Ridge, NC. He and his dear wife are doing an amazing job. They started with 20 and today had 141 which in fact broke their high day record for last year and the history of the church. I noticed on the pulpit two bones. It says on the bones, "Can These Bones Live?" The pastor told me of how one of his men had heard by sermon, "Son Of Man, Can These Bones Live?" and he find two dry bones and wrote "Can These Bones Live?" and placed it on the pulpit. The pastor loved it so much that they stay on his pulpit he says to remind him that yes these dry bones can live! Gotta love serving the Lord! By the way, these bones can only live with the Word of God not the words of what a Dr. Harold Wilmington says are the correct words. No man has a right to correct the WORDS OF GOD!

7 professions and 5 baptized

SOMEBODY SAY AMEN! These dear folks, with the exception of the cute little red head down front, trusted Christ and made public professions this morning and 5 of them were baptized. Hopefully we will see the other two baptized tonight. From left to right you have first a husband and wife Jim and Cheryl Hinnant. To my immediate left you have Catalina Gates and her two girls Alexus and Jasmarie. The cute little red head is hers also and her name is Cathina Gates. She reminds me so much of Karen my little red headed baby, who is all grown up now and left me for some man she says she loves! Yuk! The two little boys are brothers Ben and Micah Weise. What a great day it was at the Liberty Baptist Church of Holly Ridge, NC. Pastor Mark Foster has been the pastor for going on 5 years. His church has grown from 20 to 141 in attendance today. WOW! Gotta love serving the Lord and soul winning! Looking forward to the service tonight. By the way, one of the ushers said that todays attendance beat their big day for last year. Not planned for but God did it! He blesses faithfulness concerning obedience to His Words!

Pastor Mark Foster

Assistant Pastor Bob Queen drove me to Shreveport early Saturday morning to catch and American Eagle flight. I flew from Shreveport, La., to DFW, and then on to Charlotte, NC. Pastor Mark Foster who pastors the Liberty Baptist Church of Holly Ridge, NC., picked me up at the airport and we had a great time of fellowship on our way to the Holiday Inn Express where I will be staying for a couple of days. Pastor Foster has been the pastor of Liberty for the past 5 years and is doing a marvelous job. He started with 20 and today had 141 in church with 7 saved and 5 baptized. The baptistry heater busted last night and the platform was flooded. The pastor and some of his men quickly vacuumed up the water and refilled the baptistry. But it was freezing well water that was put back into the baptistry. I really felt for the dear people who were baptized. Bless their hearts, or better yet there bodies, for wanting to go ahead and be baptized anyway. Pastor Foster and his dear wife are graduates of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and I am very proud of them. They certainly represent the Lord very well. I have a opportunity that few men of God have in being able to travel and preach for one of our over 400 graduates almost every week of the world. The great thing about TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE is you do not have to worry about the criticism of the King James Bible. We not only have one Bible that we use we also believe it to be preserved inspiration. By the way, neither do we have to go to Lynchburg, VA., to have Dr. Harold Wilmington teach us what words in the KJB are right and which ones are wrong. We happened to believe they are ALL right! Ps. 12:6-7! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Anthony Joseph

I was up at 4 am this morning. Had my quiet time and then went 4 miles on my treadmill and then ate a little breakfast. I loaded my bags in the car and watched a little of the replay of last nights NCAA March Madness. I was glad to see Michigan State pull one out! I thought for a minute they were going to lose the game. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen picked me up and off to Shreveport airport we went. It takes about 50 minutes for the trip from my house to the airport in Shreveport, La. I have traveled so much that the agents know me and it makes for a lot of fun to be able to joke with them. I boarded the American Eagle fight to DFW and then boarded a US Airways flight to Charlotte, NC. Sitting next to me was Anthony Joseph who just finished boot camp and was going to Virginia Beach, VA. We chatted for a while and then I handed him one of our church Gospel tracts and presented the Gospel to him. He listened intently and then after a few moments he bowed his head and took me by the hand and prayed to trust Christ for the payment of all of his sins. It was great! I have a soft spot in my heart for these service men! Some of the finest men and women we have are volunteering to protect our nation. It is amazing! This is not a conscripted army! These men and women are the real heroes. I thanked him for loving our country and he very kindly said, "Thank you sir for caring about me!" GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roger Brown

Tonight was our weekly soul winning night for Longview Baptist Temple. I was honored to take one of my ten grandchildren soul winning with me tonight. Nick Forgy, son of Tim and Karen Forgy, had a great week end last week end on his bus route. He was able to led 9 souls to Christ and 3 of them came this past Sunday and made a profession of faith plus followed the Lord in Baptism. Tonight we meet a gentleman by the name of Roger Brown. As we talked he mentioned that he knew one of our members. He told me that he worked with Coach Holland at Texas Eastman Company. We spoke for a few moments and I then took him through the Scriptures to explain to him how he could know for sure that he would go to Heaven when he died. He listened and in a few moments he bowed his head and took me by the hand and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of his sins. He thanked me and promised to come to church this Sunday. Gotta love soul winning! I guess that old King James Bible still is incorruptible seed! Preserved inspiration! AMEN!

Soul Winning Night At LBT

Tonight was our weekly 6 pm soul winning meeting at Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. My pastor, Dr. Bob II, led the church to move the soul winning night to Wednesday before the regular weekly Bible Study night. It has proved to be a good move. the building was full and many people were saved tonight. I love soul winning! What a blessing! By the way, the Bible study tonight on the King James Bible was superb! WOW! Dr. Bob II did an extraordinary job of explaining why the KJB is preserved inspiration and how to answer those who differ. It was excellent! I would suggest that you order the CD. A critic said he was tired of fighting the inspiration issue of the KJB and that he would sign anything the opposition would put in front of him. How about signing a paper that states this..."I WAS WRONG! THE KING JAMES BIBLE HAS PRESERVED INSPIRATION!" These Scriptures are not just complete they are full of inspiration!

Grandson Nick Forgy

Tonight is our weekly soul winning night for Longview Baptist Temple. I had the honor of going with one of my ten grandchildren tonight Nick Forgy. Nick is the son of Tim and Karen Forgy. Karen is my little red headed girl. I use to go soul winning with her when she had little red ringlets and she was the main reason I was able to get into many homes when out soul winning. They would look at her and say, "What a cute little girl" and I would say, "I'm with her." All of our grandchildren are soul winners. Nick had nine saved last Saturday on his bus route and had three converts baptized on Sunday at LBT. Gotta love soul winning!

Monday, March 15, 2010


The Parkside Baptist Church of Mesquite, Texas, hosted THE BAPTIST CONFERENCE ON SOUL WINNING this week. Dr. Mike Wells is the host pastor. Dr. Larry May preached the opening service tonight on "Wavering Baptists." What a great sermon! He was used of God to build the Parkside Baptist Church. Now, since his retirement he has been traveling all over the nation challenging and providing practical helps to local churches. He is a tremendous pulpiteer and I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight and was glad to be an independent Baptist! Tuesday night Dr. Mike Wells will be preaching. Thank God for these young men of God who are not being moved by every wind of new doctrine that comes along. Who would have ever thought that we as fundamentalists would be questioning the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible? Sad day but a great day for the opportunity that is before us in America. The truth will always prevail and I refuse to me one of those "Wavering Baptists." Gotta love the preserved inspiration of the Scriptures found in the King James Bible for the English speaking peoples!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dr. Mike Wells

I drove to Mesquite, Texas, on Saturday to preach for my good friend Dr. Mike Wells. He pastors the Parkside Baptist Church of Mesquite. The buildings were jammed and packed today. There were eight services conducted on property. At the end of the day there were 84 professions and 51 baptisms. Tonight I preached on "He Maketh My Feet Like Hind's Feet." The altars were packed with many saved and many baptized. Parkside is in their third week of their Spring Campaign and the people are certainly working hard to win souls and bring visitors each week of the campaign. Dr. Wells is a great preacher and a great organizer. Dr. Larry May retired five weeks ago and the church called Dr. Wells as pastor. What a smooth and productive transition! Dr. May was there today and had several converts down the aisle himself. He is a great soul winner and a great preacher. If you want to have an experienced man of God to come in and help your church to go to higher ground this is the man of God for you. Dr. Larry May! He travels every week some where preaching and encouraging men of God. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Lee and Shirika

I traveled to Mesquite, Texas, to preach at the Parkside Baptist Church pastored by my good friend Dr. Mike Wells. This morning I taught in Sunday school the lesson "Who Do I Listen Too?" Then for church I preached on "What Will You See At Death?" At the invitation time there was a flood of folks who descended on the altar. The invitation went on and on! What a thrill! One of the couples that attended this morning was Lee and Shirika. I went to work the altar at the invitation time and they along with their four children walked the aisles. Lee and Shirika had already trusted Christ. In my conversation with them Lee told me that when he was in prison that some men told of this preacher in Longiew, Texas, named Bob Gray who was a hell fire damnation type preacher and if he ever got a chance to go hear him preach. He came this morning with his whole family to hear me preach! The four children trusted Christ and were baptized. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Pastor Wayne Smith and Daughters

I drove to Mesquite, Texas, to preach for my friend Dr. Mike Wells who pastors the Parkside Baptist Church in Mesquite. Dr. Wells was called as pastor after my good friend Dr. Larry May retired. The church is doing wonderful and the transition has been blessed of God. When I arrived to teach Sunday school this morning I was met at the door by one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Wayne Smith. He and his two daughters were in attendance this morning. Wayne is going to be preaching in Chapel at TBC this week. His daughters Katy and Amanda are all grown up now. It is so hard to believe how quickly these youngins' grow up! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zahur Gull

Tonight I had the honor of going soul winning with one of our young men Jacob Dean. Jacob and I went to the American Motel on Highway 80 in Longview, Texas. The owner of the moteh Mr. Zahur Gull was in the office. When I inquired about a family that was staying there he informed me that they had moved. I then began to talk to Mr. Gull about the Lord Jesus Christ and how He could pay for the sins of any human being that would trust Him by faith to do so. he listened and in a few moments bowed his head and took me by the hand and prayed to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. It was a great moment! WOW! Gotta love soul winning! YES the King James Bible has and will always have inspiration! Preserved inspiration is still in existence in the Scriptures! Gotta love the Scriptures!

Jacob Dean

Last night was our weekly church-wide soul winning night for Longview Baptist Temple. We meet at 6 pm and then returned for the Wednesday Night Bible Study. We had a great crowd tonight and I had the honor of going with Jacob Dean. I have been this young man's pastor for all of his life. His dear mother is a single mom and one of the hardest working ladies that I know. She has certainly remained faithful to her Lord. Jacob and I saw one man trust Christ tonight. God has given me four so far this week and I am excited about the opportunities to win souls the rest of this week. Gotta love soul winning and serving the Lord!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Josh Cummings

Dr. Ron Talley invited me to preach for him today. I flew in yesterday and when the pastor picked me up at the airport I observed him leading a soldier to Jesus Christ. This man of God is a great soul winner. I taught Sunday school for the pastor's class this morning on the subject "Forgiveness." God used this great truth to be a blessing I believe. I preached this morning on "Who Shall Be Damned?" God gave us 19 souls this Lord's Day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this great church. What a wonderful spirit these dear folks have at the Hyles Baptist Church. Tonight the young man to my right, Josh Cummings, trusted Christ and made a public profession of his faith. What a great way to top off the services today. There is shouting in Heaven over one sinner that repents! Gotta love soul winning! The preserved inspiration of the Words of God are still effective in 2010. I do not have a 1611 KJV I have a 2010 KJV! Somebody say AMEN!

Bill May and Jimmy Hudson

I preached today for my good friend Dr. Ron Talley who pastors the Hyles Baptist Church of Richmond, Va. God gave us a great day with 19 folks trusting Christ for salvation. The altars were full and the response was great. While I was preaching this morning I couldn't help but notice two men in the congregation who looked like twins to two great men of God. The man to my far right is Bill May. To me he looks like Dr. Wendell Evans who is President of Hyles-Anderson College. The man to his left looks just like Dr. Lee Roberson to me. I couldn't help myself I had to have a picture taken with this faithful church members. By the way, Bill May was the layman who gathered a group of people 25 plus years ago and they began to listen to Dr. Jack Hyles' cassette tapes of his preaching. Eventually this led to them calling Dr. Talley to be their pastor. What a great story! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Dr. and Mrs. Talley

Dr. and Mrs. Talley along with Mrs. Gray and myself attended Hyles-Anderson College at the same time. We both arrived their in 1974. I graduated in 1976 and was a part of the first four year class of HAC. It was such a blessing to relive those days. We both lamented about missing Dr. Jack Hyles. He was our preacher and we loved him very much. This is one of the finest couples serving the Lord that you will ever meet. Dr. Talley is one of the greatest pulpiteers alive that I have ever heard preach. Today God gave us a total of 19 saved! Somebody say AMEN! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Evelyn Ayala

I preached today at the Hyles Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Ron Talley is the pastor and has been their pastor for 25 years. An amazing man of God. I preaching tonight on "Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?" The altars were full and we had a great move of the Spirit of God. Pastor and Mrs. Talley took me back to the motel and I am going to rise at 3:30 am in order to make my flight in the morning. When I arrived at the motel I struck up a conversation with Evelyn Ayala the night clerk for the Hampton Inn of Richmond. She is from San Salvador and was very helpful during my stay. She was raised Catholic and after a few moments of presenting the Scriptures she bowed her head and prayed to receive Christ as payment for her sins. It was sweet! Gotta love soul winning! Somebody say amen!

Glenn Green

Today I taught Sunday school and preached the morning service for Dr. Ron Talley who pastors the Hyles Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Talley is a veteran pastor! He has pastored the Hyles Baptist Church for 25 years and has traveled regularly across the country preaching for other men of God. He is, in my estimation, one of the great pulpiteers of our nation. Dr. Talley introduced me to Mr. Glenn Green before Sunday school. Pastor Talley had led him to Christ this week while out soul winning. Glenn came this morning and walked the aisle professing faith in Christ. I told Glenn that I wanted him to be my body guard while I was in town. He is a big boy! He was a Navy Seal and he is still strong as an ox! This morning we had 8 saved. I am looking forward to tonight's service. I you are ever in the Richmond, Va., area please make a point to visit the Hyles Baptist Church. You will not be disappointed. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Dr. Ron Talley

Yesterday I flew into Richmond, Va., to preach for my good friend Dr. Ron Talley. He pastors the Hyles Baptist Church. He is doing an excellent job. He has been their pastor for 25 years. In my estimation he is one of the greatest pulpiteers alive today that I have ever heard in 38 years of ministry. He preached for me at our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC in Longview, Texas, and quickly became of our favorite preachers. The atmosphere of the Hyles Baptist Church reminds me of the Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. The music was soul stirring and I know of no other church as friendly as this dear church family. I taught the pastor's Sunday school class and they have a great spirit. I also preached this morning and God gave us 8 souls. Dr. Talley said to say hi to Jacob Dean one of his buddies at LBT! I told Dr. Talley that Jacob had called me earlier to make sure that I said hi for Dr. Talley! Jacob bought Dr. Talley some handkerchiefs one year and Dr. Talley has never forgotten that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dr. and Mrs. Watkins

This week end I had the honor of preaching for my good friend Pastor Watkins. Michael and his wife Jody have been a real blessing to the cause of Christ in this area. Dr. Watkins has been the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis, Florida, for 15 years. Eustis is 26 miles from Orlando and is worth the drive. What a great spirit these dear people have. I had complete liberty to preach. Dr. Monte Watts the founder of the FOUNDATION CONFERENCES preached first tonight on crossing Jordan. What a great truth. I preached the sermon "Five Days Too Late." The altars were once again full and many dedicating themselves to personal soul winning! This is a growing church and Pastor Watkins is a great man of God. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Debbie Thompson

I preached at the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE in Eustis, Florida. This ANNUAL FOUNDATION CONFERENCE is hosted by the Lighthouse Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Michael Watkins. He has been here for 15 years and dong a great job. I told my wife today that I am going to start calling his church the Sardine Baptist Church. There was absolutely no room Sunday! This place was packed. God gave us 12 who trusted Christ and 6 who followed the Lord in baptism. At the conference I spotted several of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates. One of those is Debbie Thompson who is a teacher for Dr. Lamar Breedlove of Lake Helen, Florida. Debbie's parents are also on the faculty of the TEMPLE BAPTIST SCHOOLS of Longview Baptist Temple in Longview, Texas. She comes from a great family. Her dad and mom have one of the great bus routes at LBT. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Higar Family

Tonight was the second night of the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE hosted by the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis, Florida, pastored by Dr. Michael Watkins. We had a great service this morning with a wonderful meal provided by the ladies of the church. The best cooks in the world have to be Baptist ladies. After the meal we had a question and answer session with the dear people. We had a wonderful turn out of pastors and their staffs during this two day conference. I had the honor of seeing some of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates at this meeting. We have over 400 plus grads serving around the world and it is a blessing to be able to see them as I travel to preach around the country. At this conference I spotted the Higar family. I did not recognize their children. They have grown up so fast! Curt Higar is a 1999 graduate of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. Curt was saved and baptized at Longview Baptist Temple in 1984. His future wife Melissa was a teacher in one of our Christian schools. I had the honor of preforming their wedding on June 26, 1992. They work for Dr. Lamar Breedlove who pastors the Central Fellowship Baptist Church in Lake Helen, Florida. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Foundation Conference

I taught Sunday school, preached Sunday morning and Sunday evening for Dr. Michael Watkins. He pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Eustis, Florida. We had a packed out building and 12 professions and 6 baptisms Sunday. Today Dr. Monte Watts drove in from Mocksville, NC, to open up the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE for our host Lighthouse Baptist Church. The building was packed with chairs having to be put up to accommodate the crowd. Dr. Watts preached from Luke 7:5, "For he loveth our nation, and he hath built us a synagogue." WOW! What a great truth. He asked two questions; "What have you built" and "Who have you built" for God. TREMENDOUS! I preached second the sermon "THE DANGER OF CHANGE." There are two words we need to be aware of and they are the word "CHANGE" and the word "IMPROVEMENT." We mistakenly pray, "Oh God change me!" No, we should pray, "Oh God improve me!" Change comes from doing nothing! Improvement comes on purpose by doing something. It is the Law of Thermodynamics at work when it comes to change. Do nothing and everything automatically deteriorates. It is the old adage of live fish swim up stream and dead fish float down stream. Services will begin at 9:30 in the morning!

Patricia McNeely

I am in Eustis, Florida, preaching at a FOUNDATION CONFERENCE. Dr. Michael Watkins is the host pastor and Evangelist Monte Watts has been used of God to hold these conferences all over the nation. Many local pastors will be coming into town for this conference. Some are even traveling from Georgia to be with us. The service begins at 7 pm tonight, 9:30 am Tuesday morning, and then close out Tuesday night at 7 pm. If you are in the area please stop by and visit the conference. After lunch today the pastor brought me back to the motel where I saw Patricia McNeely finishing up the day from her work at the motel. She was waiting for a ride home. I sat down next to her and chatted for a while and then God gave me an opportunity to present the Gospel to her and she very graciously listened and in a few minutes bowed her head and trusted Christ to pay for her sins.