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Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's too early for any one to be up. I was up at 2 and worked on some new books. If you have not purchased WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING please do so before this printing runs out. Churches who purchased them by the case of 16 or still eligible to do it again at a 50% discount plus S/H. Simply call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019. You may also email

I will will be driving to Shreveport, LA., then flying to DFW and on to Indianapolis to be with my friend Pastor Todd Poynter. He pastors the GREENWOOD BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH just outside of Indianapolis. He started this church with his family and currently are running an average of 450.  They are an aggressive soul winning church with a vibrant Sunday school program.

One of my new books is LEADING FROM THE FRONT and will soon be available on ebook. Simply go to kindle and search for Bob Gray Sr. and you will find which of my books are in ebook format.  This is a great way to instantly download a book and carry it with you via ipad, iphone, or in an android phone. The rest of my JUST A THOUGHT volumes 5-10 will be in ebook form soon also.

I called several of my converts yesterday and it appears the LORD has given us 4 for baptism this Sunday and maybe 6. I'll let you know! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Friday, March 30, 2012


If you are one of those like myself who love the ebook format here is an opportunity to enjoy WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING in ebook or ibook form.  Coming soon to Kindle or Smashwords will be my new book about the life principles of Dr. Jack Hyles. These books can be downloaded within a instant. It is really amazing.

This is a 408 page book divided into three sections of PERSONAL PRINCIPLES, MINISTRY PRINCIPLES, and MOVEMENT PRINCIPLES of the man whom God used to be one of the fathers of the big church in America.  He built the world's largest Sunday school in averaging over 20,000 a Sunday.

If you will go to Kindle or Smashwords and type in Bob Gray Sr. you will find many of my books in ebook or ibook.  You can download them to your ipad, iphone, or other Android phone.  Also, JUST A THOUGHT Volume 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will soon be added to the ebook or ibook list.  I have new books LET'S TALK ABOUT JESUS and LEADING FROM THE FRONT that will also be added soon as ebook or ibook.  Just keep checking and they will soon be there.

Great week of soul winning with 7 trusting Christ and 4 lined up for baptism this Sunday. I will flying to Indianapolis, IN., to preach for my friend Pastor Todd Poynter.  By the way Pastor Poynter will be preaching the following week at the INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE to be held in the Milwaukee, WI., area. There are a few free motel rooms left for pastors and their wives. Please call now and reserve your room!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This will be a real treat for me this coming Sunday for I will be preaching in East Texas and sleeping in my own bed. Well, somebody say amen!  One of the men who served on the Deacon board with me at LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE for over a decade is pastoring the LEESBURG BAPTIST CHURCH of Leesburg, TX.  I am excited about preaching for him. I love this man and family very much.  He reported yesterday they have 24 visitors lined up for Sunday with 3 saved today out soul winning. 

God has been so good to me this week with Him allowing me to lead 8 folks to Christ and last Sunday God gave me one for baptism.  This has been a good month of soul winning for me with 25 salvation decisions and 7 of those following the LORD in baptism. I am very encouraged by these young men of God around the nation who are taking this thing of personal soul winning seriously. 


There are two such men who are going to preach at the first INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CONFERENCE to be held in the Milwaukee, WI., area on April 8-10, 2012. By the way there are only a few free motel rooms available for pastors and their wives. Please call 414-301-9319 or 414-248-1879 to reserve one of those free rooms. I promise you it will be a great time of refreshment. 

Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor of THE SWORD OF THE LORD, will be preaching along with myself and Dr. Russell Anderson. "WHAT HAS BEEN DONE CAN BE DONE!"

Pastor Brent Lenetine

Pastor Lenetine and his family moved from Atlanta, GA., to start the GOSPEL LIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH of Rio Rancho, NM., in 1988. They knew no one and immediately started knocking doors and giving the Gospel. Their first Sunday God gave them 26 in attendance. They recently built a 425 seat auditorium and on their first Sunday in the new facility God gave them 650 in attendance. They are currently averaging 450 each Sunday. This is a great soul winning church led by a great personal soul winner.  This will be one of the preachers you will want to meet and hear.

Pastor Todd Poynter

Pastor Poynter and his family started the GREENWOOD BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH just outside of Indianapolis, IN., in 1995 with 2 others in attendance. Since then they have gone through 5 major building programs and grown to averaging 450 each Sunday. He was raised under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles and is an aggressive personal soul winner as well as a great organizer of ministries. He will be on of the preachers you will want to meet and hear.

This will be the first of such conferences around the nation. Classes will be conducted on Tuesday morning at 9 am for pastors, staff, laymen, ladies, and youth. A noon luncheon will be hosted by Dr. Russell Anderson. 

By the way Dr. Anderson will be teaching laymen about starting and succeeding in business. He is 81 years of age and has a desire to teach what God has taught him to our laymen. He came from the coal mines of Kentucky to operating 7 businesses and gave 39 million dollars to independent Baptist works. 

Behind every great revival there was a man of God and behind every great man of God was a great layman of God. Bring you laymen and allow God to use Dr. Anderson to help them. 

If you can please make plans to join us in Milwaukee, WI., on April 9-10, 2012. Call now for your free motel room.  GOTTA LOVE SERVING THE LORD!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Pastor Nathan Cook
This morning at FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Riverside, CA., I taught my Sunday school lesson on "GRACE." I then preached my sermon "THE ANSWER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE QUESTION." Have you ever noticed in the Scriptures how little time God spends with the problem and how long he spends dealing in the solution.

* John 14:1-3, "Let not your heart be troubled..." being the problem and the rest  of it deals with the solution. There are 66 words here and 6 of these words deal with the problem and 60 deal with the solution.

* I John 2:1-2, 51 words in these two verses with 5 dealing with the problem and 46 dealing with the solution.

* I John 1:9, five of those words deal with the problem while 17 deal with the solution.

* II Chronicles 7:14, the problem is only hinted at in "forgive their sins and heal their land." It implies this is about sin and a need for healing, but there are 35 words of solution.

*Ps. 1:1-3, There are 81 words. The problem is only assumed. 81 words deal with a solution to a problem that is assumed.

For us to continue to dwell on the problem causes several things to occur.

1) It makes the problem bigger
2) It makes the solution smaller
3) The more attention given to the problem the more confusion about the problem
4) It takes valuable time you need for the solution
5) It brings self-pity and despair
6) It will cause you to give up

What to do with your problem!

1) Glance at it and define it
2) Do not talk about it
3) Go to the Word of God and the man of God
4) Help someone else with the same problem
5) In helping them you will find the solution to your own problem
6) Do what you tell others to do


Saturday, March 17, 2012


At 4 This morning I will be driving to Shreveport, LA., to fly to DFW and then on to Ontario, CA., where I will be driven to Riverside to preach for my friend Pastor Nathan Cook. He pastors the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH. This is a church with a great spirit and a love for souls. 

I will be speaking Saturday night at their SOUL WINNER'S BANQUET, teaching Sunday school, preaching Sunday morning and night. Monday at noon we will have a luncheon for area pastors and Monday night a service at 7 pm. If you are in the area please call 951-522-2816 for directions and to reserve your spot at the noon luncheon.

This past week I had the honor of leading 7 folks to Christ and 3 of those followed the LORD in baptism. Yesterday I checked on some recent converts and hopefully two of those will also be baptized this coming Sunday. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am very rarely at home and when it is possible I thoroughly enjoy our church. LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE of Longview, TX., has been a bright shining light for the Gospel since 1960. Her founding pastor is Dr. Nihl Bulkley who is retired. God bless that dear man of God. 

I was honored to be her pastor longer than all the other 5 pastors put together. To see her continuing on is warming to the heart. America can still be reached with local independent Baptist churches doing it the old fashioned way! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

There are 40,000 Southern Baptist Convention Churches and over 22,000 of those reported not one baptism two years ago and the list continues to grow. They are going to "Worship Teams" and "Contemporary Services" to reach an unsaved world. It is not working! This contemporary move to win the hearts of the younger generation is failing. All these churches do is perpetuate worldliness and bring God down to man. They are destroying the orchard! God's men are to teach and preach to bring man up to God for we are made in His image not the other way around. SBC churches are using Willie Nelson and others to reach the lost.

Holiness and godliness provide an unbeatable combination. Holiness is knocking on Heaven's door while godliness is knocking on a sinner's door. You cannot succeed without both. 

To change the prelude from the organ to a rock n' roll band will not garner Heaven's attention. This unstable world needs a stable local church. God responds to holiness and godliness. Without the Holy Spirit there will be no conviction and thus no conversion! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

By the way, coming soon will be the launching of the INDEPENDENTBAPTIST.COM web site. I am excited about this project that will include regional conferences, a publishing house, and daily "Town Hall" type articles. Please go there and sign up. There will multiple contributors with multiple articles on multiple subjects. If you wish to advertise then email ibaptistcom@gmailcom or email me at and I will forward your request.  We are in the final weeks of preparation. I will let you know when they let me know the launching date. 

If you will go to the end of this email and click "read more" then go to the BLOG you may subscribe to ensure you will receive the BLOG. If you wish to not receive these emails just simply let me know. GOTTA LOVE THE CAUSE OF CHRIST!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Many years ago in the early 70's I heard Dr. Jack Hyles mention that every one had at least one book in them. I have often thought of that and have mentioned it myself through out these many years of traveling and speaking. God has allowed me to pen 31 books and I am constantly encouraging others to write.

Many months ago I received a manuscript  "LACKADAISICAL LOVE."  I could not but help think of the tremendous truths and more than that the helpful truths it contained. I have always been impressed with the Rife family as they have been wonderful hosts to me when preaching in their home churches for many years. The author Mrs. Trish Rife has written what is a very needed book on a very needed topic. When my wife read the book when it arrived her first statement was this lady sounds like another Mrs. Marlene Evans. She loved the book, which says a lot in my mind about the book. 

You may order the book directly by calling 720-240-1241. If you have a bookstore you may receive a bookstore rate for your order. This book will help the local church to retain those whom we win to Christ and those who through service become hurt while serving. This is a handbook for hospitality. 84 % of the people who attend a local church do so because someone there cares for them as an individual. AMEN!

Monday, March 12, 2012


I am worried about our earth worship and our seeming obsession with Socialism. The earth was created by God for man and not man for earth. God has given us plenty of gas and oil. We do not worship the planet earth. God has given mankind the wherewithal to extract such from the earth for use. 

Our God is a capitalistic God. God rewards the work and the worker! Capitalism does not hate their customers and wishes harm to them. They are all service oriented. Occupy Wall Streeters are no different than the ones I went to Michigan State University with in the 60's. They all want something for nothing. This class warfare has a built in Socialistic menu of so-called "fairness." Life is not fair! If you do not work you should not eat! What is the answer - DRILL BABY DRILL!

James Thomas singing a special

Jonathan Painter leading music

This past Sunday I preached at THE BAPTIST HOUSE OF FAITH located just outside of Kilgore, TX., pastored by my good friend Pastor Frank Sturrock. This is a young work of 4 years and God certainly met with us in a powerful way Sunday. No, there was not a great attendance of people, but there was a great attendance of the Holy Spirit. We had 4 saved and 2 baptized with more lined up to be baptized next Sunday.

TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE has an intern program where pastoral students volunteer in local churches to help and to learn at the same time. These young men are learning on the job. They handle the song service, announcements, teach Sunday school, and organize the soul winning programs. God bless these young men of God!

This has been a good week of personal soul winning for me. God allowed me to have 7 saved and 3 of those follow the LORD in baptism. I wish every pastor in America could be challenged to give the Gospel out 15 times in a one 7 day period and to have 5 lined up for the baptismal pool by Saturday night for the coming Sunday and do it every week of the world. They would be thrilled at the results. Take the challenge!  GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It was an honor to preach for my good friend Dr. Mike Wells who pastors the PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mesquite, TX.  Sunday there were 59 professions of faith and 9 baptisms. This is a great soul winning church with a vision.

On Sunday morning I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Steve Hamm who pastors the PATRICK BAPTIST CHURCH of Ferris, TX. The LORD gave us 7 souls and we had a great time with some great people. 

On Monday night Dr. Larry May joined me and we had a great crowd and a great spirit. Mrs. Beverly Hyles attended on Monday night and Mrs. Earlyn Stephens, Dr. Jack Hyles' sister, attended Tuesday night. I was so excited to see them. My mind could not but go back to those early days under the preaching of Dr. Hyles. My heart was warmed by their very presence.

Dr. Mike Wells


Pastor Todd Poynter

"For someone who grew up under the ministry of First Baptist Church, WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING was a refreshing book at a man I love and at the principles that governed his life and ministry. I appreciate Dr. Gray's boldness and his loyalty to principle."

This is still one of the best selling books in independent Baptist circles. Please go on and order it NOW while this printing lasts. If you will order it through the web site I will send you an autographed copy. You may also call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019 to order today! Please do not wait unti it is too late! GOTTA LOVE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Please call now 414-301-9319 and pre-register for free motel rooms for Monday and Tuesday. The conference is free! Exciting old time music! Spirit-filled teaching and preaching. Classes on Tuesday for pastors and staff, laymen, ladies, and youth. Free luncheon on Tuesday hosted by Dr. Russell Anderson.

The classes will be worth the trip as well as the refreshing night services. I wish every church in America could experience what Dr. Paul Duckett Sr. has to offer with his congregational singing. He led singing for J. Frank Norris, Dallas Billington, and led 300 plus voice choirs. He is a sweet man and has much to give to young men. 

We must gain from these great men before they go to Heaven. Dr. Russell Anderson will be 81 soon and our laymen need to learn the Bible principles he used to build 7 successful businesses. He was a Kentucky coal miner without any formal education yet God blessed him.  Behind every great move of God you will find a man of God and behind that man of God you will find a layman of God! He will be teaching laymen on Tuesday morning.  GOTTA LOVE THE SERVANTS OF GOD!


"I was blessed and benefited by recently having received and read my dear friend Dr. Bob Gray Sr.'s book WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING. It was fair, firm, and extremely fundamental."

Dr. John Hamblin

This is a 408 page hard back book with a beautiful dust jacket and is filled with 33 chapters divided up into three sections. PERSONAL PRINCIPLES, MINISTRY PRINCIPLES, and MOVEMENT PRINCIPLES. Dr. Jack Hyles was one of the fathers of the independent Baptist movement. God through him built the largest Sunday school in the world. 

This is a very interesting and teachable moment in our history as independent Baptist. What has been done can be done! Those who discover these Biblical principles will be the ones who will lead this next generation. The 'Mega-church" movement will "implode" and the fall out will be devastating. Those men who learn these principles will be able to help lead the next generation to reach "every creature" with the Gospel.

This is 408 pages of thoughts that can be easily digested and will lead to divesting from modern "contemporary" posturing of churches. If you are serious about the independent Baptist movement and you desire for your children and grandchildren to know what you have known then you MUST read this book. 

Please call 903-576-1307 or 903-237-9019 to order NOW! This book is selling quickly and 98 % of the folks who purchased the book LOVE IT! You may go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM and place your order there if you wish. Either way please call or go on our web site to order today! GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I will be preaching at the PATRICK BAPTIST CHURCH of Ferris, TX, in the morning and at the PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mesquite, TX, Sunday night through Tuesday night. My friend Pastor Steve Hamm is the pastor of PATRICK BAPTIST CHURCH while Dr. Mike Wells is the pastor of the PARKSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH of Mesquite. If you are in the area I would love to see you Monday or Tuesday night. The services at Dr. Well's church begin at 7 pm each night except for 6 pm Sunday night. GOTTA LOVE THE OLD TIME RELIGION!

Friday, March 2, 2012


This morning I was going over my New Testament and praising God for the health and ability to introduce people to Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Saviour for those who will trust Him for payment of their sins.  

In the month of February God allowed me to present the Gospel to 40 folks with 30 of them bowing their heads and hearts to receive Jesus Christ as payment for their sins. Of those 12 walked an aisle professing faith in Christ and 9 of those followed the LORD in baptism. 

As of August of 1980 through February 29, 2012, after moving to Texas I have preached 26,185 sermons, personally led 15,878 to Christ, and of those 4,638 have followed the LORD in baptism. God has been so good to all of us!

In 1972 I attended a SWORD OF THE LORD CONFERENCE on soul winning and revival at the GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH of South Bend, IN. Pastor Charles Davis was the pastor.  Dr. John R. Rice and Dr. Jack Hyles were the speakers. It was on Tuesday night while sitting on the front row I decided I wanted to give my life to full time service and win souls. I never thought of pastoring I only thought of giving the Gospel to as many people as possible for the rest of my life. I later attended Pastors' School and cemented my decision.

Our church was a part of the American Baptist denomination at the time. I began to preach in different churches in the denomination and after one Sunday preaching in Elkart, IN, an American Baptist State  Associational Missionary approached me and my wife.  He asked if I went to "Hyles' Pastors' School." I told him I did! He in no uncertain terms told me that if I continued to associate with John Rice and Jack Hyles I would never preach in another American Baptist church as long as I lived. One of my brothers told me if I ran with the independents he would never let me preach for him. My own dad was very unhappy with my decision, but to his credit later on recanted. I paid a price personally and publicly to be a part of the independent Baptist movement. It is 40 years later and I am thrilled at the decision I made!

The church I pastored for 29 1/2 years in Longview, TX, grew from a low of 159 to 2,041 in attendance. She gave  $ 9.3 million dollars to missions and a total of                  $ 335,584.81 in what we called "gleanings offerings" at the end of each Sunday for the poor. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!