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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bill May and Jimmy Hudson

I preached today for my good friend Dr. Ron Talley who pastors the Hyles Baptist Church of Richmond, Va. God gave us a great day with 19 folks trusting Christ for salvation. The altars were full and the response was great. While I was preaching this morning I couldn't help but notice two men in the congregation who looked like twins to two great men of God. The man to my far right is Bill May. To me he looks like Dr. Wendell Evans who is President of Hyles-Anderson College. The man to his left looks just like Dr. Lee Roberson to me. I couldn't help myself I had to have a picture taken with this faithful church members. By the way, Bill May was the layman who gathered a group of people 25 plus years ago and they began to listen to Dr. Jack Hyles' cassette tapes of his preaching. Eventually this led to them calling Dr. Talley to be their pastor. What a great story! Gotta love serving the Lord!

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Elizabeth said...

We love our soul winning Preacher, Dr. Ron Talley!