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Sunday, August 29, 2010



What a great Sunday God gave us at the Jordan Baptist Church of Burbank, Illinois. 13 saved, 9 professions, and 3 baptisms. Pastor Thomas Giffin is doing an excellent job of leading this church in soul winning. The building was packed this morning and the altars were full. 

Tonight before the pastor picked me up for the night service I struck up a conversation with the two ladies working the desk at the BEST WESTERN where I stayed for these two days. They were very kind and listened as I went over the Scriptures explaining how they could know for sure that they would go to Heaven when they died. These young ladies were so kind to listen to me and in a few moments they bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of their sins. As they finished praying the pastor drove up and I introduced him to the two young ladies and they both promised the Pastor they would be there next Sunday. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!



This morning I was up at 6, ate a light breakfast, had my quiet time, and did 3 miles on the treadmill. I used to do 4 to 8 miles a day on the treadmill but my left knee was letting me know it was too much. I am not as young as I would like to think! Ha! I went back to the room, showered, dressed, and worked on a new chapter for my new series of books LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS. By the way you can go to AMAZON.COM and put in BOB GRAY SR. and find many of my books that way. Also SMASHWORDS.COM will give you some of those books as eBooks. Also, you can go to my web site www.SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM and order sermons along with all of my books.

I was pleasingly surprised to see one of our 2003 graduates Tiffany Callaghan here today. She has been here on the faculty of their Christian School for one year. She was so kind to take care of my book table. I remember her as one of those students who loved the Lord and was a great soul winner! TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE is a place where no parent will have to worry about the KJB having a question mark placed over it. You do not have to worry about the KJB at TBC! GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION OF THE KJB!

Pastor Thomas Griffin has been the pastor of Jordan Baptist Church for 13 years and is doing a tremendous job. I taught in Sunday school the lesson "FORGIVENESS." I preached my sermon "WHO SHALL BE DAMNED?" The buildings were packed and the spirit was great! The pastor is doing a great job! We had 13 saved, 9 professions, and 3 baptized. I believe this dear church is just beginning to make a difference in this Chicago land area. This is an old time religion atmosphere that exists here and I am excited about their future. You would almost think that the PRESERVED INSPIRATION of the King James Bible still works. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I will leaving the house at 8:45. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will be taking me to Tyler to catch a flight to DFW and then on to Chicago, Illinois. I will be preaching Sunday for Pastor Thomas Griffin who pastors the Jordan Baptist Church of Burbank, Illinois. I am looking forward to being with him and his dear people.

This has been a good week of soul winning. I called two of my converts last night and made sure they were still planning on coming Sunday to LBT. So far this month God has bless with allowing me to lead 29 folks to Christ for salvation and 10 of those followed the Lord in baptism. God is sooooo good! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING! 

You would almost think that the King James Bible had preserved inspiration with a purity that God promised and is still convicting people about their need for a Saviour? GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION! 

With this incorruptible seed you do not need a rock-n-roll band or a drama or a country and western band to bring salvation to the people! This Billy Graham battle of just worry about getting them saved will not help the next generation. Jonah saw revival in Nineveh because there was in inward repentance and an outward repentance because it was not until God saw their works that He responded. Be careful of this emerging church theory that has no restraint and no boundaries for it is a fluid religion that will destroy the orchard for the next generation. The old timers were right! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Friday, August 27, 2010



My plane landed just in time for the Wednesday night Bible study at Longview Baptist Temple. I scurried home to feed the little wife (bought a personal pan pizza), unpacked, did the laundry, and the dishes. Showered and dressed for the Bible study. I left for church and was met in the parking lot by Pastor Haley and two of his sons Trevor and Mitchell. Then a little bit later I met Mrs. Haley and their daughter Audrey. Both Richie and Audrey are enrolling as freshmen at TBC. Pastor Haley is being used of God to build a great work in the great state of Kansas. I had the honor of preaching for this good man of God this year and the buildings were packed. You would almost think that the old time religion still worked. No emerging church theory for this church just old fashioned King James Bible preaching!

I went to the WAYNE DANIEL BUILDING after the Bible study for a reception of some of the new students along with their families. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. This looks like it will be a tremendous year for TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. You will not have to worry about any one put a question mark on the KJB at TBC. By the way you will not find anyone using Southern Baptist Convention bridge builders being quoted here either. What worked for Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. Tom Malone, and Dr. Curtis Hutson will will work in 2010! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGON!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



230 YARD PAR 3

Pastor Randy Ralstin asked  Dr. Callaghan, Pastor Cervi, and myself to join him for a golf outing at 8:30 this morning at a local golf course. The course was beautiful! There was one 230 yard 3 par with a drop of some 500 feet to an island green. It was spectacular and you will not believe this but three of us put it on the green. I missed a birdie putt by inches. Look out LPGA here I come! 

Dr. and Mrs. Callaghan drove some 4 hours to attend this conference at the Lighthouse Baptist Church. They have been dear friends for over 3 decades and Mrs. Gray and I are very appreciative of their friendship. One of the greatest times that Mrs. Gray and I enjoyed was a trip to San Francisco where we toured the city. On that trip we were hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Callaghan. They are so worldly! Ha!

Tonight I preached the sermon FIVE DAYS TOO LATE! This is an amazing story about the wonderful revival that God gave to Jonah and Nineveh. It was the greatest revival not only in the Bible but in the history of man. The Word of the Lord came to Jonah and the Lord told Jonah to go to the great city of Nineveh and cry against their sins. Nineveh was an idolatrous fish worshipping city. It was the capitol of a heathen nation but God called Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach. However, Jonah went the opposite direction and that is how we know he was a Baptist!

He went down to Joppa and there caught a ship to Tarshish and there was a turmoil on the ship. A storm hit them! They cast lots and found that it was Jonah's fault and Jonah was cast out of the boat. Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish and he lived in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights. Then the Bible says that the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time. He then goes to Nineveh and preaches the greatest revival in history.

We talk about the 20 wasted years of Jacob, the 10 wasted years of Naomi in Moab, the 40 wasted years of the nation Israel, and we talk about Gomer's wasted years in the book of Hosea because of her awful sin. Yet, we are admonished in Psalm 92 to number our days and not our years. In Ephesians 5:16 it says we are to redeem the time for the days are evil.

Nineveh was a town of 600 to 700 thousand people. This is about the size of the Ark-La-Tex area where I live. This revival resulted in repenting inwardly and repenting outwardly. Many of God's people have saved souls and lost lives! Imagine all 6 to 700 thousand people not only getting saved inwardly but living it outwardly. WOW, what a revival!

Wait a minute, before we give Jonah an honorary Doctorate or a plague or put his picture on the front page of THE BAPTIST MAGAZINE may I remind you that Jonah showed up five days later than he was supposed to come. Don't miss this! Everyone who died in those five days went to Hell and they are still burning in Hell. If the whole city got saved five days later then those folks would have gotten saved five days earlier.

The average deaths in the Ark-La-Tex area if 25 per day according to our local paper. If we are similar in population to Nineveh then multiply that 25 times 5 and you will end up with 125. Which means approximately 125 people died and went to Hell because Jonah was five days late! Translate that into our lives. 





Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Pastor Randy Ralstin

I flew to Reno, NV., early Monday morning and was met at the airport by pastor Randy Ralstin who is founder and pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Reno. He started this church in 1987. What a great story! I have been honored to preach for this dear man of God for many years now. In fact I preached in the warehouse where he held church for many years. He has a wonderful family and is a great personal soul winner. The spirit was exciting and the altar call filled the altars. This church has built a beautiful new facility and no doubt the great days are ahead for them.

Last night I preached my sermon LOVE IN REALITY IS CHARITY. The spirit was exciting and the altar call filled the altars. I used Galatians 5:22-23 and I Corinthians 13:4-7. In Galatians 5:22 the word "love" is different from the other words in one aspect for is the only word there which is a verb as well as a noun. You cannot joy anyone, peace anyone, goodness anyone, longsuffering anyone, faith anyone, meek anyone, but you can love someone! Love as a noun must have an object. No one can just love? No such thing as having "love." You cannot "feel" love because "love" must have an object. It becomes "love" as it is given. That is why God chose the word "charity" in the Scriptures. Real love is charity! Charity is not feeling something charity is giving something.

Revelation chapter 2 we have the letter to the church of Ephesus. God said to them "You have left your first love." God did not say go back and do your "first love" for He said go back and do your "First works." God is saying you cannot love without works. Thus, the first works are equal to the first love and the first love is equal to the first works. You can love without feeding but you cannot love without feeding.

Love is not one of the parts of the Fruit of the Spirit for love is the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us WHAT is given when you love. Love gives joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance. I Corinthians 13 expresses to us HOW we are to give joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. WHAT you give is found in Galatians chapter 5 while HOW you give is found in I Corinthians chapter 13. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD PRESERVED INSPIRED KING JAMES BIBLE!

Sunday, August 22, 2010



I had the honor of preaching at the Grace Baptist Church of Lockport, Illinois, this morning and tonight! We had a great service this morning and a packed out building tonight. Pastor David Fink will soon be celebrating his ninth anniversary as their pastor in September. He is a man's man and also God's man! I have for many years admired this man for his tenacity for the souls of men, women, boys, and girls.

Tonight during the hand shaking time Assistant Pastor Jonathan Wicks pointed out a lady who rode the "D" division buses from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. I told Jonathan that I was apart of the "D" division from the very first day it started. Immediately my mind raced back to those days when my family and I would drive to Joliet every Saturday to go soul winning. I remember standing in line as a freshman at Hyles-Anderson College and meeting Dr. Jim Vineyard, the bus director for FBC. I remember him assigning me to the Joliet bus route. I recall when I so naively responded, "Joliet? Do you realize how far that is from here?" Boy oh boy that was a mistake! He stood to his feet and said, "You don't think I know how far it is to Joliet?" I immediately said, "Yes sir. I'm sure you know how far it is from here! I will be honored to work that bus route!" So began our families adventure on that Joliet route. 

The lady that rode one of our bus routes was that little lady sitting on the second row tonight. Her name is Jayne and she was 10 years of age when she rode one of our Joliet bus routes and was saved at FBC in 1976! WOW! Yet, some say, "Where are they all?" My answer has always been through the years, "SOMEWHERE!" Well, here is one of them!!!!! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


This morning I am preaching for my good friend Pastor David Fink who pastors the Grace Baptist Church of Lockport, Illinois. He and his dear wife are on vacation and inmates are running the asylum! Ha! This church is growing so much they are having to go to two services on Sunday morning! I preached in the second to a full building!

As I was waiting for my ride I spoke to a dear lady who was mopping the entrance to the motel. I gave her a Gospel tract and went through the Scriptures to explain how she could know for sure she could go to Heaven when she died. She listened and in a few moments bowed her head and trusted Christ to pay for her sins! Wow! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010


I will be preaching this weekend for Pastor David Fink who pastors the Grace Baptist Church of Lockport, Illinois. He is doing a fabulous job and in fact they have had to go to two morning services to care for the crowds. He is a ex-Marine and I like this guy! He has a wonderful family who are all soul winners and faithful to our Lord!

Early Monday morning I will be flying to Reno, NV., to preach for my good friend Pastor Randy Ralstin who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church. No, I will not be playing the slot machines. I have a picture taken years ago of Dr. Jack Hyles sitting behind one of those machines at this same airport. I  told him he had better be nice to me or I would sent it to the NATIONAL INQUIRER. No, he did not play the slot machine! I sure do miss Dr. Hyles! He was one of a kind! He loved to pick on me and I loved it when he did pick on me! One day a preacher said to me, "Doesn't that upset you the way he picks on you?" I said, "No, you are just upside that he doesn't know you!"

Have you ever noticed how liberals and the liberal mind-set is always busy re-writing history? Can you imagine Dr. Jack Hyles endorsing a Charismatic ministry from behind his pulpit? How often have we heard him say, "I'm more Catholic than I am Charismatic!" Just because it says "CHURCH" on the sign does not make it a church! By the way maybe that's why they call them OUTREACH CENTERS or the ROC? GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last night at the Longview Baptist Temple Bible study an LBT Teen Group sang and in that group was our grandson R. G.! What an amazing young man at the age of 19 who has been through some 18 surgeries and was not supposed to live let along see, hear, sing, or walk. Yet, here he is without normal health but still goes soul winning, sings, and is always with a smile on his face except when he sees a doctor. For some reason he doesn't care for doctors? I wonder why? 

He has the mind of a three year old youngster but he is a blessing beyond words and not only to his family but to his church family. May God continue to bless this young man as he serves the Lord! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Admirals Club

Surprise, surprise guess who was at the Admirals club at the DFW
Airport? My son Bob II! Love you son! We had a great time working on my computer! The kid is a whiz-a genius!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010



Beginning this morning at 9 am Dr. Russell Anderson opened up the day conference with a great sermon about belonging to a special club of the 120 in the upper room. Dr. Monte Watts brought a great message which especially challenged the young people. I taught a lesson on A SOUL WINNERS' MOTIVATION.

We then broke for lunch and had a Q & A after lunch in the auditorium. I then taught a brief lesson on LONGEVITY. We dismissed and returned tonight for the 7 pm service. I preached LET'S GO SOUL WARNING. Dr. Watts preached DYING TO SELF. It was powerful and several surrendered to full time service. WOW!



Last night was the second night of the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE at the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, GA., just outside of Atlanta. The building was packed and the congregation was very responsive. Evangelist Monte Watts is the founder of THE FOUNDATION CONFERENCES and I have had the honor of preaching in hundreds of these great meetings. He is an unusual testimony of the grace of God and I count him to be a dear friend.

Dr. Russell Anderson, who has given almost 40 million dollars to independent Baptist churches and will go down in history and the greatest philanthropic Christian laymen ever! He is a personal soul winner and a giant prayer warrior! He did a fabulous job!

The biggest thrill of the night though was when I looked up and saw the four adult men who made professions of faith and were baptized on Sunday back for the night service. Rick, Joshua, Brandon, and Patrick were there enjoying the service. This is what it is all about! Winning the lost, baptizing them, and then preparing them to do the commanded things! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Monday, August 16, 2010


This morning I was up early and had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, and went 6 miles on the treadmill! I am preaching for Pastor Brian Evans who pastors the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, GA., which is located just outside of Atlanta.  We had a great Lord's Day with 7 professions and 4 baptisms.

Tonight I was joined by Dr. Russell Anderson and Dr. Monte Watts to begin a FOUNDATION CONFERENCE for two days. The building was packed tonight and the people were extremely responsive. Dr. Anderson did a fabulous job of preaching. His life is a living testimony for the grace of God. He preached on the how to receive from God what you want! He said you cannot receive from God what you want with the mind you were given at birth. He made it clear that we need the mind of Christ in order to possess Heavenly wisdom in place of earthly wisdom. WOW! It was great!

What a surprise when I took the pulpit to look out and see the Rogers family. Willie and Sarina Rogers are graduates of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE. I had not seen them for over 12 years and I could not believe how the children had grown. Willie was unable to be here to tonight but I was thrilled to see this dear family. What a great testimony for our Lord. From left to right there is Leah, Serina, Nathan, Timothy, and Matthew. I was so pleased to see them! Also, tonight sitting on the front row was another graduate of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and that was Pastor Dexter Landers Jr. who is doing a great job of pastoring in the area. Pastor Landers Jr.'s dad was on my staff at LBT and is still on the staff serving with my son Dr. Bob Gray II.

I preached on HOW TO PAY YOUR BILLS. We have a 9.4 % unemployment rate in America with a 15.9 % that includes what is classified as discouraged workers. 6 million people out of work of those over 6 months of unemployment. 13.2 trillion dollar debt by Americans. 3.83 billion added each day to that debt by Americans. There is a forecast by some of a double dip recession. Businessmen are afraid to hire because of the Obama agenda. We are on the verge if not all ready there in a socialist government. No one can spend more than they take in and expect to make it. The government cannot keep on bailing every one out. GM should go bankrupt if they cannot pay their bills. No one is so big that they cannot suffer the consequences that the rest of us face and escape the pain of mismanagement.  If the government will lower the taxes the capitalistic system will work. Our God is a capitalist!

Enter Matthew 17:27, "Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee."

Genesis 45:10-11, "And thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto me, thou, and thy children, and thy children's children, and thy flocks, and thy herds, and all that thou hast: And there will I nourish thee..." (Exodus 8:22, 9:26)

The answer for God's people is to live in the land of Goshen. This is the land of personal soul winning, giving tithes, giving offerings, living for God, faithful to church, daily Bible reading, daily prayer, etc! This is not the time to leave the land of Goshen in these times of famine for some in our land. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Obama loses his job! JUST A THOUGHT!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am preaching for Pastor Brian Evans who pastors the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, GA. This city is just outside of the Atlanta. Pastor Evans started this church in a home and 9 years later has a great church. 

We had a great crowd tonight and God blessed today with 7 professions and 4 baptisms. I preached tonight on EVERYTHING RISES OR FALLS ON FOLLOWSHIP. Rick Blocker is pictured next to me and this morning he made a profession of faith. This was his first time to come to the Oakwood Baptist Church. Tonight when he came to church he sat on the front row. WOW! This morning he sat on the back row! As I was emphasizing the important of responding at the invitation time and coming to the altar during the sermon I paused and looked at Rick and asked him if he would have walked the aisle this morning if the church members had not come to the altar and he said, "No, I would not have!"The pastor can preach his heart out but if the members do not respond it will kill the spirit of the invitation. JUST A THOUGHT!


I am preaching at the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, GA., just outside of Atlanta. Pastor Brian Evans is the founding pastor of this great church of 9 years. They have a beautiful facility, which they built some 6 years ago. 

I taught the teens this morning in Sunday school the lesson on THE LINES OF DEFENSE out of Galatians. They were very attentive and helped me in my role play.

I preached this morning on WHO SHALL BE DAMNED? The dear people have a great spirit and the altars were being filled before the invitation even started. God gave us three souls and one baptism this morning. It is a real pleasure to travel this nation and be apart of churches like this one who are standing true and tall for the cause of Christ! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This has been a good week of soul winning with 5 trusting Christ so far and 2 following the Lord in baptism last Sunday. A muscle in my back turned on me Wednesday and put me in bed for a while but I am doing much better today. Mrs. Gray had a good week and those are few these days. I asked her one time what the pain was like and she said it was like a tooth ache only it is a body ache. Football season is coming up so she will be in more misery as her Michigan Wolverines, I predict, will not have a good year. Bad decision on that West Virginia coach hire!

Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will be picking me up at 8:45 to take me to Tyler to catch an American Eagle regional jet for DFW. I am flying to Atlanta, Ga., to preach in a FOUNDATION CONFERENCE. 

These conferences were started many years ago by my good friend Dr. Monte Watts. Recently he has started to use the old "Round Robin" method for his conferences. This week Dr. Russell Anderson, Dr. Watts, and myself will be in this conference with each of us preaching in area churches and then coming together for a Monday-Tuesday meeting at the Oakwood Baptist Church of Flowery Branch, Ga. Dr. Brian Evans is the pastor of Oakwood. This is my first time to preach for Pastor Evans even though I have known him for many years.

If you are in the area please stop by and attend the meetings. You will be blessed by the preaching of Dr. Watts and Dr. Anderson. If you will go to you will find my schedule there and when you go to this weekend and open up today's date you will have an access to a map that will direct you to the Oakwood Baptist Church. I am looking forward to seeing you there. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I preached this week end for Dr. Marc Dalton who pastors the Lakecrest Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan. We had a great service this morning. He has been a dear friend for over two decades!

I was up early this morning and went down stairs for breakfast and noticed a very tiny lady working to make sure all of the guests were taken care of. She was so busy! I greeted her and complimented her for her hard work. Later on as I was leaving to go teach Sunday school and to preach I said another word of greeting.  She stopped me and said please pray for me when you get to church. I told her I would! 

After the services the pastor took me back to the motel and when I walked in the door there was Pam cleaning up from the morning activities. I stopped and chatted with her and gave her the Gospel. She listened carefully and when I was finished I asked her if I could pray for her. She said, "Yes!" In the middle of my prayer she stopped me and said, "Hold it! Here is Keith and he needs to get saved too!" Keith is one of the Assistant Managers of the motel who happened to be walking by at that moment! So, I stopped my prayer and started all over again with the Gospel to make sure that Keith understood. He listened and then I asked if I could pray again? They both said, "Yes!" I then asked them to pray with me to trust Christ to save their souls from going to Hell. They both prayed and trusted Christ! WOW GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


I was up at 5:30, had my quiet time, went downstairs for a light breakfast, and then 3 miles on the treadmill. Boy was it ever hot in that room. I went back to my room showered and dressed. 

I went over the Sunday school lesson on THE LINES OF DEFENSE out of the book of Galatians. Satan desires to have all of us and he uses a "WHO" to accomplish it. Satan doesn't walk up to us and talk us into doing some dumb stunt. He uses personalities to persuade us and entice us into a crowd mentality. The Scripture says, "Who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth." It says, "Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?"

Paul give us four lines of defense from being swallowed up by a charismatic personality. The battle is between the flesh and the Spirit. The physical WHO and the deity WHO! There is earthly wisdom and Heavenly wisdom and the choice is ours as to which to follow! We naturally do not like ourselves and thus are susceptible to a confident personality. Enter Dr. Phil who lectures the world on marriage while being divorced! Crazy isn't it?

The church at Galatia had drifted back under the Law and left what they had been so faithfully taught by Paul who followed Christ! Now they are floundering spiritually because of dynamic personalities. God through Paul gives us four layers of defense in  oder to keep us from being led like a lamb to the slaughter by a tantalizing personality.

1) THE SCRIPTURES (Galatians 4:30)
2) THE HOLY SPIRIT (Galatians 5:16-18)
3) THE CONSCIENCE (Galatians 6:3, 7)
4) THE MAN OF GOD (Galatians 4:1,11-21)

It is possible to quench the Holy Spirit according to I Thessalonians 5:19 and stop Him from teaching us the Scriptures. So when we quench Him then enter the conscience of a man and it is possible to sear the conscience and deceive ourselves, so enter the man of God. Paul said in Galatians 4:1, "Now I say..." No pastor likes to come to this point to where someone bypasses the Scriptures, bypasses the Holy Spirit, and bypasses the conscience and comes face to face with the man of God. The truth is when this happens the only one standing between you and Satan is the man of God. The delight is when all four are working together and in harmony. WOW!

Well enough of that! The Lakecrest Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan, is pastored by my good friend of over two decades Dr. Marc Dalton. He is in his sixth year as their pastor. He is as real as they come! I love being with and around him! We had a great crowd and three trusted Christ with one man Shawn Chavis following the Lord in baptism. I also was able to have my picture taken with the pastor's daughter-in-law Michelle and her baby Lyndie. Isn't she a cutie! Michelle is the daughter of our member back home Don Mann of LBT. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


It has been a good week for soul winning! God has allowed for us to lead 6 to Christ. July was a great month of soul winning and hopefully August will be also! 

My MobileMe account was all messed up and I was on the computer last night for going on 8 hours up until 2:15 this morning with three different people at MobileMe. They kept passing me up the food chain. Finally they restored everything and said they would take my problem to a Senior Advisory Group to look into it. It could only happen to me! Ha!

I was up at 6, fixed breakfast for the Mrs. Did not feel like getting on the treadmill. I'll wait until I get to the motel tonight. I ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and put my luggage into the car. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will be here at 8:45 to take me to the Tyler airport for a flight to DFW and from there I'll fly to Detroit.

I am going to be with my good friend Pastor Marc Dalton whom I have known for over two decades. He pastors the Lakecrest Baptist Church of Waterford, Michigan. He has a great soul winning church and the reason is because he is a great soul winner. I will be teaching Sunday school, preaching Sunday morning, and Sunday night. 

One of my new books SUFFERING FRUITFULLY is available on www.solvechurch along with THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION and SUFFERING? I have now 19 books that are available on the same site. Several of our books, including Mrs. Gray's, are available on and Kindle. IBooks will soon have all of my books ready for downloading. If you have not used the eBook venue I would suggest you check it out. It takes a matter of seconds to download a book to the ipad, iphone, Kindle, or computer. It is amazing! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tonight is one of 9 soul winning opportunities that our church offers for her members to spread the Gospel. We meet on Wednesday at 6 pm and pair up to spread the Gospel to the unsaved. Tonight I was scheduled to go with one of our men Larry Anderson. I was privileged to be his pastor for almost 30 years. He drives one of our Sunday school buses and is a faithful Sunday school teacher. 

Tonight we gave the Gospel to several people and one family allowed us to go through the Gospel presentation. Melvin had just gotten home from work and was very tired but he pulled out his Bible (King James) from a night stand and followed along as I gave the Scriptures. He was exhausted! You have to understand it was 102 degrees in the shade today! Yet this dear man was so kind and his dear wife Kim were very attentive. They have two beautiful young daughters and after explaining what the Bible had to say about how to go to Heaven these dear folks bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ to pay for their sins. As mom and dad were praying I heard their little six year old girl praying with us. When we finished praying I looked at Lakia and said, "Did I hear you pray with us?" She answered, "Yes I prayed too!" WOW!

After talking about coming to church Kim said to us, "I used to ride the buses to LBT when I was my daughters age. We moved away and now I have a family of my own we would like to come Sunday!" WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Monday, August 2, 2010


This morning I was up at 6, had my quiet time, 3 miles on the treadmill, fixed breakfast for the little wife, ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and went shopping from my honey do list! Checked on R. G. and Kelly reported that the surgery was a success. He has had 19 surgeries and just hates seeing doctors any more. You can't blame him. His grandmother is the same way! Later on I stopped by the church and worked on my preaching schedule.
I left the house about two this afternoon and drove to Fort Worth to preach at the Fort Worth Baptist Temple Bible Conference. Pastor Darren Robinson who pastors the Rock of Ages Baptist Church of Fallon, Nevada, and Dr. Smith met me at the Best Western Motel. We had a little time to fellowship and I enjoyed our brief time together. Pastor Robinson preached first tonight and I preached second. WOW! Pastor Robinson brought the house down and God moved in. I preached my sermon THE DANGER OF CHANGE. The building was packed and there was no way they could have gone to altar. God met with us in an unusual way. 

When I had arrived and checked into the motel Heather, the clerk, checked me in. I later went to the desk and gave her and the owner a Gospel tract. I started to present the Gospel and folks started coming in and so I excused myself and told them I would talk to them later on. When I came back to the motel after the service Heather was still at the desk and I asked her if she had read the Gospel tract and she said, "No, I have been rather busy!" I then asked her if she would like for me to explain the Gospel to her and she said she would like that. I took a few minutes to explain to her about sin, its penalty, Jesus' payment, and our decision of whether to reject or accept His payment for all of our sins. She listened and in a few minutes bowed her head and received Christ as payment for her sins. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I was up at 6, fixed breakfast for Mrs. Gray, quiet time, 3 miles on the treadmill, showered, and dressed. Spent some time working on outlines for new books and then went over the Sunday school lesson along with the Sunday morning sermon. 

I had a special treat this Sunday because I was able to drive to where I was scheduled to preach. I drove to Leesburg, Texas, and preached at the Leesburg Baptist Church. This church is pastored by Pastor David Jackson. He has been their pastor for two months although having filled the pulpit since last October. The town reminds me so much of the little town in Arkansas that I was born into. Roe, Arkansas has 124 population and this town is not much larger. We had one trust Christ for salvation at the invitation time.

I meet the pianist, Mrs. Jean Gunn, who is an 82 years young. She has been playing the piano at church for 68 years. God bless this dear lady! What a testimony! She reminds me of my dear Mama who is 98 and played piano for church up until a few years ago. 

America has just under 400,000 churches of all kinds and types. 95 % of those are not in metropolitan areas in our nation. The average membership is 125 with an average attendance of 75. God bless these dear saints of God who are faithful witnesses in their part of the world. 

We are too mega-church and mecca-church oriented in fundamentalism! If God raises up a mega-church and it does not compromise then AMEN! However, that does not mean that every church in America is supposed to be a mega-church! This is so tantalizing and so alluring to the ego of a man that he will do just about anything, if he is not careful, to have one of those ministries. Thus, enter the fascination of the "EMERGING CHURCH" movement. These little Rick Warren "wannabes" with their Hawaiian shirts, goat tees, rapping with the people, with the Beach Boys in the background, with a little rap beat to follow, and utilizing skits while extolling the virtues of the latest Hollywood movie that saw. No holiness! No separation from the world! No old fashioned preaching! Bill Hybels himself said it in the final analysis it did not work. "It produced the crowds but did not produce the Christians!" So, to go ahead and pursue this "EMERGING CHURCH" means you too want to produce the "crowds" and not "Christians." GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!