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Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was up at 6:30 this morning. I had my quiet time, unloaded the dish washer, fixed breakfast for Mrs. Gray, walked 8 miles outside, showered, did the laundry, and prepared for my last LIFE SKILLS CLASS for TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE for this semester. Dr. Jeff Walters is the instructor. I have had the privilege of teaching once a week for these students. Four of which are going to be pastors and one dear lady who will be a teacher in a Christian School. This class is designed to bridge the gap between graduation and the real world of the ministry. I thoroughly enjoyed my self this semester.

I am back at the house and fixed lunch for Mrs. Gray and myself. You would be so proud of me! I went to see my nutritionist Dr. Dorothy Straton this morning at 9 am. I weighed in and I lost 3 pounds last week. WOW! I figure at the pace I am losing I will be invisible by fall. Ha!

Lord willing I will be flying to Columbus, Ohio, this week end to preach for Dr. Tracy Fowler who pastors the Heritage Baptist Church of Columbus. I will not only be preaching on Sunday but there will be a rally on Monday night at 7 pm. If you are in the area I hope to be able to see you Monday night. Dr. Fowler and his dear wife Reese were recently in an automobile accident and are still recovering. Reese is known as Barnabas to my wife and has been a dear friend to Mrs. Gray. I am looking forward to being with them this week end. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Night Soul Winning With Aly

Every Wednesday Night at 6 pm our church the Longview Baptist Temple goes soul winning before the Wednesday Night Bible Study. Tonight I went with my granddaughter Aly Forgy. She is the daughter of my daughter Karen and her husband (ole what's his name?) Tim. Really he is a great guy! The room was packed with soul winners tonight and the spirit was great! I love going soul winning with my grandchildren.

Tonight Aly and I followed up on Mr. Roger Brown at the Hidden Hills Apartments. Roger a few weeks ago prayed to trust Christ as his Saviour. Roger was not home from work yet but his mother and son were there at the apartment. We chatted a little bit and then I had opportunity to present the Gospel to them. His mother Virginia told me she was very familiar with the Scriptures that I was talking to her concerning Heaven and Hell. I had to take a little more time with Roger's son Kendrell. I had to explain what sin was and to make sure he understood that he along with us were what the Bible calls sinners. I explained about the penalty of sin. I explained about how Jesus came to earth and why he came to earth. In a few minutes they both bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ for the payment of their sins. It was great! Gotta love soul winning!

Karen And Dad At Lunch

My plane landed at the Tyler, Texas, airport at 5:45 pm yesterday. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen picked me up at the airport and drove about 50 minutes to take me home. He has been such a blessing since my retirement in March of 09. I appreciate him!

I arrived home at 7 pm, unpacked, fixed something for the Mrs. to eat, did the dishes, and then the laundry. A husband's work is never done! Ha! I put my suits and shirts in a laundry bag and dropped them off at the over night drop box. By the time I finished everything it was after 11. I was exhausted! How do you women do it?

I was up at 8 this morning. For some strange reason I shut the alarm off and to tell you the truth I don't remember doing it? My wife one time told our family doctor that she thought she had Alzheimers because she loses her car keys. The doctor said, "Oh, no! It is when you don't know if you have a car or not!" That's funny!

I had my quiet time, fixed breakfast for the Mrs., and walked 8 miles. I showered and then went to lunch with one of my daughters Karen Forgy. She works for me part time and is a great help with my books. Karen is married to Tim Forgy. Tim is a graduate of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE along with Karen. Tim is the Youth Pastor for LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE. They have two children Nick and Aly and I am extremely proud of them.

You will not believe this but Karen actually paid for lunch! Wow! Only a hundred thousand dollars more to go to get all my money back! Ha! After lunch I went to Luby's Cafeteria to pick up lunch for Mrs. Gray.

I am at home and working on new chapters for my new book on HEAVEN. Please go to to order the books that are available. I have several other new books coming off the presses in the near future. THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION, SUFFERING?, THE PERSONAL SOUL WINNERS' MANUEL, and SUFFERING FRUITFULLY. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Olga Hernandez and Elena Jeminez

This morning I was up at 7 am. My flight to DFW doesn't leave until 12:15. I had my quiet time and prayed especially for three pastor's whose wives are in extremely poor health and possibly facing death. My wife's health is not good and it is especially on my heart this morning. God bless you men of God as you press on for our Lord and Saviour.

I went to the restaurant and had a light breakfast and then on to the treadmill for my 4 miles. I increased my speed today to 5.0 with an incline of 4.0. When I finished and was on my way back to my room I greeted two of the ladies who have been so gracious in keeping my room clean and updated. I first spoke to Olga and after a few minutes I gave her one of our churches Gospel tracks. I explained to her about Heaven and Hell. I presented Scriptures to her explaining how she can know as sure as she knows her own name that she is going to Heaven when she dies. In a few moments she bowed her head and trusted Christ to become the payment for her sins. When I lifted up my head from prayer and as I was giving her assurance verses I noticed Elena listening to me as I talked with Olga. I then chatted with Elena and guess what? In a few minutes she bowed her head and trusted Christ as her Saviour. The host from the church who was taking me to the Brownsville airport took the pictures and promised to pick up these dear ladies Sunday for church. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pastors Who Attended Tonight's Service

I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Bladimir Meija. He pastors the Bethany Baptist Church of Weslaco, Texas. This is a mission church out of the Bethany Baptist Church of Mission, Texas. They are doing a wonderful job of reaching the unsaved.

The building was packed out tonight with extra chairs being put up all the way to the front. Tonight 11 pastors attended the meeting and they all sat down front. You gringo pastors could learn from the Mexican pastors. No wonder the Mexican world is experiencing a great revival. Their pastors actually are eager for the preaching and are very responsive.

I preached tonight on "The Key To The Holy Spirit Is Man's spirit." I only preached half of the sermon and the Holy Spirit said to me, "Shut it down and give the invitation." WOW! What a response. The chairs were shoved back and everyone found a spot on the floor to knell and ask God to forgive them of their sins of the spirit. I really believe this is going to be the beginning of something great for these dear people of God! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Cesar Hernandez and Rodrigo Serna Jr.

Today I was up at 7 am, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, walked 4 miles on the treadmill, called the little wife, and prepared to teach some pastors about soul winning. The Lord has been so good to me. For 29 years I was able to have at least one of my converts down the aisle and following the Lord in baptism every week. I spoke to the men of God about "The Compassion Of The Soul Winner." There is a difference between a worker and a labourer. A worker will work from 8 to 4 but a labourer will work 24/7. One needs external motivation and the other needs internal motivation. I don't have to go soul winning I get to go soul winning.

I ate a light lunch with the pastors and Pastor Mejia's people. His ladies did an excellent job of preparing a wonderful meal. I went back to the motel and went to the exercise room and walked another 4 miles on the treadmill. I went back to my room and worked on some more chapters on my new book on HEAVEN. Please visit to order some of the books I have already written. I have been an ordained Baptist preacher for 38 years and I believe there are a few things that God has taught me that will be of help to you. I have 3 new books coming off the press in the next few weeks. Please check the web site for those new books!

Tonight as I arrived to preach I was met at the door by two young men. Cesar Hernandez and his cousin Rodrigo Serna Jr. They told me that they had made application to TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE for this fall. This certainly are smarter than the average young men wouldn't you say? What a great choice for a Bible College! One thing about TBC you will never have to worry about the precious Word of God the old King James Bible ever being criticized or corrected. GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Missionary Ellery Mejia Translated For Me

This morning I overslept! Can you believe that? LAZY LAZY LAZY! You would almost think I was retired or is that tired? I was up at 7:30, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, and walked 4 miles on the treadmill. On the way to church I called the Mrs. and she said her and the poodle were sleeping it. It's contagious!

By the way did I tell you that I lost one pound last week. Yuk! All that work and only one pound. I was told that it was ok and good to do it slowly! Hogwash!

I am preaching at the Iglesia Bautista Bethania in Weslaco, Texas, just outside of Harlinger, Texas. The pastor is Bladimir Mejia and his brother Ellery Mejia is the one who is translating for me during this meeting. I preached this morning on "Who Shall Be Damned?" At the close we had two precious souls trust Christ. This is a small church but an exciting and growing church. I am looking forward to tonight's service at 6 pm. God has given us 5 souls so far this week end. Gotta love soul winning!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pastor Bladimir Meja

I was up at 4 am and as I was unloading the dish washer Mrs. Gray came into the kitchen and asked for a hug. I think she was still asleep and maybe sleep walking. She mumbled something and then went back to bed. Then she came back out and asked if I would fix her breakfast. I asked her if she remembered asking me for a hug and she said, "Oh, was that you?" Smart aleck! She wanted some Special K, toast, and an orange pop! What a combo!

I then walked 4 miles on my treadmill, had my quiet time, showered, dressed, and put my luggage in the car. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen came to pick me up at 6:30 to go to the Longview airport for a 7:40 America Eagle flight to DFW. It was one of the roughest flights I have had in a long time. I have almost 6 million miles with American Airlines alone. This was a rough flight!

After I arrived at DFW I spent two hours working on my new book on HEAVEN. I finished two chapters! I then went to B-16 to catch another American Eagle flight to Brownsville, Texas, where I was met by the pastor and his brother. Pastor Meja took me to my room and has provided a car for me to use while I am here.

We had a service tonight at 7 pm. The building was packed with extra chairs being put up. A great spirit! I preached on "The Path To Successful Personal Soul Winning." There were three saved even though we had primarily church members here tonight.

I will be preaching in the morning and then again Sunday night at 6 pm. There will be a classes taught on soul winning on Monday and then a Monday night service at 7 pm. If you are in the area please make plans to be here Monday night. This is a great and growing church! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Francisco Ramon

I flew into Brownsville, Tx., to preach at the Bethany Baptist Church of Weslaco, Tx. I misled you this morning because I thought I was going to Edinburg, Tx., to preach but alas old age is starting to take over! Ha! It is the same pastor I wrote about this morning just the wrong church.

I preached tonight on "The Path To Successful Personal Soul Winning." The building was packed with extra chairs being put up.

There was an 11 year old named Francisco Ramon who was skate boarding out in front of the church. He came into the service and I was able to speak to him about being saved. He bowed his head and trusted Jesus Christ as the payment for his sins. I asked him, after he prayed to trust Christ, if Jesus was a liar or was he telling the truth when He promised to save those who called on Him? He got a little upset with me that I would say that I thought Jesus might be a liar. He made it clear to me that Jesus was not a liar. Then I asked him, "If Jesus is not a liar and He promised to save you where are you going now when you die?" He said to Heaven and then smiled! It was like he all of a sudden understood what I was doing! I was 11 when I trusted Christ and this little boy reminded me a whole lot of myself at that age. Gotta love soul winning! By the way there were three saved altogether tonight! Somebody Say Amen!!!!!!

Flying To Brownsville

I was up at 4 am, quiet time, 4 miles on the treadmill, fixed breakfast for the Mrs., ate a light breakfast, put my luggage in the car, and I am tired already. I thought I was retired? I have played golf three times in the last year! What is wrong with this picture?

I am on my way to preach at the Mount Zion Baptist Church at their Annual Bible Conference. Pastor Bladimir Meja is the pastor. Yes, this is a Spanish or to be more correct Mexican church. This is my first time to preach for this brother and I am looking forward to it.

Have you ever thought about having an interpreter verses a translator? To translate is different than to interpret. The same is true with the Scriptures. We have a translation in the King James Bible and not an interpretation. When Enoch was translated he was exactly the same as he was on earth while in Heaven other wise it would not be a translation.

This is also interesting to me. Zephaniah 3:9, "For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent." The language in Heaven is "pure" and those words make up the Word of God. (Psalm 119:89) They were translated not interpreted into Hebrews, Aramaic, Greek, and English, etc. Water that is poured out of one container into another container, then into another container, then into another container, and so on is still the same water, even though it is in a different container. AMEN! Thus you have preserved inspiration for the English speaking peoples in 2010 as well as every nation on the planet. God promised! Psalm 12:6-7! Somebody say amen!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chris Pledger Family

I was up at 7 am, 6 Texas time (Ha), and had my quiet time, 8 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and went to the morning service at the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville pastored by Pastor Ed Hall. There were 16 preachers with three who preached before me. I was blessed by the preaching! My dear friends Brother and Mrs. Chris Pledger came to the meeting. Here they are in the picture to the right. From the oldest to the youngest Gabrielle, Ryan, Jarod, Hannah, Evan, Nathanael, and Kristyn. They sang and my heart was blessed! I love this family!

As I sat on the front pew and reviewing the sermon that I had completely prepared the Lord seemed to tell me, "No, that's not what I want!" So, I outlined a sermon using John chapter 17, which is actually the Lord's Prayer noting especially verse 11, "...that they may be one, as we are." Then I titled the sermon UNITY VS. UNION and that is what I preached. May I share with you the thoughts?

There were no jet planes at this time, no national meetings, and no traveling to great fellowship meetings as we do today. Jesus is praying for the "unity" of a local church not the "union" of local churches. Local churches are not one big "body." They are each local bodies. We are an espoused Bride and not the Bride at this moment. When the rapture occurs we will have an assembly in Heaven but until then we are only local bodies. I cringe when I hear an independent Baptist preacher refer to all churches as the "body of Christ." That is an Evangelical, Charismatic, Protestant, and Catholic teaching but not a Baptist teaching. When our "fellowship" meetings start creating "offices" to represent the "fellowship" you are becoming like the Southern Baptist Convention. I left the American Baptist denomination because they suspended local church authority once a year for one week by sending delegates to their nation meeting to vote on proclamations that all the local churches were to adhere too! They usurped the authority and autonomy of local churches.

God broke up the tower of Babel effort of the people and went so far as to confound their language. In Acts chapter 8 God caused the First Baptist Church of Jerusalem, which had over 100,000 members, to break up because God wanted them to reach the world with the Gospel and not to build the largest church in the world. God allowed a great persecution to cause them to scatter.

There is cyclical pattern here where the mega-church movement as we know it will not be the tool used by God in the next generation because it has become the end and not the means to the end God originally intended. There will be an implosion of the mega-church movement.

There are 400,000 plus churches of every stripe in America. There are 42,000 SBC churches and 18 to 20,000 independent Baptist churches. Most of these churches run 75 to 100. There are not that many mega-churches when compared to the average local churches in America. Most of these mega-churches have been, forgive me for saying it this way, but stealing the members from the smaller churches in the area through their Saturday Night Live Concerts.

They are not growing via soul winning and baptizing converts. They are entertainment centers for our young converts who rebel at the thought of holy living. When this implosion occurs the so-called little churches are going to reap what the mega-churches have been reaping from the soul winning of the smaller independent soul winning Baptist churches. I pray to our God that these local smaller church pastors will prepare themselves for the backlash and be ready to help those hurt by this Hollywood theology.

One of our problems in the independent Baptist church movement is the Mecca mentality and the need to live off of the big churches instead of going to work at home and winning souls the old fashioned way and quit feeling inferior to the point of compromising. We have turned to the SBC for a pattern for missions that has failed but for some reason in order to prop up a system we blindly follow and continue to check our brains at the doors of these famous powerful pulpits.

3) UNION DESTROYS INDEPENDENCE (Fellowships can be dangerous)
4) UNITY STRENGTHENS INDEPENDENCE (One Mind, One Accord, is for the local church)
need someone to tell us what we will not tell ourselves)

Just a thought!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dr. Ken Pledger Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church

I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Ed Hall who pastors the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl., this past week end. He is a preacher boy from Dr. Ken Pledger's church in Jacksonville. Dr. Pledger has a great ministry in Jacksonville and his two sons are doing a phenomenal work on the mission field with literally thousands trusting Christ with their trips to the mission field. Dr. Pledger, his two sons Tim and Chris, and many from his church came tonight for the service. Dr. Pledger will be preaching Tuesday morning along with two other men of God. I am looking forward to the Tuesday meeting.

Tonight I preached for the Monday night service the sermon, "Everything Rises Or Falls On Followship." The altars were full and I was pleased with the liberty the Holy Spirit had for the night. The music was wonderful and blessed my heart. Pastor Hall has only been pastor here for one year. This Jacksonville area has the largest land mass in America. It has 1.5 million population! What a gold mind for souls! God allowed me to lead 8 precious souls to Christ through Sunday. Gotta love soul winning!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kathy Clark

I taught Sunday school this morning at the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl., on "Forgiveness." I then preached the morning service on "Who Shall Be Damned?" One person prayed to receive Christ and a dear lady joined the church this am. I am so glad that there is rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner that repents.

The pastor gave me a car to drive so I used my iphone to find my way to the Holiday Inn Express where I am staying. When I arrived back at my room someone knocked at my door and when I opened it there was the cleaning lady. She asked if I wanted my room cleaned and I told her yes but to give me a second to change. I had stopped by Wendy's to buy their grilled chicken salad. I changed and then took my salad to the breakfast area at the motel to eat. I passed Kathy in the hall way and told her she could do my room now. I ate lunch and went back to my room and she was just leaving. I paused and talked to her for a little. I found out that she had just moved from Mississippi to Jacksonville 6 weeks earlier. Bless her heart she looked so timid and even a little nervous when I began to talk to her. Then it dawned on me I was holding a knife in my hand I used to cut up the grilled chicken salad. I laughed and told her I was a preacher and that the knife was for cutting up the salad. She smiled and relaxed! Within a few minutes after explaining the Gospel to her she bowed her head and received Christ as her Saviour. I wonder what would have happened if I, with the knife in my hand, had asked her, "If you died today do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven?" Gotta love soul winning!

Pastor Ed Hall And His Wife Monica

I was up at 7 am, 6 Texas time, and had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, showered, and dressed for Sunday school. I did not get on the treadmill this morning. I walked an extra 4 miles last night just so I wouldn't have to this am. LAZY!!!!!!

I am teaching and preaching at the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl., for Pastor Ed Hall. Pastor Hall has been pastoring this church for one year. I enjoyed our time together yesterday on the way from the airport. He mentioned to me that his wife Monica heard me preach in Coldwater, Michigan, in 1986 when she was in high-school. My good friend Greg Campbell was pastoring her at the time. Pastor and Mrs. Hall have been married for 21 years and have four children.

Pastor hall heard me preach at the very first Dr. Tom Malone's ACROSS AMERICA CAMPAIGN for Midwestern Bible College in Pontiac, Michigan in the 80's. I preached with Dr. Howard Hall, Dr. Johnny Pope, and Dr. R. B. Quellete at that first meeting. We had a great service this morning. I am looking forward to tonight and the rest of the conference. There will be a Monday night, Tuesday morning, and a Tuesday night service. If you are in the area please make plans to attend the services. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hope Daniel

I was up at 5 this morning. I did not get on the treadmill! Lazy, lazy, lazy! I did walk an extra 4 miles last evening so I could sleep in a little this morning. The poodle and Mrs. Gray never moved! I caught the American Eagle flight from Longview, Texas, to DFW. I then caught an American Airlines flight to Jacksonville, Fl. Sitting next to me was a sweet lady who was saved and attended a large Southern Baptist Church in the Dallas area and attended her mothers' church, which is a small Baptist church, in the area.

We chatted for a little bit and she commented on the new types of services the big church conducted verses the warmth and old time religion type services her mom's church held. I of course told her what I believed to be the best type of services a church should have when they met. I like the old time hymns and songs. This new type of music is worldly to say the least and is not a foretaste of Heaven. Somebody say amen!

Pastor Ed Hall meet me at the airport and we loaded my luggage into his car and stopped by the church. He pastors the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church in northern Jacksonville. He has been their pastor for one year and is an aggressive personal soul winner. We then left the church and by the time we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express my room was ready. We signed in and went to the room. When we unlocked the room the pastor noticed that the fruit basket was not there and started to make a comment about when a little lady showed up from the front desk with the fruit basket. Hope Daniel was her name and we thanked her and I joked about getting her a raise while I was here. I gave her a Gospel tract and we chatted for a minute. Then I explained to her what the Gospel was and soon she bowed her head to receive Jesus Christ as payment for her sins. It was great! Gotta love soul winning!

The old preserved inspired King James Bible still works! It is not just preserved words other wise there is no life in those words. It is preserved inspiration that makes the Words live and become incorruptible seed that when placed into the soul of a man, woman, boy, or girl causes the new birth. AMEN! Somebody say amen!

Preaching In Jacksonville, Florida.

I was up at 5 this morning. Had my quiet time but no treadmill this morning. I walked 4 miles at 6:30 last night in order to be able to sleep in a little this morning. Lazy, lazy, lazy! The wife and the poodle, Peaches, (what a name. I wanted to get two of poodles and name the other Cream! Ha!) never even moved when I got up. Ate a light breakfast and put my luggage in the car. God bless Assistant Pastor Bob Queen! He has been so kind to me taking to and from the airport. He was here at 6:30 right on time!

I am scheduled to preach at the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl., for the weekend along with Monday, Tuesday morning, and Tuesday night. Pastor Ed Hall came to the NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC last year for the first time and this is my first time at his church. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends in the area at the meeting. Yes, I have at least one friend! Ha! My mama likes me! If you will go to you will be able to click on my itinerary link and also click on the map for directions to the church.

Well, its time to catch my flight here at the DFW airport. Hopefully the flight will go well. I called the Mrs. and she is finally up! You ladies have it made! By the way I lost my flight card and sermon card. I have no idea where it is. Is this the beginning of losing it? The doctor told my wife that it is not when you can't find your keys that you are slipping. It is when you don't know whether you have a car or not! Ha! Talk to you later!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eating Lunch With Part Of The Family At Olive Garden

I was up at 6 am. I had my quiet time, fixed breakfast for the little wife, walked 4 miles, came back to eat a light breakfast, and walked another 8 miles! Ouch! I'm tired! Sorry, retired! I then showered and started doing the laundry. I then called the kids to see if they would like to go to lunch. I thought Kim, Karen, and Bob were the ones going to lunch! I did not know that Pastor Bob II had let everyone off including the schools today. SOOOOOO guess what? Here come the in-laws, grandchildren, and Liz Violet (Who is dating my grandson Joe Simmons). I don't mind the grandchildren you understand! But this was a shock to my wallet!

From right to left-Tim, Karen, Mark, Kim, Liz, Aly, Pa, and Nick. Boy do they ever eat a lot! It was fun up until the check came. Why do they always give me the check? It seems like I would start recovering some of the thousands of dollars spent on these youngins'? Gotta love family!

I am now back at the house. I brought spaghetti, with two meat balls, and a salad to the Mrs. from the Olive Garden for her lunch. I have taken the whites out of the washing machine and placed them in the dryer. I have filled the washing machine again with the colored clothes. A husband's work is never done and goes on from sun to sun! I am such a good husband! Ha!

Time to work on some more chapters. I have started two new books with one being on FRIENDSHIPS and the other on HEAVEN. If you would like to look at all of the books I have that are available go to and you will be able to view and order from that web site. PARENTING SKILLS and DEALING WITH PERSONAL CONFLICTS are the two top sellers. Great material if I do say so myself! Gotta love serving the Lord.

I will be flying to Jacksonville, Fl., this Saturday and will be there through Tuesday night. I will tell you more about it Saturday. Gotta love airplanes!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dr. Jeff Walters

Lazy, lazy, lazy! Didn't get up until 7 am! What in the world is wrong with me. Had my quiet time, fixed breakfast for the Mrs., and went for a 4 mile walk. Came back and showered and went to my nutritionist to weigh in! I prayed, "Please dear Lord you know I am a soul winner! Please melt some weight off quickly!" When I arrived there were two others ahead of me so I had a little more time to pray! Ha! I then went in to see her! This is like going to the Judgment Seat! WOW! I lost 5 pounds! Let's go party!!!!! Oops! Can't do that because I have to weigh again next week. I still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-Christmas weight. A lotta prayer and a lotta water! Ha!

I then prepared for the LIFE SKILLS class I teach for Dr. Jeff Walters at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. I love this class! It is designed to bridge the gap between graduation and the real world of the ministry. This is one of my favorite classes. I look forward to teaching this class each week. TBC has over 400 graduates serving full time around the world and we are proud of each of them. Let me encourage the pastors, youth pastors, and parents to give serious consideration to TBC for the training of your young people. While other colleges are changing TBC has remained solid on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible which is the foundation of a true Bible college. If you meddle with the written Word you are meddling with the living Word and that is a dangerous position! Gotta love serving the Lord!

12 Year Old Michael Webb

I was up at 6:30 this morning, fixed breakfast for the little wife, had quiet time, walked 4 miles, and then ate a light breakfast. Worked on some more chapters and then did the laundry. Fixed lunch for the Mrs. and fixed grilled chicken for myself with a salad. Walked another 4 miles. It was beautiful in East Texas today.

At 5:45 pm I left the house to go to our church soul winning meeting at 6 pm. We had a great crowd tonight and I was scheduled to go soul winning with Michael Webb. He is my buddy! I pastored his dear mom, dad, and family for 29 years. His dad works in the P. A. (penalty booth). His mother, Debbie, is one of the organists for Longview Baptist Temple. Todd and Debbie are a blessing!

Tonight Michael and I were able to led 3 to Christ. AMEN! God allowed me to lead 6 so far this week to Christ. Gotta love soul winning!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Great Service Last Night

I preached last night for my friend Pastor Dominic Pennachietti who pastors the Bethel Baptist Church of Philadelphia, PA. What an unusual man of God he is! Gotta love this guy! He was raised as a Catholic in the heart of Philly. He has a wonderful story of his life. I told him at lunch that he should write a book about him and his family.

Yesterday I walked 12 miles on the treadmill. 8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. After the service I called my dear wife and woke her up. Oops! Bad Move! Went back to my hotel room on the 22nd floor and finished some work. I sure hope all this walking and water pays off this week when I climb on the scales at the nutritionists' office Thursday morning. I have (drank, drunk ?) taken in so much water that I am about to float away! Ha!

I was up at 4:30 this morning, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and finished packing to go home. Danny, the pastor's son, was my host for this week end and he was at the hotel promptly at 6:30 for the trip to the Philly airport. We sold all of our books and CD's off of the book table. If you want to look at what I have that is available to order go to You will see all of my books and resource materials. Ok, mama put the cat out I'm coming home! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pastor Josh Doster, Wife Wendy, and Daughter Emma

I preached tonight at the Bethel Baptist Church pastored by my friend Pastor Dominic Pennachietti. The building was full and the spirit was great! The altars were full at the invitation time. I preached the sermon, "Every Thing Rises Or Falls On Followship." The people were extremely receptive. This is a great church with a great pastor and staff.

Tonight sitting on the second row was two of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates. Pastor Josh Doster and his dear wife Wendy with their daughter Emma. Pastor Doster is a 2003 graduate of TBC and his wife Wendy is a 2001 graduate of TBC. They were married in 20002 and God has blessed them with a sweet little girl names Emma. Pastor Doster worked with his dad Pastor Jim Doster at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Gloucester, NJ. He and Wendy then went to work as a Youth Pastor in Barstow, CA., for a while and have recently returned to accept the pastorate of the Bible Baptist Church of Clementon, NJ. The Lord has certainly blessed our TBC grads. We have over 400 graduates serving around the country and world. Thank the Lord for them!

By the way, you don't have to worry about the King James Bible being criticized or corrected at TBC. When you send your young people to TBC you can rest assured their faith in the KJB will not be shaken! Gotta love serving the Lord!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pastor Dominic Pennachietti

I am in Philadelphia, PA., preaching this week end. This morning I preached at the Grace Baptist Church and tonight at the Bethel Baptist Church pastored by my friend Pastor Dominic Pennachietti. Doesn't he look like he is apart of the Mafia? Ha! In fact all of his men look like they are packing heat! Ha! The building was packed tonight. This is a great church in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Several raised their hands tonight saying they were receiving Christ as payment for their sins. The atmosphere is electric in this church. Yes, yankees can have a great spirit too! This has been a great Lord's Day. Monday night we are going to have a rally at Bethel Baptist Church. If you are in the area please make plans to attend the meeting. The service starts at 7 pm. Gotta love serving the Lord!

Craig Columbo

I am in Philadelphia, PA., preaching for Pastor Jay Mulholland who pastors the Grace Baptist Church. He has been the pastor for five years and is doing a marvelous job of reaching his are for Christ. The building was packed with chairs being put up for the many visitors today. This was their old fashioned service today with a big meal after church. I wore my wester outfit today. I understand why these liberal preachers dress like they dress on Sundays to preach. It is tempting to preach without a tie! HA! All I need is a goatee! HA! Then you can just rap with the people! We had a great invitation time with many coming to trust Christ at their Saviour. I am not sure of the exact number but it was exciting to see.

I was up at 6:30, 5:30 Texas time, and had my quiet time and a light breakfast. I backslid this morning and did not get on the treadmill. I will make up for it this afternoon and tonight. I had been traveling for 12 hours by the time I arrived at the hotel yesterday and I was dog tired! Whatever that means? I worked on a new chapter for a new book on Heaven and then crashed and woke up this morning with my jogging suit still on. Buddy that is really being tired!

I was standing out front of the Loews Hotel, downtown Philadelphia, waiting for my ride to Sunday school when I struck up a conversation with the bell hop Craig Columbo. He is a local college student. He told me he was a Catholic and I said to him, "So was my wife in her youth." We talked a little bit and I gave him a Gospel tract from our church. There was a break in the action at the front door of the hotel so we talked for about ten minutes. Soon I was able to lead the conversation into life after death. I talked to him about John chapter 3 how Jesus told a religious man that he need a new birth in order to go to Heaven. In a few moments he listened as I presented the Gospel to him and he then bowed his head and asked Christ to save him from the payment of his sins. He looked up at me and said, "Hey, this means I have two birthdays doesn't it?" He thanked me! Gotta love soul winning!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Diana McCool

I arrived in Philadelphia, PA, to preach for Pastor Jay Mulholland of the Grace Baptist Church of Philly on Sunday morning and then Sunday night for Pastor Dominic Pennachietti who pastors the Bethel Baptist Church of Philly along with a Monday night rally at Bethel Baptist Church. If you are in the Philadelphia area please make plans to attend Monday night. This is one of the most exciting churches you will ever visit. I spoke at Bethel on a Sunday night last year and it was a great meeting! By the way these are strong King James men of God and have not wavered at all on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible. Gotta love these men of God who are not swayed by the powers that be in fundamentalism!

My room was not ready at the Loews Hotel in down town Philly. I tagged my bags with Phil Kuo, a porter for the hotel. I then gave him a Gospel tract and in a few minutes he prayed to trust Christ as payment for all of his sins.

I then looked for the hotel restaurant. When I entered the room a little lady, Diana McCool, at the desk said that the restaurant was closed but that I could order something to eat at the bar that was opened. I joked with her and said to her, "Lady I am a Baptist preacher and if I sat at that bar not only would God get me, but my mama would hunt me down!" She laughed and said that I could order and set at table in the same room as the bar. I told her it was too close to the bar and that I would be tempted to do wrong if I sat there. She laughed and took me to a private area and told me I would be out of harms way here. She told me that a bartender would be here in a minute and I told her I couldn't use a bartender and she laughed and said, "Let's pretend he's a waiter." We both laughed and in a few minutes I was served a grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water. (Yes, it was water!)

While I was eating Diana came back in this secluded area to check on me. She brought me another bottle of water. (Yes, it was water also.) I then began to ask questions about her and where she was from. She told me that she was from Mexico and then she blurted out that her sister was a Christian. I asked her if she was a Christian and she said, "No, I'm a Catholic." Forgive me but I thought that was funny! After a few minutes of explaining the Gospel to her she said to me, "That is exactly what my sister has been telling me." WOW! It didn't take long for me to draw the net after that! She sweetly bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of her sins. AMAZING! Gotta love soul winning!

Phil Kuo

I was up at 4 am, quiet time, 4 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, and fixed Mrs. Gray some toast and cereal. I then worked on a couple of new chapters and then put all of my luggage in the car to go to the Gregg County Airport. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen was at the house at 6:15 to drive me to the airport. I arrived at the airport at 6:45 and waited to board an American Eagle flight to DFW.

Then I flew to Philadelphia, PA, to preach in the morning at the Grace Baptist Church pastored by Pastor Jay Mulholland. I was met at the airport by Danny Pennachietti and his dad Pastor Dominic Pennachietti who pastors the Bethel Baptist Church of Philly. I will be preaching Sunday night at the Bethel Baptist Church and then again there for a rally on Monday night. What a great church Bethel Baptist is. I had the privilege of preaching on a Sunday night last year for this great man of God. He is one of a kind!

I am staying at the Loews Hotel downtown Philly. WOW! What a fancy place this is! My room was not quite ready so I had Phil Kuo tag my luggage and give me a receipt so I could go eat a bite while waiting for my room to be ready. I greeted Phil and then gave him a Gospel tract. I chatted for a minute and then gave him the Gospel. In a few minutes he bowed his head and prayed for Christ to become the payment for all of his sins. Wow! Gotta love soul winning!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday Week End

On March 1, 2009, I retired and the church voted with a 96 % vote to call my son Dr. Bob Gray II as pastor of the Longview Baptist Temple. This past year has been a wonderful year for LBT. I am extremely pleased and happy with the transition. Dr. Bob II has done a marvelous job of leading LBT to continue the soul winning and growth of her people. In fact I believe he is one of the best Bible teachers in America. His Wednesday night Bible studies are wonderful.

This past weekend was LBT's Annual Pentecost Campaign. It is scheduled each year in conjunction with Easter weekend. The soul winners were every where winning souls. They announced Sunday night the results for the Pentecost Campaign. There were multiple services conducted with tremendous results. 2,028 dear souls prayed to trust Christ as payment for their sins via the personal soul winners out on the streets. This is amazing also; there were 420 professions of faith with 359 of those following the Lord in baptism. Gotta love soul winning!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jerry, Ronnie, and Mama

I drove all day Friday and arrived at 9 pm on Friday night. I was up early Saturday morning. I had my quiet time, 4 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, and went for an 8 am appointment with Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor of THE SWORD OF THE LORD, to discuss my books. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. I then went to spend time with my 97 year old mother. My brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie have taken great care of mama. It is amazing the love they have! I always enjoy visiting them.

I visited with Pastor Dusty Ray of the Heartland Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, Tn., for a little bit Saturday. I set up by book table and then rushed back to do another 4 miles on the treadmill while watching the Michigan State University play Butler in the semi-finals of the NCAA basketball tournament. I prayed and prayed and prayed and MSU lost. I hollared at the TV but it didn't help! I was stunned! Then I figured out what went wrong. You see, the Spartans were so tired Saturday night from having worked on their bus routes all day Saturday that they had nothing left to give! Ha!

Sunday I was up early, had my quiet time, walked 4 miles, ate a light breakfast, and began getting ready for Sunday school. After church today I went and spent time with Mama, Jerry, and Ronnie. I then walked another 8 miles before going to preach the 6:30 service tonight. Gotta love family!

I will be up at 6 am and on the road by 7 to drive home, Lord willing! I have to get back home in time to see Butler beat Duke. I just hope they are not too tired from running their bus routes today! Ha! I hate Duke! I hope Butler wins this one! Please Lord? Ha!

Mom, Dad, Son, and Daughter

It was an honor to preach for Pastor Dusty Ray, who pastors the Heartland Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, Tn., today. We had a great Lord's Day! I was reminded tonight that Pastor Ray's dad and I attended Hyles-Anderson College of Crown Point, Ind., at the same time. I had totally forgotten about it and then it dawned on me that if that be true, then with Pastor Ray being the same age as my son Bob, and Lynnea being the same age as my daughter Kim, that they were in the same class in the Hammond school system. Wow! We had a lot to talk about tonight after church. You talk about a small world! To my right is Pastor Ray. To his right is his dad Allen and his mother J.D. To my left is Pastor Ray's sister Lynnea Mejia. This is a solid family and love the Lord and the souls of men, women, boys, and girls. I thoroughly enjoyed myself today.

Classmates from Hammond

I preached this week end for Pastor Dusty Ray. He pastors the Heartland Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tn. We had a great day in the Lord. A dad and his daughter trusted Christ this morning in the service. It was great! I preached the sermon, "Who Shall Be Damned?" Tonight I preached the sermon, "Everything Rises And Falls On Followship."

Before the service tonight I was reminded that Pastor Ray's dad Allen and I attended Hyles-Anderson College of Crown Point, Indiana, at the same time. I do not remember him but he says he remembers me and my wife. The picture is of Pastor Dusty Ray and his sister Lynnea. Then it struck me that his son Pastor Ray and his daughter Lynnea were in the Hammond school system at the same time and in the same class that my daughter Kim and son Bob were. Lynnea is married and her last name is Mejia. Talk about a small world!

We had a great time of fellowship after the service. The church had a time of fellowship with all the necessary food in their fellowship hall after the service. You would have been so proud of me. I did not eat the deserts. I was good! I promise! Baptist ladies are the best cooks in the entire world!

Trena, Maria, and Eduardo

This morning I was up at 5:30. I had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, and then walked 4 miles. When I returned back to the motel to start getting ready to go to Sunday school I walked past the break room for the motel workers. I noticed these dear folks sitting there taking a break and so I walked in and struck up a conversation with them. The lady in the middle is the mother of the young man to the right. Maria Guardado spoke only a little English and her son to the right, Eduardo, spoke English very well. He translated for me as I presented the Gospel to them. They listened carefully and after a few minutes all three bowed their heads while in the break room and prayed to trust Christ to be the payment for their sins. It was wonderful. The lady to the left is Trena Moreno. She thanked me and thanked me and thanked me! Gotta love soul winning!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Mother Mary Gray

I was up at 5 am on Friday. I had my quiet time, fixed a light breakfast for myself, prepared breakfast for Mrs. Gray, and then 4 miles on the treadmill! I worked on some new chapters and placed my luggage in the car for an 11 hour trip to Murfreesboro, Tn., to visit my mom and to preach for my good friend Pastor Dusty Ray. I left the house at 8:15. I was told by my nutritionist to drink 32 oz of water before noon and the finish another 32 by night fall. You got to be kidding me? I stopped every 30 minutes! I tell you this had better work and there had better be some results when I climb on those scales next Thursday? It's hard enough growing older without this added pain!

I arrived about 9 pm on Friday night and went straight to my motel and crashed. I called my sister-in-law Ronnie and told her I would be there some time in the morning to visit with mama and to be sure and tell her. Mama can't hear very well but she can still speak well! Ha!

I was up at 5:30 am, had my quiet time, walked 4 miles on the treadmill, and ate a light breakfast. I then went to meet with Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor of THE SWORD OF THE LORD, at 8 am and he wanted to go eat breakfast. You would be so proud of me I only had a small cup of coffee. Dr. Smith is allergic to eggs and so he ordered an Egg McMuffin without the egg. Yes for real! He took me to a very fancy restaurant with an arch out front! Ha! He is really a tight wad you know! Ha! We then went back to his conference room and we talked about my books.

I then went to see mama. She is living with my younger brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie. What a wonderful thing to know that your mother is well taken care of by family! She was the greatest mother in world!

Tomorrow I will be preaching at the Heartland Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, Tn. Pastor Ray is doing a good job and I am looking forward to being with him. I will be preaching both morning and evening.

This past week has been a great week of soul winning. I have been able to lead 7 to the Lord and 3 have promised to come to church tomorrow. In 2009 the Lord allowed me to lead 506 precious souls to Christ with 153 of those following the Lord in baptism. Since 1980 ending with December 31 of 2009, God has graciously allowed me to lead 14,957 souls to Christ with 4,399 of those following the Lord in baptism. I have been able to preach 25,585 sermons in every state of the union, except North Dakota, and 17 foreign countries. Will somebody in North Dakota please schedule me? Ha! Just make it in the summer time ok! Gotta love soul winning!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday Night Soul Winning

I travel every week end preaching for solid soul winning churches and I am thrilled to be of some help to encourage them in being aggressive personal soul winners. It is always exciting to be able to come home and go soul winning with my home church the Longview Baptist Temple where I pastored for 29 years. The soul winning is as great as ever at LBT. God allowed me during the month of March to see 51 people bow their heads and receive Christ as payment for their sins. 23 of those followed the Lord in baptism in a local church. Gotta love soul winning!

If our local churches are to remain strong fundamentally then we need to be careful of whom we decide to emulate. If connecting the dots of a leader is pointed toward ecumenicalism then it only makes sense to WARN God's people. Dr. Jack Hyles moved to the right through out his years of ministry and provided Bible principles for the next generation of conservative believers to keep moving to the right. If you connect the dots it would be obvious where he was and was headed. It was not to the "originals only" position concerning the Scriptures.

Dr Hyles distanced himself from Dr. Jerry Falwell. This current young leadership in fundamentalism is drawing close to Dr. Jerry Falwell Jr. All you have to do is connect the dots. It will not be long until these dots connect to the Southern Baptist Convention and beyond. Truth is stable while change is unstable. Truth is finite while change is infinite. Truth has boundaries while change has no boundaries. Truth has restraint while change has no restraint. Once you leave truth you never stop changing; it just becomes worse and worse and further and further away from truth! Someone said about a preacher,"He changed his position." NO! Change is a position! Change has no end to it!

Be careful of this Rodney King mindset of, "Why can't we just all get along" because it is a dangerous path! Why are those who stand for truth called rabble rousers anyway? You didn't call Dr. Hyles that when he was a live. Many have chosen friendship and allegiance over truth and have checked their brains at the door of many a national meeting all under the banner of "souls." Sounds like Billy Graham ecumenical teaching to me. By the way Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Bob Jones Sr, Dr. Jack Hyles, and many other fundamental leaders paid a price for standing up to Billy Graham. Don't destroy the orchard was their cry and they were right. There is a generation to follow that needs the strong orchards of local churches not a spiritual Mecca to go and admire once a year!

God never intended for churches to unite. There is a difference between "union" and "unity." God intended for local churches to have "unity" but not to become apart of a "union" of churches. It is a good thing when pastors disagree with pastors. The Jerusalem conference was a good thing. When Peter was withstood to the face it was a good thing! A pastor said to me about a leading Bible College that the President promised him that if the college ever changed he, the President, would be the first to say so! Excuse me but my faith is not in a human leader but in the Scriptures. The human at the helm is the one who has the power to lead it into change. My plumb line is the Bible not the boss!

"But preacher the leader is sorry for all of the confusion he caused!" How about saying he was wrong to say the King James Bible does not contain preserved inspiration! The reason he cannot say so is because he does not believe the KJB is preserved inspiration! Thus your allegiance has caused you to back friendship instead of truth! I believe the King James Bible contains preserved inspiration and the other does not! How long halt ye between two opinions?

Grandson Jordan Gray

I was up at 6:30 this morning. Had my quiet time, fixed Mrs. Gray breakfast, and then went for an 8 mile walk. It was a gorgeous East Texas morning. I went to see my nutritionist and weighed in. I have been bad since my surgery on my neck. The holiday season in conjunction with all of the family being here with all of the great cooks in our family and church it was more than I could stand up against! You see it really is not my fault! Anyway, I lost 3 pounds since last week and hopefully I'll get back into fighting weight here in the near future.

Last night was our weekly soul winning meeting at the Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas. I went with one of my ten grandchildren Jordan Gray. Dr. Bob Gray II, pastor, and Kelly Gray are his parents. He is in the seventh grade and a great personal soul winner already. He led three to the Lord and God gave me two last night. I always enjoy going with my grandchildren. All of them are aggressive soul winners. I am so glad that they have a concern for the lost who have not trusted Jesus Christ to be the payment for all of their sins. It is not the church, baptism, communion, church membership, or living a good life that will take care of the penalty for sin. Only death can pay for death. That is why in I Corinthians chapter 15 the Gospel is defined as the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When you trust Him and Him alone to pay for your sins at that very moment a spiritual birth takes place in your soul that guarantees you a home in Heaven when you die. (Romans 10:13) Gotta love soul winning