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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roger Brown

Tonight was our weekly soul winning night for Longview Baptist Temple. I was honored to take one of my ten grandchildren soul winning with me tonight. Nick Forgy, son of Tim and Karen Forgy, had a great week end last week end on his bus route. He was able to led 9 souls to Christ and 3 of them came this past Sunday and made a profession of faith plus followed the Lord in Baptism. Tonight we meet a gentleman by the name of Roger Brown. As we talked he mentioned that he knew one of our members. He told me that he worked with Coach Holland at Texas Eastman Company. We spoke for a few moments and I then took him through the Scriptures to explain to him how he could know for sure that he would go to Heaven when he died. He listened and in a few moments he bowed his head and took me by the hand and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of his sins. He thanked me and promised to come to church this Sunday. Gotta love soul winning! I guess that old King James Bible still is incorruptible seed! Preserved inspiration! AMEN!

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