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Saturday, August 25, 2012


In just a few days our nation will either vote for an instant replay & relive the disaster of the last four years or move on to elect a president who  believes in a US Constitution that is relevant and without private interpretation.  

The US Constitution is a timeless document that has served our nation well. The most blessed nation on the planet and yet the youngest nation on the planet.  Blessed because of the belief in the Holy Scriptures and a godly group of men who prayed and were given a Constitution that has survived until now. It has survived because it was baptized in those same  Scriptures.  

We are a blessed nation because of our reverence for God's Holy Word and it is evident in our nation's documents.   A bad vote NOW will send us backward and not forward.  It is a vote against God's Holy Word and the nation's documents extolling God's Words.


We have also been deluged with a similar controversy over the Holy Scriptures as given to the English speaking peoples in the King James Bible.  Since 2009 the attack from the pulpit of the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, IN, has split fundamental independent Baptist churches. Also  their college, my alma mater, Hyles-Anderson College entered into the fray with the hosting of a "King James Summit."  

Our nation has suffered an economic drought while our churches have also suffered via a theological drought with the clumsy attempt to discredit the very words of God.  Hyles-Anderson College held a "King James Summit" that was a farce to say the least. I sat through the entire day!  I was embarrassed!  

Some Churches with HAC grads blindly agreed with the Catholic lineage and leanings given of our Holy Scriptures.  Thank the LORD though the majority of the grads did not agree and voiced their concerns and stood tall in the saddle for inspiration.

Three dear friends of mine Dr. Rick Finley, Pastor Steve Hobbins, and Pastor Bruce Goddard recently dictated letters and published letters of recommendations for Hyles-Anderson College.  I respect these men and their churches.  However, I fear this is premature and could delay the necessary process of  doctrinal cleansing that is needed in Crown Point, IN. 

In Jack Schaap's book "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" on pages 84 and 85 he made it clear he did not believe in the preserved inspiration of the KING JAMES BIBLE and the rest of us who did were ignorant to believe such.  We were, in his words, destroying the work of God.

Here is what is puzzling to me?  The entire church staff, school staff, college staff, and deacon board signed their names to that book stating they were 100 % behind Jack Schaap and his attack on us poor ignorant people who believed in preserved inspiration of the King James Bible for the English speaking people.

May I suggest that we preachers be "swift to hear and slow to speak." My dear preacher friends, before you send out letters stating you are 100% behind the President of Hyles-Anderson College, thus casting a vote in favor, it might behove you to ask if he, and the faculty, still hold to Jack Schaap's written position against the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible.  Before you vote to enter into another 4 year Jericho commitment, in God's dear precious name, make some one accountable for what they said in 2009.

Before you anoint another president of HAC I would suggest someone ask some probing questions about the Lord's Supper, mistakes in the King James Bible, possession of demons in a believer, God's hatred for mankind, the work of the Holy Spirit, charismatic teachings on money, mistreatment of older men of God, foul language in staff meetings, and finally why did these men in leadership not speak up?

How can any man of God give an endorsement to a college without knowing what the direction of the college is? Are they going to rediscover the roots of Biblical principles that obviously worked for Dr. Hyles?  Just because Jack Schaap has been dismissed for moral failure does not all of a sudden make HAC the place to be!


4,000 inquiries this week to me as a concern of the direction of HAC.  That is mind boggling to say the least!  Can HAC be salvaged?  Absolutely!  Just as the attack on these issues was put into print so must a retraction be put into print. Even then the trust must be EARNED!  We cannot just go on as if none of this ever happened.

Please do not be so naive to believe that every thing is alright just because the pastor has been dismissed. His leadership was massaged and cuddled by those who were enablers.  They are just as accountable for the doctrinal failure as the pastor! Someone must speak! Please clear up the doctrinal and theological fog!


Monday, August 20, 2012


On Wednesday night, August 15, 2012, my dear friend and brother in Christ Jim Binney brought a very Biblical and convicting message, which every Christian should listen to especially in this day and time.  He made a number of excellent observations at the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, IN.  The message was timely and dealt with some important issues facing their church in the wake of the recent scandal regarding their dismissed pastor Jack Schaap.

There are however several concerns I have NOT with what Brother Binney said, but with possible reactions and a jerking of the wheel response.  Many good men say things, with which I totally agree, but some take them and misuse them in a way that causes harm.  Brother Binney's use of Scripture and the handling of the situation is outstanding and I commend him for it.  This is NO WAY intended to bring any negative thoughts to his words.  I have noticed throughout the years a tendency to overreact in ways that can be detrimental.

I have been in this work now for over 40 years so I have seen good turned into bad a number times over the years.  I realize that this message will probably NOT influence FBC, but there are dozens of pastors God has allowed me to have influence with. I seek to be a blessing and a help to them.  

This situation is not merely a local matter. It has rocked the entire independent Baptist world.  37,000 plus people have visited this BLOG so far this month.  Many are pastors who are seeking help in time of a great need in their lives and ministries. Here are some thoughts and cautionary concerns.

  • SEEKING ERROR FROM THE PULPIT IN OUR FLESH - It is a danger when we go to church looking for error in the preaching and teaching.  Your spirit should be so sensitive to truth and familiar with truth that when the Spirit of God convicts you of error you should respond by correcting any error in your own life.   When we are in tune with God and His Word we will have more of a tendency to be aware when error is preached.  Where there is possible doctrinal error being preached go and TALK to the preacher. Get an explanation!  Do not be obsessed for it is NOT our job to go to church looking for error.  I fear some will become doctrinal vigilantes setting themselves as the policemen of truth and creating dissension in their church.

  • QUESTIONING THE APPLICATION - We must be careful that we do not get into a game of arguing opinions of truth rather than the truth itself.  If we are not careful we may start questioning everything based upon our opinions of application rather than the truth.   How we apply the pure truth is important, but it can be subject to some differences.  Dr. Jack Hyles was a man who believed in tolerance to those who were tolerant.  He did not ask everyone to agree, but he did expect them to allow him to disagree as well. Preferences should not cause division in the local church.  If a member feels the pastor has a preference with which they disagree they should not attempt to correct him.

  • ASSUMING NUMBERS ARE BAD - Dr. Binney did not say that, nor do I believe he intended for us to negatively judge a church that is being blessed by God with great growth.  Size may not be the ultimate proof of God's blessings, but it may be a proof of our response to His commands.  Dr. Hyles built a great soul winning church and God chose to bless those Bible principles he used.  The result was great growth.  We need great churches and some of them will grow more than others.  Be careful that we do not condemn those which are huge and those which are not.  Yes, there is a danger to make numbers the ultimate goal of our ministry and that is where the danger lies, but smallness is likewise not a proof we are pleasing God.

  • CHANGING OUR DIRECTIONS RATHER THAN CHANGING SOME OF OUR BEHAVIORS - Dr. Hyles used to say, "Life is a series of minor adjustments."  Without the adjustments we may wreck, but if we overreact we likewise may wreck.   My fear is that in an attempt to handle a situation correctly we will fundamentally change how we should behave as a New Testament church.  I believe in accountability within a local church.  However, many of our critics are calling for accountability outside of the local church.  THAT IS NOT BIBLICAL, nor does it coincide with our convictions regarding the autonomy of the church.  Do we need to become more accountable within the local church? Perhaps, but do not fail to recognize that denominationalists would have us become less independent and more denominational.   Our country does not need more laws rather we  need to enforce the ones we have. God gave us the internal controls for His church and outside of that is danger to the local church.  

  • LOOKING BACK AND JUDGING THE PAST WHEN THE PAST HAS BEEN JUDGED - FBC in Hammond has been in a downturn for a number of years.  Do not make the mistake and decide that the entire past was a mistake.  Dr. Hyles was blessed of God.  FBC would be wise to return to what he preached and believed.  If they do not return then those of us who remain true to what Dr. Hyles taught, MUST stay true to the past Biblical principles that worked.  Our enemies are attempting to condemn the entire past because of their hatred of IFB churches.  This is how movements are fundamentally changed. They first distort the history and then lead us astray.  While Dr. Trieber reminded FBC of the heritage they had with Dr. Hyles it did concern me that Brother Binney seemed to shy away from that history of FBC.   I hope I am mistaken, but I would be amiss if I did not remind all of us that Brother Hyles DID NOT use Dr. Binney because of a few fundamental but important issues.  He loved him just as I believe Brother Binney loved Dr. Hyles, but there were reasons he did not speak at FBC until AFTER Dr. Hyles went to Heaven.

  • IGNORING OUR OWN SINS - In all of the things Brother Binney said one that really convicted me was the fact that many allowed Jack Schaap to get away with severe errors while sitting under his leadership and did nothing.  I reevaluated my reactions to the things where I knew Jack Schaap had erred and wondered if there was more I could have done to help be that "Nathan" he spoke of, with it being more than just praying.   Then, I wonder how we rationalize the attacks on men like Dr. Tom Neal when he exposed Jack's serious doctrinal errors regarding tithing?  While I may not agree with the timing or manner in which it was handled at the time the question must be asked did we ignore the facts and just turn our heads from the serious error Jack was teaching? Yes!  How about those preachers who  were criticized and even lashed out at who finally split with Jack Schaap, NOT based upon personality, but on doctrine and principle? How about the staff men who sat and listened without discerning the errors or if they did discern the errors they did not confront their pastor regardless of the consequences? My hats off to Brother Binney for raising these questions.

  • FORGETTING THOSE WHO WERE VILIFIED FOR TAKING A STAND OVER ISSUES OF ERROR - There are MANY and I could provide a long list who were viciously attacked for taking a position against the doctrinal errors of Jack Schaap. Russell Anderson, Jim Vineyard, Shelton Smith, Jeff Fugate, R B Ouellette, Bill Wininger, Gail Riplinger, Dave Baker, Jon Jenkins, Dean Miller Sr., Allen Domelle, Mickey Carter, Keith Gomez, and others were attacked and in some cases smeared by Schaap and the staff in Hammond, because they did what was right and dared to question Schaap about his doctrinal errors. Hammond needs to be aware and remain aware of the fact there were many MANY who believed there was a day of reckoning coming and we attempted to warn them and others.  Families were split over the doctrinal error, not the immoral error. Churches were split over doctrinal error, not over the immoral error. HAC alumnus were split over doctrinal error, not over the immoral error.  The stories of Jack Schaap's abuse runs deeper than one girl.  It is a tragic thing  of what happened to this 16 year old.  However, Jack Schaap's abuse extends to hundreds of people who because they would not fall in line were hurt, smeared or alienated.  Jack Schaap WAS warned! Make no mistake about it!  Now, I give Brother Binney the benefit of the doubt for he may not have been aware of the battle raging around the nation over Jack Schaap's bold in your face doctrinal errors.  I am convinced that many of the good people in Hammond were unaware of the 6 to 8 pages of venomous diatribes, in letter form, against pastors who disagreed. I am wondering if Brother Binney and the others still hold to the attack on the inspiration of the King James Bible? Just wondering? Are they at FBC going to address the doctrinal errors including the attack on the KJB?

  • WORRYING ABOUT THE WRONG THING - Brother Binney made a statement that hurt me with its truthfulness.  "FBC in Hammond has lost its credulity in this nation."  That is a heartbreaking truth to me.  Allow me to say Jack Hyles was not in a constant fight to be credible.  I believe Jack Schaap was!  Had Schaap merely pastored his church rather than attempting to prove to all of us that he was the mantle bearer for the nation perhaps this all would not have happened. There is a warning to all of us that our reputation and credibility is a gift of God for our faithfulness not a right of inheritance.  Too many men are far too interested in creating a national ministry.  Nothing will destroy one quicker than losing focus on ones real purpose.
      FBC would do well to go back to being a great soul 
      winning church and quit worrying about regaining or 
      holding onto its national influence.  Find yourself an 
      old fashioned man of God from the mold of Jack 
      Hyles and become a great LOCAL church again.  
      What FBC needs is a George Huizenga who as a 
      layman in 1958 had the spiritual wisdom to discern 
      a young renegade man of God from Garland, TX, 
      named Jack Hyles and recommend him as a can-
      didate for pastor.  Who would have thought of him?
      Not the staff of upper crust for sure.  No, it took a 
      simple godly layman and that may be what it will
      take this time.  Do not look for a big shot.  Find a
      fiery man of God who will stand true to the KJB and
      to personal soul winning who will lead FBC back to
      God's favor instead of America's favor.

Thank you my friend Brother Binney for your fine advice to my old church and Alma Mater.  God bless you FBC.  We are praying for you.  For the rest of us let us learn all of the lessons that we need to learn to revive our independent Baptist churches and preserve our TRUE heritage.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Dr. Hyles
My heart aches at the number of churches, which are going through extreme difficulties at this time.  For the first time in 40 years of ministry I find myself providing counsel with a half dozen churches facing the same devastating issue.  I almost do not want to answer the phone for fear of what I'll hear on the other end.

As I see these churches dealing with moral failures, scandals, and pastoral changes I am concerned that they  follow the proper course in dealing with these devastating issues.  Please allow me to share some thoughts regarding these situations that I hope will be a blessing.  

By the way, if this has not happened.  Believe me it will one day come to your attention for no one is immune from the attacks of Satan and the fleshly temptations he uses on our spiritual leaders.  

It seems especially true with the vicious attacks on independent Baptist churches.  The focus is not on the Catholics, Southern Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, but the soul winning churches.  We all have too much going wrong morally in ALL churches without singling out the independent Baptist churches.  Our church has had incidents of moral failure among leadership and all were immediately turned over to the police.  Yet, people still lie about our church and how we handled this incidents.  You cannot win with those who hate what you stand for.

Yet, these times can lead to revival or ruin depending on how the local church responds, so here are my suggestions.

  • DO NOT ALLOW IT TO BE BUSINESS AS USUAL!  Many churches are still in the ER and are attempting to act like there is nothing wrong.  They act like they did not just experience a serious spiritual heart procedure.  They just jump back into acting like a business instead of allowing some time to go through a much needed process.

  • TAKE TIME TO HEAL!   Please hear me on this!  A church who has lost a pastor for whatever reason is hurting.  A salve or band aid often merely masks the hurt and never allows true healing.   An infection sets in and creates a deeper problem. Please accept this lovingly as I intend to be.  In my heart I always felt the FBC in Hammond never allowed the grieving process to accomplish its purpose after Dr. Hyles' death.  Many were still hurting, but the time for healing did not run its course.

  • MOVE SLOWLY!  Make no quick decisions unless forced to do so.  Move with patience and a multitude of elderly counselors.

  • MAJOR ON SPIRITUAL ADVICE AND MAKE SPIRITUAL DECISIONS!   When you leave the hospital you do not ask an attorney how to become well.  You seek the best medical advice possible.  A church should do the same.  Seek the best spiritual advice you can.  Call on old men of God.  I thank God for all the good that attorneys do across our nation.  However, if you listen to attorneys you will quit the bus ministry and turn power over to a deacon board and violate everything we have stood for in the past.  A wise Christian attorney in Dallas told me when we were in the middle of a serious law suit, "Pastor you do your job and I will do my job.  If I need you I will call you.  You go soul winning!" Just because a man of God overstepped his boundaries does not veto God's plan for a local church. BE CAREFUL!

  • ALLOW GOD TO FULFILL HIS PURPOSE IN THE MATTER! He has a plan!  You are in a spiritual battle so make certain you seek exactly what God is trying to do for you.

  • DO NOT FORGET THE SAINTS!  This is frightening to me.  There are people in these churches who are hurting because of the difficulties their church family is facing.  Who is ministering to them?  Forget your national name and national concerns.  Without a church family you have nothing to offer a nation.  A pastor who loses his family cannot lead a local church.  He must first build a strong home before he can lead a church full of families.

  • DO NOT OVERREACT!   This is where we make our most glaring mistakes.  God is not the author of confusion.

  • DO NOT MISTAKE PURGING FOR PUNISHMENT!  If you lose people do not mistake it for being God's punishment. It may be His purging.  That said, DO NOT judge or criticize those who choose to leave.  Love them and be grateful for their faithfulness through out the years.  They are already hurting and they may sense they just cannot bear the battle.

  • GET BACK TO THE BASICS!   Get back into the Word of God!  Go to the Nursing Homes as usual and minister to others. Visit the sick, shut-ins, feed the poor, Go soul winning and bring your converts down the aisle like never before.

  • PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!  I am shocked at the deacons in these struggling churches who have yet had an all night prayer meeting.   You do not need to look for a pastor when you can't even get a hold of Heaven, your headquarters, and get direction.

  • Beware of certain sins that often accompany church difficulties

  • If any of these occur go to prayer meetings immediately

  • SELFISHNESS!  We all have our opinions and that is all they are.  Set your opinion aside and do not feel your ideas should be everyone's ideas

  • Be careful about staph (STAFF) infections.  This is especially important after the loss of a pastor.  Good people in positions of leadership can move with haste to accomplish what they feel is in the best interest of the staff rather than what God wants to come out of this disaster.  They are attempting to carry on because that is what they receive pay for or so they think.  As soon as the pastor leaves they are actually jobless.  They were HIS extensions not their own.  It was the pastor's ministry!  Usual duties should be performed, but often the staff attempts to usurp and supplant control when they are NOT qualified or called to do so before the pastor's leaving.

  • DO NOT CHANGE!  Now, this may seem to be a contradiction.  God is working to purify your local church, but He is not trying to alter the course you are on, but to perfect it.   You do not need a deacon board run church because of the sins of the pastor. You do not need to stop running the buses, or the soul winning, or the Sunday schools, or the Nursing Homes, etc.

  • DO NOT BECOME TOO FOCUSED ON WHAT THE WORLD IS SAYING!   If you are dealing with a scandal it is easy to fixate on the opinions of those who do not like you anyway.  The wicked internet  forums are filled with hateful, vulgar, backslidden lives, parsing the words of others, and whose only claim to fame is a pseudo name.  They despise independent Baptist churches so do not be surprised at what they so bravely type.  Do not argue with them and do not allow them to affect your actions.  Do right because it is right NOT merely to appease the critics.

  • PLAN AHEAD!  So, you may not be in the fire right now, but someday you may be.  Prepare wisely for it.  Be aware of what you will do if the situation arises because it might just happen to you too!


Monday, August 13, 2012


I was ordained and licensed as a Baptist preacher in the American Baptist denomination.  I was introduced to Dr. John R. Rice and Dr. Jack Hyles at a SWORD CONFERENCE in 1972 in South Bend Indiana at the GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH.  I sat on the front row.  

Dr. Rice preached first and oh how my heart was stirred and I found myself crying and laughing almost at the same time.   Then came Dr. Hyles preaching "SEEING HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE."  WOW, I couldn't wait to hit the altar.  I immediately was aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit of God.  

I had been warned by my denominational brethren to avoid these men.  Our denominational churches were dead with smoke breaks between Sunday school and preaching.  Deacon run and dead results.  At the insistence of a woman in the church they voted to put the baptistry in the basement, because it did not fit the decor of the auditorium. Silly! I was longing for and begging God for help as a young preacher.  I LONGED to know God and His Holy Spirit.

This SWORD CONFERENCE began a spiritual journey I am still on and hopefully my children and grandchildren will be able to continue to travel on for their life times as well.  I shutter to think where Mrs. G and I would be today, as well as our children, if it had not been for a SWORD CONFERENCE in 1972.

I hear of the attacks on independent Baptist churches and it bothers me that so many young preachers listen and believe what the critics say.  Critics are good in that they will help us correct that which is wrong, but never should they cause us to leave our heritage.  

I had a church member for 20 years who once a year would come in and point out all my mistakes for the previous year.  One year my secretary in tears said to me, "Everyone knows this man is trouble. You don't have to put yourself through this."   My answer was as usual, "Send him in."

He would came in and had his usual list of my mistakes. I would, as usual, take out a pad and list them.  This is the good part.  He eventually would say something that the Holy Spirit would use to prick my heart and spirit with.  I would list that along with the others, but I would circle this one.  Of course, I didn't want him to know he hit me between the eyes, I still had pride you know. HA!

When he would leave I would fall on my face before God and say, "God, please if you will just let me live I will correct this one thing, I promise you!"  This was a good thing for me for it helped me grow as pastor.  

However, 99% of what he said was not correct.  He did not like the standards and the soul winning emphasis, which resulted in the growth of LBT. He wanted his small church back.

Now, my son Bob II, is pastor of that great church and he just keeps it going in the right direction of a separated, soul winning, KJB only, Sunday school emphasis, and family atmosphere bathed in fundamentalism. AMEN!

  • Soul winning night
  • Sunday school hour
  • Sunday night preaching
  • Spirit filled services
  • Personal fellowship with God
  • Fellowshipping with the saints
  • Spirit fullness
  • Eating-Amen!
  • Old fashioned leather lunged Bible preaching
  • Spiritual schedule
  • All night prayer 
  • Bible study
  • Family altar
  • Church altar
  • Standards
  • Humor
  • Bus ministry
  • Old time hymns
  • King James Bible only
  • Wednesday night Bible study
  • Amens
  • Smiles
  • Reaching every one black, white, or purple dotted
  • Banana pudding
  • Strong Bible preaching at Bible Conferences
  • Heroes of the faith
  • Missions
  • Pastoral leadership
  • Deacon boards who serve 
  • Separated Sunday school teachers
  • Soul winning Sunday school teachers
  • Soul winning pastors
  • Soul winning staff
  • Altar calls
  • Baptisms
  • Feeding the poor
  • Clothing the poor
  • Independence
  • Caring for shut-ins
  • Nursing home ministries
  • Growth both spiritual and numerical
  • Dressing up for church and not down
  • Going to the church altars regularly
  • Love for churches of like faith and order
  • Love for men of God
  • Family oriented
  • Clubs for the children
  • Children choirs
  • Ladies who look like ladies
  • Men who look like men
  • Sunday school campaigns
  • Big days
  • Tithes and Offerings


Saturday, August 11, 2012


I will be driving to Frisco, TX, to preach for the 21st Anniversary service for my long time friend Pastor Alton Byrd.  He started the LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH and is a wonderful man of God.  I am looking forward to being with him and his dear people.  If you are in the area and can attend, the service begins at 10:30 Sunday morning.  You may call him at 972-679-6726 for directions.

July has been a wonderful month for soul winning.  God gave us 46 who trusted Christ with 7 of those following the LORD in baptism.  One of the things I enjoy more than anything is to hear of the ones I have the privilege of leading to Christ around the country walking the aisles in their towns at local churches and being baptized.  I have had 3 in 3 different churches follow the LORD in baptism on the same Sunday.  That tickles me!

Also, I love it when a year later I find them singing in the church choir and working in Sunday school! SOMEBODY SAY AMEN!

Telvin & Ross
For 11 days our AC had been broken and the only air Mrs. G had was a window unit in the storage room off our bed room.  We would close all the doors and hook up a fan to blow that air into the bedroom. It averaged right at 100 degrees each day and was miserable.  We had the AC folks come out and they said we had a bad compressor.  So, they ordered a new one and finally it came in this last week.  

After the men finished putting in the new compressor I had a chance to chat with them about having a new nature put in them.  It went great.  They listened as I went through the Scriptures and in a few minutes they bowed their heads and asked Christ to save their souls and make them new creatures in Christ. Hopefully they will be in Sunday school this Sunday at LBT. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have had several emails of people saying I do not want to be shaken by this, but I need to be reassured. 

Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee."

My trust is not in a man, but it is in GOD.  I have no other way of trusting without reading and meditating on His Word.  Coming face to face with God in His Word gives me peace. Peace does not come from what others say about God, but by my face to face meeting with God through His Word.

Our LORD has never disowned one of his children, and he will, in His timing and in His love, put men up and put men down.  When God puts a man or woman down it is with an availability of a safety net of love underneath him or her.

Hebrews 13:5, "...for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

Psalm 75:7, "But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another."

Psalm 37:24, "Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand."

A human being may attempt to assassinate another's character and influence, but he or she will fail.  In the end it is God who puts them up and sets them down without ever forsaking one of his children.  

Take heart dear soul winner, church member, pastor, staff, faculty, and bus workers of a local independent Baptist church who hold high your preserved inspiration King James Bible, for everything is alright in our Father's house! ONLY GOD can put man up and take man down! Then God in His love provides a safety net when man falls!


I have been asked why I attacked a daughter?  I did not attack her!  I used Scripture and those who attacked me did not.  They just ramble. Read my article again please.

The question should be why did she attack a dead man especially one who was her father whom God used to build one of the most exciting churches in history?  A man used of God to propel and launch a movement such as this nation has never known.  

He cannot defend himself.  She waited 11 years after his death.  Curious!  Please don't misunderstand I love her, but I love truth more than the words of a slanderer of a dead man who was a man of God.

I am 66 years of age. If I died tomorrow my wife would inherit what I have and not my children or grandchildren.  If she were to die after that then the children and grandchildren would inherit what little we have left.  Because she will spend it all! Ha!  If Dr. Hyles hated Mrs. Hyles, as she claims, then why didn't he leave the money to the children?  None of this makes sense!

Can you imagine the folly of saying that 50,000 church members' tithed? How about this one...Dr. Hyles' owned the 80 million dollars worth of church property?  Is anyone thinking out there?  Have we lost our mental capacity to think logically?


This 16 year young immature innocent victim has a safety net of love underneath her. Jack Schaap has a net of God's love underneath him.  Mrs. Hyles has a net of God's love underneath her. Cindy Hyles Schaap has a net of God's love underneath her.  Becky Hyles Smith has a net of God's love underneath her. Dave Hyles has a net of God's love underneath him.  

Yes, and Linda Hyles Murphrey has a net of God's love underneath her.  

The enemy is not a Linda Hyles Murphrey, the enemy is Satan who is laughing at the confusion he has caused the family of God.  How about this, should we not logically and Scripturally deal with the confusion?  Absolutely!  Is Jack Hyles to blame for all of this?  That's ludicrous! 


I have been asked how does one respond to accusations against the dead especially if it is  a famous man and he is your dad?  

I Corinthians 11: 1, "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ."

It is not a difficult thing to recognize from the Scriptures that a man who is following Christ has a right to lead God's people.  This does not mean he forfeits that right to lead because someone following him does not follow him as he follows Christ. 

Is this man following Christ perfect? Absolutely not.  God only has imperfect men preaching a perfect Book to imperfect people in hopes of perfecting them to be a little more like Christ.

Sometimes men say a Pastor has forfeited his right to lead because he does not "rule" his own children in his own house.  That word "rule" simply means "lead." A man provides the "lead" and hopefully his children will follow in his leadership.  

However, you and I know of dozens who do not follow the lead of their dad or mom.  Does he forfeit his right to lead a church?  Absolutely not!  If that be true then there will be no one filling the pulpits this Sunday.

I have four wonderful children and 10 beautiful grandchildren of whom I am very proud.   Especially the grandchildren! Ha! Would you like to see some photos.  I just happened to have some.

However, their decision to follow Christ is a credit to them for deciding to follow Christ and not as much mine or their mother.  We provided the lead, while they provided the "will" to follow and do right. God bless them as they follow Christ.

If a child chooses to not follow the parents or Christ then don't blame God, the Bible, the local church, fundamentalism, the standards, the Sunday school teacher, or least of all the parents.  We are all born with a "will."  What we do with that "will" is up to each of us.

The answer is to ignore adult children who attack those who gave birth to them, fed them, clothed them, put a roof over their head, taught them, prayed for them, and without them would not be.  

Accusations are never proof! Anyone can accuse anyone and all of a sudden it must be true simply because it is out there?  What kind of gratitude is this by grown children?

That is what Senator Harry Reid is doing to Presidential candidate Romney with his accusations of Romney's taxes.  Accuse and then have the accused prove it is not true!  Ridiculous!


Now, concerning the video if you want reassurance then I have some suggestions for you.  

1) Talk to the deacons who served with Dr. Hyles
2) Ask C. W. Fisk who was saved at FBC and served with Dr. Hyles for many years
3) Ask Roy Moffait who served with Dr. Hyles
4) Ask Eddie Lapina who served with Dr. Hyles
5) Ask Johnny Colsten who served with Dr. Hyles
6) Ask Wendell Evans who served with Dr. Hyles
7) Ask the chairman of the board Terry Duff who served with Dr. Hyles
8) Ask Jim Vineyard who served with Dr. Hyles
9) Talk to us who traveled with him for 22 years
10) Ask yourself what you thought when you met him the last time (face to face)
11) Ask Lindsey Terry who worked closely with Dr. Hyles
12) Ask deacon C. A. Norrell who served from 1962 to 1992 with Dr. Hyles
13) Ask Mrs. Hyles
14) Ask the other three children 


Hundreds have asked me have you talked to Mrs. Hyles? The answer is "Yes!" What has Mrs. Hyles said?   First of all if I were you, I would look at her life and let that be her statement to you. 

55 years of being married to Jack Hyles, 42 years sitting on the front row of FBC choir, while her husband led in the building of a great church. To the common man this ought to be an answer in itself.  

Watch this 83 year old godly woman as she teaches her Sunday school class each Sunday.  How can an 83 year old godly widow of a great man of God stand so tall in the saddle unrattled while you need assurance?  If you want assurance you should hide and watch this godly lady for a while.  Grace personified!

I will tell you what she has said, "He (Dr. Hyles) was the greatest Christian I ever knew."  This was stated at his funeral as well.  Is she lying? I think not!

Ask her current pastor about her?  Ask Mrs. Earlyne Stephens, Dr. Hyles' sister?  Ask the members of her current Sunday school class?  Her integrity is above reproach!  Her life is her statement.  Why should such a godly lady of 83 have to put up with this junk?

There are too many things that are easy to check. One would have to be blind with anger to ignore the obvious and easily checked accusations.  It is so easy to check income tax returns.  It is so easy to check so many things.  However, it appears people WANT to believe the lies.

I wonder why all of these silly accusations are being taken seriously?  Too many people who were close to him can testify to the real Jack Hyles and the baseless and absurd allegations.  


Could it be Satan is really attacking aggressive soul winning, King James Bible, standards, bus ministry running, independent local Baptist churches, pastoral leadership, missions, and holiness? Could it be that Satan is really after God Himself.  Satan does not come to hurt you, but to hurt those following you! Do not let his hurt hurt!

This video has been used as a diversion via these allegations and Satan is happy! Let's get back to soul winning and walking those trusting Christ down the aisles of our churches!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


As I watch many Christians rejoice at the allegations of the disgruntled daughter of a famous man of  God I find myself forced to reply to the question of hundreds who have questioned me as to why she would say such things.  Why would an adult child viciously turn on her parents?

Could the parent really be guilty?  Well, we do not not have to go far into Scripture to find answers. In fact we see the story of two sons who turned on their parents as told by the Saviour.  One son fell into sin and the other fell into open rebellion.  One came back and the other apparently did not.

The younger son left home and went out to the far country.  There he disgraced his family.  He obviously did so for a number of reasons.  

One reason was greed.  He said, "Give me..." Most rebellious adult children are greedy.  They want what they think they deserve.  To survive he had to sell himself to the citizens of the far people who would support him in order to accomplish their agenda.   Selfishness and greed is absolutely the biggest reason adult children behave in such despicable ways.

Another thing we see in the prodigal is the fact that he had not come to himself so he could not recognize the goodness of the father.  It is a sad thing to see the child of a good parent fall so deeply into sin that they decide to make themselves a victim when in truth they were part of a rich heritage.  They have to blame someone for their bitterness and their misery so thy blame the parent or parents rather than looking in the mirror at themselves.

The prodigal was gone so long that he could not even feed himself so he was forced to sell himself to those who cared nothing about him.  They had their agenda and they degrade him by sending him to feed their swine.  

Imagine, a Jewish child now feeding unclean pigs.  It is almost as hard to imagine as the daughter of a man of God feeding the swine of this wicked world with lies in order to eat.  It is almost too pathetic to watch her abandon her entire family just to satisfy the gaul of bitterness within.  It is so tragic, but it is what rebellious adult children do.

Wait...let's look at the second son.  What was his problem?  Well, first of all he was bitter towards his brother so he questioned his dad's integrity.  He was indignant that his father would seemingly cover up the younger son's sin and filth with a robe of righteousness.  He wanted to expose his father to do the same thing.  Imagine the video that would have made?  Maybe it would have gone something like this?

"My Father has not been fair to me.  All these years I served him.  He was a taskmaster yet I was such a good and obedient son.  I was under such oppression, yet I did everything he told me to do.  He produced a son who went to the far country and with my Father's money supported his wicked lifestyle.  Then, when he came home he covered it up and even welcomed him back with a celebration.

Imagine the audacity of it for he actually welcomed home my sinful brother and treated him with love, mercy, and grace. Did he ever give me a celebration with my heathen friends?  Not on your life.  He gave it to my wicked brother and left me with nothing.  I finally found the courage and discovered the freedom within myself.  I don't need my father.  My prodigal brother came groveling back to him and 'repented.'  Not me!   I am going to expose the phoniness of my Father so all can know the truth of how I was treated."

Yes, I think it might have gone something like that.  The Bible says he was angry and defiant and argued with his own father.  He even accused him of doing the wrong thing.

Here is the question?  Was the father to be blamed for the sin of the younger son or the rebellion of the older one?  It seems to me that the one made to be the villain by the sons was in fact the one doing right and both the sons were the real villains.  Bitterness is an amazing force in causing children to rebel especially adult children.  Can we not see the fact that these rebels are filled with bitterness?  How could we even think it was the father's fault alone?

By the way, this "horrible" father apparently represents our Heavenly Father.  So, if we have children of God rebelling and saying all manner of evil against Him, should it surprise us when it happens in the lives of godly parents?  

It happens!  It happened to Noah.  It happened to Abraham.  It happened to David.  Over and over again we see Biblical examples of hateful and wicked adult children rebelling against godly parents.  Is it a tragedy? Yes!  Can I see how it happens? Oh, yes!  Is it "proof" of the wrongs of the father?  Do not be ridiculous and childish.  It is the sign of the rebellion of the child.  The fact that we are ALL sinners and come short of the glory of God does not allow adult children to throw stones.

I know a man whose father did a horrible thing.  The son is a good young man.  He is shamed and embarrassed by the things his dad did.  He lost out on so much because of the sins of his father.  Let me tell you how this godly young man handles it.

First, he still honors his father as he is commanded to do in the Scriptures.  A sign of the wickedness of the daughter in question whose video has dishonored her parents.  God makes no provisions for exceptions to this command.  

No adult child is to "obey," but they are commanded to "honor."  The word "honor" simply means to place emphasis on the good not the bad.  A life can be shortened according to Scriptures not from "disobeying" but from NOT HONORING. (Exodus 20:12)

Secondly, he does his best to deal with his pain  without bitterness.  He hurts, but he carries his pain like a Christian.  Bitterness is a sign of your own sins and not the one towards whom you are bitter. 

Third, he is closer to God as a result of his hurt.  It drives him to his Father and not away from his Father.   A true Christian takes bad situations and allows them to draw them nearer to God.

Finally, he refuses to bad mouth his dad in any way.  There is too much good there to allow the bad to overwhelm the good.  How do we overcome "evil" anyway according to Scriptures.  We overcome "evil" by the doing of "good."  (Romans 12:21) He does his best to find all the good his father did.  He speaks of the good times and the positive influences.

Yes, ALL parents do fail and some fail miserably, but that does not change the proper way the children, especially adult children, should behave.  This young man's father failed, but he did not use it as an excuse to rebel.

Judge the rebellious adult child for their own actions and not what they spew out of bitterness about their parents. Do not allow bitter adult children put the blame on anyone but the themselves.  They who do blame their parents ought to be wise enough to recognize it is a sign of their sinfulness and their rebellion and not the failure of the parents who were far from perfect.  

And, if you are going to blame the father for the sins of his children then you had better blame God for the sins of his children too, if you are to be consistent!   GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE!