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Monday, July 22, 2013



1. God always pays the travel expense for those going after         the unsaved!

2.  Is there a Hell?

3.  No one will have bloody hands because they do not win the unsaved, but rather because they do not warn the unsaved!

4.  Soul winning is the opposite of soul losing!

5.  Soul winning is winning the lost over to Christ and letting Him save their souls!

6.  Leading the unsaved to Christ is just that, leading them to the One Who can save their souls!

7.   If you placed all the unsaved in the world into a line, they would circle the globe 20 times and the line would grow 20 miles each day!

8.  Most unsaved in the world are not unreachable – simply unreached!

9.  The only reason a person does not have souls saved is either they do not talk too enough people or they do not stay out long enough!

10. There are two weapons to use in personal soul winning – TESTAMENT & TESTIMONY!

11. When the unsaved say no simply realize you are getting closer to the one who will say yes to Jesus!

12. The unsaved are not rejecting you they are rejecting Jesus Christ God’s Son!

13. Avoid foolish questions by asking them to remind you when you are have finished presenting the Gospel to answer their questions!

14.  Think of each unsaved one as a loved one!

15.  Look for people under conviction for no conviction means no conversion!

16.  Doors do not trust Christ people trust Christ!

17.  Stop the first person you see and do not bypass anyone on soul winning night!

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