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Sunday, November 19, 2017



Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”
Luke 10:20, “Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

 There are three words I would like for you to take note of: justice, mercy, and grace.  We appropriate justice, mercy, and grace and become a Christian. Not only do we become a Christian, but also we become a good Christian the same way. You become a Christian when you receive mercy and grace and in the same vein you become a good Christian when you give mercy and grace.

 Luke 10:20 tells us to not rejoice because the devils are subject to us, but rather rejoice because your names are written down in Heaven. Notice that is a positive thing! God does not say rejoice because your sins are removed from the book, but rejoice because your name is added to the book. It is not wicked to rejoice because your sins are removed from the books in Heaven, but real rejoicing is a positive thing that your name is written in the books of Heaven.


 Justice is that which I deserve! If I went to Hell and burned forever that would be justice because I am a sinner. The wages of sins in death and if I received justice I would go to hell and so would you! We all owe a debt for our sin. That is why Jesus came and lived a perfect life and did not at the end of His life owe the debt for sin. He did not deserve to go to Hell because He did not sin!

 The Scriptures said He knew no sin, but He went to Calvary to pay for man’s sins. Jesus paid my penalty for sin and the punishment that all of us who have ever lived and ever will live would suffer if they went to Hell. Jesus, not owing a debt for sin, paid the debt for sin for you and for me! Thus, those who trust Jesus to do so will find their sin debt paid!

 I owe a debt I had not paid and He owed a debt he did not owe! Jesus puts His payment against our account if we will accept Him as payment. That satisfies the justice of almighty God. Joining a church, being baptized, or taking communion does not satisfy the justice of an almighty God. It is He who owes no debt that He paid and I who paid no debt that were brought together by faith. Jesus transferred His account to our account and my account to His account with justice being satisfied.

 The average preacher who stands behind a pulpit in America knows nothing about salvation. God’s salvation is based on God’s justice being satisfied at Calvary. This means that foundationally Christ did not die for me but for God. Christ dies so that God would take me back if I trusted Christ as the only payment for my sins. Jesus died so that God could offer me a way back because Go loved me more than I loved Him. God wants mankind back more than mankind wants to come back! Calvary satisfies the justice of God.

 The fact that God’s justice was satisfied enables God to give to His children two things, mercy and grace! God’s justice being satisfied on Calvary enabled God to be able to give you and me mercy and grace. God could not have given me mercy if His justice had not been satisfied. God could not have given me grace, but when Jesus paid my debt on Calvary that meant God could now invite me back. If I accept Jesus God then can five me mercy and grace.


 Mercy is with holding what I deserve! God knew that I would sin and God knew I deserved to go to Hell, but because of Calvary God withheld that which I deserve! God said no one has to go to Hell if they would accept God’s plan, which is His son.


 Grace is giving me what I don’t deserve. Mercy, that is God withholding what I do deserve! Grace, that is God giving to me what I don’t deserve! It is the second one God says to rejoice about. Remember Luke 10:20 reminds us to know rejoice about the sins being removed. We are to rejoice more about the name being added to the Lamb’s Book of Life. It is ok to rejoice about not getting what you do deserve, but you really ought to have a spell because you are getting what you do not deserve.

 John 3:14-15, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Having eternal life that is grace. If you believe on Christ God gives His mercy and keep you from perishing. Then, God turns around and gives you grace by giving you eternal life.

 John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten on that whosoever believeth in him should not perish…” that is mercy! “But have everlasting life… that is grace! There are two things you have: first, what you won’t have to suffer and second, what you will receive. So, God by his mercy says you don’t have to perish if you will trust Christ as payment for your sins.

 However, God says, “I will go beyond that and give you my grace and everlasting life” Because of Calvary anyone reading this article who is not saved if they realize Jesus paid their sin penalty, not trusting a church, a preacher, communion, baptism, priest, confession, confirmation, or good works can turn to Christ for salvation Your faith in Jesus Christ means that God appropriates His payment for your sin debt and as a result God gives you two things mercy and grace.

 Mercy? You will not receive what you deserve! Grace? You will receive what you do not deserve to receive!

 John 5:24, “Verily, verily, I say unto you he that heareth my words and believeth on him that sent me hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation…” and that is mercy “…but is passed from death unto life…” and that is grace.

 Mercy? It means thank God I am not going to Hell! Grace? Wow, that means I am allowed to go to Heaven! Thank God I am not going to get what I deserve and thank God, I am going receive what I don’t deserve. Grace allows me to be a part of His work in proclaiming justice, mercy, and grace to others.

 In the Scriptures mercy brings peace and grace brings rejoicing. The fact that I’m not going to go to Hell is a relief. The fact that I am going to go to Heaven is worth shouting about. Mercy is when the sins are removed and grace is when Jesus righteousness is added to my account.

 Mercy? You deserve to go to Hell, but your not going to go there. You deserve to burn forever, but your not going burn for one second! You deserve to burn with the devil and his angels, but your not going to burn and that is mercy.

 However, God has a bonus! God has grace for us also! You get to go to Heaven, you can live with Jesus forever, you can live with your loved ones forever, and with the angels forever because God’s justice was satisfied on Calvary and God can now give us mercy and grace. You will now be able to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature via God's grace.

 Mercy takes the sins off of the record and that gives me peace! Grace puts the righteousness of Jesus on my record and that gives me rejoicing. Rejoicing means, “to keep on rejoicing.” Here is the difference to many of you, salvation is a “911” number and you are not going to Hell and you sit back with the peace of God, but you never rejoice. You are dwelling on what you not going to receive.

 Mercy took me out of the Book of Death and that gives me peace. Grace put me in the Book of Life and that gives me rejoicing. Mercy keeps me from the punishment of the Great White Throne Judgment and brings peace, but grace gives me rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ and that brings rejoicing. Grace allows me to be in God's vineyard working with Him to reach others who are just as underserving.

 You could go from having just peace to rejoicing; if you will add to your thinking what your going to receive that you do not deserve. When God’s justice was satisfied at Calvary God then gave us two wonderful things: mercy, what you deserve that you are not going to receive along with grace, what you do not deserve that your going to receive.

 Mercy removes me from eternal separation from God and that is peace. Grace leads Him to be with me always and that causes rejoicing. Mercy keeps me from the devil while grace keeps me with God. Mercy saves me from uselessness while grace gives me usefulness. Actually all these things I do not have to have happen to me! AMEN! I am not going to go to Hell, face God with my sins, burn forever in fire, or be separated from God and that is mercy!
 God’s mercy saved me from Hell, but there is something far better than that. God said look at bonus number two and this is what I want you to focus on! You are going receive a whole bunch of things you do not deserve to receive. This is graduate school for the Christian! The reason is because you are about to embark on a journey of reaching others because of God's grace.

 That is why some of you just seat there in church and do not feel anything. That is why some of you just seat there and do not give a flip if any one trusts Christ for salvation or not! That is why you slip out during the invitation and baptismal part of the service. That is why some of you reading this article do not enjoy a shouting church. I refuse to go to Heaven by the skin of my teeth or just barely be kept out of Hell because I am going to shout and not sit in the pew like a wooden Indian. Those who take advantage of God's grace by reaching out to help others are the shouters.

 Some one asked me if they were going to Hell because they smoked. I answered, “No, but you’ll smell like you’ve been in Hell.” “Will I go to Heaven if I chew?” Yes, but you’ll have to go to Hell to spit. There is a whole lot more to Christianity than you not getting what you deserve.

 Immature Christians always ask, “What’s wrong with….” That is the average Christian in America! The average church in America is a bunch of dead members going to a dead church and just holding the fort. Thank God He has a bundle of things to give you that you don’t deserve!


 That is the reason preachers do not built great works, Christians do not do great feats for God, churches do not have great bus ministries, and ministries do not have the breathe of God on them. You cannot just seat there and thank God your not receiving what you deserve. It is time to mature and give mercy and grace.

 You have to grow up, get up, stand up, show up, and speak up. You ought to shout because grace allows you to have innumerable things you do not deserve and that my friend is the difference between mercy and grace. Because you have been given such you are only a good Christian if you give such.

 Romans 12:1-2 says to be not conformed to this world and that is mercy. Then it says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God and that is grace. Thus, God gives us mercy and grace so that we can give mercy and grace to other underserving people.

 Imputation where old sins are removed, that is mercy while Jesus’ righteousness being added
is grace. Justification with sins forgiven is mercy. Justification with sins forgotten is grace. Sanctification with us not going to Hell is mercy and set apart for Heaven is grace. Regeneration with old things being passed away is mercy and all things becoming new is grace. Conversion is not being used for bad, which is mercy and being used for good, which is grace. Predestination is losing the old body and that is mercy while gaining the new body like Jesus is grace.

 Not only am I to receive mercy and grace, but also I am to give mercy and grace. Many of God’s children have received it but have yet to give it!

Thursday, November 16, 2017



Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

II Timothy 4:7, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:”

Dr. Lee Roberson said to me one time about my late pastor and friend Dr. Jack Hyles, “Jack’s a survivor.” What a great statement to be made of any person let alone a man of God. I believe Dr. Roberson was a “survivor.” That which stops many men did not stop these men of God. It appears that is the difference in those who succeed and those who fail in life.

What will it take to stop you? College student will it take a little homesickness that makes you desire to be a little child again? Will it take a disease in your body that will conquer you with pain and prevent you from being a survivor? Whoever said disease was supposed to stop any one?

How tough you are and determined you are to go on is based on what it will take to stop you! What will it take? Will it be a lack of character that causes you to financially fail? You and I are as tough as whatever it takes to stop us! Will it be a disloyalty and a critical tongue that will cause you to win the Benedict Arnold of the year award? Will it be a lack of self-discipline, which keeps you from staying and using the gifts God has given you? Will it be your disobedience to the Great Commission that causes you to fail? 

Will it be the lack of discernment an inability to spot liberals like John MacArthur Jr. or C. S. Lewis or Rick Warren? Will it be the desire for popularity that will cause you to interact with the wrong religious crowd? 

Will it be blind followship of a man and disloyalty to the Word of God? Will it be some wacky doctrine like hyper-Calvinism or hyper-dispensationalism or the teaching against a preserved inspiration of the King James Bible to the English speaking peoples?

What will it take to stop you? Will it be pressure to trim your sermons and teaching for the affluent or the so-called educated? Will you sell your pulpit for less than a bowl of chili? Will it be a church split that will cause you to run from a modern day Diotrephes, Korah, or Jezebel? Will it be the temptation to compromise with family members?

Tell me what is it that will stop you and I will tell you how tough you are! Will it take friends of a lifetime turning on you so you will turn on the Friend that sticketh closer than a brother? What will it take to stop you? Will it be a fallen Christian who shakes your faith in God’s servants as you look at the few and not the many? 

Will it be a son or a daughter that broke your heart and caused you to give up and join them in being a fallen parent? Will it be when some denomination, that you should not have been in, blackballs you? Will it be the deacons who threaten to fire you? Will it be  deacon board that threatens you? Will it be the press and TV stations that attack you and your church? Will it be lawsuits?

When an Evangelist and his wife set out to destroy you by spreading filthy lies and innuendoes about you? Will that be the thing that stops you? Will it be the Epstein Barr virus disease? Will it be a heart disease, cancer, fatigue, mono, or hepatitis? Will it be living below the poverty line in order to serve God? Will it be some discontented rule breaking classmate from whom you should separate yourself from long before now? Someone ought to give you the Doctor pantywaist degree!

Show me what it will take to stop you and you will see how tough you really are? Will it be discouragement, depression, discontentment, or disillusionment that will drive you and determine your defeat and demise? 

Will it be you not getting your way and not being able to adapt to adverse situations? Will it be compromise that will cause you to win the pussy footer of the year award? Will it be being hen pecked that will cause you to fail in life?

What will it take to stop you? Will it be a lack of courage and intestinal fortitude to take tough times? Young lady will it be listening to some bum who wants to steal your purity? Will it be a female who tempts you to sell you man-hood to please a gland? 

Will it be being a thief at work and stealing your paycheck without working for it? Will it be ditching church? Will it be enjoying the wrong kind of music? 

Will you be like Judas who was after money? College student will you be like John Mark who goes back home and quits before earning his degree? Will you be like a Jacob who has not character? Will you be like Rehoboam who seeks advice from the young instead of the seasoned veterans? Will you be like Solomon who could not resist a pretty face? Will you be like a Balaam who sells out for a little honor? 

Will you be like Korah who without a basis criticizes leadership? Will you be like a Jezebel who was a self-willed woman? Will you be like Ahab who lets her be that way? Will you be like Jonah who doesn’t want to be a preacher? Will you be like Diotrephes who wants preeminence? Will you be like Demas who went to the world? Will you be like Samson?

The state of Texas could not stop Evangelist Lester Roloff! The Tarrant County Baptist Association of Texas could not stop Dr. John R. Rice! The London Baptist Association could not stop C. H. Spurgeon! Evangelist R. L. Sumner could not stop Dr. Jack Hyles!

Is there a bill you cannot pay? Is it an enemy who is after you? Is it an illness? Is it discouragement? Is it disappointment? Show me what it takes to stop you and I will tell you how tough you are. 

Slander and bad health could not stop David Livingston! TB could not stop David Brainerd. Prison could not stop John Bunyan! Blindness could not stop Fanny Crosby. The Roman Empire and the prison could not stop the Apostle Paul! The Babylonian Empire could not stop Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. King Cyrus and the Media Persia Empire could not stop Daniel.

What will it take to stop you? An 800 ministerial association could not stop Elijah! A giant named Goliath could not stop little David! Hamilton County Baptist Association could not stop Dr. Lee Roberson! The Dallas County Association could not stop Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. Joe Boyd!

Exile could not stop the Apostle John! Burning at the stake could not stop the influence of John Huss! Why do you stop? What is it that is going to cause you to stop while others go on?

The Red Sea and Pharaoh could not stop Moses, a flood could not stop Noah, Pharaoh’s threats could not stop Jochabed, abandonment and imprisonment could not stop Joseph, an invalid wife could not stop C. H. Spurgeon, and constant threats on his life could not stop Billy Sunday!

Cancer could not stop Marlene Evans, the wife of Dr. Wendell Evans! An iron lung could not stop Evangelist Monty Watts! The Congregationalists could not stop D. L. Moody! Prison could not stop the Apostle Peter!

The question before us is what will it take to stop you? The death of daughter did not stop Kevin and Paula Connor! The death of baby girl did not stop our son Scott and his dear wife Jenny! The birth of a special needs son did not stop our other son Bobby and his dear wife Kelly.

The loss of wife and children and burying them in Burmese soil could not stop Adoniram Judson. The death of his wife could not stop Ezekiel! The kingdom could not stop Esther!

Hey, what will it take to stop you? Will it be a nagging wife, a sluggard husband, a pretty figure, a hard time, a difficult job, hurt feelings, heat, bad climate, not getting your way, a headache, sore throat, little sleep, criticism, or homesickness?

Show me what it will take to stop you and I will tell you how tough you really are. What will they say 50 years from today about you when your name is mentioned?

Friday, November 3, 2017



Luke 9:23, “And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

Leadership is multi-faced and a complex combination of personalities and passions. Followers are only as productive as the leadership with the ability to connect and not be in disconnect is a key factor. The idea is to translate Scriptural leadership principles into the followers’ life in order to produce a transformation.

Leaders have a problem of being so right so much of the time they begin to think they are right all the time. There must be a differentiation between principle and passion.  Just because you have been right does not mean you are always right. When principle rules both leaders and followers can work together.

The ability to provide Scriptural precepts to build upon is critical while being able to take suggestions and even correction from follower and leader alike. The communication must remain open and comfortable to both the leader and the follower. When this grows into a “co-worker” relationship and the “command” is not a “demand,” but a healthy respect for the leader then we have accomplished what God intended.

Genesis 18:19, “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep thy way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.”

Abraham carried himself in such a manner with his relationship to the Lord that he was able to “command” not “demand” of his children and his household. They were in awe of him and thus followed him. Abraham denied himself in order to live in obedience to his Lord. 

Denial is the catalyst that creates this bond between leader and follower. Never forget this great truth for it is God that magnifies men in the sight of men! The question is what must man do in order to have this happen?

God has many thrones. He is called King of glory for example. Jesus is called the King Salem, King of kings, King of Israel, King of Judah, King eternal, King of the Jews, King of Zion, peace, righteousness, forever, King of old, King everlasting, King whose name is the Lord, King of Heaven, mighty King, my Lord the King, Lord and King, and everlasting King. 

All of these are thrones on which our Saviour seats, crowns that our Saviour wears, and all of these are scepters, which our Saviour holds.

Our Scripture says, “Let him deny himself.” Deny meaning to overthrow, dethrone, or have a military coupe. Thus God is saying when a man denies himself he is stepping down from the throne of his life because he is overthrowing himself. He is impeaching himself. He is overthrowing himself. He is leading a coupe against himself.

Thus, Jesus is saying if you want to follow me and lead others you must deny yourself. If you want to come after me and follow me the first thing you have to do is to deny yourself, step down off the throne of your life, impeach yourself, lead a coupe against yourself, and overthrow yourself. That is the first thing a follower who leads must do.


Please take note of this? Your life and my life is a kingdom and that kingdom has a ruler. Something rules your kingdom. It may be a sport such as basketball, football, golf, bowling, volleyball, or tennis. God is saying lead a coupe against that person or thing seating on your throne so you can follow and eventually lead. God is saying overthrow, impeach, give up your throne, or any thing that is on your throne ruling your kingdom. God’s desire is for Jesus be the King on the throne of your life and allow him to rule your kingdom.

Maybe success has ruled your life and makes all of the decisions in your kingdom. Jesus is saying dethrone success, overthrow success, lead a coupe against success, impeach success and have it step down off of the throne of your kingdom and permit Jesus to seat on the throne of your kingdom.

It may be position that is on the throne of your kingdom and this position is ruling your kingdom making the decisions for your kingdom. God says have position step down, abdicate, and overthrown with you leading the coupe. God is saying put the King of kings back on the throne of your kingdom.

It may be the appetite of food, sex, sleep, or some other physical appetite, but God says force appetite off of the throne of your kingdom. God says have appetite give up the throne and overthrow appetite and put Jesus back on the throne of your kingdom.

It may be making money is the ruler of your kingdom. The king of your kingdom may be money. Maybe accumulating possessions is the king of your life and possessions make all of the decisions for your kingdom. God is saying step down money and let the King of kings back on the throne of this kingdom. God is saying possessions step down and let the King of glory back on the throne of this kingdom of yours.

It may be a business is the ruler of your kingdom and it makes all of the decisions of your life. My friend it is time for a revolt! It is time to lead a coupe! It is time to overthrow the ruler. Its time to have the business step down so that Jesus can step up to his rightful place on the throne of your kingdom.

It may be academics that rules your kingdom, or music may be the one who rules, or friends, or the world that rule, but whoever or whatever it is it is time for a revolution. God is saying to his children give up the throne, overthrow the ruler, lead a coupe against the ruler, and saying to whoever or whatever is ruling your kingdom to step down and let Jesus rule and reign.


Our Lord is anticipating that day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Christ the very Son of God. He anticipated that day when he shall be crowned as King of kings and we shall sing, “All hail the power of Jesus’ name, let angels prostrate fall” and “Bring forth the royal diadem and crown him Lord of all.”

He has anticipated that day ever since they made for him a wooden throne, a walking stick for a scepter, a borrowed overcoat for a royal robe, a crown of thorns for a diadem, a mock sign over his head that said “Hail King of the Jews,” and they took the stick using it to smote him on the head acting like his subjects bowing mockingly on their knees.

Ever since that day the King of kings and Lord of lords has looked forward to that day when we shall crown him Lord of lords and King of kings and he shall reign and rule on earth for a thousand years. Jesus anticipated that day ever since he rode into Jerusalem on that donkey with multitudes spreading their garments in the way strewing branches in his path crying, “Hosanna to the Son of David blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

Jesus knew on what they called Palm Sunday that on that day those same tongues in a few hours would cry, “Crucify him! Free Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!” He full well knew that those who would strew branches before him throwing their garments before him on the streets of Jerusalem in just a few hours those same hands would crucify him.

He anticipated that day would come when he would seat on the throne of David, but until then he wants to seat on the throne of your kingdom. Oh yes, he will seat on the throne of David one day as ruler of the entire world, but the throne he desires most is the throne of your kingdom. Until you follow you cannot lead!

Jesus anticipate that day when Russian shall attack little Israel and the way the world events are shaping up it will not be long. He full well knows that along with Russia will come Turkey, Libya, Iran, Germany, and other countries that will join in the attack on little Israel. He also knows that America will come to the rescue of Israel. He also knows the Revived Roman Empire, the Western Confederacy, and the European Common Market will join in with America to come to defend Israel.

These will fight Russia, Turkey, Germany, Iran, Libya, and others in defense of little Israel. He full well knows that America and the Western Confederacy will win that battle. Then all of a sudden here comes reinforcements from the East with the Euphrates river drying up and from the East comes China and Japan to join Russia to fight Israel for the oil. This will be the great end-time battle of the tribulation period.

Our Lord full well knows that in that time the Western Powers will conquer the North, South, and East with the Western powers ending up as rulers. The Anti-Christ will then appear on the scene to rule with the man of sin conquering the earth.

The Anti-Christ will look toward the South and say, “I’ve conquered the South!” He will look toward the East and say, “I’ve conquered the East!” He will look toward the West and say, “I’ve conquered the West!” He will look toward the North and say, “I’ve conquered the North!” but there is one place he forgot to look and that is Heavenward. Up in the Heavenlies there is coming someone riding on a white horse. He is called the King of kings, Lord of lords, and he shall come not with a little old nuclear bomb, or Atom bomb, but with his word he will conquer the Anti-Christ and the man of sin.

It is with his word that Jesus has done everything he has done. The stars that shine tonight were placed there by his word. The moon that shines tonight was placed there by his word. The sun that set this afternoon was placed there by his word. The oceans, the lakes, the rills, the rivers, and the waters of the world were place there by his word.

Jesus will come back to earth and will put down the Anti-Christ! How will he do it? He will do it with his words! He will do it for out of his mouth with his words he will defeat the man of sin! My friend, if that is what will bring the ultimate and final victory then certainly his words will work for you and I Monday through Sunday?

Let it be know to the whole world that the great churches in America and around the world were not built on personality, or humor, or gimmicks, for every great Scriptural local church has been built around and on the very words of God. Our Lord knew full well that he would be crowned as King of kings and Lord of lords.

He who came on a donkey will come on a white horse. He who came to be crucified will come to be crowned. He who was on a throne of wood will come to be on the throne of David. He who was hated shall be loved. He who was rejected shall be accepted. He who was taken from us shall return to us. He who died and ascended shall descent and defeat the forces of Satan.

Hold it, even though Jesus anticipated that day and though he looks forward to that day and though he full well knows he will seat on the throne of David there is still one throne he wants to seat on now. That throne if the throne of your kingdom!

He desires to rule your kingdom, but there is one problem. That problem is Jesus refuses to overthrow the one who seats on the throne of your kingdom. He asks us to choose to abdicate. He asks us to overthrow ourselves. He asks us to hold a coupe against ourselves. He asks us to dethrone ourselves. He is asking us to step down voluntarily ourselves.


Don’t miss this! Jesus will NOT overthrow the one on the throne of your kingdom. Jesus will NOT challenge the one who seats on the throne of your kingdom. Jesus refuses to lead a coupe against the one sitting on the throne of your kingdom. Jesus will not call for the forces of Heaven to come and kick whoever or whatever is sitting on the throne of your kingdom.


Jesus simply asks us to “Deny ourselves!” He asks us to abdicate, dethrone, step down, overthrow, or have a coupe against ourselves. “If any man will come after me let him deny himself, or dethrone himself, or overthrow himself, or step down himself, or lead a coupe against himself, or revolt against himself.”

There it is! That is the secret! Let Jesus have the throne he desires more than the throne of David at this moment in time. There is no way we can lead others until we are led, not by ourselves, but by the King of kings and Lord of lords. This throne is the one we have been sitting on, ruling from, and controlling from the kingdom of our life.

Jesus anticipates the day when he will take the keys of death and unlock the grave coming out alive for evermore. Jesus anticipates his arrival back home where no longer will he walk the dusty shores of Judea, no longer will he have no place to lay his head, while foxes go to their holes and birds fly to their nests.

No longer will Jesus be a man of sorrows acquainted with grief and rejected. He looks forward to returning home. He said, “Father restore unto me the joy which I had with thee before the world was.” Wow! What a great anticipation, but more than that he anticipates you and I stepping down off of the throne of our kingdom and having the ability to be able to seat down on the throne of the kingdom of our life.

Show me anywhere in the Scriptures where it says, “Seek ye second the kingdom of God.” Show me anywhere in the Scriptures where it says, “Part to Jesus I surrender.” No sir, “All to Jesus I surrender is the theme of the Bible.” God has every right to rule in our lives and when he rules we can rule. Until then none of us are qualified to rule! However there is an obstacle and it is you and I!

Jesus anticipated the day when the prophecy of Daniel chapter 2 is fulfilled, when the dreams of that great Image of head of gold, breast and arms of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, feet of iron and clay with each representing a kingdom of power. However, then it says there comes a stone cut out without hands that will break the legs of Iron and clay, that stone is the Rock of Ages cleft for me. The stone cut out without hands is Jesus Christ himself.

He is the one who will break in pieces the Western Power, the Northern Power, the Eastern Power, and Jesus shall reign where ere the sun does its successive journeys run. His kingdom shall spread from shore to shore till moon shall wax and wane no more. Jesus anticipates that day.  Jesus desires that day, but more than that he desires to seat on the throne of our kingdoms.

The Anti-Christ has no choice. The man of sin has no choice. The Western Powers have no choice. The Northern Powers have no choice. The Eastern Powers have no choice. Hell has no choice. Satan has no choice. The imps of Hell have no choice. Russia has no choice. Iran has no choice. Germany has no choice. Turkey has no choice. China has no choice. Japan has no choice. Libya has no choice. USA has no choice. European Common Market has no choice. Egypt has no choice. HOWEVER, YOU AND I DO!

Jesus refuses to overthrow you and I off of the throne of our kingdom. Jesus desires to rule in the lives of grade school children, junior high students, senior high students, college age, young married couples, middle age couples, old married couples, widows, widowers, divorced, bus riders, mission men, choir members, ushers, deacons, staff, teachers, staff, the pastoral staff, and the pastor. However, Jesus will not overthrow whoever or whatever is on the throne of your kingdom.

Jesus knew and anticipated the day when he would walk through the gates of pearl into the Holy City. Jesus anticipates walking through those gates of pearl upheld by the foundations of precious stones. Jesus knew full well he would walk down golden streets someday by the river of life.

He knew and anticipated that city where tears would ne outlawed sorrow expelled, pain crucified, night executed, where sin has expired, sickness will become wellness, heartache will be broken, loneliness will become lonely, sadness will become sad, bereavement will bereave, poverty will become impoverished, death will die, and he will be the main attraction.

Jesus anticipates that day, but much more than that he anticipates ruling your kingdom from your throne given to him by you and not taken by him from you!

Jesus anticipates that day of the Judgment Seat of Christ where he shall give the redeemed their crowns. They will be crowns for suffering, service, soul winning, faithfulness, and loving the appearing of Jesus. He will place those crowns upon the heads of the redeemed, but we will not keep them very long for we will in unison throw them at the feet of our Saviour. The redeemed will begin to sing, “Thou art worthy, Oh Lord to receive glory and honor and power and dominion.”


However, there is something he desires more and that is that he be allowed to rule from the throne of our kingdoms. There is an obstacle! The obstacle is whoever or whatever is sitting on the throne of our kingdom currently and that is why Jesus said, “deny thyself” or “dethrone thyself,” or “overthrow thyself,” or “have a coupe against thyself,” or “revolt against thyself,” or “voluntarily step down from off of your throne yourself.”

Each of us has a life, an empire, or a kingdom and Jesus desires to rule that life, empire, or kingdom. Jesus refuses to lead the coupe, the revolt, the revolution, or the dethroning. He simply waits for you and I to “deny thyself.”

When you and I say, “What’s wrong with…?” then we are still on the throne of our kingdom. When we say, “Well I just don’t see any harm in doing…!” then we are still sitting on the throne of our empire.

There are many things in our lives that are weights and not sin that hinder us. The Scripture says, “Lay aside every weight…”

In Revelation chapter 5 there is a seven-sealed book that is the deed to the earth. No man on earth, no man beneath the earth, and no man above the earth were worthy to open this seven-sealed book. Then someone said, “There stood a Lamb in the midst.” 

This is the same Lamb of which John the Baptist on the banks of the Jordan River pointed to and said, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.” This Lamb stands up, he opens the book of the title deed, the mortgage is paid off, and the title deed is the Lamb’s again for he is worthy!

Finally the title deed is paid off, the mortgage is burned, Jesus holds in his hands the title deed, and certainly Jesus anticipates that day. However, as wonderful as that will be, if you and I would step down voluntarily, dethrone voluntarily, and deny voluntarily removing ourselves off of the throne of our kingdoms that would be Jesus' greatest desire.


Jesus wants the throne of our kingdom more than the throne of David. He wants to reign in our lives more than he wants to reign for a thousand years. In Revelation chapter 7 we have, “Amen and blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be unto our God for ever and ever.”

What a wonderful day that will be when the Hugh Heffner’s will have to bow and confess that Jesus is Lord, when Zondervan will have to confess the King James Bible is the only real Scripture for the English speaking people, when the new morality crowd, when the humanist, when the Kennedys, when the Clintons, when the Gores, when the Obamas, and all the rest of the liberalist will have to bow confessing that Jesus is the Christ!


Hold it! There is something Jesus desires more than that and that is YOU! He wants to rule your life and by the way you are the only obstacle he has between him ruling the whole world and ruling your world. He wants you! Why? He wants to rule your life! Why? So you can not only follow but also lead. You will avoid self-destruction and help others to victory while being victorious yourself..