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Saturday, January 4, 2014



Joshua 1:8, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

Several men were talking about why they had achieved success. One man said the recession did not bother him for he said he was a flop during the boom!

Joshua 1:8 is the only time in the Scriptures where the word “success” is mentioned. Please take note of this? The Bible does not say if you do these things you will be successful. Read verse 8 again. It does not say that you will have success. It says that you will have “good success.” There is a difference between “success” and “good success.”

Good success is man doing what God made him to do

Madonna has sold her soul to the devil and some call her a success. Britney Spears has sold her body and soul to the devil. Some call her a success. Clint Eastwood is called a success, but that is not “good success.” Some call Donald Trump a success, but that is not “good success.” People called Michael Jackson a success, but that was not “good success.” On and on I could go with Kobe Bryant, Lebran James, Patten Manning, etc., but "good success" is the only success mentioned by God as acceptable to God according to the Scriptures for His children.

When you as a child of God run to Satan’s world to find success you will fail at finding “good success” while finding “success.” God wants for his people not to be a success but rather God wants his people to have “good success.”

I do not want to be a success! I want to have “good success.” What is “good success?” Good success is one doing what God made him or her to do. Good success is not in having but being. If you are born, live, die, and do not the thing or things that God put you here on earth to do you are a miserable flop. God did not put His people here to win basketball, football, or baseball championships especially those whom He has called into His service.

You may flop with millions of dollars in the bank, but you are still a flop. You may flop as a king of a nation, as a movie star, as a NFL hall of famer, or as an inductee into Cooperstown Hall of Fame for baseball players or win the NCAA Division I basketball championship.

God had a reason for your birth, life, and even death. You, my friend, are no uh oh with God. God made you, my friend, on purpose. He has a reason for your existence. God had a job for you to do and God made you for that job.

Good success is doing it where God made man to do it

Hold it! Please do not misunderstand me. The “what” takes precedence over the “where” of the will of God, but no one should negate the “where.” I would rather a person be doing the “what” in the wrong “where” than doing the wrong “what” in the right “where.” If I am to be a “good success” I must do “what” God made me to do “where” God made me to do it.

Good success is doing how God made me to do it

If a pastor were to take a poll of what people would like in a church in the town where he pastors and then made a church like what they wanted. He may be doing what God made him to do, doing it where God made him to do it, but not “how” God made him to do it. That would not be “good success.”

Those who are giving to the people what they want in a church in order to build a big church may find success but they will not find “good success.” They may have success without being a success.

Marriages that are built on doing the wrong “how” will not find “good success.” Child rearing that is built on the wrong “how” will not find “good success.” Finances built on the wrong “how” will not find “good success.” Businesses, families, and education built on the wrong “how” will not find “good success.”

I may do “what” God wants me to do “where” he wants me to do it, but if it is not “how” God wanted me to do it then I cannot have “good success.” A well-known pastor who spoke many times at Sword of the Lord Conferences for Dr. John R. Rice years ago stood before his people one Sunday and said he was wrong about standards and dropped all standards at his church. His offerings went up. His drive-in attendance went up. Some called him a success, but my friend that may be success, but it is not “good success.”

There are two twin doctrines. Soul winning and standards are those twins. I meet Liberty University graduates all over America who know nothing of aggressive personal soul winning who beg me for help. This is the same University founded by a soul winner in Dr. Jerry Falwell. He was an aggressive soul winner and produced personally on a regular basis. However, when the standards started to drop at the University so did the aggressive soul winning.

Standards are the vehicle that will carry aggressive personal soul winning to the next generation. If you cannot say no to the Hollywood and have enough character and discipline to guard your eye gate then you will not stay out on a bus route for 8 hours on a Saturday.

So to have success without being a success is in essence failure. Dr. Bob Jones Sr. would call it destroying the orchard! We are to keep the orchard healthy and it will continue to produce fruit for years to come. If a big church can be built on no standards and no convictions then it may be a success, but it will not be “good success.”

Dr. Bob Jones Sr years ago dropped the University's intercollegiate sports program because he saw carnality growing in his students and not spirituality.  But, this generation appears to think they are a whole lot smarter than Bob Jones Sr., and Jack Hyles.

Good success is doing “what” God put me here to do, “where” God put me to do it, and “how” God meant for me to do it. The question begs to be answered how may then someone have “good success.”

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