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Monday, November 29, 2010


Mrs. Mary Gray

I preached this past weekend for my good friend Pastor Dave Baker who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Columbia, TN. The buildings were full and we had some great services. He and his dear wife started this church 18 years ago and it is a miracle church. You can always put your money on a soul winner. They always seem to rise to the top above the battles. I am glad to call Pastor Baker my friend! 

I left about 10 am from Columbia to drive a little over an hour to Murfreesboro, TN., to visit with my 98 year old mother. My brother Jerry and his wife Ronnie are the best! They have taken wonderful care of Mama! It has not been easy but they and their church have certainly been a blessing. I am not sure if Mama knew me or not. I couldn't tell because I couldn't understand her. She is a feisty lady and has overcome so much in her life. I will be visiting with her again in the morning. It seems that she is more alert in the morning than the afternoon according to Jerry. I also had lunch with my brother and we recalled a lot of our childhood. It seems that when we were young we were actually living in a Mayberry atmosphere in our home town. Anyway we had a great time together. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


James Dalton

This morning I taught Sunday school and preached at the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH of Columbia, TN. Pastor Dave Baker started this church 18 years ago and for almost 2 decades has given his life to spreading the Gospel to the city of Columbia. I taught his new Couples Class this morning my lesson on "FORGIVENESS." 

The folks listened intently and after the class I had the opportunity to speak to James Dalton. He told me this was his first time to attend church here and he had some questions. I met with him in the Pastor's Office. He was concerned about some things and so I did my best to answer his concerns. Then I presented the Gospel to him and after I carefully went through the Scriptures he said he wanted to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. So, he bowed his head and prayed to trust Christ. 

After I preached my sermon "WHY DO I STILL HAVE MY BURDENS?" he was one of the first ones to step out and come to the altar. He followed the Lord in baptism. I gave him my book "THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION" for him to read. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


DeAnna's Engagement Ring

One of our grandchildren, DeAnna Gray daughter of Bob and Kelly, became engaged last week to one of our fine young men Josh Doyle. DeAnna sent me a picture of her ring. She was engaged on her birthday! What a surprise. Both DeAnna and Josh are students at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and will be graduating next May. They are both soul winners, fine students, love the Lord, and are aggressive soul winners. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

I am in Columbia, TN., preaching for my good friend Pastor Dave Baker who pastors the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH. He started this church nearly two decades ago and is doing a wonderful job of leading this church to be a great soul winning church. They have had their share of battles, as we all have, but I will always put my money on the soul winner every time. Not that I would bet! Ha! On my way here I listened to Michigan State University beat Penn State; another answered prayer! Ha! I arrived just in time to watch Arkansas beat LSU! Wow! I felt so sorry for my dear wife Michigan lost again. I am shedding tears as I write this blog! Ha! That's what they get for bringing someone in from West Virginia! OOPS! I love West Virginia!

Did you hear about the couple leaving divorce court in West Virginia after the judge made their divorce final! The ex-wife was sobbing and couldn't control herself. The ex-husband said to her, "Come on its over! Quit your crying and get over it! Its over and there is nothing you can do about it! Besides, I'll still be your brother!" Ha!

I called my converts to make sure they are coming in the morning and one young man told me he was bringing some friends with him. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This morning the Gray family met for breakfast at our local IHop Restaurant. Our grandson Joe Simmons flew in last night and was able to join us. He will fly back on Monday.

You have never had any more fun in your life unless you have ever been apart of one of these get togethers! Ha! This event will humble the best of men and beast! No ego escapes this gathering! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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Grandson Jordan

Last night at LBT Dr. Bob Gray II asked 7 of our preacher boys from the teen department to preach for 4 minutes each! These teen boys did a wonderful job! It was obvious they had prepared and took this opportunity seriously!

One of those who preached last night was our grandson Jordan Gray son of Bob and Kelly! He did a marvelous job of course! Not prejudice or anything! Ha! This is an annual event at LBT! I look forward to it each year! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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Location:Longview Baptist Temple

Last night one of our teens David Dean went soul winning with me! This is one of our churches 8 soul winning meetings.

David and I were able to lead 3 men to Christ last night. One man Yarun who trusted Christ is from India. After speaking to Yarun we then met George and Tony who listened and asked some good questions. After going over the Scriptures and answering their questions they bowed their heads and trusted Christ! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I preached this morning at the Grace Baptist Church of Troy, New York my sermon "Ye Must Be Born Again!" I had the adult service and God gave us 26 souls, 20 professions, and 13 baptisms out of the adult service!

Pastor John Koletas started this church 23 years ago! Wow! What a wonderful soul winning work! He honored the charter church members this morning! Thank God for these dear saints of God!

I will be going back to the church for a 2-3 service with area churches and the drive up to Fort Plain, NY, to preach tonight! AMEN!

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Location:Hoosick St,Troy,United States

Pastor John Koletas

This morning I had the honor to teach Sunday school at the Grace Baptist Church of Troy, New York. I taught my lesson on "Who Do I Listen Too?" Pastor John Koletas started this church 20 years ago and is doing a marvelous work of winning souls!

I am preaching this morning my sermon "Ye Must Be Born Again!" I am sitting in the Pastor's office and will leave in a few moments to preach! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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Location:4th Ave,Troy,United States

Friday, November 19, 2010


I will be leaving the house at 9 am to go to Tyler, Texas, to catch a flight to DFW and then on to Chicago and then on to Albany, New York. I do not believe you can get there from here. On my way home I will fly from Albany to Detroit to DFW and then home to Tyler. I will be preaching for my good friend Pastor John Koletas of Troy, New York, on Sunday morning. I will host a 2 to 3 pm meeting for area pastors and then Pastor Koletas will drive me to Fort Plains, New York, where I will preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Kevin Keever. I am looking forward to being with them.

The past two weeks have been exciting to say to least in our house. Mrs. Gray had her Morphine Pump replaced two weeks ago and then last week I had surgery on my gums. The doctor harvested some skin from the roof of my mouth to harvest necessary skin for the surgery. WOW! I did not realized how much that would hurt. I received and all clear from the Doctor Tom today to travel and preach this weekend. I will be so glad to get back into the saddle!

I had a book signing at LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE this past Sunday night. Dr. Bob II was so kind to promote my books. I have four new ones! SUFFERING?, SUFFERING FRUITFULLY, THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION, and JUST A THOUGHT Volume IV. Also, I have THE PERSONAL SOUL WINNERS MANUAL, 24 CARAT FRIENDSHIP, HEAVEN, and a 5 book series LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS that will be in print in the near future. You can go to SOLVE CHURCH PROBLEMS.COM to order or AMAZON.COM and enter in BOB GRAY SR and you will be able to view my books. Also, SMASHWORDS.COM has my books as ebooks. KINDLE also has them on ebook form. You may go to iBOOKS for more of them as ebooks. I hope you will take advantage of these books. I have given the rest of my life to writing books and to helping local churches. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dr. David Cox
Seattle Baptist Church

I flew from Tyler, Texas, to DFW Saturday and then flew on to Seattle from there. On my flight to Seattle I sat next to a soldier who is stationed in the Seattle area. Her name was Gladys. I spoke to her and gave her one of our church Gospel tracts. I went through the Scriptures and explained how she could know for sure that she was going to Heaven when she died. In a few minutes she bowed her head and trusted Christ to pay for all of her sins. These dear soldiers look so young too me! God bless these dear men and women who are serving our nation! God is so good! He has given me 8 souls this week. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

I arrived in Seattle, WA, Saturday at 2:30 and the pastor Dr. David Cox picked me up from the airport and drove me to the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS. We stopped by the McDonalds for a grilled chicken salad. I settled in and phoned my wife and some of my converts to make sure the converts were still planning on going to church Sunday. I then went down to the exercise room and did 8 miles on the treadmill. I watched Arkansas beat South Carolina! Michigan State also won their ball game! AMEN! Oops...horray!  I went back to my room, showered, and dressed for bed. I changed the time on my alarm clock and that's all I remember!

This morning I taught in Sunday school my lesson on "FORGIVENESS." I preached this morning my sermon "WHO SHALL BE DAMNED?" God gave us  precious souls! Tonight I preached my sermon "WHY DO I STILL HAVE MY BURDENS?" God gave us 2 baptisms tonight. AMEN! Dr. Cox started this church 20 years ago and SEATTLE BAPTIST CHURCH has become one of the great churches in the Northwest. What a great group of people. The spirit was tremendous! These folks love the Lord!

When I arrived back at the motel I asked the clerk to give me a wake up call at 4 am. I will be taking a 7 am flight to DFW and then a 4 pm flight to Longview!  I will be home about 5:15! This was a wonderful Lord's Day! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Friday, November 5, 2010


This weekend I will be preaching for my good friend Dr. David Cox who pastors the Seattle Baptist Church of Seattle, Washington. I have had the privilege of preaching for him for many years. Dr. Cox started this great church and is doing a wonderful job of spreading the Gospel to the Seattle area.

Mrs. Gray went through her surgery Monday OK and is home resting. I brought her home on Tuesday and she is in some obvious pain from the surgery. The Morphine Pump was placed in her ten years ago to relieve the pain in her spine from the many surgeries she has had in these 30 years. They replaced that pump with a new one. 

In total to date she has had 26 surgeries. She is pretty much home bound and is able to leave the house just to go to the doctor every 90 days to refill her pump. Please continue to pray for her! Hopefully she will have some relief in a few weeks! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Associate Pastor Bob Queen will pick me up at 9 am to drive me to Tyler to catch a American Eagle flight to DFW and then on to Seattle. I will be preaching only on Sunday and then flying back to care for my wife. This is an amazing church and I am excited to be able to be with them once again. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!