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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dr. Shelton Smith
"As I made my way through Dr. Gray's 'When Principle Was King' I couldn't put it down. Whether you agree with every point he makes, or not, I think the book is one you should be sure you read."

This book was a two year project in the making. It is probably the most important work God has allowed me to do to date. This is a 408 page hard back book with a beautiful dust jacket. There are 33 chapters divided into three sections. PERSONAL PRINCIPLES, MINISTRY PRINCIPLES, and MOVEMENT PRINCIPLES.

You may not agree with everything in the book, but you will not be able to put it down once you start reading it.  This is the predominant testimony of the thousands who have purchased the book. This is a MUST read in this critical time of the independent Baptist movement. I ask you to read it from cover to cover before you arrive at a verdict. It is controversial and yet necessary!

Go to or call 903-576-1307, or 903-237-9019 and order your copy today. We do have bookstore rates if purchased by the case. Thousands have been sold and you do not want to miss out on this extremely timely book. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Pastor Chris Fowler
Pastor Chris Fowler heard Dr. Jack Hyles preach on a CD his sermon "THIS KIND" on 10-16-06 and God spoke to his heart about starting and independent Baptist church. He was a Southern Baptist pastor at the time and resigned his church to start an independent Baptist church in Simms, TX. 

It has been 5 years since he and his family started the LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH in East Texas. He struggled and three years ago came to see me about about his ministry. I gave him a copy of all of my books and we held a revival meeting for him. He is a personal soul winner.

I noticed Sunday several new couples and God gave 3 professions of faith and 1 baptism of a young husband. This is as country as you can find, but God is working in a special way.

After the service two young boys asked about whether they two could be saved like the others. It was a very tender thing to see. I remember when I was age 11 and after a Sunday night service I went home and was scared because I did not want to go to Hell. Pastor Marvin Owen preached a red hot sermon on Hell and I went to the altar, but no one opened the Bible to tell me how to be saved. This was an American Baptist church.

I went home that night and before going to bed I was standing in the hall crying. My mama asked me what was wrong and I told her I was going to Hell. She started to cry and told me to go into my bedroom, get on my knees, and ask Jesus to save my soul. I did what she said and it was like a ton of weight was lifted off of my soul. GOTTA LOVE A SOUL WINNING PARENT!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Sunday I had the honor of preaching for my friend Pastor Migal Suarez who pastors the PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH of South Gate, CA. This is an amazing church pastored by the man of God who started it 25 years ago. The auditorium was packed with a fellowship hall filled with those watching on TV monitors. 

The pastor reported last night 102 saved, 84 adult visitors, and 11 baptized. He then asked those who had led people to Christ to stand and many of his dear folks stood. This church does not run buses because there is no room. They win souls and bring them in their cars to the church. This is an amazing church! Most of their visitors are adults with their children.

The first 50 pastors who call 414-301-9319 and pre-register will receive free motel accommodations for Monday and Tuesday of the INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE which is coming to the Milwaukee, WI, area. 

Dr. Shelton Smith, Dr. Russell Anderson, Dr. Paul Duckett Sr., Pastor Brent Lenentine, Pastor Todd Poynter, and myself will be preaching. There will be classes starting at 9 am on Tuesday for pastors, staff, laymen, ladies, and youth. A free luncheon will be hosted by Dr. Russell Anderson on Tuesday at noon.

Behind every great revival in America would be found a great man of God and behind that great man of God would be found a great layman of God. God took Dr. Russell Anderson from the coal mines of Kentucky to running 7 businesses and become a multi-millionaire businessman. He has given 39 million dollars to independent Baptist works including 8 million dollars on one day. 

He is 80 and will be 81 soon and we must learn the principles that God gave him before he goes to Heaven. We need more NEHEMIAHS! Please bring your laymen and allow Dr. Anderson to help them! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I flew into LA late last night and will be preaching Sunday for Pastor Migal Sarez who pastors the PILGRIM BAPTIST CHURCH in South Gate, CA. He has been pastor here for 25 years. I will then be preaching for Dr. Ray Rameriz who pastors the HILLSIDE BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH in LA.  He also has been pastoring here for 29 years and is also the founding pastor. 

If you are in the area please come join us on Monday night at 7, Tuesday at 10 am, and Tuesday night at 7 pm. Dr. Darrell Cox will be joining me on Monday night. This man of God is a mixture of John Rawlings and Lester Roloff "backslide." Ha! I love this man of God he is a rare breed in this day and time!

I am entering my 40th year in the ministry and pastored for 33 of those years and I understand the rigors and demands. Dr. Jack Hyles mentioned one time that those pastors who stay in the same church for 20 years plus are a part of God's elite. Thank you dear men of God for staying by the stuff! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME MEN OF GOD!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This coming April the INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE will be coming to the Milwaukee area. 

There will be old fashioned singing led by Dr. Paul Duckett Sr. who led singing and sang for J. Frank Norris one of the fathers of the independent Baptist movement. You will want to spend time with this great man. He has so much to share about the independent Baptist history you have read in books.  His music is spirit-filled and you will be talking about it for months to come.

There will be classes Tuesday morning beginning at 9 am with men like Dr. Russell Anderson. He has so much to share with our laymen. He came from the coal mines of Kentucky to the multimillionaire who ran 7 businesses and gave 39 million dollars to independent Baptist works including 8 million dollars in one day.  Bring your laymen for they must learn his Bible principles that worked and will work. 

Behind every great revival you will find a great man of God and behind that same man of God you will find a great layman of God!

There will be classes for ladies and youth also on Tuesday morning at 9 am. I will be teaching the pastors and staff at 9 am. I will have free materials for them. 

There will also be a free luncheon on Tuesday at noon hosted by Dr. Russell Anderson with testimonies from laymen who have successfully followed the principles of Dr. Anderson. My son Bob shared with me that there are at least 14 businesses that have been started at LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE because of his influence.

Please do not forget the first 50 pastors who pre-register by calling 414-301-9319 will receive free motel accommodations for Monday and Tuesday. This conference is free but the help will be worth a million dollars to you and your ministry. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!  WHAT HAS BEEN DONE CAN BE DONE!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning I had the honor of preaching for my friend Pastor Chad Owens who pastors the UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH. While I was in the pastor's office he had me look at a framed Gospel tract from their church and rehearsed the story of that Gospel tract with me.

In 1999 he and his church went soul winning on the campus of Navarro College of Corsicana, TX. They led folks to Christ and passed out hundreds of Gospel tracts. One of the students to whom they gave a tract was from Ghana Africa. He returned to his home land and gave the tract to a friend John Opoku. John read the tract and bowed his head and gave his heart to Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. John then led his wife Patricia to Christ using the Scriptures from the same Gospel tract that God used for his salvation.

John then began looking for a church to attend and could find known that preached what the tract taught. 5 years later John called Pastor Owens and asked if he could join UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH. Pastor Owens told him no he needed to attend a local independent Baptist church. 

They corresponded back and forth with Pastor Owens finally ending up flying to Ghana. Pastor Owens baptized John and his wife Patricia. They then organized a church named UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH of Kumasi.

It is 7 years later and 29 local independent Baptist churches have been started with 213,000 folks being saved and 16,000 following the LORD in baptism. This church has sent them 30,000 KING JAMES BIBLES. 

The strange thing is Pastor Opoku was approached by some independent Baptist American missionaries who told Pastor Opoku there were mistakes in his KING JAMES BIBLE. He immediately contacted his pastor Chad Owens who gave him some Bible studies and assurances their Bible was not only perfect but flawless. This attack on the KJB and tactic was used to get Pastor Opoku to join their independent Baptist group. 

Pastor John and his wife Patricia asked Pastor Chad Owens to renew their wedding vows. He did and now in the past 7 years he has renewed 90 other couples wedding vows. Pastor and Mrs. Opoku have 13 children.

Pastor Chad Owens travels to Ghana once a year to win souls and continue establishing local independent Baptist churches. Amazing what one Gospel tract can do! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I will be preaching at the UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH of Corsicana, TX, Sunday. This church is pastored by my friend Pastor Chad Owens. This pastor has one of the most interesting stories concerning soul winning and missions I have ever heard. I will be relating that to you tomorrow. I want to make sure I have the latest stats on the influence of one independent Baptist church on a foreign nation. It is an amazing story!

I would like for you to mark April 8-10, 2012, on your calendars please. The INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE is coming to the Milwaukee, WI, area. Dr. Dean Noonan who pastors the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Oak Creek, WI, will be hosting the conference.

I want you to meet one of the best men of God I have ever met in my 40 years of ministry. Dr. Paul Duckett Sr.!  

His son Dr. Paul Duckett Jr. worked on my staff for 18 plus years and was of the finest God ever made. His son was a spirit-filled man of God who excelled in being a servant and gave us the best music a ministry could experience. Dr. Paul Duckett Sr. would conduct our music for our NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINICS. It was excellent music!

Dr. Paul Duckett Sr. was on the staff of Dr. J. Frank Norris, one of the fathers of the independent Baptist movement. He led the singing for J. Frank Norris as well as leading the singing for Dr. Norris' school and conferences for preachers. Dr. Duckett Sr. has been in the ministry for 67 years. 

You have never been in better congregational singing in your life than that conducted by this seasoned man of God. Your mind, heart, and soul will be blessed! He is old school, which will make him different than any song leader you have ever heard, unless you have heard this man. We need spirit-filled singing and singers as well as preachers in our pulpits. This music will not highlight a man but will highlight the Holy Spirit! 

The first 50 pastors who call 414-301-9319 to pre-register will receive free motel accommodations for Monday and Tuesday. The conference is free and the materials handed out will be free. Classes will be conducted Tuesday beginning at 9 am for pastors and staff conducted by myself, layman conducted by Dr. Russell Anderson, ladies conducted by Mrs. Dean Noonan, and youth conducted by Youth Pastor Matt Kielas.

There will be a free luncheon at noon hosted by Dr. Russell Anderson. All are invited with an emphasis for layman who are interested in starting a business. There have been 14 businesses started at LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE because of the influence of Dr. Russell Anderson. A couple of those men will be giving testimonies at the luncheon.

Behind every great revival in America there was a spirit-filled man of God. Behind every one of those men of God was a spirit-filled layman of God. There is a need for Nehemiahs to come to the forefront of the local church. This combination is needed in every local church. 

BRING your laymen and allow them to be helped by a Kentucky coal miner who ended up running 7 businesses and giving 39 million dollars to independent Baptist works with 8 million given in one day alone. Pastor, you cannot do this alone. We must learn the Bible principles used by Dr. Anderson before he goes to Heaven. He is 80 going on 81 and our laymen must garner these principles before he dies!


Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am preaching in Ardmore, OK, at the BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH pastored by my friend Pastor Tracy Currington. He has been the pastor here for going on 7 years. He is the founding pastor and is an excellent personal soul winner.

Mrs. G had her staples taken out on Wednesday this past week and is in rehabilitation. The work outs have been difficult for her and painful, but she is faithfully doing them. Please continue to pray for her.

The INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE is coming to the Milwaukee, WI, area on April 8-10, 2012. One of the preachers will be Pastor Brent Lenetine who pastors the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Rio Rancho, NM. He came to Rio Rancho not knowing one individual and started in 1988 the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH.

Recently they completed a new auditorium and had 650 on their first Sunday and are averaging just under 500 each week in attendance. 

This is one of the many young men of God in America who are being used of God to reach their Jerusalem with the Gospel. I have preached for this man for many years and I believe he is a part of a group of the best kept secrets in our nation who are getting the job done for God. Please make plans to be with us at the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Oak Creek, WI, April 8-10. 

The first 50 pastors who pre-register will receive free motel accommodations. Please call 414-301-9319 to pre-register for Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday luncheon, and Tuesday night. 

The conference is free with classes being conducted on Tuesday beginning at 9 a.m. for Pastors & Staff with myself, laymen with Dr. Anderson, ladies with Mrs. Noonan, and youth with Matt Kielas.

Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor of the SWORD OF THE LORD, and Dr. Paul Duckett Sr. will be with us. Dr. Duckett Sr. led the singing for J. Frank Norris, was on his staff, and taught music in his school. I promise you will sense the Spirit of God with this man's music. He is the BEST I have ever heard in my 40 years of ministry. GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!