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Monday, October 31, 2011


Dr. Bob Gray II
Last night I had the honor of preaching at the LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE for my son Pastor Bob Gray II. What a tremendous and exciting church LBT is. My son, whom his mother still calls Bobby, is doing a marvelous job. 


I preached my sermon "LET GOD TOUCH YOUR LIPS" tonight. On my way to church my son texted me and told me  there were 97 professions and 68 baptisms going into tonight's service. WOW! I cannot begin to tell you how proud of my son and his wife I am. He has risen to the occasion and surpassed the norm. He is building a base that will break all records for LBT. I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking with God and involved in God's work of reaching the lost with the Gospel. GOTTA LOVE A SOUL WINNING CHURCH!

The pdf file is at the printers in California and is scheduled to go to press in couple of weeks. I am excited about this new book. This will be my 31st book and by far the most critical of all subject matter. This is a 408 page hard back book with a dust jacket. This is not a book of sermons rather a book of the life time of Biblical principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. 

Please call 903-576-1307 or 903-452-1783 to take advantage of the pre-order 50% special for a case of 16 books. This special is only good for 6 weeks. You may email me at for any questions you may have.  GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Sunday Morning 
My son Dr. Bob II, pastor of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE, had me scheduled for over a year to preach this Sunday. This is their fall campaign and I was thrilled to preach from behind the pulpit where I had the honor of preaching for almost 30 years. I taught Dr. Bob's Sunday school class on "FORGIVENESS" and then preached this morning my sermon "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN!" There were dozens of adult visitors and the altars were full with most of them trusting Christ as Saviour.  

What a thrill to see so many whom I love still faithfully continuing on winning souls. The buildings were full and the auditorium was full. Words cannot begin to express my admiration for my son and his dear wife Kelly who have continued on and are doing more for the cause of Christ. I will be preaching tonight and I am looking forward to it.

Saturday TBC Meeting

Dr. Bob II asked me to teach some of the young TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE pastoral students Saturday morning at 9 am my lecture on "LOADING THE WAGON." The college has provided a program for some of the young men going into full time service where they are given an area in East Texas for soul winning. This is a wonderful thing for young pastoral students. They go out two by two just as if they were pastoring their area. They are to win adults to Christ, bring them to church, and be a mentor to them. There is a vast difference between building a bus route and dealing with adults. This is a tremendous tool for these young men to be prepared for the real world.

5 to 6 weeks left

My new book "WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING" will be off the presses in 5 to 6 weeks. It is a 408 page hard back book with a dust jacket. There is so much mis-information being dispersed about Dr. Jack Hyles that I fear the next generation will not be aware of the REAL Dr. Hyles and the Biblical principles he employed that caught God's attention. This is a must read. I had 7 dear folks around the country read the manuscript and one wrote this..."I could not put it down once I started reading it. This is a MUST read for those wanting to replicate what Dr. Hyles accomplished for Christ in his day!" 

I am offering a 50% off price for churches, bookstores, pastors, and evangelists who will purchase these books by the case. This book will retail for $ 24.95 and will be $ 12.50 per book if purchased by the case plus S&H. There are 16 books to a case and will cost $ 199.68 plus S&H. This is a limited offer for the next 6 weeks. Over 1/3 of these cases have been purchased so far and they will go fast. GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday Morning
I had the honor of preaching for my friend Dr. Marc Dalton who pastors the LAKECREST BAPTIST CHURCH of Waterford, MI. He has pastored here for seven years and is doing a marvelous job. I commented to him I saw a lot of new faces. The Lord gave us 28 saved, and 4 baptized this morning and a family joining tonight.

I taught my Sunday school lesson on the Bible word "GRACE" and preached my sermon on "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN." The response was wonderful. This is a very responsive church and a very productive church. This church will have a great impact on the state of Michigan for the cause of Christ if they continue on their course. I preached tonight my sermon "ODD MAN OUT" and the altars were full.

Russ Reager
This morning as the pastor was walking me to the car after the services a man walked up to me and introduced himself. His name is Russ Reager. I had mentioned in the sermon my birthdate of 12-18-45. He told me how he was a paper boy in 1945 and noticed a tent set up in Waterford. He was curious so he stopped and went in to see what was going on and a preacher by the name of Dr. Tom Malone was preaching under that tent. Russ trusted Christ that night at the invitation time. God bless the memory of Dr. Tom Malone! WOW! GOTTA LOVE FAITHFUL MEN OF GOD! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of the men of God that I preach with at least 4 times a year is Evangelist Monte Watts. He started the FOUNDATION CONFERENCES and these conferences have helped literally thousands of Christians to be used of God through the challenge of his life and his messages.

As you know from his testimony in print and in person he had  polio as a young man. With his tenacious love of God he has traveled this nation while in pain to help local churches while never complaining. He has outlived 5 doctors and miraculously never missed a church service in 29 years in spite of his health challenges.

Two weeks ago he had difficulty walking up some steps at a church where he was preaching. He at first thought it was his disease causing the shortness of breath. When he came home he went to his doctor and discovered he had congestive heart failure. He and his wife are meeting with some doctors on Monday afternoon to determine what to do next. They are having to call in specialists because of the disease he has. 

He needs prayer but he needs more than that!  I am wondering if maybe we could not get 20-25 churches to schedule one of the 20-25 weeks to take up an "Other's Offering" to help this dear couple. They will be without income for at least 20 maybe up to 25 weeks. All I want to do is to coordinate it. Email me at and choose one of these weeks. You will send your offerings to Evangelist Monte Watts. 

He has helped us and now it is time for us to help him! Thank you for considering this Brother in a time of need! GOTTA LOVE SERVANTS OF GOD!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This morning I preached at the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Rio Rancho, NM.  The buildings were packed out and the response was wonderful. I taught my Sunday school lesson on "GRACE." I preached this morning my sermon "BUT THERE WAS FORGIVENESS." The Lord gave us 16 saved, 12 professions, 2 baptized, and several joining the church. Wow what a great spirit.


This morning before the service the pastor opened up the doors to their new auditorium which is double their current auditorium. They will be in this new building this coming Sunday. They were hoping to be in this Sunday, but there were still some things that had to be finished. This church has grown significantly over the last year.  The principles of a strong Sunday school system and aggressive personal soul winning is the reason. 

Missionary Chantha Chhim

Today I met missionary Chantha Chhim and his family. He was led to Christ by our friend Dr. Joe Esposito who pastors in California. He has graduated from Bible College and is on deputation. He and his family will be going to Singapore to start churches in that region of the world. Please consider supporting this young family. You can reach him at 501-624-5288 or his email address of This is great young missionary. He is a personal soul winner and worthy of your support.

Tonight I preached my sermon "FENCE STRADDLERS." For many years I admired Dr. Gamaliel of Acts chapter 5 for his statement concerning Peter and the other apostles when he said "...Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought." 

There was a time when I was impressed with him. I thought he made a great speech for it sounded sober, sane, and sound, but the truth is Gamaliel was an appeaser, compromiser, and a fence straddler.

He decided to be neither for nor against. He took to the fence and there he sits on the first of a long line of fence straddlers who have caused more trouble in local churches and among the brethren than any thing else.  The worst enemies are not the opposers, but the appeasers.

1) He made a false comparison - You cannot compare the independent Baptist movement to other religious endeavors. He compared Jesus Christ to Judas and Theudas.

2) He suggested a false criteria - Big is not always better! He wanted to measure by the success of it or in his mind "time will tell." Now, success may be the standard gauge of this world for "nothing succeeds like success" but earth's yardstick does not apply to Heaven's yardstick. According to this view Jesus was a failure for he died in disgrace, the death of a criminal, and his followers were scattered. It is not that "time will tell" but rather "eternity will tell." Visible success has never been the proof of Jesus and his followers.

3) He arrived at a false conclusion - He said "refrain" but you cannot let them alone. You cannot play hands off with the cause of Christ. You cannot suspend judgment and do nothing. This polite business of waiting to see how it all turns out, adding up all the evidence and then making up ones mind later on when all the facts are in is preposterous.  

This is the age of appeasement and fence straddling. This is the age of Gamaliel when in the name of tolerance, men halt between two opinions and answer not a word. In many churches it shows up in Laodicean lukewarmness, a little too hot to be cold and little too cold to be hot, a state that nauseates the Lord himself.

The Gospel usually makes men mad, sad, or glad, but today we walk out of our churches neither sad, mad, nor glad for we just walk out. The issue is too clear cut for middle of the roaders, fundamental modernists, modernistic fundamentalists, and neither fish nor fowl.  

The devil never had a greater ally than this modern atmosphere of genial, amiable, pleasant tolerance, in which nothing is bad, everything is good, and black and white are smeared into an indefinite color of grey. Nothing matters as long as everyone is in a good humor. 

Getting mixed up in an unpopular movement is not the worst thing one can do. I would rather have lost my head with James than have kept it with Gamaliel. This modern brand of tolerance has put our age into a stupor. I call it a Rodney King theology! "Why can't we all just get along!" GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I will be driving to the Longview airport and then on to DFW. I will then fly to Albuquerque, NM. I will be preaching for Pastor Brent Lenentine who pastors the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Rio Rancho, NM. He and his people are a great soul winning church and I am looking forward to being with them.

I received an email from the printer concerning my new book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING. It will be coming off of the presses in 5 to 6 weeks. This is a 406 page hard back book with a beautiful dust jacket dealing with the life principles of my mentor and friend Dr. Jack Hyles. There are 33 chapters of study of his Biblical principals that he utilized in his life and ministries.

In order to save having to store and re-ship cases of books I am offering to churches and evangelists a special. I will have a case of 16 books in a case. The retail price of this 406 page book is $24.95. If a pastor or evangelist will pre-purchase a case of 16 the books will cost $ 12.50 per book. The entire case will be $ 199.68 plus S&H. There is only a 5 to 6 week window for this special. If you are interested please email me at, or call me at 903-237-9019, or call 903-452-1783, or 903-576-1307.

I began calling pastors and evangelists last Monday and as of today we have sold 1/3 of our books. The response has been remarkable! Please take advantage of this so I won't have to store these books and double ship them. 

This has been a great week of soul winning with 7 trusting Christ and 1 of those following the Lord in baptism. Something that has helped me is to realize that on the Holy Spirit's radar screen he has those who want to be saved and all I have to do is let him guide me to them. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Dr. Mike Callaghan
This year Dr. and Mrs. Callaghan are celebrating their 20th Anniversary of leading the ARLINGTON BAPTIST CHURCH of Richmond, CA., just outside of Oakland, CA.  We have known the Callaghans for some 30 years plus. They are wonderful friends not only to us but to the independent Baptist movement in America.  Dr. Jack Hyles would often say to me about pastors who pastor the same church for 20 years that they are a part of an "elite group of men."

Auditorium Sunday school class

I taught the Auditorium Sunday school class my lesson on "GRACE." They were very responsive and obviously love the Scriptures.  

Mercy is God not giving us what we deserve while "grace" is God giving us what we do not deserve. No place in the Bible do you find anyone who cries out to God "Have grace on me" but over and over in the Bible you will find people crying out to God "Have mercy on me."

What does it mean? Mercy is when God brings us back to where we were, while grace is when God gives us bonuses taking us above where we were.  God does not send us to Hell and that is mercy and God does not bring us back to earth, but he takes us to Heaven and that is "grace." We had a body tainted by sin and we fell. God did not bring us back just to that body, tainted by sin in the Garden of Eden, for God goes beyond that giving us a perfect glorified body like the body of Jesus Christ. "Where sin did abound grace did much more abound."

Mrs. Lee Ann Gray Honored
Sunday night the ARLINGTON BAPTIST CHURCH honored my wife. Mrs. G was able to travel with me this week for only the fifth time in ten years. She has had 33 surgeries with the most recent one being a total hip replacement. She was unable to come to church this morning, but she came tonight. She told me she was so glad to hear a new sermon. Ha! I did not realize that the previous four times I preached the same sermon each time. I told her she must have finally caught it. Of  course then I caught it! Ha!

Tonight I preached my sermon "ODD MAN OUT." If there ever is a day where we need to be out of step with the mainstream it is today. We will never produce another Lester Roloff or Jack Hyles with this homogenized, monolithic, "getalongism,"where we are afraid of offending the powers that be in independent circles. GOTTA LOVE BEING INDEPENDENT BAPTIST!

ARLINGTON BAPTIST CHURCH had a total attendance of 2,092 with over 200 trusting Christ. This church has been an aggressive soul winning church in the bay area for over 20 years. I believe there efforts will not go unnoticed by our Lord and their future will be a blessed one. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Friday, October 7, 2011


I will be preaching for my good friend Dr. Mike Callaghan who pastors the ARLINGTON BAPTIST CHURCH of Richmond, CA., this Sunday and Monday. I have had the honor of preaching for this dear church for many years. This is a great soul winning church and I always enjoy being with them.

I will be flying out of Tyler, TX., in the morning into DFW and then on to San Francisco. It is a long flight and will give me an opportunity to work on my new book LEADING FROM THE FRONT. This is going to be an exciting book about leadership qualities not just for pastors, but for every person who is in a position of leadership.

I am finishing up the dust jacket for my new 400 page hard back book on the life time principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. I am thrilled with this book and I believe it will help this generation to visit the principles even though they are unable to visit the man. I have never known any one as principled as Dr. Hyles. First Baptist Church did not make Jack Hyles for Jack Hyles made First Baptist Church through Biblical principles. This church under his leadership averaged 20,000 in their Sunday schools and produced 3,000 graduates from his college. Thousands of churches were influenced by this man of principle and those principles still work. It is time to listen to the old men instead of the young men who discount the work of men like Dr. Hyles. Pastors, before you join the EMERGING CHURCH movement read this book!

I was in touch with the printers today and it will take 5 weeks to complete the printing of this book once I give them the go ahead. I want to thank Mrs. Marsha Parker, Mrs. Diana Ayres, and Mrs. Karen Forgy for their unselfish work on this vital book. Mrs. Parker did the majority of the work with not only the book, but with locating and negotiating the people to make this book possible. 

This book will help clear the air about the misinformation campaign to minimize Dr. Hyles' impact on the growth of the 60's, 70-'s, and 80's great Sunday schools in America. He is one of the fathers of the big church in America and those principles still work because they are Biblical.

Church book stores who pre-order by the case will receive 50 % off and individuals who pre-order will receive 25% off the retail price of $ 24.95. Every pastor who pre orders for their church book store will receive an autographed copy of the book. This will be a must read for church leaders and young people who missed out on knowing Dr. Jack Hyles. 

Call 903-576-1307 and ask for Mrs. Ayres or call 903-452-1783 and ask for Mrs. Karen Forgy. You may email any questions to or call me at 903-237-9019.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Gospel Light Baptist Church
Today at the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Utica, NY, God gave us 11 saved, 8 professions, 2 baptisms, 4 surrendered to preach, and 4 surrendered to be ushers. Yes, you read it right surrendered to be ushers. In 38 years of preaching I never had anyone surrender to be an usher, but it happened today. AMEN! When I called my wife tonight the first thing she asked was how many surrendered tonight to be an usher? No one tonight but they did this morning.

Joseph Helmer
One of the four that surrendered to preach was an 11-year-old named Joseph Helmer. He told the pastor "I want to be a preacher like Bob Gray." That's all we need is another one persecuting the saints. Ha! One of the other men who surrendered this morning to preach brought his dad to church and his dad trusted Christ at the invitation time and followed the Lord in baptism. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

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Pastor Jody Martin was waiting for me at the baggage claim at the Syracuse, NY., airport. We drove for an hour to Utica and checked into the Best Western Motel. 

In the lobby there was a young man sitting in the chair in the lobby. While the pastor was registering me into the motel I struck up a conversation with the young man. His name is unusual. His name is Michel. After a little while I gave him a church tract and asked if I could show him how he could know for sure he was going to go to Heaven at death. He answered yes and so I went through the Scriptures and in a few moments he took me by the hand and he prayed to receive Christ as his personal Saviour. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

I had lay overs in Dallas for two hours and in Chicago for two hours. I did not arrive at the motel until 7:30 Saturday night. In Chicago I was watching the Arkansas game with Texas A&M and had to leave while the Razorbacks were miserably behind. When I arrived to the motel guess what? Arkansas came from behind to win. Wow! Then Mrs. G called and told me Michigan had whipped Minnesota 58 to 0. I then found out that Michigan State beat Ohio State. WOW! That is even better than anything Michigan could do. I doubt Michigan will be able to beat Ohio State. SHHHH! Don't tell Mrs. G I said that!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I was up at 2 to start preparing for my trip and Mrs. G was already up. She had a rough night with her hip replacement and so I helped fix her something to eat. I am driving to Shreveport and flying from their to DFW, on to Chicago, and then into Syracuse, NY., where I will be preaching for Pastor Jody Martin who pastors the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Utica, NY. I will be flying all day and will arrive at 5:15 pm. He and his church are aggressive soul winners and I am looking forward to being with them.

I am putting the finishing touches on my new hard back book "WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING." This 400 plus page book will be a keep sake for those who knew Dr. Jack Hyles and have a desire to know his life principles. First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN., did not make Jack Hyles for Jack Hyles made FBC. He was one of the fathers of the big church movement in America and it is interesting to contrast him to the "Mega-Church" movement of our day. If we are to return to the early days of the independent Baptist growth we will have to return to the principles of the days of the 60's, 70's, and 80's. This book is a must read! GOTTA LOVE BEING AN INDEPENDENT BAPTIST!