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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Simmons' Arriving
Josh, DeAnna, & baby Blake
Karen, Bob, Kim, & Scott
Kelly, R G, and Mom
R G Gray III
Nick, Scott II, Steven, & Phillip
Aly, Tim, Karen, & Nick
Pa & Aly
Scott & R G
Scott II, DeAnna, & Josh
Scott II reading Luke chapter 2
Opening presents
Jenny, Karen, Kelly, & Mom

All of our family were at our home for Christmas 2012 with the exception of our grandson Joe Simmons and his wife Liz.    They were at Liz's parents in Corpus Christi, TX.

Scottie Gray II read the Christmas story out of Luke chapter 2.   We had plenty of sweets for the sweet and I am sure all had a great time and were fatter after they left.

Josh and DeAnna (Bob and Kelly's daughter) are expecting their first child the first of March, 2013.  This will be our first great grand child and we are certainly looking forward to this one.

R G Gray III had to go to the hospital the day before due to a large boil that had to be removed, treated, and packed.  He seemed fine. He is such a blessing to not only our family, but to our church family as well.

I trust your 2012 Christmas was a wonderful time for your family.   My mother went home to be with the LORD on Christmas day 2010.  I can never go through a Christmas day without thinking of my dear mother.  Her mother also went home to be with the LORD on Christmas day 1981.  Thank God for a godly heritage.

Always remember Jesus is the reason for the season!  GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Dr. Bob Gray Sr. family

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  The Gray's are extremely grateful for all of the blessings of 2012.   All made possible by the coming of God's Son to earth to bring full payment for salvation. We are thrilled with all of the souls this year who accepted Christ's death, burial, and resurrection as payment for their sins.  

Our family of four children, ten grandchildren, and one great grandchild to be born in March of 2013 have dedicated their lives to serving our LORD.  All of our family has given themselves to being personal soul winners.  

My dear wife and I are blessed because of their decision to serve Christ.  You never know until the children are away from home as to the depth of their Christianity.  The decision was theirs and they chose correctly.  Praise God for that!

III John 4, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Pastor Keith Bell
I will be flying out of Longview, TX, today onto DFW and then to San Antonio, TX.  I will be teaching and preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Keith Bell.    He founded this church and has one of the most exciting churches in the state.   If you are ever in San Antonio please do yourself a favor and visit TEXAS BAPTIST CHURCH.


If you will go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM you will be able to take advantage of our Christmas special on all books.  This includes "WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING" which is a must read.   These Biblical principles employed by Dr. Jack Hyles are still viable today.  

I trust you will visit our web site and take advantage of our specials.  All monies go back into the printing of more books.   I have 3 books I need to put into print and your purchasing of books will help me to do so. 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I have been some what disturbed by some of the response to my recent article about Jack Schaap.  I noticed commonality among some of the comments.

1) Vulgar language
2) A naivety about leaders who violate the law
3) Avoiding church because of others
4) Blaming an entire group for the sins of a few
5) Saying this is none of any one elses' business
6) Only print the positive about someone even though they violate the law.


Please do not misunderstand what I am writing...I love Hyles-Anderson College and wish nothing but the best for her.  However, when Darrell Moore and others preach from the FBC pulpit that these are local church issues and no one has a right to say anything about the choices of FBC he is dead WRONG.   

As long as you send out HAC tour groups, as long as you send out HAC speakers to promote HAC, as long as you print advertisements extolling the virtues of HAC, and as long as you come after our children we have a RIGHT to be concerned about what goes on at FBC and who the next pastor will be.  

When the pastor Jack Schaap spoke and wrote that those who believed the King James Bible was preserved inspiration were "ignorant" I meet with our seniors along with their parents.  I told them I could no longer recommend HAC.  

Then multiple issues came to the surface about the belief system of the FBC pastor that was extremely alarming pastors who were then forced to stand up.  Do these pastors have a right?  ABSOLUTELY!  The answer is simple for FBC - SHUT DOWN HYLES-ANDERSON COLLEGE and we will never say another word.  Other wise "If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen!"   How about "THE BUCK STOPS HERE!"  I have other Scriptures also! Ha!


It seems my last article brought out the worst in some people.  I have often thought since the last Presidential election that our nation has crossed a line of liberalism from which we may never recover from.  I am also beginning to fear that fundamental independent Baptists have been overwhelmed with the liberal "FFF" and "Do-right blog" (female) mentality.   The  loose language and sexual innuendos are disgusting.


Dr. Hyles used to say, "Don't make decisions when your decision maker is broken."  Well, if that is true then it stands to reason we probably should not go to someone for counsel or advice when their decision maker is broken. Jack Schaap's decision maker is most definitely broken.

Think about it.  He chose to become involved in a prolonged sexual relationship with a 16 year-old girl.  Now tell me how "wise" that is and why I would want to seek his counsel or advice about anything AT THIS POINT.  This is foolish thinking!   Especially if you are a leader of God's people.


  • To the 16 year-old young lady
  • To her family
  • To his wife
  • To his parents
  • To his children
  • To FBC
  • To the cause of Christ
  • To my LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ

It was a warning to the rest of us.  We are foolish if we do not recognize responsibility to restore him while at the same time not being careless of how we are handling this situation.  I do not apologize for my position, but I do blame those who are defying Biblical wisdom and winking at what he did by...
  • Seeking his advice
  • Wanting his continued influence on them
  • Wanting his influence on their church or ministry
  • Showering him with adoration
  • Praising him publicly as some kind of great man who slipped
  • Pretending it was one sin that destroyed him
Please allow me to clarify what I did NOT say in my recent article.  I stand by every one of these things and no reasoned response has proven me wrong.
  • I DID say that no one should take advice for now from him
  • I DID say that he has forfeited his right to do certain things for an extended period of time
  • I DID NOT say that people should not communicate with him by encouraging him and letting him know they are praying for him
  • I DID NOT say he could not be restored
  • I DID say he could be restored.

Many have asked me when I believe Jack Schaap can or will be restored.  Here is my answer.

His restoration must be on several levels.   

  • First there is his relationship with God
  • Second there is the process of his restoration with his wife
  • Third there is restoration in his ministry with GOD


He can be restored in his fellowship and relationship with the LORD as soon as he confesses his sins to Him.  He does not have to tell you or me about it.  That is between Jack and God.  I trust he has done so.

I cannot nor will I judge whether or not he has done so.  Please remember that none of us at this point can know whether or not he has.  He was deceiving us when he was caught, so we do not yet know whether or not he is now sincere.  I take it at face value, but I will not say that I know for sure he is right with God. I do not know and neither do you. TIME WILL TELL!


His relationship with his wife...I am amazed at the selfishness, and foolishness that would cause people to seek advice from him while he needs to be focusing and attempting to fix his own marriage.   The first institution God  established was marriage and the home.  Forget the ministry and focus on the marriage should be the call of the day for Jack Schaap and those writing and contacting him in jail.

I have been a pastor for 33 years and in the ministry for 40 years.  I will tell you unequivocally Cindy Schaap is not alright, nor is their marriage fixed.  Please hear me out.  What Jack did created a deep wound in her heart and in their marriage which only time will heal.  

They are both broken people and some idiots are asking Jack to help them in their ministry.  How selfish can some people be?  You are enabling and encouraging a child molester who has a broken marriage to fix your ministry problem?

They need our love, our compassion, our prayers, but most of all our patience.  They do not need our admiration, adulations, worship, or adoration.  Jack and Cindy need to feel the hand of restoration lovingly being extended to them.  They need to be relieved of all influence they exert to any ministry.

These are NOT people ready to resume their "thrones" in the world of which they were once leaders.  I applaud FBC for relieving them both from their positions.  I applaud them for  relieving Jack as a result of forfeiting his right and I applaud them for relieving Cindy for she needs time to heal.  This takes priority over any ministering.  

I believe God can and will use Cindy in a wonderful way to be of aid to other ladies in days to come.  However, now is not the time.  She is hurting deeply. Mrs. Gray and I are praying for her daily and diligently.


This is confusing to me as to how foolish and selfish some people can be when it come to Jack Schaap.  He has NO BUSINESS having ANY influence on ANY of us at this point in time.  Call it whatever you want to call it, but you are dead wrong if you think otherwise.  

He can win souls in jail or prison.  He can minister to those same people. However, his priority is to FIX his marriage not to provide counsel concerning FBC  or any ministry.  I refuse to divert his attention from fixing his marriage even if I thought he was the wisest man on earth.

I WILL NOT allow his influence in my ministry in any way! I do not want to be a hindrance to his first two priorities of fixing his relationship with his God and his wife.  No pastor or church leader should allow him ANY influence on them.  

No child of God should be seeking "wisdom" on ANY matter at this point.  It is what it is! Let it go!   You my friend are hurting his ability to fix his relationship with his God and his wife.


The biggest surprise and befuddlement to me were the doctrinal heresy that went unnoticed, or in some cases defended.  Then add to that the sexual crime and to think ANYONE would follow such a man at this point is baffling.  It is beyond my comprehension for Jack Schaap is not fit to influence any of us at this point.  

Does that mean I think I am better than Jack Schaap.  Absolutely NOT!  But by the grace of God there we all would go! I am not better than a murderer on death row, a serial rapist with a life sentence, an atheist who hatefully denies the existence of God, or any other perverted piece of flesh on this planet.

However, I am not emailing or writing them for their advice! Nor, am I asking for counsel from Jack Schaap and God pity the ones who are so blinded to not realize his decision maker is broken along with his marriage.

Jack Schaap needs to hit bottom, lose his influence, have a prolonged time of brokenness for sins he has probably not even discovered.  He did not just accidentally one day have sex with a teenage girl.  It was a process!  Leave him alone to go through the process of coming clean with himself and then with God.


First of all, the men who are restoring him will report to his church and the rest of us the process he has gone through and inform us what God is doing and has done in his life.  The problem we all have here is NO ONE KNOWS who these men are IF there are any.  (Galatians 6:1)

Second, he has to renounce his heretical positions on...

  • The Lord's Supper
  • Tithing
  • John chapter 15
  • Possible devil possession of the saved
  • God's hatred of man
  • The insecurity of the Holy Ghost
  • The non-inspiration position on the King James Bible, etc.

Third, he will apologize and make right his personal attacks against a long list of men and women who stood against his heretical teachings.

Fourth, he will confess to FBC the errors he taught, ask forgiveness, and state the truth on these issues.

Fifth, he will confess to the filthy way he spoke to his staff and about people with vile language.


This is not just about a 16 year-old girl, although that is enough in and of itself.  It was about a culture of arrogance and heresy that permeated his entire being.  For those who attack me for this position, have at it.  You are wrong and you need to evaluate your own thinking and logic.  What I am writing is for the best of everyone including Jack Schaap.  

Stop believing it is OK because Jack says so or because you need to believe it is so.  It is a long way from being all right and all you are doing is prolonging it.  When he writes you and says, "I can't wait to tell my side of the story" he is not facing what he has done.

To those of you, whom I love, for whom I wrote my original article, you who are treating Jack like he is a man of wisdom and worthy to give advice or counsel.  STOP BEING SO FOOLISH!  Wake up!  

This is not some silly mistake he made.  This one of the most horrible falls of our life time.  It has damaged the cause of Christ beyond measure.  It has destroyed homes and split churches.  It is a mess that only God's Divine hand can repair.  

I am glad Jack has won a few souls to Christ in jail because there is no telling how many souls will burn in Hell because of his despicable actions that led to his incarceration.  Those of you who are still drinking his Kool Aid don't forget that fact.  The damage he brought to FBC, other churches, and to the cause of Christ far outweigh whatever good you think he did in his eleven years of pastoring.

I look for the restoration of Jack Schaap.  May it be thorough and complete.  May it bring honor to our LORD Jesus as Jack decreases and Christ increases.


Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sunday Morning
Yesterday I arrived at the Fort Wayne, IN, airport and was met by Jake Jackson.   Jake is one of the sons of Pastor Doug Jackson.  Pastor Jackson founded and pastors the THREE RIVERS BAPTIST CHURCH of Fort Wayne.   He will begin his 19th year of pastoring this great church.  God led Pastor Jackson to start this dear church after graduating from Hyles-Anderson College when Dr. Jack Hyles was pastor.   

I am thrilled at stories like this that exhibit the blessings from personal soul winning.  There are nearly 20,000 independent Baptist churches similar to this one around our great nation.  The enemies are there, but God promises that the gates of Hell will not prevail against a soul winning church. (Matthew 16:18) AMEN!  

No matter how many haters, (mostly female) with their lap tops, type out their weekly venom on the internet attempting to destroy God's work, independent Baptist churches still are flourishing.

The buildings were full and the spirit was exciting. 6 trusted Christ with 3 professions and 3 adult baptisms.  Person after person shared with me their story of how this church reached them with the Gospel.  My heart was warmed and encouraged.  

I have known Pastor Jackson and his family for nearly two decades.  He and his dear wife have experienced some major health problems, but their sons have stepped up to the plate and provided necessary leadership during these days.  This is similar to what Mrs. G and I have gone through with all of the surgeries.  I admire Pastor and Mrs. Jackson! If you are ever in the area please make plans to attend the THREE RIVERS BAPTIST CHURCH.


Psalm 37:24, "Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand."

Proverbs 24:16, "For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief."


1) Some fall because of what they do
2) Some fall because of what others do
3) Some falls are seen
4) Most falls are unseen


1) The just man does fall
2) The just man falls many times
3) The just man gets back up
4) The just man develops a habit of getting back up
5) The just man is perfected by both falling & getting back up
6) The just man does not blame others
7) The just man ends up on his feet

We go after the fallen and give them the Gospel.  We bring them to church.  We baptize them and teach them and help them to grow.   

Then one day they fall again.  If we are not careful we will lose patience, become upset, and even give up on them.  Always remember we are all just sinners saved by grace.  We are all trapped with our flesh. When we brought them in we did not know a thing about them, nor did we care.  We were excited about reaching them with the Gospel.

But, once they are in and we get to know them and trust them, if we are not careful we will become bitter at them, if they fall again.  We forgot that we are all sinners whether saved or unsaved.   Because some sin makes the front page of the paper does not make the rest of our secret sins any better in the sight of God.  Whether the sin is known by the congregation or not  known does not make our sin any less sin.

We reach the fallen to start the process.  We must keep reaching the fallen even after they are in church, in order for them to grow.  No one piece of flesh is better than another piece of flesh!

After preaching I came back to the motel and I was greeted by a young lady behind the desk.  She was not the one who was there when I left to go to Sunday school so I stopped to chat with her and to find out something about her.  She was very kind.  I gave her a church tract and began to talk to her about eternity.  She listened and made it clear she wanted to know how to go to Heaven when she died.  After explaining the Scriptures she sweetly bowed her head and prayed to Christ for salvation.  When I raised up  my head she was wiping tears away from her eyes.  She then thanked me for stopping to talk to her. WOW!  I wonder how many others are waiting for us to stop and take time to talk to them about eternity?


Saturday, December 8, 2012


I'm not sure about these early flights.  Here we go again at 2 in the morning.  Mrs. G had a rough night with her neck and so when I slipped out of the bed room she was already awake.   She asked for some coffee and to make it a little stronger than normal.  I wonder if she would notice a little shot of whiskey in it.  Ha! Just kidding!

I will be teaching and preaching for my long time friend Pastor Doug Jackson who pastors the THREE RIVERS BAPTIST CHURCH of Fort Wayne, IN.  His son Ben is working with him and they form a great team.  This is a church with a great spirit and an aggressive soul winning mind set.  I am looking forward to spending time with them.   



Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's 2 in the morning and I am getting ready to drive to Tyler to catch a flight to DFW and then on to Knoxville, TN, to preach for Pastor Robert Taylor.  He pastors the GRACE INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCH of Chuckey, TN.   That's right you read it right "Chuckey."

This is my first time to be with this pastor and I am looking forward to teaching and preaching for him.  One of our missionary families the Andy Long family has family in this church.    Andy is in India doing survey work at the moment.


The surgeon told us Monday that Mrs. G. has a broken bone in her neck that will have to be removed.  She has had neck pain for many months and after a recent MRI they discovered the problem.  They will have to go into the neck from the front and remove the broken bone.  Then, they will have to place a metal plate for support.  She certainly has been through a lot of surgeries.   Please pray for her!  I will keep you updated.


I am hoping that by February or March of 2013 the 400 plus page hardback book will be coming off of the presses & available for sale.  I believe this book will do more to help young pastors to understand some of the tools in Dr. Jack Hyles' tool box of communication skills and help them to relate more effectively.  I never knew a man of God who could speak to a room of 5,000 plus people and every one felt he was speaking just to them.  

In the near future I will give folks  an opportunity to be apart of a pre-sale offer.  As the book is close to the printing stage I will let you know.


Saturday, November 24, 2012


I will be flying out of Longview, TX, to DFW and then on to Chicago to preach for my good friend Pastor Thomas Griffin.   He pastors the JORDAN BAPTIST CHURCH of Burbank, IL.

I am often asked about the condition of independent Baptist churches around the nation.   I have been honored to preach in every state but one, North Dakota.  I have been traveling the nation for 33 years and have over 6 million air miles. As of December 31, 2011, I have preached 26,135 sermons.  I do not claim to be an expert on IBC movement, but I do preach for them exclusively.

In my opinion there are more what I call "seedling churches" than we have ever seen before.  There were in our hay day a few mountain peak churches, but not as many "seedling churches."  I believe we have more local churches running several hundred than we had in our so-called hay day.  I remember when Dr. Rice through the SWORD OF THE LORD promoted 200 baptisms in one year via local churches and even listed them in his paper.   There are 100% more today than in that day.  This church in Burbank is one of those churches.  YES, I AM ENCOURAGED!


Saturday, November 17, 2012


Pastor Raymond Wicks
I am sitting in the Admirals Club at DFW waiting to go to gate A22 to board flight 1172 for Omaha, NE.  I will be teaching and preaching for my good friend Pastor Raymond Wicks.  He pastors the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Plattsmouth, NE.  He is a personal soul winner and has led this church to become a strong fundamental independent Baptist church with soul winning their number one cause.


You will find this Scripture in Psalm 147:2.  This gives us an insight into whom God chooses to use.

It's Sunday morning in the late 1960's and the world's largest church is gathered for it's morning service.  The pastor begins to speak.   Look at his stature, listen to his eloquence, and look at the converts flooding down the aisles.  Who is this great man?  He is an outcast!  He was cast out of the Hamilton County Baptist Association of Chattanooga, TN.

A city auditorium is filled, the choir is in their place, the ushers are at their post, and hundreds of churches are cooperating in this meeting.  The Evangelist stands to speak, listen to his preaching, notice the Holy Spirit power, and watch closely as the converts stream down the aisles.  Who is this great man?  An outcast!  The Tarrant County Baptist Association kicked him out.  His name is John R. Rice!

I see a church auditorium jammed and packed with people.  I see 800 Sunday school classes totaling 20,000 on an average Sunday morning.  WOW!  30,000 converts walking the aisles in one year in this one local church.   I see 15,000 following the LORD in water baptism in one year.  Who is this man that pastors this church and fills their pulpit.  He is an outcast!  He was kicked out of his own denomination the Dallas County Baptist Association.  His name is Jack Frasure Hyles.

I see a set of books.  I read them and there are dozens and dozens of powerful sermons.  What a preacher, what a man, and what brilliance.  Who is this great author?  Who is this prince of preachers?  He is an outcast!  He was voted out of his London Baptist Association with only 7 votes for him.  His name is Charles Hadden Spurgeon.

I see a million souls in Heaven, singing, and praising God around the throne.  I see them gathered around Jesus and close by is a man who was used of God to reach them with the Gospel.  Who is this man?  He is an outcast!  His denomination refused to ordain him.  His name is Dwight L. Moody.  

Dose anyone reading this BLOG know the name of one member of that Presbytery that voted down D. L. Moody's ordination? No, but history shouts out D. L. Moody's name.  Can any reader tell me one name from the Hamilton County Baptist Association who voted out Lee Roberson?  No, but everyone knows Lee Roberson's name in Baptist circles.  

Can anyone tell me the name of anyone who was a part of the London Baptist Association that voted out Charles Hadden Spurgeon?  No, but everyone knows the name Charles Hadden Spurgeon.

Is there any history buff reading this article who can tell me the name of the one who made the motion to kick out Jack Hyles and Joe Boyd out of the Dallas County Baptist Association? No, but history exalts the names Jack Hyles and Joe Boyd.

Yes its true Paul was killed by Nero, but hundreds of years later people name their boys "Paul" and their dogs "Nero!"


God has always chosen the foolish things to confound the wise. The 700 mighty soldiers, who were outcasts, were wounded in battle and could no longer use their right hands, but they refused to go home to accolades, and garlands placed around their necks.  They learned how to throw spears with their left hands. They were so accurate the Scriptures say they could hit a hair's breath.  Who are these men?  They were outcasts.


I think of the 600 men who were David's bodyguards.  General Ittai was over them.  They are the ones who stayed with David when he left the throne refusing to fight with his son Absalom in war fare.  These men were not even Jews for they were Philistines.


I see a mighty warrior who with 300 men defeat a mighty army. Who is this warrior?  He is an outcast.  Gideon, the runt boy of the runt tribe of the runt nation of the world.


I see an army of 400 under David's leadership and the Bible says they were in distress, in debt, and discontented.  In other words they were Baptists. Ha!  Who are these men? They are outcasts.


I see a man at the right hand of the King of Egypt.  He is in charge of all the commissary of the land.  I see a man who can interpret dreams and know the dream without telling him the dream.  I see a man with great power and influence.  The highest man in Egypt and he is not even an Egyptian.  Why he is a Hebrew - a Jew.  Who is this man?  An outcast!  His brothers kicked him out and sold him to the Ishmaelites. Who is he?  An outcast


Every one who is reading this can be used of God.  How can this be?   Simple, because God gathers the outcasts.  Here is the amazing thing it is not the outcasts of the world, but of His own! Look to whom God chooses to use...the outcasts of Israel. WOW!  GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I will be driving to Tyler, TX., this morning to fly to DFW, on to Denver, Co., and then on to North Platte, NE., to preach for my friend Pastor Bill Reeves.  This is going to be a long day.  However, I am looking forward to winning some souls today on my way.

II Chronicles 7:14

Please understand, it matters more who is occupying God's House and not necessarily who is occupying the White House.  "IF MY PEOPLE..." is still the view from Heaven.  We may be living in Egypt, but we as God's people are living in  the Goshen portion of Egypt.  Stay by the stuff and be what God meant for His people to be and God will care for the rest.

  • Personal soul winning
  • Personal standards
  • Personal holiness
  • Personal righteousness
  • Personal walk with God
  • Personal humility before God
  • Personal involvement in God's House
  • Personal involvement in God's work
  • Personal ecclesiastical separation 
  • Personal Bible study
  • Personal prayer
  • Personal worship


Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am enjoying my 40th year in the ministry.  God has allowed me to travel and preach in this nation for 36 years, as well preaching in 17 foreign countries.  I attended the best Bible College in the nation, at the time, in Hyles-Anderson College under the leadership of one of the greatest men of God I have ever known.  I was apart of the first four year class of HAC and graduated in 1976.

In addition to pastoring two great churches God allowed me, for some reason, to travel with Dr. Jack Hyles for 22 years including the last Bible Conference he ever preached in Mexico.

This man of God was attacked, lied about, and attempts were made to diminish his influence, but all in vain.  Those who hated him still do and those who loved him still do, but even more.  Whether the enemy likes it or not there is a resurgence and return to the Bible principles he embraced.

Dr. Hyles voiced concerns that proved to become reality and was in his own right a Seer.  I think it would be wise to revisit some of these words of warnings!

  • He spoke and wrote that in the next ten years the  great battle would be over the King James Bible.  WOW!  I was surprised at that, but he certainly turned out to be a prophet. In 2009 a shot that was heard around the fundamental world split churches, families, and schools.

  • He warned young preachers about allowing architects, who knew nothing of old fashioned preaching, to dictate the type of auditoriums to build. We have coliseum style auditoriums conducive to entertainment and not preaching.

  • He warned us about allowing lawyers to tell us what we can and cannot do.  Most lawyers are "crisis creators."  A physical church building should be built in the mind of the man of God and then let the architect help.  A church constitution should be built on Biblical principles and Bible commands.  Let the church constitution be built around the Bible. I am afraid If we overly listen to the lawyers and all that can go wrong, then we will go wrong by living in fear.  We should not break the law of man, but for sure not break the commands of God to reach the world with the Gospel.

  • He warned us of deacon run church boards. He brought the trustee board into the deacon board and made it one board.  Dr. Roberson kept them separate and look what happened. Deacons must aid the pastor not run the pastor.

  • He warned us of deacons, church staffs, and faculty members who did not go soul winning on a weekly basis becoming nobles who did not work. Nehemiah 3:5, "...but their nobles put not their necks to the work of their Lord."  We lead by example and not by exhortation only.

  • He warned us of wanting and desiring "change" after the leaving of a pastor or in the event of his death.  What ever we believed and practiced should be the same for the next generation.  HIGHLAND PARK BAPTIST CHURCH should have called a TENNESSEE TEMPLE grad, but instead they called a Calvinist in Don Jennings.  He blew through 8 million dollars and left the church running hundreds instead of thousands.

  • He would often warn us by saying, "Do not spend what you do not have."  Yet, we have monster building programs where in some cases churches are 40 to 50 million dollars in debt and hoping that the new buildings will bring in the people.

  • He warned us of the bringing together of our Christian schools and the public schools in the sports arena.   He warned us of introducing our kids to the world's kids.  This is a sorry substitute for church wide soul winning by sacrificing our kids to offer opportunities to witness.  Go door to door and you will find the same people to witness too without a leg show at half time.

  • He warned us about taking government money.   When the local church starts taking government money then the strings that are attached will strangle the work of God one day.

  • He warned us of obtaining accreditation from the world.  I can still hear him equating the need for Babe Ruth to be accredited as being silly and in like manner our Christian schools and colleges wanting the world's accreditation.

  • He warned us of Expository preaching and the dangers of verse by verse preaching.  He believed in Topical preaching and practiced it.  He was not opposed to Expository preaching, but he felt it negated an emphasis on the needs of the people of God. He felt it satisfied the preacher and make preaching easier, but did not help the people in the pews. He would often speak of an apothecary where the spiritual medicine should NOT be given by going from one bottle to the next, but rather find out the need and then give the prescribed and corresponding spiritual medicine.

I fear we have listened to the youth and ignored the wisdom of the aged men of the past who proved to be blessed of God with great soul winning churches.  Too many are like Rehoboam of whom it is said in I Kings 12:8, "But he forsook the counsel of the old men, which they had given him, and consulted with the young men that were grown up with him, and which stood before him:"


Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Saturday Dr. Russell Anderson and myself flew into the Atlanta, GA, airport to preach in two area churches and then came together to open up the INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE on Monday night.

Dr. Anderson preached for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Dexter Landers. They had 63 saved over the week end and many baptized on Sunday.

I was honored to preach for our IBC meeting host church HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA.  The final totals were over 30 saved and 18 baptized.  We had one of those unusual Sundays that really ought to be usual.  One of the highlights was a grandfather who trusted Christ and the people came unglued at the invitation time.  What a great spirit this church exhibits.

Dr. Bill Wininger opened up the IBC meeting with a great sermon reminding us of our heritage as Independent Baptists warning us to not become intellectual snobs, but remain down home people who walk with God.

I preached second my sermon "GOD'S SIMPLE PLAN FOR A SOUL WINNING CHURCH."  The altars were full and we experienced a great start to the conference.  The Barnes Family provided the special music and as usual were a blessing.

We had classes on Tuesday morning at 8:30 with the pastors all receiving a free PASTOR'S MANUAL.  We discussed various things about church growth.  There were several new pastors  and we had a good time of instruction.

Dr. Anderson met with the laymen and gave them practical instruction about starting and building businesses.  He spends 4 to 5 hours with God everyday and has for many years.  He has given 39 million dollars to God's work and no one in history has given as much. We need to learn from him and help our laymen to become another Russell Anderson.

Pastor Dexter Landers preached first on Tuesday morning and he preached on "HEARERS AND DOERS OF THE WORD." Pastor Dwayne Walker from Kentucky, who pastors the MOUNT OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH, preached second on "TAKING OWNERSHIP." Pastor Walker started his church and is running 600 each Sunday.  Do not think for a second Independent Baptist Churches are going away.  There are more of what I call "seedling" churches in our nation that in time will create more great churches than ever.

Tuesday night God met with us in a special way.  Dr. Anderson preached on "FILL MY CUP LORD" and the necessity of being filled with the Spirit of God.  He noted the difference between the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the filling of the Holy Spirit.  It was powerful.

I preached second my sermon "IS THERE REALLY A PLACE CALLED HELL?"  Some dear saints started coming to the altars before the sermon was even finished.  The pastor stood weeping and told his people as well as the delegates that he was not just going to be stirred, but changed forever.  GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Sunday morning was "SUPER SUNDAY" for the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA.  The buildings were packed with well over 600 in attendance this week end.  God gave us 30 souls and 12 baptisms.

I remember preaching for this dear church when they held church in an old Auction Barn.  Pastor Terrell Hopkins has been pastor here for the past 14 years and is an aggressive soul winner.  The music is uplifting and adds much to the services.  The altars were full and many adults trusted Christ.

After the morning service was over a dear man to the right brought his son up to me and asked if I would speak to him for a minute.  I was introduced to Michael his son.  His son began to tell me how he did not know for sure that he was going to go to Heaven when he died and with tears in his eyes he asked me, "If I could help him." I gave him Scriptures and in a few minutes he bowed his head and trusted Christ to save his soul.  

In a few minutes his wife Tiffiny walked up and told me the same thing. Praise the LORD in a few minutes she bowed her head and heart trusting Christ to pay for all of her sins.  The dad and family were so excited.  They were back last night and walked the aisle making a public profession of their faith in Christ.


Dr. Russell Anderson eating corn bread
and pinto beans

Dr. Russell Anderson flew in on Saturday to preach for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE grads Pastor Dexter Landers who pastors the MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH.  Dr. Anderson phoned Pastor Landers and asked if he should eat at the airport in Detroit or would he have something for him to eat when he arrived.  Pastor Landers asked what he would like to eat and Dr. Anderson laughed and said "How about some pinto beans and some corn bread?"  Pastor Landers had one of his ladies fix up some old fashioned corn bread and pinto beans.  Dr. Anderson was in hog heaven!

Dr. Anderson will be a co-host of our SECOND INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE to be hosted by HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Locust Grove, GA., this week.  He will be speaking all morning on Tuesday morning to the laymen and preaching first on Tuesday night.

Dr. Bill Wininger, Pastor Dwayne Walker, Pastor Dexter Landers, and myself will be preaching this week.  We are looking and praying for a good group of preachers to attend.  Services are at 7 pm each night with day sessions beginning at 8:30 on tuesday morning.  There will be a luncheon hosted by Dr. Anderson at noon on Tuesday.  I hope you will take time to be with us.