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Sunday, May 29, 2011


St. Johns Family
This morning I had the honor of preaching for my good friend Dr. Richard Haley who pastors the RIVERSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Hutchinson, KS. 

Tony St. Johns who recently trusted Christ brought his son Joseph and his wife Desiree to church this morning. Joseph trusted Christ and made a profession of faith also following the Lord in baptism. Tonight his wife Desiree trusted Christ and was also baptized. They were excited! WOW! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Mike Kiraly

Yesterday Dr. Haley as he was soul winning ran across this young man Mike Kiraly. Mike listened as the pastor gave him the gospel and he then bowed his head to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. When the pastor started to write his address down the young man told him that he was homeless. He had slept behind a building the night before and so the pastor took him home with him and feed him Saturday night. The pastor also found a place for him to stay. 

Mike came to church this morning made a profession of faith and was baptized. Tonight when I went to the pulpit there was Mike sitting on the front row with a brand new King James (inspired) Bible in his hand. When the invitation was given for "soul warners" he dove into the altar volunteering to be a "soul warner." GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!


Dr. Richard Haley
This morning I taught Sunday school and preached at the RIVERSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Hutchinson, KS. I taught my lesson on "WHO DO I LISTEN TOO!" for Sunday school and preached my sermon, "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN" for the morning service.

Dr. Haley introduced me to the Auditorium Sunday school class. The Sunday school classes were packed as well as the auditorium. This was a great day with 20 trusting Christ, 15 professions, and 6 baptisms. Dr. Haley is doing a wonderful job of leading his church in personal soul winning. 

The pastor had a homeless teenager with him this morning. The young man was saved yesterday, pastor  took him home to eat with his family, the pastor found a place for him to stay, and he picked him up for church this morning! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Clay and Son Isaac

This morning former LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE member Clay Dotson picked me up for church. Clay and his family were long time members of LBT. Clay served on the LBT deacon board for many years. He was sitting next to me with his son Isaac on the front pew this morning. I sure do love this family! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD! (Go Mavericks)

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was up at 3:30 had my quiet time, unloaded the dishwasher, folded some clothes, finished packing, worked on a new chapter, showered, dressed, and ate a light breakfast. 

Mrs. Gray's poodle went to the beauty shop and came home snooty again. Her name is peaches and she is a peach. It is like having a spoiled kid in the house! Ha! Both are sound asleep as I am finishing up my chores! A man's work is from dawn to dusk and never done or something like that! Ha!

Wednesday Night Bible Study
This was a short week. The storms delayed our flight once again this week and we arrived home just in time to unpack and head to the church for the Bible Study. Dr. Bob II did another fabulous job with the book of Proverbs. 

I did not have time to dress up so I went to church in my travel clothes. I slipped into the balcony hoping no one would spot me. Of course the grandchildren spotted me right away and came to sit with me. Scott Gray Jr. is here with us for the summer and I was certainly glad to see him.

I will be flying to Wichita, Kansas, to preach for my good friend Dr. Richard Haley. He pastors the RIVERSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Hutchinson, Kansas. Dr. Haley was recently honored at the TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduation service this May. He is doing a wonderful job of reaching his area for Christ. If you are in the area there will be a Monday night service at 7 pm. I hope to see you there. GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Dr. Watts & Dr. Skiver
This morning was the beginning of the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE hosted by the BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH of Ravenna, Ohio. Dr. Monte Watts has conducted literally hundreds of these conferences around our nation and I have been privileged to have a small part in them. Dr. Skiver is the pastor here and has been so going on 21 years. He one of the finest men of God you will ever meet. I have always enjoyed preaching here.

Assistant pastor Dave Ballert preached during Sunday school and did a marvellous job of preparing the people for this week's meetings. Dr. Russell Anderson will join us on Monday and Tuesday. If you are in the area please make plans to be with us each night.

The Lord was so good to us this morning with a full building also 4 saved with 2 professions and 2 baptisms. Mrs. Gray was able to travel with me but her right foot was so swollen she could not wear her shoes nor go with me this morning. To tell you the truth I think she has a broken ankle from her fall two weeks ago. We called back and made an appointment to see the Doctor on Thursday to x-ray her foot. Dave Ballert's wife called Mrs. Gray a modern day Job! She refuses to let me take her to a doctor here! She is so stubborn! I'm glad I am not that way! Ha! GOTTA LOVE LIFE!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


DeAnna & Josh Doyle with Grandma Gray
This morning Mrs. Gray and I loaded up the car for our trip to the Longview Airport for a flight to DFW and then on to Cleveland, Ohio. When we arrived at the airport there was one of our former Deacons Jet Thomas who flew in for the wedding of our granddaughter DeAnna and Josh. He was also on the flight to DFW on his way to a business appointment in Washington D. C. 

In a little bit here came the newly weds for they were flying on the same American Eagle flight with Mrs. Gray, myself, and Jet. After the take off the stewardess announced there were newlyweds on the plane and introduced them to the passengers. They received an applause! We are so proud of them! No, we are not prejudiced at all! Ha!

Someone sent Mrs. Gray and I a pic last night of a close up of Bob during the ceremony. We absolutely fell out when we saw it! It is the funniest pic of the night!

You would have to be a part of this family to know how nuts they are. No not "us" but "they." Welcome to the family Josh! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Engagement Ring

Marriage License

Thursday Night Rehearsal

Bob II and Josh

Josh, Mrs. Gray, and Bob II
Last night my son Bob II, Pastor Gray, conducted a wedding rehearsal for his daughter DeAnna Gray who is marrying Josh Doyle. Both DeAnna and Josh graduated from Texas Baptist College this spring and were married Friday night. Mrs. Gray was able to attend the wedding tonight and I was certainly thrilled for her.

Mrs. Gray broke her toe this past week and her foot is swollen yet she made a special effort to be here tonight for the wedding. It seems she just goes from one thing to another physically. She was planning and is still planning tonight to go with me this week end when I fly to Cleveland area to preach for my good friend Dr. Skiever of the Bethel Baptist Church of Ravenna, Ohio. He is a maystay for fundmentalism in that area. Our flight does not leave until 11:15 in the morning so that will give her a chance to rest up tonight. 

I am so proud of DeAnna and Josh! They conducted themselves in a respectful Christian manner in their dating and respresented the Lord Jesus in wonderful way. Young people can still go to the altar pure! Call me outdated if you please but I still believe it can be done even in 2011! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Memory Lane Cemetery
Scott Jr., Philip, Steven, and Scott

I was up early and walked my 4 miles on the treadmill, had my quiet time and drove Dr. Russell Anderson's car to meet my son Scott and grandson Scott Jr. for breakfast.  We had a great time! Scott Jr. will be a Senior next year in high-school. WOW! It is  hard to believe. 

I preached on Tuesday night my sermon "LET'S GO SOUL WARNING!"  Scott Jr., Philip, Steven, and Scott Sr. were able to come to the meeting. Scott was preaching in TN over the week end and arrived back home late Monday night. I always enjoy being with Scott and the boys. I slipped in for the first sermon with Dr. Anderson and sat on the back row. Steven spotted me and left where he was and came to sit with me while Dr. Monte Watts preached.

I also was able to visit the grave of Dr. Jack Hyles while here and pause to think of him. I loved Dr. Hyles very much and miss him. He was a composite of all the great men of God that I knew of his day! I preached with him the first time in December of 1978 and I preached with him in his last Bible Conference in Mexico before he graduated to Heaven. I was honored to share the pulpit with him somewhere in America for 22 years. Thank you Dr. Hyles! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Pastor Promnitz and Dr. Anderson
Tonight Dr. Russell Anderson and I preached at the "Round Robin Foundation Conference" at the SOUTHLAKE FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point, Indiana. Dr. Anderson's 80th birthday was today and he did a great job of preaching about the Holy Spirit. I preached my sermon "THE KEY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT" and the altars were full. I always enjoy preaching with Dr. Anderson.

Pastor Promnitz was very gracious to host the night services of the "Round Robin Foundation Conference." This is my first time to preach here and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The people were very receptive.

I am looking forward to enjoying breakfast in the morning with my son Scott. He called today as he and Jenny were traveling back from preaching over the week end in Murfreesboro, TN. Scott is a great preacher in his own right! 

Today I went to the Culvers Restaurant beside the Holiday Inn Express to order a salad and the lady at the counter said to me, "You look just like Dr. Bob Gray a preacher from Texas!" I told her it was really me! She said, "Oh I can't wait to tell my daughter I met Dr. Bob Gray." I asked her if her daughter knew me and she said no but she just loves your son Scott. Great! The kid is more popular! Ha! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!


Pastor Bob Ueltzen
I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Bob Ueltzen of the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Crete, Illinois, Sunday night. It has been many years since I have had the privilege of preaching for these dear people. Pastor Ueltzen is a hero in my eyes for he and his dear family have been through multiple physical problems and yet here they are 21 years later still pursuing the unsaved. I am proud to call them my friends! Dr. Hyles would often tell me that those pastors who stay 20 years at the same church are an "elite" group of men of God. I certainly agree!

I preached last night my sermon "GOD THE BUILDER" and the altars were full. These folks are easy to preach to and obviously they have a great spirit about them. The pastor reported 7 saved in total on Sunday.  What a great day for them! 

I am preaching in a "Round Robin Foundation Conference" with Dr. Monte Watts, Dr. Russell Anderson, and myself in three local churches. We will gather tonight at the SOUTHLAKE FUNDAMENTAL BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point for the night service at 7 pm. Also a service will be held at 10 on Tuesday morning as well as 7 pm on Tuesday night. If you are in the area we would love to see you. 

Last night as I returned to the motel I was leaving some thing for Dr. Anderson and I looked up and he was just coming back to the motel himself. It is his 80th birthday today and so I wished him a happy birthday. He is an amazing man whom God has chosen to use. I really do not believe that many men could keep up with him and his schedule. We sat and chatted for a little bit and then we both retired to our rooms. I love this man! He is solid as gold! Speaking of gold he has a lot of that too! Ha!

My computer list sometimes just drops people for some unknown reason! Dr. Hyles would say they are too spooky for me. If you will go to the end of this email and punch where it says "read more" you then can go to my BLOG and subscribe for it. That way you will receive them automatically! 

I have written so many new books that we are behind on the proof reading of them. I am hoping to speed this up so I can get them published. Please be patient with me as I believe these new books will be a tremendous help to you! For the ones that are available go to AMAZON.COM and put Bob Gray Sr. in and you will see what is currently available. Also i-books are available on Kindle, SMASHWORDS.COM, or my SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM. I trust you will take advantage of these books. I should have 30 books all together on the market by the end of the year. 

I have been working and compiling info on a new book about the principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. I will keep you updated on its progress. This will be a block buster! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Pastor Geckler
This morning Pastor Samuel Geckler's son Ron drove me to the DUNES BAPTIST CHURCH of Michigan City, Indiana, for the morning services. Ron's son Sam was with his dad and we had a great time. 

I taught my lesson on "FORGIVENESS" in Sunday school and preached my sermon "WHY DO I STILL HAVE MY BURDENS?" God gave us three who trusted Christ and one for baptism. This dear man of God is one of the most gracious men one will ever meet.

On my way down in the elevator to go to church a man who works at the motel was reading a Gospel Tract. I asked what he was reading and he said "A piece of paper someone gave me." I asked what was it about? He said it was about how to go to Heaven when you die! I asked if he knew that for sure he was going to Heaven at death and he said, "No!" So, I took the Scriptures he was reading on the Gospel Tract and explained each one to him. We stepped off of the elevator and I asked if I was going to get him in trouble because he was on the clock. He said "No this is more important than my job!" In a few minutes he bowed his head, took me by the hand, and prayed to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!
Kelly Walters

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was up at 6 and did my 4 mile walk. It was gorgeous this morning with cool air settling over East Texas. I came across some beautiful Bluebonnets this morning and I thought I would share them with you. Boy, have I ever softened up in my retirement! Ha! I finished my packing and did some work on a new chapter of a new book.

Grandson Jordan Gray
I will preaching in a "Round Robin Foundation Conference" in the Northwest Indiana area. Dr. Russell Anderson, Evangelist Monty Watts, and myself will be also coming together on Monday and Tuesday night at the SOUTHLAKE BAPTIST CHURCH of Crown Point, Indiana. The night meetings will be conducted at 7 pm and I hope you will make plans to be there.

On Friday I spent several hours with my son Bob and his family (DeAnna was not there because she is in love and had a wedding to prepare for). Of course I had to foot the bill at the Starbucks! Where do they come up with all those names and prices for coffee? This yuppy lifestyle is too expensive! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Evangelist Allen Domelle
Pastor Gary Crawford
This weekend I flew to Pittsburg, PA, where Pastor Gary Crawford meet me at the airport and drove me to Holbrook, PA. The church this man of God pastors is in a town of a population of 30. The church is the BRISTORIA BAPTIST CHURCH of Holbrook. This is one amazing church! This church averages 60 on Sundays which is double the population of this out of the way town. I have never met this dear brother before but I immediately liked the guy. He has a great spirit and so does his dear people.

Evangelist Allen Domelle and I preached together this weekend and I once again thoroughly enjoyed his preaching. He did a great job of encouraging the people in being filled with the Holy Spirit and challenging the people with his sermon "ROLLING OVER THE MINUTES!"

I preached tonight my sermon "EVERYTHING RISES OR FALLS ON FOLLOWSHIP!" The altars were full and the response was wonderful. These folks love old fashioned preaching! I challenged the church to have the greatest number ever out for soul winning on Thursday and asked the preacher to call me to let me know how many of them showed up! 

I totaled up my soul winning numbers from my New Testament and God gave me 37 precious souls last month with 10 of those following the Lord in baptism. Today two different churches texted me to let me know of converts following the Lord in baptism. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


R. G. Gray
Tonight when I arrived at my motel in PA and opened up my email I received this photo of our grandson R. G. and family celebrating his 20th birthday today. This truly is a miracle young man. 

When he was born 20 years ago it was during our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC. Dr. Jack Hyles preached his sermon, "WHERE BE ALL THE MIRACLES?" He mentioned in his introduction that he has never preached this sermon without there being a report of some type of a miracle happening of which he would be told of later on. 

When we discovered the many physical challenges R. G. would encounter it became apparent to all of us that this was that miracle of which Dr. Hyles had preached about. R. G. was not expected to survive but he did. He was not expected to see but he did. He was not expected to speak but he did. He was not supposed to walk but he did. He was not supposed to be able to learn but he did. R. G. thinks the whole world is abnormal and that he is the only normal person in the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY R. G.! GOTTA LOVE GRANDCHILDREN!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Bob Hawkins Family
Tonight I preached at the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Canal Winchester, Ohio, for my good friend Dr. Tracy Fowler. The building was full and the spirit was great! 

I preached tonight my sermon "GOD'S DAY." I pointed out how that God told us in Genesis chapter one that the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth day are said to be the "evening and the morning" and not the "morning and the evening." God always saves the best for last. God never leaves anything that is his in the grave!

1) Death is not the end of the day but death is the beginning of the day

2) Becoming older is not entering into the shadows but entering into the sun light

3) The young are to bear their yoke in their youth (Lamentations 3:27)

4) If you have morning in the evening you will have evening in the morning

5) Every life will have the same amount of mornings and evenings

6) Pay now or pay later

After the service I met with several of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates including the Bob Hawkins family. This dear family has two beautiful girls and hold on are expecting twins on August 19th. They have already named the twin girls Anna Faith and Amelia Joy! WOW! 

In the picture you have Bob, his wife Angela, Emma, and Olivia. They are on deputation as missionaries to Brazil. Their sending church is ANCHOR BAPTIST CHURCH of Columbus, Ohio. 

This is a fine soul winning couple and I highly recommend them for support. Please feel free to call Bob at 614-607-1889 if you would like to schedule him for a meeting. His email address is Please this is the best missions' money you will ever invest! GOTTA LOVE MISSIONARIES!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Brandon & Tandra
Cook Family
 Dr. Tracy Fowler drove me to church this morning where I taught Sunday school and preached the morning service. I taught my lesson on "MOTIVES VS. WORKS" and preached my sermon on "WHEN I AM WEAK THEN AM I STRONG." 

God gave us 11 saved and 8 professions. Corinne wife of Steve trusted Christ and made it public this morning. They have a beautiful daughter named Emily. Also, Brandon and Tandra trusted Christ and made it public this morning at the invitation time. The altars were full and the spirit was great! Steve told me he was going to bring some of his family with him tonight for the service. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio, area HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH is hosting a Monday night service at 7 pm. Hopefully you will be able to attend. The church is located in Canal Winchester. I will look forward to seeing you!

If you would like, at the end of this email you can subscribe to my BLOG and that way make sure you are not accidentally dropped from this email list. Sometimes the computer has a mind of its own. Dr. Hyles use to say about computers, "They are too spooky for me!" Ha! I will never forget the first time I saw Dr. Hyles pull out a cell phone to use. My mouth dropped open! I would have rather seen my mother drunk than to see him compromise like that! Ha! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!