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Monday, November 28, 2011

WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING-New 408 page hard back book!

"WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING" is a 408 page hard back book with a dust jacket filled with pics of Dr. Jack Hyles. This new book will be coming off of the presses in CA. on December 15. 

We have a special offer for pastors, churches, evangelists, and book stores of 50% off, which is only good through the month of December. I hope you will take advantage of this offer. The printers will drop ship a case of 16 to your location if you will call now. This will save you 50% of the retail price of $ 24.95. You will be able to purchase the book for $ 12.50 per book, if you take advantage of this offer!

Dr. Jack Hyles is one of the fathers of the large church movement in America and was a man who literally infuenced a nation of believers. Over one million souls came to Christ during his 50 year plus ministry with 41 1/2 years of those being in Hammond, IN. 

It is ironic as I have traveled this nation for 33 years and discovered almost every denomination was influenced by this man of God. I have received orders from Wheaton College, Southern Baptist Seminaries, Southern Baptist pastors, and some Charismatic Colleges. The principles of this man of God are biblical and practical. 

Dr. Hyles would often say about America, "We cannot stop the decay, but we can delay the decay!" He, Dr. John Rice, Dr. Lee Roberson, Dr. Lester Roloff, and others certainly were used of God to "...delay the decay!"

"WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING" is a must read for those who would like to see a move of God again in our great nation. I do not fear for my contemporaries, but I do fear for the next generation coming up who may fall for the modern venue of worldliness and pseudo-academics as bait for a lost world. These principles worked once and will work again!

New facilities are being built, big screens are the rage, emerging church philosophy the thing, new Bible Colleges are announced almost weekly, imitation SBC missions, question marks placed on the King James Bible, and all we end up with is a spiritual draught. Read this book of principles and you will see what did work and what will work. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Teenage Preacher Boys
LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE has an Annual Preacher Boy night, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, where a few selected teenagers who are called to the ministry preach. These young men did an excellent job of preaching last night!

David Dean, David Vazquez, Cam Batton, Noah Quintanilla, Jordan Gray (grandson), Jacob Dean, Richard Rossouw, and Pastor Gray II. The service started at 6 pm and went immediately into the preaching. GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME PREACHING!

On behalf of the Gray Family may we wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and may we all give proper thanks to our LORD for this great nation of ours and the great churches of our nation that hold the banner high uncompromisingly. GOTTA LOVE THE LORD!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Evangelist Monte Watts
Today I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Bill Reeves who pastors the NORTH PLATTE BAPTIST CHURCH of North Platte, NE.  This dear man of God has been pastor here 8 years. He started with 11 in attendance and today they broke their Sunday school record.

This morning at the offering time the pastor told the congregation that the entire offering would be taken up for Evangelist Monte Watts who will be undergoing open heart surgery in the near future.  I was thrilled when I heard the announcement.  The church took up a $ 1,000 offering for Brother Watts.  I asked churches several weeks ago to choose a week within the next 20 to 25 weeks to make up for a lack of love offerings by taking up an others offering for Brother Watts.

His address for those of you who have and are going to take up an offering is...

Monte and Jan Watts
6210 W. 85th Ave.
Crown Point, IN  46307

Brandon & Tiffany Romack

One of the honors of my life as I travel the country is to meet some of our former students of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE who are serving faithfully their Lord in their home churches. Brandon and his dear wife are a vital part of the team of the NORTH PLATT BAPTIST CHURCH.  God has given us 420 graduates who are serving the Lord in local churches. 

Pastor Bill Reeves

The pastor picked me up at the airport on Saturday and drove me to the motel and later on that evening took me out to eat with his dear family. We had a great time and this family loves to have fun. The pastor has been pastor of the NORTH PLATT BAPTIST CHURCH for 8 years. All records were broken this morning and the people certainly were excited. Several new families visited and some came back tonight for the service.

Sunday Morning

This morning I taught my Sunday school lesson on "FORGIVENESS" and preached my sermon "YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN." 

I to this day do not understand why it is such a controversial subject to speak of "incorruptible seed" and "corruptible seed" as the Scriptures so clearly put it (I Peter 1:23-25) and then preachers debate it as if it was a debatable matter. 

Luke 8:11 the seed is the word. Paul said there are those who corrupt the word and we are not to be like them. (II Corinthians 2:17) How is the word of God corrupted? With man's words replacing God's words. Choke on this if you must but God's word and words are "incorruptible" according to God. He promised to be the one who would preserve his inspired words. (Psalm 12:6-7) They are alive and abide for ever. They are lively oracles. (Acts 7:38; Romans 3:2; Hebrews 5:12; I Peter 4:11) 

No birth without a seed! The seed of a plant, the seed of an animal, the seed of a human, and the seed of the word of God all give birth. The first three are "corruptible" seed, while the last one is "incorruptible" seed.  Corrupt the seed and you will end up with a two-fold child of Hell. (Matthew 23:15)  

Keep those cards and letters coming folks.  GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE!!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I will be traveling to Tyler to catch a flight to DFW, on to Denver, and end up in North Platte, NE., to preach for my friend Pastor Bill Reeves.  I looked up the temp there and at the moment it is 24 degrees F.   I believe I will take my coat. It is a warm 57 degrees in Longview, TX.  I guess winter is approaching.

The KING JAMES BIBLE CONFERENCE went great at the CLAYS MILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH of Lexington, KY.  I would urge you to order the set of CD's from the conference. I believe they will be informative and helpful.  Satan's devices are not new and certainly those who live in the Scriptures are not ignorant of those devices.   In that conference I made some comparisons of human events to the attacks made on the Scriptures that are interesting.

1860-The first perversion was published
1861-The civil war began

1914-The World Bible Society adopted the NASB as Scripture
1915-WWI began

1927-William Heronias said the RSV were the correct & exact words of Christ
1929-The Stock Market crashed

1940-The TEV is accepted by the Social Ministerial Association
1941-Pearl Harbor was attacked & WWII started

1960-American Council of Churches accepted and promoted the NRSV as the word of God
1962-Prayer was banned from the public schools

1971-The NIV was widely used and accepted by every major denomination
1972-The death penalty was voted as unconstitutional 

1988-The KING JAMES BIBLE defenders came to the forefront
1989-Communism in Europe fell

2008-The largest church in fundamentalism said our English Bible was not inspired
2008-The USA began a spending spree to put America 15 trillion dollars in debt and almost bankrupt


Monday, November 14, 2011


Monday Night Service
Tonight was the opening night of the KING JAMES BIBLE CONFERENCE co-hosted by the CLAYS MILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH and THE SWORD OF THE LORD.   Dr. Jeff Fugate has been the pastor here for 20 years and Dr. Shelton Smith has been the Editor of THE SWORD for 16 years and they have done a wonderful job of great preparation for this 400 year celebration of the KJB. The building was packed both upstairs and downstairs with 60 preachers in attendance along with many church delegations.

Dr. Jeff Fugate and Dr. Shelton Smith

Dr. Shelton Smith preached the first message tonight and laid a great foundation of preparatory work for the week with his sermon "THE HOLY SCRIPTURES." I preached my sermon "I WILL PUT ENMITY BETWEEN THEE." 

The congregation was very responsive and obviously were with it on this subject matter of the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE for the English speaking people. I believe this celebration week will help the folks to be better informed on this inspired, inerrant, perfect, and flawless book called the KING JAMES BIBLE. GOTTA LOVE THE INSPIRED BIBLE!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


This has been an unusual week. I went by the office to care for some things and as I was leaving I noticed our high-school girls' volleyball team was practicing in the gym. I went in and played on my granddaughter's side of the net. I served our side to an 11-0 run when a ball was hit over the net to our side and I dove for the ball and landed on the ball and rolled into the gym wall. Boy, did it hurt. I had a tough time that night sleeping.  I went to the doctor and I have a cracked rib. Now, I have already lost one rib and gained a wife, but now I have a cracked rib.  The doctor asked me if I learned anything and I said probably not! 

I was up at 3 this morning and my rib (wife) was up and so I fixed her a light breakfast. I showered, dressed, ate some grapefruit, Ezekiel bread, had my quiet time, and finished packing. I rolled the bags out to the car and Donny VanSike was kind enough to load the bags into the trunk of my car. He offered to drive me to the airport this week and he was a big help.

Donny drove me to Tyler where I caught a flight to DFW and then on to Lexington, KY.  Dr. Jeff Fugate was gracious enough to rent me a car for the conference this week. He met me at the motel and took me to lunch. We had a great time of fellowship. He then drove me by their college property and the church property. God has certainly blessed this man of God. CLAYS MILL ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH had over 2,000 in attendance last week and Dr. Fugate has been their pastor for 20 years. This man of God has started 24 churches in the state of Kentucky in recent years with a goal of 50.

In the morning I will be driving some 50 miles south of Lexington to teach and preach for pastor Mark Eaton who pastors the CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH of Mount Vernon, KY.  Sunday night I will be driving 30 miles south of Lexington to preach for Pastor Dan Bottrell who pastors the FAITH BAPTIST CHURH of Richmond, KY.

This is the week for the KING JAMES BIBLE CELEBRATION CONFERENCE hosted by CLAYS MILL ROAD BAPIST CHURCH of Lexington, KY.   Dr. Jeff Fugate and Dr. Shelton Smith are co-hosts of this conference along with a great line up of men who love the Scriptures.  

In a day and time when many are following the uncertain sound of "originals only"for their Scriptures, there is still a remnant who have not traded the truth for academic relevance. This will make or break the next generation who are enamored by suave personalities who practice deception by using the false historicity of a Catholic lineage of so-called Scriptures to prove a non-inspired King James Bible. 

God can not only preserve an every word Bible, but he can also preserve the inspiration of an every word Bible for the English speaking people. Please make plans to attend this week. You will not be disappointed! GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I was up at 2 am, showered, dressed, had my quiet time, and finished packing for my trip to Dodge City, KS.   I drove to Shreveport, LA, and caught a 6 am flight for DFW, on to Denver, and then a Great Lakes Airlines flight to Dodge City.  I will  be preaching tonight at 7, Saturday at 7, and both Sunday morning and night at the BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH of Dodge City. 

NOPE, I've not met Matt Dillon yet. I think I saw the LONGBRANCH, but I didn't go in. I am however staying at THE DODGE HOUSE. Pastor Albert Schrock has been pastoring here for seven years. He is a former Amish member who trusted Christ and ended up being called into the ministry and was trained at Hyles-Anderson College under Dr. Jack Hyles.

Please make plans to attend!

A shot was heard around the fundamental world when at a national conference it was declared that the King James Bible supporters who believe it has preserved inspiration are ignorant and if not ignorant should lie to the layman while knowing the truth. Then we were told by the same people that there are 22,000 mistakes in the King James Bible. Apparently God is unable to preserve the words as well as the inspiration of his word for the English speaking people. 

When the California head of the MASTER'S COLLEGE  said and penned the thought that the blood of Jesus Christ dissipated at the foot of Calvary and only the death of Jesus saves the fundamental world was outraged. 

However, when it is one of ours that says the King James Bible was "hammered out by the sweat and labor of those at Hampton Court like a mother giving birth" and only the originals contain "inspiration" we are to roll over and pull the covers over our heads while going back to sleep. I THINK NOT!

This KING JAMES BIBLE CONFERENCE is crucial and essential to the future of the cause of Christ. Satan has risen his ugly head again and the attack is not new, but it is being disguised and covered with the cloak of  loyalty to an institution of which Dr. Jack Hyles warned us. Dr. Hyles thundered and even called the name of Professor Stewart Custer of Bob Jones University for such heretical statements. If Dr. Hyles were alive and this were being taught at Hyles-Anderson College the whole lot would be fired. I am not putting words in the mouth of Dr. Hyles for this is exactly what he said and wrote. Dr. Hyles would not even sign an NIV Bible! 

I hope to see you at the KING JAMES BIBLE CONFERENCE in Lexington, KY. Please take time and come hear clear and concise teaching and preaching on our precious SCRIPTURES. GOTTA LOVE THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING-New 408 page hard back book!

50% off-Call Now!
In just 4 to 5 weeks my new book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING will be coming off of the presses in California. There are 33 chapters in this hard back 408 page book with a beautiful dust jacket. I have been blessed to be able to write 31 books, however this one is the one I believe will help the next generation the most. There are three sections. PERSONAL PRINCIPLES, MINISTRY PRINCIPLES, and MOVEMENT PRINCIPLES. 

I graduated with the first 4 year class of Hyles-Anderson College in 1976 and had the privilege of not only working for Dr. Hyles, but traveling extensively with him for 22 years including the last time he preached in Mexico. 

I know this 408 page book will help younger Christians understand the principles that Dr. Hyles employed that were blessed of God. He was one of the fathers of the big church in America and many today have missed not only the heart of Dr. Hyles, but even more the head of Dr. Hyles. He was a Biblically principled man!

We have a pre-order available to pastors, churches, evangelists, and bookstores of 50% off the retail price of $24.95 if a case is purchased prior to the printing of the book. This way we can drop ship a case to you and save storage and extra handling. There are 16 books to a case for $12.50 per book or $199.68 for a case plus S/H. 

The phone numbers are on the ad and the email addresses for ordering or questions. You may call me at 903-237-9019 and I will do my best to answer your questions. I hope you will take advantage of this offer. This is a vital book for a vital time in our nation! GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!