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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Pastor Nathan Cook
I will be driving to Shreveport, LA, once again to catch an American Eagle flight to DFW.   Then I will fly to Ontario, CA. I will be preaching this week end for my good friend Pastor Nathan Cook.  He pastors the FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH of Riverside, CA.

Three years ago I ended up in the hospital with herniated discs.  In fact I was in such severe pain that I couldn't even get to the door of my motel room to let the folks in.   I had locked the security lock and the motel manager had no way to unlock it.  He called the fire department and they waited and waited finally the manager said he could not find a key.   It was some what comical because the fire man kept saying, "I hope he can't find the key!"   They had never broken down a door before and they really wanted the chance to do so.  

This morning I can't but think of my friend Dr. Russell Anderson whose wife went home to be with the LORD this week.  The funeral will be held at the METRO BAPTIST CHURCH of Belleville, MI., on Saturday the 28th. The address is 47100 HWY I-94 Service Rd., 48111.   The church telephone number is 735-516-2870.  God bless and comfort you my friend!


Thursday, April 25, 2013


As many know by now Beverly Hyles has started a BLOG - "MONDAY WITH BEVERLY."  Some have wondered if this is hers or her family members' BLOG.  I can assure you that is it 100% hers.   She is an articulate and thoughtful writer as well as being so in person.   I love her writing!

The response has been amazing.  People love to hear what she has to say and write.  She has great wisdom.  One of her granddaughters is helping her with the techie part, but Mrs Hyles is the sole contributor to the BLOG.  All ideas are hers.  I nor any family member have anything to do with the material in her BLOG.

I have noticed and you will notice as well her humility and in no way does she flaunt who she is.  She is just Beverly Hyles.  She is not attempting to capitalize on her husband's fame.  She just wants to be a blessing to whoever may have interest.  People can read or not read it for it is their choice.

For some strange reason some have chosen to call me the "Hyles' family spokesman."  This is ridiculous.  A Chicago Tribune writer called me one time and started out by saying, "We understand you are the national spokesman for Dr. Hyles."   My reply was simple, "Sir no one speaks for Dr. Jack Hyles, but Dr. Jack Hyles."  

I happen to love the family.  They have experienced good days and bad days, but I have never wavered in my love for them.   If we are willing to be their friends when they are on top then certainly, if it is real friendship, we should also be their friends when they experience down days.

To agree 100% with everyone is ridiculous. It is a given in life! However, if what we preach and teach on "Loving the brethren" be true then certainly it should be lived as well as believed.  Thank you Mrs. Hyles for your sacrifice of your husband to help our nation to be better off spiritually. 

This country is filled with folks who love Beverly Hyles.  As a friend I have some insights into who she is and characteristics I have seen in her over the years.  

  • She has lived her entire life faithful to the LORD and at age 84, I believe she will make it to the end.
  • She has shown grace under incredible pressure time and time again.
  • She has grown in the LORD. She did not start out with everything all together.  She grew like we all must, but she did grow.
  • She has endured with grace the failings, struggles, and challenges of her children.  She loves all of her children  even with all their failings.
  • She has chosen to love her children even at their worst and will not throw them under the bus.
  • She has never sought to be the "first lady of fundamentalism."
  • She has endured a lifetime of challenges as a pastor's wife who was placed, not by choice, in a national limelight.
  • She has chosen silent loyalty over being a loud mouth woman defending her husband and children with rants and raves.
  • She has unjustly been judged by some in these past 12 years since her husbands' death by choosing to live in more obscurity.
  • She has not asked people to live by her opinions and does not choose to live by theirs.
  • She attends the church where she feels God has led her.  It may not be our choice, but it is her choice. Should that abate love?
  • She is an amazing Sunday school teacher and still believes in and uses her old King James Bible.
  • She has not changed in her beliefs or her standards, but she has great grace towards others who are different than her.
  • She has chosen to live out her days free from the public demands she bore for most of her life.
  • She has an amazing relationship with the LORD and when you are around her and hear her speak it is obvious.
  • She loves pretty things and is the ultimate example of graciousness and femininity.
  • She shuns being a voice of the fundamental world because she does not feel it is her place to influence which "camp" is "right" or to be used as an endorsement.
  • Her silence is her way of showing that she believes that God is in control.
  • She cares what people think until they begin to meddle with her life and then she will shut out those voices.
  • She is a very tenderhearted lady who is probably tougher than you and me combined.
  • She enjoys being alone and her privacy.  We have learned to respect her privacy.
  • She wishes her and her beloved husband could have lived out their days together in peace and in enjoyment of one another. She still misses him terribly.
  • She will not be bullied by anyone including "Fundamentalists" who attempt to tell her how to live out her days. Don't mistake her silence for fear or weakness. It is called being a good Christian, something few know as well as she does, though she would not think that of herself.
  • She is a Christian first and foremost.  She does not seek to adhere to other labels.  Her cause is Christ and Him alone.
  • She puts others above herself.
  • She deserves to be treated with dignity, honor, and respect, but she would never even think of demanding that for she is too humble.  She is the true definition of humility.

JOHN 5:24; I JOHN 3:14

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Good morning!  I am getting ready to drive to Shreveport, LA, to catch an American Eagle flight to DFW and then on to Columbus, OH.   I will be teaching and preaching at the HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH of Canal Winchester just outside of Columbus.  Pastor Tracy Fowler is the pastor.  He is doing a wonderful job of leading this church in reaching the unsaved.


I have worked on both books and proofers are going over the chapters.  It is taking a little longer than I had hoped for, but I believe if you loved WHEN PRINCIPLE WAS KING you will certainly love these two books.  I will keep you posted on our progress.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This past week was a wonderful week of soul winning.  God allowed me to see 4 precious adults come to Christ.  I thank the LORD that many years ago my paths crossed the path of Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Jack Hyles, Dr. C. W. Fisk, Evangelist Lester Roloff, Dr. Bill Rice, Dr. Lee Roberson, and many men like Dr. Jim Vineyard.   All of these men were personal soul winners and I had the honor of going soul winning with many of those men.  They not only preached about it, but were actively doing it.

I am entering my 41st year of being an ordained licensed Baptist preacher.  I have been taught by the best and hopefully I will be able to pass on to the next generation that which God has blessed me with.  LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE the last year (2009) I was their pastor baptized 4,460 precious souls.  God blessed in a miraculous manner.  Of those 153 were the ones God allowed me to not only lead to Christ, but see them follow the LORD in baptism. 

May I, not as a Bible professor who has never been involved in building a church, but as an active pastor and Christian offer some observations about this great matter of personal soul winning?

    • Romans 1:31 and II Timothy 3:3 speak of "unnatural affection."
    • II Peter 2:12 speaks of "...these natural, brute beasts..."
    • If you had a cure for cancer, but refused to share that with the world that would make you inhumane.
    • If you are saved and refuse to share that with a lost world going to Hell that likewise is inhumane.
    • John 20:21 says "... as my Father hath sent me even so send I you..."
    • Luke 10:37 "And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise."
    • A young couple who marries and years pass by without them giving birth to a baby would mean there is something wrong.  They then would go to a physician to seek answers.
    • A Christian who goes year after year without winning souls need likewise to go to the Great Physician to seek answers.

    • Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15 - A command to individuals and a commission to local churches.
    • We as God's children are commanded to go soul winning.
    • This is not a suggestion by Christ, but a command by Christ.
    • You do not pray about commands.
    • This is not a gift it is a clear command.

    • Mark 16:14 is the verse before the command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.
    • In this verse the LORD "upbraided the with their unbelief and hardness of heart."  
    • Jesus gave them a tongue lashing and pointed out their backslidden condition.
    • Jesus then gives then a solution for their backslidden state and it was "...preach the gospel to every creature."
    • Being a personal soul winner does not make you better than other Christians. 
    • John chapter 4 gives a picture of the woman at the well who came back with converts from the same city that the disciples had visited.  All they came back with was meat while she came back with converts.

    • Matthew 16:18 states that Jesus will build his church.
    • We are to bring the material and give Jesus the material so he can build a local church.

    • Luke 15:7, 10 make it clear that there is rejoicing in Heaven in the presence of the Angels over one sinner that repents.
    • If you want to get God's attention one of the ways is to personal lead some one to Christ for salvation.
    • God will put the Angels on rations to take care of one soul winner.

    • Luke 10:17-20; Psalm 126:5-6; Acts 8:35-39: Acts 16:25-34.

    • Luke 10:1-2; Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20

Friday, April 12, 2013


Look at whom God chooses to use in His service.  They are outcasts.  Most of the Scripture is written by murderers.  God does not whitewash those he places in the Scriptures.  He openly places their sins, shortcomings, and frailties in front of all the world to read.

The same is true in our day and time for God chooses to use the "outcasts of Israel"in order to accomplish His desires.  Many of our forefathers of the faith who accomplished great things for God were considered "outcasts."

Dr. Lee Roberson

It's Sunday morning in the late 60's and the World's Largest Church is gathered for it's morning service.  The man of God begins to speak.  Look at his stature, listen to his eloquence, observe the converts flooding down the aisles, and who is this man?  He is an outcast!  He was cast out of the Hamilton County Baptist Association of Chattanooga, TN.   The enemies are openly criticizing and attempting to destroy this great man, but God chose this "outcast" to build a great work for God with an impact felt around the world to this very day.   

Dr. John R. Rice
I see a city auditorium and it is filled to capacity.  The choir is in their place.  The ushers are at their posts.  Hundreds of churches are cooperating in this city wide campaign.  The Evangelist stands to speak.   Listen to his preaching, notice the Holy Spirit power, watch the converts stream down the aisles, and who is this great man?  He is an outcast!  The Tarrent County Baptist Association kicked him out and his name is John R. Rice.

Evangelist Lester Roloff

I see a tent filled with people.  I listen carefully as the man of God preaches the old KING JAMES BIBLE.  I watch as the old saw dust trail is being used once again at the invitation time.  Scores of people are walking the aisles to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.  I watch this man of God as he opens up his heart to the thousands of young people who lives are wrecked by the world.   I see the Governor of the state of Texas attempt to shut his ministry down.  I watch closely as God gives him victory after victory.  Who is this powerful preacher of the Gospel?  He is an outcast having been voted out of the Southern Baptist Convention for his vocal attacks on their ownership of a liquor store, teaching of evolution in their colleges, and introducing perversions of the Bible in their seminaries. He is constantly being attacked by the press, but he pressed on.

Charles H. Spurgeon
I see a set of books and I read them.  I find dozens and dozens of sermons.  Wow, what a preacher, what a man, and what brilliance.  Who is this great author?  Who is this prince of preachers?  He is an outcast!  He was voted out of his his London Baptist Association.  There were only 7 votes for him.   His own preacher boys voted against him.  Who is this man?  None other than Charles H. Spurgeon.

Dr. Jack Hyles

I see an auditorium jammed and packed on a Sunday morning.  I see 800 Sunday school classes totally 20,000 in Sunday school. I see 240 Sunday school buses rolling into Hammond, IN, out of Chicago, IL, Northwest Indiana, and Southwestern Michigan.  I see 30,000 converts walking the aisles in one year professing faith in Jesus Christ.  I see a full building on Sunday nights and 5,000 back for a Wednesday night Bible study.  Who is this man that pastors this church and preached to a full building week after week?  He is an outcast.  He was voted out of his own denomination the Dallas County Baptist Association.  He was voted out of the American Baptist Denomination.  His name Jack Frasure Hyles.


  • Notice these were not just outcasts, but "outcasts of Israel" for their own turned their backs on them
  • Notice that God uses those whom others in God's world have rejected
  • Notice those who go against the denominational flow attract God's attention
  • Notice God refers to us as a "remnant"
  • Notice God chooses to use those who are rejected by the majority
  • Notice Jesus was an outcast by His own
  • Notice these have a great influence left behind not a legacy
  • Notice they did not depend upon God until they were cast out by man
  • They discovered independence is someone who found a greater source of dependence than man
  • The greater the influence the greater the opposition and the longer the battle against the influence
  • They did not let being "outcasts" stop them from doing right


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As long as the critics keep crawling out from underneath the rocks I will continue to defend my friend, especially because he is NOT here and cannot defend himself.  If they continue to attack I will continue to defend.  Let me give you some reasons why I will not change my mind about my preacher, my mentor, and my friend Dr. Jack Hyles.

  • I do not need to re-decide my opinion of Dr. Hyles 
  • My ministry and my family are a result of his preaching and his teaching as well as a thousand others
  • I am loyal to my friends and will defend them
  • I have no confidence in the credibility of the critics
  • Linda Murphrey is a spiritual fraud playing the victim and having forged her mothers' name to purchase a car is a financial fraud
  • I was with Dr. Hyles to the end of his ministry
  • The motives of the attackers is more than a little suspect
  • I was with him and somewhere along the way he would have slipped if there was a corruptness about him. I found no immorality.  I discovered his humanity but not an evil man
  • Where is there any woman who has accused him of adultery?
  • When I consider the remaining influence of his ministry I find it to be worldwide and not becoming weaker even as his name is attacked
  • Peripheral friends have turned not close ones.  I was closer to him than most and he was more like Jesus than any man I ever knew
  • We are told to expect these things, "... and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake." These are called "blessed."
  • It is God's place to judge not mine
  • The enemy has made the Hyles family into a reality show not them
  • His life should stand on its own not on the lives of his children or their spouses
  • I was not there and NEITHER WERE YOU
  • The enemy are like our modern day liberals for they discredit anyone who disagrees with their "AGENDA" and I am despised because I refuse to agree with them
  • I would rather err on the side of mercy
  • I witnessed the power of God in his life
  • He has been in Heaven for 12 years and only Satan would want to kill a dead man
  • Even his fundamental critics cannot deny the influence he had on them and they would have to lie to say otherwise
  • I never saw him manipulate a person EVER. Don't just say he did, prove it.  
  • He lived for others
  • I will not change my mind because the attackers have nothing but "she said he said," which use to be called "gossip"
  • The forums are filled with ungodly language and ungodly carnal innuendos and this is the level of spirituality of those critics?
  • I have not heard anything new for they are just recycling the same old rumors over and over again
  • I do not trust anyone who will attack a dead great man who cannot defend himself
  • I saw him at a distance and admired him and when I saw him up close I was not disappointed for I admired him  even more.  He was spirit-filled!
  • The enemy is mad because they have failed where he succeeded and they have to explain him away in order to make them look good


Sunday, April 7, 2013



This morning I taught Sunday school and preached the morning service at the GREENWOOD BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH of Greenwood, IN.   Pastor Todd Poynter started this church 17 years ago and God has used him in to build a great soul winning church in the Indianapolis area.  I have the honor of preaching for several years and the growth has been obvious.  Recently they built a balcony and this morning the lower floor and the balcony were full.  It was a blessed sight to see.

In a day when some are saying it cannot be done like it was in the previous generation they should visit this great church.  Pastor Poynter was raised under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles and obviously paid attention.  Old fashioned hymns, old fashioned services, old fashioned preaching, old fashioned standards, and old fashioned soul winning.  Love it!

God gave us several who trusted Christ and 4 of those followed the LORD in baptism.  AMEN! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

I taught my lesson on "7 DOORS TO ANSWERED PRAYER" this morning.    Dr. John R. Rice said one time that prayer was "asking and receiving."  

  • The door of faith - Matthew 9:29; Romans 10:17
  • The door of agreement - Matthew 18:19; Romans 1:12
  • The door of prayer and fasting - Mark 9:29; II Corinthians 4:18
  • The door of Jesus' name - John 14:13-15
  • The door of abiding in Christ and His Word - John 15:7; I John 5:13-14
  • The door of importunity - (all night praying) - Luke 18:7; Luke 11:1-8
  • The door of personal soul winning - John 15:16
I am sure there are other doors, but these are some I have noticed in the Scriptures.

I preached this morning my sermon "WHY DO WE STILL HAVE OUR BURDENS?" out of Matthew 11:28-30.  Jesus is saying to us take your burden to the Lord and bring them back with you.  

No where in these verses does Jesus mention leaving your burdens with him.  The truth is Jesus is saying here bring your burden to me and I will give you my burden.  The great truth here is then and only then will you learn of Jesus. 

Matthew 11:29, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me..."


  • JESUS DID NOT SAY HE WOULD TAKE YOUR BURDEN AWAY. Galatians 6:5, "For every man shall bear his own burden."


  • JESUS SAID HE IS THE DIFFERENCE - Verse 28 - "I will give you rest." The word "rest" is not laziness rather it infers tranquility   

Friday, April 5, 2013


I will set my alarm for 2 am and leave the house at 3:45 am to stop by and pick up Evangelist Allen Domelle.   We are both flying out of the Tyler airport on a 6 am flight to DFW.  It is about a 45 minute drive to Tyler.

I will be flying to Indianapolis, IN, to preach  at the GREENWOOD BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH.  Pastor Todd Poynter started the church some 17 years ago and God has blessed him and his dear people.  They have grown so much that recently they had to add a balcony to their auditorium.  Pastor Poynter grew up at FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Hammond, IN, under the ministry of Dr. Jack Hyles.  He is one of a thousand of Dr. Hyles' preacher boys who are pastoring somewhere in America.

Those who spend their lives attempting to discredit great men are wasting their time.  On any given Sunday there are thousands of churches that are still winning souls, baptizing, and teaching them to win souls who were influenced by Dr. Hyles and other great men of the past.  The important thing about great men such as Dr. Hyles is not their so-called "legacy."  

  • It is about their influence for the cause of Christ
  • It is about what they stood for
  • It is about what they fought for that is under attack
  • It is about souls being saved
  • It is about the men and women serving God worldwide who are being attacked for their affiliation with them
  • It is about truth
  • It is about defending those who gave their lives for God
  • It is about carrying on the teachings to another generation
  • It is about justice
  • It is about those who remain behind

I wonder if there were an internet in the days of Peter if Peter's cursing, denying the faith, denying the Christ, and denying his church might not be a popular "thread?" This crowd would criticize the day of Pentecost.  

I wonder if Paul and the shaving of his head might not make the internet forums instead of his three missionary journeys and hundreds of local churches he started.  These buzzards of the internet NEVER talk of the good only the bad.  They are equivalent to the INQUIRER.

Our church, LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE, had 3,117 precious souls saved after a week long soul winning marathon last week.  No one knows about that, but let something bad happen and the whole internet world will know about before night fall. Funny to me how a lie can go around the world before truth can lace up her boots.  

It is interesting to me that the Lord received sinners and rebuked the critics.  Yet, we rebuke the sinners and receive the critics.  I despise the actions of those who attack the dead who cannot answer.  It seems they are jealous of the success of the previous generation and thus attack them.  However, it does not make the critics' failures turn into successes.

It was not hypnosis or brain washing that caused 7,000 people to sit in one auditorium like zombies and listen to Jack Hyles teach and preach for 40 years.  It was Holy Spirit power!  If its so easy than do it my internet friend?  It was not his humor that captured their attention, but Holy Spirit power.  If it is so easy to baptize thousands a year then do it my internet critic?

It is time to fall on our faces and beg God for His Holy Spirit power to be able to do something great again, rather than tear down these men of God who did remarkable works for God. They NEVER claimed to be perfect.  In fact they made fun of their imperfection and flaws.  Face it my critic friend you have failed  in the ministry where they succeeded in the ministry and it just drives you nuts.