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Saturday, April 19, 2014



Galatians 5:13, “For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.”

I Peter 2:16, “As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.”

The Scriptures here make it clear that His people have been called unto liberty in order that they might become servants. The redeemed have been liberated from slavery so they can volunteer to be a slave. Show me in the Scriptures where we are to do less as a servant than we did as a slave.

In the book of Matthew as a slave under the law we were not to commit adultery but as a servant, or bond slave, men are not to look and lust after women. Both of these verses deal with the fact that we are people “called unto liberty” or freedom. Then it tells us why we have liberty and freedom and that is so we can voluntarily become servants. In other words bond slaves or a volunteer slave of Jesus Christ.


Today we hear the word “Evangelical” an awful lot. I still prefer the word “fundamentalist” but one area that distinguishes Evangelicals from fundamentalist is this area we are discussing in this article. When the Evangelical or emerging church proponent speaks about liberty and freedom he associates liberty as bring freedom from all rules in order to do what he or she wants to do.

If a male desires to wear an earring he can wear an erring. If a male wishes to wear long shaggy hair he is free to wear long shaggy hair, like the hippies of old. If he or she wants to wear shorts then they are free to wear shorts. If a female wants to wear mini-skirts she is free to wear mini-skirts. If she wants to wear pants or shorts she is free to wear them. If a person wants to listen to bad music he or she is free to do so.

The Evangelicals and Post-Modernists are wrong in this area as they are in the majority of their beliefs. That type of freedom is not what these verses are saying. God is simply speaking about liberty from the wrong master in order that one may serve the right master.

Every one is a slave! There are no free people! Bond slavery to Christ is the only way to be freed from compulsory slavery of sin and Satan. Either you are a bond slave of Jesus Christ or you are enslaved to Satan. It is freedom from what would require us to serve, to freedom to volunteer to serve. It is freedom to be a volunteer slave to do what you were made to do.

The microphone that I used last Sunday and Monday to preach with in Columbus, Ohio, was meant to be plugged into a power source. There is no other place where that microphone can fulfill its purpose in life unless it is plugged in the right place. Suppose the microphone says I’m free and I can go where I want to go. That microphone was made to be attached to its plug and God’s people were made to be plugged into God. The only freedom God’s people have is to be what God made them to be and what God wants them to be.

This is not the type of freedom that says if you do not like the traditional type Sunday services have worldly contemporary church services. It may be Evangelical thinking, Emerging church thinking, Rick Warren thinking, Bill Hybels thinking, and Post-Modern thinking, but it is not Bible thinking! It is not the kind of liberty that says the child of God is free to do what he wants to do. It simply means you are free to do what God wants you to do.

Some of God’s people are in essence spiritual hobos or spiritual nomads. Some of them ought to purchase a Bedouin tent, a couple of camels, a donkey, some sheep, and just wander around.

The microphone was made to be plugged into a power source that will result in it functioning properly. The only right that microphone had is to do the thing that God made it for.

God had a job that God wanted done and God made me to do that job. God had a job that God wanted done and God made you to do that job. That means I am made to do that job and you are made to do the job God created for you.


There are masters that Satan uses to enslave me to keep me from the job God has for me to do. So when God frees me from these masters that Satan would use to enslave me God does not free me for me! God frees me for God! God does not free me to go where I want to go but God frees me to go where God wants me to go. God does not free me to do or to be what I want to do or be. God frees me to do and be what God wants!

The Evangelical world, Mars Hill world, Emerging church world, etc., is built around this thing that we are free and that all in unison say that if fundamentalists believe in decent hair cuts on the males and decent dresses on the females that they are legalists. However, there stupidity is showing! Legalism has nothing to do with the way you dress and the way you wear your hair for legalism is properly defined as those who add something to the Gospel in order to attain salvation.

Jehovah False Witnesses, Mormons, Church of Christ, or Catholics are legalists. These modern day reformation theologians who teach a Protestant repentance are legalists because they add something to the Gospel. The Seventh Day Adventist and the World Wide Church of God are legalists.

However, when my mother cut my hair and kept it cut she was not a legalist. My mama was telling me that I was set free to volunteer to be what God wanted me to be and I could not do that while being a slave to the free love hippy culture of my day.  My mama had the audacity to use I Corinthians 11:14 on me.  "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

God wants to give me liberty from these masters so I can choose to be a bondservant. Sin is basically you not doing what God put you here to do. The biggest sin is the sin of not being what God made you to be. I am a little tired of seniors in high school and young people saying I’ve always enjoyed the study of law, or I’ve always wanted to be a businessman, or I’ve always wanted to be an accountant, or I’ve always loved sports, or I have always wanted to go to the University of Texas. By the way adults are just as bad as young people! Every child of God ought to desire to be a bond slave to Jesus Christ for He knows best!

Sin is basically you not doing what God made you to do! There are things that the devil puts in front of you that will hinder you from doing what God wants you to do. If your pastor were to get drunk he could not pastor your church. Thus, the great sin is not getting drunk, though that is a sin, but the great sin is that drunkenness keeps him from being what God made him to be as the pastor of your church.

If a college student lets homesickness control them then they have let what they've always wanted to do stop them from doing what God wants them to do. So homesickness and drunkenness are equal in sin value.

Being a slave to nicotine is another example. Satan wants to enslave you and I so we cannot be a bondservant to Jesus Christ and do what God made us to do. You have always wanted to be a lawyer so you let what you want direct your life and thus are kept from doing what God wants for your life. Thus doing what you have always wanted to do and nicotine addiction are the same. They are equal in sin value because the great tragedy is you not doing what God wants you to do. Freedom is living within boundaries and not outside of boundaries.  When you lose your will you can easily find God's will.


The Old Testament cities had walls around those cities such as around Jericho. Those walls around those cities were there to give them freedom inside of the walls, not freedom outside of those walls. They were to giving them freedom not slavery. Inside of those walls freedom existed, while outside of those walls was slavery.

There were people outside those walls who wanted to enslave the people inside those walls. Thus, the walls were there to protect God’s people from the outside people who wanted to enslave them. The liberty was not outside the wall, but inside the wall.

We use to have a black poodle named Buttons. Our neighbor to our right, not the one who lives there now but earlier, had a Rottweiler dog. A big mean dog! The neighbor had an electrified fence around the top of his fence to keep the dog in. Our stupid black poodle would race up to the fence on our side of the yard to challenge that Rottweiler almost every night with just a fence separating the two dogs. 

Some of you are like our poodle Buttons in that you want your freedom and you want to take on the Rottweiler’s of the world. If you did get out of a your fenced area the Rottweiler’s of this world would eat you up! May I ask a question where was Button’s liberty inside that fence or outside that fence? Ok, then where is your liberty and where is your freedom: inside the fence or outside the fence? Liberty is inside the fence! Freedom is inside the fence!

Those rules are there at your Christian school and Bible college to keep the young people from the things that would enslave them.  If not they cannot be what God made you to be and do. Adults have by experience figured out what enslaves and then they set you free from those things so it will be easy for you to be and to do what God wants you to be and do.

Liberty is not at the University of Arkansas, University of Texas, or Baylor University, or SMU. Liberty is at a Texas Baptist College where a fence has been built to keep the students from those things that will enslave, so they cannot be and do what God meant for them to be and to do.

The reason students and young people feel so much so-called pressure is because you want to be outside the fence. Liberty is inside the wall not outside the wall. God says that liberty is safety inside His rules protecting you from the salve traders on the outside waiting for you.

Moms and dads who are living outside the walls have little power with their children. No wonder our children don’t’ seek counsel when the parents make decisions without seeking counsel.

We are not legalists we just happen to believe in being bondservants to Jesus Christ and that there are things that will stop us from being and doing what a bond slave for Christ is to do and to be. Everyone is some ones’ slave! If we are not a bond slave for Jesus then we are a slave of this world. The Holy Scriptures give us Biblical principles to help us build the walls and stay inside of those same walls.

If you are not a bond slave for Christ you have opened up a vacuum that will be filled quickly by Satan. You are giving an opportunity for Satan to control your life. The only deliverance you can have from Satan is to volunteer to be a bond slave to Jesus Christ then the Holy Spirit of God will set you free fro the slavery and enslavement of this world.  Sin will keep you from the Holy Scriptures or the Holy Scriptures will keep you from sin.


Someone asks the question, when can I exercise this freedom inside of the wall? When you are wise enough to choose what up until now has been chosen for you! You are not ready to choose until you would choose what has been chosen for you so far in your life.

Dr John R. Rice called earthly authorities "God's Deputies."   God is the source through the Holy Scriptures as to what is right and what is wrong.  It is up to God's Deputies to enforce that which God makes clear in the Holy Scriptures.  Our nation is build on Judea-Christian principles.  Our laws reflect God's law.   However, without enforcement there is no validity to those laws.   The truth is we do not need MORE laws.   We simply need to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

When a bone is broken they put it in a cast. They keep the cast on until the bone heals. Now that is exactly what your parents, teachers, and pastor are doing! Adults have placed a cast on you and the truth is you are not old enough to have the case removed. The fact that you act like you act proves you are not ready for the cast to be removed.   Rules restrict your movement for a reason.  Immaturity is a dangerous thing when it exists without adult mature supervision.

When pouring concrete you have to place some forms down before you pour the concrete. When do you remove the forms? When the concrete is hard enough to retain its same position after the form is removed. Who decides that time? The one who puts the forms into place such as your parents, principal, preacher, or youth director, etc. When can I be free, when your mom, dad, principal, teacher, youth director, preacher, etc., say so!

As long as you want to go to the Rock Concert, Hollywood movies, drink liquor, or smoke you will end up being a slave to this world. Thus the adults have built for you some forms in your life. “But preacher you are creating a generation gap!” No sir the only gap we have is a parental gap of liberalism attempting to divide authorities for selfish reasons. The concrete form is not to be removed until the concrete holds the same form and only the person who built the form can tell if the concrete will hold its form when the forms are removed.

When the right Biblical ingredients are the forms along with the make up of the concrete, there is a potential for success.  This cannot be just because the authority says so.   It must be because God says so!  Bible ignorance is no excuse for the child of God.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse when the policeman pulls you over or arrests you for violating the law.  Neither is it an excuse for God's child. God's people perish because of a lack of knowledge.  Rules do not make rebels, but they do expose the rebels.

A rebel child will be a rebel junior higher. A rebel junior higher will be a rebel high schooler. A rebel high schooler will be a rebel college student. A rebel college student who marries will become a rebel marriage partner.  Adults are to build the forms and keep the forms until the concrete keeps its form.

This generation is a result of people like those of the book of Judges. “Every man did that which was right in their own eyes.” Wait a minute! It does not say “wrong.” These are people who decided themselves what was “right.” In other words they set their own forms. It would be best to let godly adults, who have proven themselves longer than you, to set the forms. These were sincere people who wanted to do right, but they wanted to decide what was right. NO! The Bible decides what is right and what is wrong!

The devil came to Eve and misquoted the Holy Scriptures to her. Satan said if you would eat of that tree of knowledge, “You will be as gods knowing good and evil.” So, Eve said, “I want to know what is good and what is bad. Thus Eve ate of that tree so she could be the authority of good and bad. NO! The Holy Scriptures decide that, not you Eve. The Word of God decides that, not you Eve.

My life is spent attempting to help those who are enslaved. Why, because they chose to do what they wanted to do. I know of no unhappy bond slave for Jesus Christ. NONE! However, I know plenty of unhappy salves to this world.


·      Liberty to do what God wants you to do
·      Liberty to be what God wants you to be
·      Liberty that exists because of the walls
·      Liberty that exists inside of the walls
·      Liberty that is lost outside of the walls
·      Walls are built by God and enforced by God's Deputies not ourselves

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