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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"TRIAL BY FIRE" - Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, and Prologue

Satan’s Attack On Independent Baptists

( 384 page hardback book with a beautiful dust jacket-Go to SOLVECHURCHPROBLEMS.COM to order-An answer to the Emerging and cultural driven churches)

Table Of Contents

Acknowledgements 4 
Prologue 5 
Introduction: Why I Am In This Fight 7
  1. 1  Unity: A Word That Concerns Me 16
  2. 2  Satan’s Attack On Our Harmony 25
  3. 3  The Tolerance Of Intolerance 41
  4. 4  Satan’s Goal Is To Destroy 50
  5. 5  It’s Time To Grow Up! 55
  6. 6  Our Stand On Homosexuality 68
  7. 7  Restoring The Fallen 88
  8. 8  A Thirst For Sin 99
  9. 9  Collateral Damage 113
  10. 10  Churches In The Fire 118
  11. 11  This Can Work Together For Good! 127
  12. 12  Satans Use Of Rebel Adult Children 148
  13. 13  Dangers In Major Scandals 152
  14. 14  Satan’s Use Of Repentance 159
  15. 15  The Sinner’s Prayer 181
  16. 16  Accountability 188
  17. 17  True Independence 200
  18. 18  Church Services Attacked 206
  19. 19  Pastoral Authority Attacked 217
  20. 20  Our Heroes Attacked 235

Satan’s Attack On Independent Baptists

  1. 21  Writing Wrongs 250
  2. 22  Why Isn’t It Working For You? 262
  3. 23  If Ministering Stops Being Fun 273
  4. 24  The Public Invitation Attacked 278
  5. 25  What Damaged The IFB Movement? 283
  6. 26  Independent Baptists Attacked 295
  7. 27  Millennialists 302
  8. 28  Satan’s Attack Using Calvanism 319
  9. 29  Architects, Accountants, and Attorneys 336
  10. 30  Fundamentalism Attacked 348
  11. 31  IFB Preaching Attacked 366
    Epilogue: “I Can” Makes A Great Man 379

Satan’s Attack On Independent Baptists


This manuscript would not have become a book if it were not for some dear people in my life. My wife of 48 years has been so patient with the public life that has been a reality to our family. My precious children have become everything that parents would every hope for them to be.

Additionally, if it were not for the hundreds of hours of labor by Mrs. Marsha Parker there would be no book. She provided the majority of the work behind the scenes. Thank you for your tireless labor and especially for your love of the cause of Christ.

I want to thank my mentors for their strength and stability. You have not changed and I will forever be grateful. I want to thank my LORD for my salvation, His Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and the pastors He sent into my world.

Bob Gray, Sr. 
Psalm 84:11 
September 1, 2013

Satan’s Attack On Independent Baptists


This book was written over a number of years and as a result some information and happenings were more relevant at that particular time. However, I still believe that they are pertinent today. I read one time that life is like a play being played over and over again but with different actors. The relevance has not changed.

This is not a novel. Each element of this book is one that is a moving part on its own. Much of this book was written at the beginning of a battle that has grown larger in the past few years. It’s a battle that I believe will never subside between Satan and the servants of God, because Satan has a way of dulling our spiritual senses. Please do not dispose of this book or its thoughts in a flippant manner. PLEASE give me a hearing!

Some have been, and are still too close to the action and not yet strong enough to face the realities of this struggle. They will not like this book. Others will choose to just put their head in the sand again. My father had a saying for that – “He who sticks his head in the sand gets his rear kicked.” These also will not like this book. I’m sure that I will be accused of dividing the brethren and they too will not like this book. However, until we learn from our past we will have no future. These struggles are good for us not bad. A “trial by fire” will purify any generation if they are willing to enter into the fire with the Son of God.


Satan’s Attack On Independent Baptists

I do not have an axe to grind. I stand where we all have stood for hundreds of years and unapologetically so. As of this writing, I am 68 years old with 4 decades of ministry behind me. I have given it my all, knowing full well the risks. I have watched the same battles over and over again. Today we are being sold a religious wooden nickel and I for one refuse to accept it. The struggles are real and Jesus is still the answer. 

This book is intended to inform and to provide food for thought so that no one is easily deceived by misinformation.

I know what it is like to go through the fire in the ministry. I know what it is like to go through fire in a national sense. I know what it is like to go through the fire in a personal sense. My dear wife of 48 years has gone through 38 surgeries. My children have paid a price for being in the spotlight, but they have stood tall in the saddle. The “trial by fire” has purified in every respect. Do not fear the fire

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