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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Mark and Jamie Robinson, Angela Salazar, Sarah Robinson, Shelly Robinson Pastor and Mrs. Brushe, Chuck and April Brushe, Nathan and Heather Brushe

I preached this week end for my good friend Dr. Chuck Brushe who pastors the NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH of Corpus Christi, Texas. We had a great service this morning with 14 saved, 9 professions, and 6 baptisms. I was thrilled to see so many of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads work hard to have a great harvest of souls today. They were all busy working the altars dealing with the converts. They had a great week of soul winning. I asked if I could have a picture taken with those who graduated and attended TBC after the service and they graciously allowed me to do so. I certainly have some fond memories of all of these dear young people. I am very proud of them!

The pastor drove me back to the motel and when I arrived back at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS I entered the lobby and noticed a new clerk behind the desk. I introduced myself to him and asked for a 3:30 am wake up call. He said to me, "Are you sure?" I said yes I was sure. I then gave him one of our church Gospel tracts and struck up a conversation with him. His name was George and he was very attentive. After carefully going through the Scriptures and doing my best to make it clear he bowed his head and prayed to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. It was funny because the phone began to ring while I was talking to him and I asked if he needed to answer it and he said, "No, they can wait till you are done!"GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


Dr. Chuck Brushe

This morning I was up at 6:30, had my quiet time, 4 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, showered, and dressed for church. I called two of my converts to make sure they were up and getting ready for church. I laughed because one said to me, "You never give up do you?"

At the NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH of Corpus Christie, Texas, this morning I taught my Sunday school lesson on "FORGIVENESS." There was a great spirit and a good response to the lesson. I then preached my sermon "WHO SHALL BE DAMNED?" God gave us 14 saved, 9 professions, and 6 baptisms. 

Dr. Brushe has pastored this dear church for 20 years. I was thrilled to see 7 TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads actively working the altar call. Pastor Brushe's health is not good and really any other man would have given in to this rare lung ailment that only 100,000 American's have which has several times almost caused death to Pastor Brushe. I admire this man's tenacity! He is one of our faithful graduates. 

Now, for you critics here it goes! You do not have to worry about TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE putting a question mark on the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE! Now put that on the "Fundamentalist Forum" again and keep those cards and letters coming! GOTTA LOVE THE INSPIRED KJB!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


This has been a good month for soul winning. God has allowed me to lead 29 folks to Christ and 8 of those followed the Lord in baptism. I wasted the first 15 years of my Christian life in the American Baptist denomination not knowing of the need for personal soul winning. We were taught to bring them to church and God would do the rest. 

I attended a SWORD OF THE LORD CONFERENCE in South Bend, Indiana, in 1972 and heard Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. John R. Rice preach and my whole world was turned right side up! I was so naive! I was so ignorant that I picked up the phone and actually called Dr. Rice at home to ask about this burning in my soul! I told Dr. Rice that I did not think I was being "called" into the ministry. He said to me, "Don't feel bad! I was never called myself! I just volunteered!" WOW! he told me to go ahead and enroll into Hyles-Anderson College and let Dr. Hyles be my Elijah! I did and I am so glad that I did!

May I add something to this blog that hopefully may help some of you Fundamentalist Forum youngins'. When we stand for truth that does not mean we are attacking it means we are defending and promoting truth. It is amazing to me that when John MacArthur Jr. said the blood of Christ dissipated at the foot of Calvary and put it in print that all of fundamentalism stood up and said, "Enough is enough!" He was rebuked for saying so! That is not attacking anyone it is defending one of the fundamentals of the faith. If anything it was MacArthur who attacked the precious blood of our Saviour. 

However, let one of ours say the KING JAMES BIBLE does not contain preserved inspiration and we are scolded for saying, "Enough is enough!" If one is wrong then the other is wrong and regardless of family or friends someone must stand up for the truth of an inspired KING JAMES BIBLE. When ANYONE attacks the precious Words of God as we hold in our hands today as not being "inspired" we dare not stand idly by and allow such for the sake of generations to come. There is no difference my friend between what John MacArthur did and others are doing today! It is just a cowardly bunch who desire and are enticed by the platform of the big church and big college that must keep their mouths shut or be put on a black list of the powerful that are a disgrace to the memory of Dr. Hyles!

I will be flying to DFW and then on to Corpus Christi, Texas, to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Dr. Chuck Brushe. Pastor Burshe pastors the NEW HOPE BATIST CHURCH and is dong a marvelous job inspite of a lung disease that has limited his activity. He has several graduates from TBC to help him including his son. I am very proud of his courage and tenacity! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pastor Todd Poynter

I preached tonight at the Greenwood Baptist Church of Greenwood, Indiana. Pastor Todd Poynter started this church 15 years ago and it is a great soul winning church. They reported  at the service tonight an additional 10 saved and the total through tonight was 25! AMEN! I preached tonight my sermon "LET'S GO SOUL WARNING." The altars were full and the people had a great spirit. This church was founded on soul winning and continues to be a great soul winning church.

When I returned to the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS motel tonight I noticed Courtney behind the desk. I greeted her and then went to get a cup of coffee. I returned to the desk and introduced myself. I gave her one of our church Gospel tracts. She told me she was a Catholic and I told her that my wife was a Catholic when I meet her. I talked to her about the fact that we do not go to Heaven because we are a Baptist, Methodist, or a Catholic but we do go to Heaven because of trusting Jesus Christ to pay for our sins. I carefully went through the Gospel and in a few moments she sweetly bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ to be the payment for her past, present, and future sins. AMEN! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


Greenwood Baptist Church
I was up early this am, had my quiet time, and called several of my converts to make sure they were up and ready to go to church. I showered, dressed, and reviewed my Sunday school lesson and sermon. The pastor picked me up at 9:45 and we arrived at church at 9:55. My books did not make it and so hopefully they will arrive on Monday. I greeted many of the folks and then was introduced and I taught my lesson on "WHO DO I LISTEN TO?"The folks listened well and had a great spirit.

I preached this morning on "YOU MUST HAVE TWO BIRTHDAYS." At the end of the service we had 15 receive Christ as Saviour. Pastor Todd Poynter started this church 15 years ago and has built some beautiful buildings. This is an amazing work and if they continue on this will be one of the great churches not only in Indiana but our nation. As I travel over this nation I am more encouraged than ever because of what I call "SEEDLING" churches that have the potential to reach a great number of the lost in their areas. The influence of Dr. Jack Hyles can be seen in this young pastor for Dr. Hyles was his pastor. He is certainly standing tall in the saddle on the same issues as Dr. Hyles. He has not compromised on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible and the other fundamentals of the faith.  I will be preaching tonight at  7 pm and again on Monday night at 7 pm. If you are in the area I hope you will take time to attend the services on Monday night. 

On my flight from DFW to Indianapolis I sat next to a young lady who is a Junior at Franklin College located near Indianapolis. Rebeca was her name and she assured me that she was saved and she related to me how that her mother Kindred was saved and baptized at  Greenwood Baptist Church. What a small world! She is going to be attending tonight's service with not only her family but some of her college friends. Amazing! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning I was up at 6:30, had my quiet time, walked 4 miles, went to McDonalds to buy breakfast for the Mrs. She has been on this "big breakfast with hot cakes" kick lately. Then I fixed a light breakfast for myself and then put my luggage in the car. 

I watched last night for the first time in 30 years a complete baseball game. Usually I tape them or DVR them and I can watch a ball game in a half hour. However, last night the little lady was asleep so I sat back in my Lazy Boy chair and watched the Texas Rangers beat the stuffin' out of the Yankees. Tickled me to watch them win! Imagine the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Wow!

I left the house at 10:15 to catch an American Eagle flight from Longview to DFW. The flight from DFW to Indianapolis, Indiana, was delayed for almost an hour due to lightening. While I was at the airport I watched a play by play of the Michigan State Spartans on my iPhone4 posted by ESPN. They came from behind and beat Northwestern. The Spartans are 8-0! AMEN! Oops I mean hurray!

I will be preaching this week end and on Monday for my friend Pastor Todd Poynter who pastors the Greenwood Baptist Church of Greenwood, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. This man of God founded this church and the hand of God is obviously on the work. I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do. 

This has been a good week. The Lord gave me 7 precious souls so far this week plus God calling my grandson Jordan Gray to preach the Gospel during the LBT revival meeting this week has made it a great week. LBT is a great church and I am excited to see what the future holds for her! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Evangelist Rob Hicks

I flew back in on Tuesday from New Mexico from a great meeting with Pastor Brent Lenetine who pastors the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, New Mexico. God gave us 57 precious souls. On Tuesday Night I was able to attend Longview Baptist Temple's revival meeting. Evangelist Rob Hicks was the preacher and he did a tremendous job of preaching a clear message and a spirit filled message from the Word of God. I love his emphasis on the King James Bible being inspired and not ashamed to say so. Obviously he is not intimidated by the powers that be in fundamentalism today who are putting a question mark on the KJB.

Tonight's Wednesday night service was fabulous! Evangelist Rob Hicks preached on "WHAT TO DO WHEN THE BUZZARDS SHOW UP!" This has been a great week for LBT with many saved, baptized, and getting right with God! I saw many old friends whom I had not seen in years and I was pleased and thrilled to see them! Dr. Bob Gray II called this a HOMECOMING REVIVAL and it certainly lived up to its name. By the way my grandson Jordan Gray surrendered to be a preacher of the Gospel. Look out America there are some more preachers named Gray on the way! Can't get rid of us can you? Ha! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Monday Night
This past week end I had the honor of preaching for my good friend Pastor Brent Lenetine who pastors the Gospel Light Baptist Church. He started this church 23 years ago and God has certainly blessed his faith and his work. They have plans for a new auditorium and in fact on Monday the balance of steel arrived at the church. Sunday the buildings were packed and they have had to go to two preaching services to handle the crowds. That is a good problem to have for sure!

Tonight the pastor picked me up at 6:45 and I as I left the motel the Texas Rangers just scored two runs in the first inning! Josh Hamilton hit a home run into the short right field stands. AMEN! Oops excuse me! Hurray! When I arrived back at my room I saw they won it 8 - 0! WOW! It pays to pray! Ha! Cliff Lee did it! Rangers are ahead 2-1! GOTTA LOVE BASEBALL!

Tonight the pastor introduced Pastor Steven Sykes who founded the True Light Baptist Church one year ago and will be celebrating their first anniversary this coming Sunday. Tonight Pastor Sykes brought Jerry Groff with him and come to find out Jerry was Pastor Sykes very first convert. This pastor is an old fashioned fundamentalist and is excited about this new church. Please put him on your prayer list! WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Tonight I preached my sermon "MY OBSERVATIONS ABOUT PERSONAL SOUL WINNING." The response was wonderful! The altars were full! There is always a good spirit here at the Gospel Light Baptist Church. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Pastor Brent Lenetine

I flew from Longview, Texas, to DFW and then on to Albuquerque, NM, yesterday where I was met at the airport by Pastor Lenetine. He is the pastor of the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Rio Rancho, NM, about 30 miles outside of Albuquerque. Pastor Lenetine started this church 23 years ago and is doing a marvelous job. 

They have 2 Sunday morning services and I was honored to preach at both of them today. I preached in the first service on "YOU MUST HAVE TWO BIRTHDAYS." At the invitation God gave us 38 precious souls. I preached at the second service my sermon "WHY DO I STILL HAVE MY BURDENS?" At the close of that service God gave us 12 dear people who trusted Christ as their Saviour. The buildings were packed and the folks were very attentive. I saw dozens of visitors sitting on the edge of their seats listening intently to the messages.

I will be preaching tonight at the 6:30 service and again Monday night at the 7 pm service. I am looking forward to tonight and if you are in the area please make plans to be with us on Monday night. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I will be flying to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to preach for my good friend Pastor Brent Lenentine. This is a great soul winning church led by a great personal soul winner. I will be teaching Sunday school, preaching Sunday morning, and preaching Sunday night.

On Monday I will be joined by Evangelist Allen Domellee. This is a veteran Evangelist and has covered this nation keeping alive what his preacher and my preacher Dr. Jack Hyles stood for, lived for, and died for. There will be a Monday night service with Evangelist Domellee and myself beginning at 7 pm. If you are in the area please make an effort to join us for a great night at the Gospel Light Baptist Church!

Dr. Hyles has been so misrepresented by some young pups who are doing nothing more than attempting to make themselves look great at the expense of a great man of God. Dr. Hyles had more power in his little finger than these "Johnny come lately" puppets who want to appear to be prophets.

Can you imagine Dr. Jack Hyles today in Heaven listening to those who are saying the English King James Bible is lacking inspiration and that we would have to travel to England to look at the so-called "originals." Now, they are claiming that Dr. Hyles did not go soul winning! Mark my word, after the passing of Mrs. Hyles there will be a conjecturing and a smear campaign on Dr. Hyles' morals. You can just see it coming!!!!! If you cannot do a greater work than make his look lesser?????

It has been a great week of soul winning. I just finished calling 4 converts who said to me they are coming to church on Sunday. I am excited about one family in particular. I have had the honor of leading 7 to Christ this week and I am praying for them to get out of bed on Sunday morning! Ha! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Pastor John and son James Opferman
Pastor John and wife Ann Opferman

Today I was driven from Richmond, California, to Santa Rosa to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor John Opferman. John graduated in 1989 and has served for 20 years as pastor at the LANDMARK BAPTIST CHURCH of Santa Rosa. They have been blessed with 6 children and one of them is James who is their Song Leader. James was 5 when the Opferman's came to Texas for college. To say I am proud of these dear folks is an understatement. They have stayed when others would have quit and I am extremely excited about their church. Ann sat next to Mrs. Gray in the LBT Adult Choir for years and they were a pair together to say the least!

TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE is not for everyone but it is for those who are serious about serving God. It is a shame that Bible Colleges have become a gathering place for those who have no spiritual interest at all. If you mean business about serving God then TBC is the place to be! By the way the pastor will not be quoting EMERGING CHURCH authors and slamming old fashioned fundamentalism! You can trust your best to those who stood the test!

I will be getting up at 4:30 to be driven down to San Francisco to catch a 9:30 flight to DFW and then on to Longview. I will be flying all day and I certainly am looking forward to being at home for a few days. I had a great week of soul winning last week and so far this week God has given me 5 souls. This is exciting to be able to serve the Lord! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Alvin Martinez
I had the honor of preaching for Dr. Michael Callaghan pastor of  the ARLINGTON BAPTIST CHURCH of Richmond, California, this past week end. The buildings were jammed packed and the results were wonderful. The church conducted 8 services with 1,638 in attendance and 333 trusting Christ for salvation.

Tonight was their annual BAPTIST CONFERENCE ON SOUL WINNING for Northern California. Once again the building was packed out with extra chairs and many pastors from the area bringing their people. The spirit was electrifying!

My good friend Alvin Martinez provided the special music and when I say special I mean it was special. He reminds me of the late Ray Hart! His spirit is an excellent one and his singing is uplifting to say the least! I couldn't help but laugh though when I thought of one of my converts saying to me after hearing Alvin sing at LBT for the first time, "He and Willie Nelson are my favorite two singers!" Ha! GOTTA LOVE YOUNG CONVERTS!

I will be driven by Dr. Callaghan to Santa Rosa, CA., on Tuesday to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPIST COLLEGE 1989 grads Pastor John Opferman. I am really looking forward to being with him and his dear wife. Ann sat next to Mrs. Gray in the LBT Adult Choir for several years. In fact they cut up a lot behind my back! Don't worry I will get her back tomorrow night! Ha!

I am so excited to see and preach for so many of our TBC grads around the country. We have well over 400 grads serving not only in America but around the globe. One thing for sure when you send your young people to TBC you will never have to worry about someone putting a question mark on the KING JAMES BIBLE! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was up early this morning, had my quiet time, did my 3.25 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, showered, and dressed. I called some of my converts to make sure they were up and ready. Dr. Mike Callaghan and his dear wife picked me up at 9:30 for Sunday school. I was apart of one of eight services that were conducted by this dear church. The buildings were packed with people every where.

Tonight the pastor gave a report to the church about the numbers. God gave them a total of 1,638 in attendance with 333 people trusting Christ. WOW! What a great soul winning church this is! 

I preached this morning on "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN" and the altars were packed with 30 responding to the invitation to trust Christ. I preached tonight my sermon "MY OBSERVATIONS ABOUT PERSONAL SOUL WINNING." Once again the altars were full! 

I will be preaching Monday night at the Arlington Baptist Church of Richmond, CA. If you are in the area make plans to attend the service. It begins at 7 pm. Singer Alvin Martinez will be providing the special music. What a great servant of the Lord he is! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!


Dr. Mike Callaghan

What a blessing to be able to spend Saturday morning at home with my leaving for the airport at 10:30 am. I was up early, had my quiet time, 3.45 miles, and fixed a light breakfast for the little lady of the house. The poodle, peaches, rolled over and pulled her blanket back over her head and I laughed myself silly. It was if she was saying to me, "Do you mind? I'm tired!"

Assistant Pastor Bob Queen drove me to the Longview airport and I caught a flight to DFW and then on to San Francisco. I arrived a few minutes late but all went well. Dr. and Mrs. Callaghan met me at the baggage handler and drove me to a beautiful sea food restaurant where I ate some halibut. It was GREAT! This is Fleet Week and there were a lot of people out. Also, Stanford was playing football. I think that is what they call it out here?

I arrived back at my room and quickly turned the TV on and found that, yep, Michigan State beat Michigan! Poor Mrs. Gray! I hope she will let me come back home? Also, I saw where Arkansas beat Texas A & M plus Alabama lost! WHAT? Yes, you heard it here second! Ha! Now, all we need is a Cowboy win!!!!!!!!!

This has been a great week of soul winning! The Lord allowed me to lead 10 folks to Christ! AMEN! I called some of my converts last night and so far I have at least 2 coming to church today. I will be preaching at the Arlington Baptist Church of El Cerrito, CA, this morning. I have known the Callaghans for almost three decades and they are doing a great job of reaching people with the Gospel. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Thursday, October 7, 2010




Longview Baptist Temple of Longview, Texas, has 8 scheduled church soul winning times and last night was the Wednesday night time for soul winning at 6 pm. There, once again, was a great crowd of soul winners. Dr. Bob Gray II is doing an excellent job of not only exhorting God's people to go soul winning but he and his dear wife, Kelly, are providing the example of soul winning. He and his dear wife have people saved regularly.

Last night I went soul winning with Jacob Dean one of our LBT teens. He is a great youngster and a good soul winner. The Lord allowed him to lead 11 to Christ last Saturday on his bus route. That's not bad! 

Last night the Lord gave us 8 souls. While we were leading a man named Kyle to Christ there was a lot of sirens going off and fire trucks rushing by. So, after leading this man to Christ I told Jacob, "Let's go where that fire is!" Being a teen he liked that idea. When we went to the south side of town following the fire trucks we found people every where staring at the blocked off road where the fire was. So, guess what we did? We gave out Gospel tracts and ended up leading 8 in total to Christ. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Sunday, October 3, 2010



This was a wonderful Lord's day at Gospel Light Baptist Church of Utica, New York. Pastor Jody Martin is doing a great job of leading this church in the winning of the lost. The Lord gave them 17 souls this week and one young teen lady led her first soul to Christ yesterday and she is elated as well as the pastor. There were 24 decisions made this morning, 4 saved, and one baptized. This is one exciting church!

Tonight I preached on "GOD THE BUILDER." The altars were full and the response was great! When I walked in tonight I saw Pastor John Koletas of the the Grace Baptist Church of Troy, New York. He brought his people for the service and I was over joyed to see him and his people. 

I set my alarm for 3 am, which is 2 Texas time, and I will be catching a 6 am flight to Cleveland, Ohio, and then on to Houston, Texas, and then on to Tyler, Texas. It will be a long day tomorrow but I'm looking forward to getting home. Mrs. Gray is having a rough time lately with an apparent eruption of a staph infection. She has more scheduled appointments this month and next. Hopefully they will find out what is going on? GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I arrived at the Syracuse, New York at 3 pm and I was met by Pastor Jody Martin who pastors the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Utica, New York. He drove me about an hour to Utica and to the Best Western Motel. He was very gracious and gave me a vehicle to drive this week end.

I went to my room and settled in unpacking my bags. I walked to the McDonalds' Resturant next to the motel to get a bite to eat and returned to my room to watch Michigan State University defeat undefeated Wisconsin in their first Big Ten game for 2010. MSU is undefeated at 5-0 and should be ranked higher this week in the polls. Mrs. Gray's team the University of Michigan is also undefeated and ranked. (Don't tell her but U of M is not as good as their record!) Our nemesis Ohio State University had a rough time with Illinois and look venerable! Arkansas had a week off and will play Texas A & M next week. It should be a good game!

After watching the MSU game I went soul winning. Come on first things first! Ha! I have 3 lined up for in the morning. One young man in the picture above was at the front desk when I went to go to the exercise room to do my 3.25 miles on the treadmill tonight. The desk clerk had just given Irick a Gospel tract. The young clerk is a member of the Gospel Light Baptist Church where I am preaching in the morning. The clerk was on duty and told me later that he could not do more than hand Irick a Gospel tract. I happened to walk up as Irick was reading the tract. I asked Irick if he knew 100 % for sure that he was going to Heaven? He said, "No!" So, I carefully went over the Scriptures and in a few minutes Irick bowed his head and asked Jesus Christ to pay for all of his sins. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!


I was up at 3:30, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, and placed my luggage in the car. I will be traveling to Tyler, Texas, to catch a flight to DFW and then on to Syracuse, New York. I will be preaching at the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Utica, New York.  Pastor Jody Martin is the pastor and is doing a wonderful job of leading his church in the winning of souls.

If you would like to order some of my books you can go to SMASHWORDS.COM, AMAZON.COM, iBOOKS, KINDALE, XULON, or SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM. I am hoping that we will have the LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS series (5 books), HEAVEN, 24 CARAT FRIENDSHIP, and THE SOUL WINNER'S MANUAL on line soon. Please keep checking! Also some of these are books you can download in about 30 seconds to your computer. AMAZING! Just google bob gray sr and you will find those that are available.

September was a great month for soul winning! I was able to lead 43 souls to Christ and God gave me 9 baptisms. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!