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Sunday, November 19, 2017



Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”
Luke 10:20, “Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.”

 There are three words I would like for you to take note of: justice, mercy, and grace.  We appropriate justice, mercy, and grace and become a Christian. Not only do we become a Christian, but also we become a good Christian the same way. You become a Christian when you receive mercy and grace and in the same vein you become a good Christian when you give mercy and grace.

 Luke 10:20 tells us to not rejoice because the devils are subject to us, but rather rejoice because your names are written down in Heaven. Notice that is a positive thing! God does not say rejoice because your sins are removed from the book, but rejoice because your name is added to the book. It is not wicked to rejoice because your sins are removed from the books in Heaven, but real rejoicing is a positive thing that your name is written in the books of Heaven.


 Justice is that which I deserve! If I went to Hell and burned forever that would be justice because I am a sinner. The wages of sins in death and if I received justice I would go to hell and so would you! We all owe a debt for our sin. That is why Jesus came and lived a perfect life and did not at the end of His life owe the debt for sin. He did not deserve to go to Hell because He did not sin!

 The Scriptures said He knew no sin, but He went to Calvary to pay for man’s sins. Jesus paid my penalty for sin and the punishment that all of us who have ever lived and ever will live would suffer if they went to Hell. Jesus, not owing a debt for sin, paid the debt for sin for you and for me! Thus, those who trust Jesus to do so will find their sin debt paid!

 I owe a debt I had not paid and He owed a debt he did not owe! Jesus puts His payment against our account if we will accept Him as payment. That satisfies the justice of almighty God. Joining a church, being baptized, or taking communion does not satisfy the justice of an almighty God. It is He who owes no debt that He paid and I who paid no debt that were brought together by faith. Jesus transferred His account to our account and my account to His account with justice being satisfied.

 The average preacher who stands behind a pulpit in America knows nothing about salvation. God’s salvation is based on God’s justice being satisfied at Calvary. This means that foundationally Christ did not die for me but for God. Christ dies so that God would take me back if I trusted Christ as the only payment for my sins. Jesus died so that God could offer me a way back because Go loved me more than I loved Him. God wants mankind back more than mankind wants to come back! Calvary satisfies the justice of God.

 The fact that God’s justice was satisfied enables God to give to His children two things, mercy and grace! God’s justice being satisfied on Calvary enabled God to be able to give you and me mercy and grace. God could not have given me mercy if His justice had not been satisfied. God could not have given me grace, but when Jesus paid my debt on Calvary that meant God could now invite me back. If I accept Jesus God then can five me mercy and grace.


 Mercy is with holding what I deserve! God knew that I would sin and God knew I deserved to go to Hell, but because of Calvary God withheld that which I deserve! God said no one has to go to Hell if they would accept God’s plan, which is His son.


 Grace is giving me what I don’t deserve. Mercy, that is God withholding what I do deserve! Grace, that is God giving to me what I don’t deserve! It is the second one God says to rejoice about. Remember Luke 10:20 reminds us to know rejoice about the sins being removed. We are to rejoice more about the name being added to the Lamb’s Book of Life. It is ok to rejoice about not getting what you do deserve, but you really ought to have a spell because you are getting what you do not deserve.

 John 3:14-15, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” Having eternal life that is grace. If you believe on Christ God gives His mercy and keep you from perishing. Then, God turns around and gives you grace by giving you eternal life.

 John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten on that whosoever believeth in him should not perish…” that is mercy! “But have everlasting life… that is grace! There are two things you have: first, what you won’t have to suffer and second, what you will receive. So, God by his mercy says you don’t have to perish if you will trust Christ as payment for your sins.

 However, God says, “I will go beyond that and give you my grace and everlasting life” Because of Calvary anyone reading this article who is not saved if they realize Jesus paid their sin penalty, not trusting a church, a preacher, communion, baptism, priest, confession, confirmation, or good works can turn to Christ for salvation Your faith in Jesus Christ means that God appropriates His payment for your sin debt and as a result God gives you two things mercy and grace.

 Mercy? You will not receive what you deserve! Grace? You will receive what you do not deserve to receive!

 John 5:24, “Verily, verily, I say unto you he that heareth my words and believeth on him that sent me hath everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation…” and that is mercy “…but is passed from death unto life…” and that is grace.

 Mercy? It means thank God I am not going to Hell! Grace? Wow, that means I am allowed to go to Heaven! Thank God I am not going to get what I deserve and thank God, I am going receive what I don’t deserve. Grace allows me to be a part of His work in proclaiming justice, mercy, and grace to others.

 In the Scriptures mercy brings peace and grace brings rejoicing. The fact that I’m not going to go to Hell is a relief. The fact that I am going to go to Heaven is worth shouting about. Mercy is when the sins are removed and grace is when Jesus righteousness is added to my account.

 Mercy? You deserve to go to Hell, but your not going to go there. You deserve to burn forever, but your not going burn for one second! You deserve to burn with the devil and his angels, but your not going to burn and that is mercy.

 However, God has a bonus! God has grace for us also! You get to go to Heaven, you can live with Jesus forever, you can live with your loved ones forever, and with the angels forever because God’s justice was satisfied on Calvary and God can now give us mercy and grace. You will now be able to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature via God's grace.

 Mercy takes the sins off of the record and that gives me peace! Grace puts the righteousness of Jesus on my record and that gives me rejoicing. Rejoicing means, “to keep on rejoicing.” Here is the difference to many of you, salvation is a “911” number and you are not going to Hell and you sit back with the peace of God, but you never rejoice. You are dwelling on what you not going to receive.

 Mercy took me out of the Book of Death and that gives me peace. Grace put me in the Book of Life and that gives me rejoicing. Mercy keeps me from the punishment of the Great White Throne Judgment and brings peace, but grace gives me rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ and that brings rejoicing. Grace allows me to be in God's vineyard working with Him to reach others who are just as underserving.

 You could go from having just peace to rejoicing; if you will add to your thinking what your going to receive that you do not deserve. When God’s justice was satisfied at Calvary God then gave us two wonderful things: mercy, what you deserve that you are not going to receive along with grace, what you do not deserve that your going to receive.

 Mercy removes me from eternal separation from God and that is peace. Grace leads Him to be with me always and that causes rejoicing. Mercy keeps me from the devil while grace keeps me with God. Mercy saves me from uselessness while grace gives me usefulness. Actually all these things I do not have to have happen to me! AMEN! I am not going to go to Hell, face God with my sins, burn forever in fire, or be separated from God and that is mercy!
 God’s mercy saved me from Hell, but there is something far better than that. God said look at bonus number two and this is what I want you to focus on! You are going receive a whole bunch of things you do not deserve to receive. This is graduate school for the Christian! The reason is because you are about to embark on a journey of reaching others because of God's grace.

 That is why some of you just seat there in church and do not feel anything. That is why some of you just seat there and do not give a flip if any one trusts Christ for salvation or not! That is why you slip out during the invitation and baptismal part of the service. That is why some of you reading this article do not enjoy a shouting church. I refuse to go to Heaven by the skin of my teeth or just barely be kept out of Hell because I am going to shout and not sit in the pew like a wooden Indian. Those who take advantage of God's grace by reaching out to help others are the shouters.

 Some one asked me if they were going to Hell because they smoked. I answered, “No, but you’ll smell like you’ve been in Hell.” “Will I go to Heaven if I chew?” Yes, but you’ll have to go to Hell to spit. There is a whole lot more to Christianity than you not getting what you deserve.

 Immature Christians always ask, “What’s wrong with….” That is the average Christian in America! The average church in America is a bunch of dead members going to a dead church and just holding the fort. Thank God He has a bundle of things to give you that you don’t deserve!


 That is the reason preachers do not built great works, Christians do not do great feats for God, churches do not have great bus ministries, and ministries do not have the breathe of God on them. You cannot just seat there and thank God your not receiving what you deserve. It is time to mature and give mercy and grace.

 You have to grow up, get up, stand up, show up, and speak up. You ought to shout because grace allows you to have innumerable things you do not deserve and that my friend is the difference between mercy and grace. Because you have been given such you are only a good Christian if you give such.

 Romans 12:1-2 says to be not conformed to this world and that is mercy. Then it says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God and that is grace. Thus, God gives us mercy and grace so that we can give mercy and grace to other underserving people.

 Imputation where old sins are removed, that is mercy while Jesus’ righteousness being added
is grace. Justification with sins forgiven is mercy. Justification with sins forgotten is grace. Sanctification with us not going to Hell is mercy and set apart for Heaven is grace. Regeneration with old things being passed away is mercy and all things becoming new is grace. Conversion is not being used for bad, which is mercy and being used for good, which is grace. Predestination is losing the old body and that is mercy while gaining the new body like Jesus is grace.

 Not only am I to receive mercy and grace, but also I am to give mercy and grace. Many of God’s children have received it but have yet to give it!

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